Monday, September 1, 2008

Happy Labor Day

At least the working class has one day out of the year for recognition. The other 364 days may as well be called "Management Days" here in Corporate America.

After years of "Compassionate Conservatism", jobs have disappeared by the millions, unions have been demolished, health care benefits have been slashed, and pensions are fast becoming relics of the past century .

American workers now have to labor extra hours for less pay to collect their severely weakened US dollar.

American voters will soon have a choice.

They can elect Obama, who has promised a tax cut for the vast majority of Americans.

Or they can vote for Johnny McGreedy, who wants to make his personal $400,000 annual tax cut permanent.

Maybe they can figure this one out for themselves.

But, wait! Look Out! What about Osama Been Forgotten?

Omigod, I Ran wants nucular energy! After their history of interfering in our affairs and attacking America, we gotta stop them!

Oh, no! Russia actually invaded a sovereign nation! NOBODY does that in the 21st Century! How COULD they? Those godless commie beasts!

Help! Help! We need a former POW and a vengeful Church Lady to save us!

No matter what it costs, please, please help us. We're frightened. We want Johnny McMorewar to do Whatever It Takes!

Thank God we have a good corporate media to tell us this aristocratic, elitist, favored son of the military industrial complex is actually a straight talking maverick war hero.

Now our decision is much easier to make this November. Yes, I'm feeling safer already.


Middle Ditch said...

Ah, I do like a good rant and yours is no exception.

Nice post

Unknown said...

McCain was also a supporter of the apartheid terrorist regime in South Africa, at a time when black prisoners were tortured to death in secret camps he was backing every measure to allow businesses to trade and to stop sanctions.
And of course an admiral's son, 894 out of a class of 899 at Naval college, a very W like record.

Anonymous said...

why don't you libbies get a clue that tax breaks will help people have more, and encourage individual responsibility rather than just continued reliance on big government?

Anonymous said...

sorry, guess I should stay somewhat on-point...just irritated by all the liberal banter and nonsense I've read today.

here's a relevant article, since I imagine you're knocking the Bush tax cuts in your post by stating what Obama will supposedly do, in cutting taxes for the majority of Americans.

Unknown said...

Fantastico Dave!!!

You rant better than I do..bless you sir. :)

Tax breaks for the top one or two percent don't do shit for the middle class tommy. Especially since wages have stagnated for at least the last eight years.

Because wages are what the rest of us live on dude..unlike the rich and sometimes-famous ;p

Dave Dubya said...


Thanks for your input. I'll read the article.

Taxes and regulations(that other dirty word)are neccessary if government is supposed to exist for the common good.

I'm just saying these two factors in our government should not be dictated by the richest one percent.

It's bad for democracy.

Wally da Weasel said...

Why dontcha tell us what ya really think, Dave. ;)

jmsjoin said...

Gee I guess I missed you yesterday! I hope you had a nice Labor Day Dave!

Unknown said...

Dave, your a great ranter m'dear...time for a new post dude! ;)

Thanks for coming by Leftwing Nutjob..I enjoy reading your comments and agree with you all the time!