Sunday, February 27, 2022

Fun With Marge


Marjorie Taylor Greene: “I proudly objected on January 6th. I would object again today because I know for a fact there was so much wrong in that election and I believe it was stolen. Do I know how? No, I don’t know how.”

A rare and very accidental admission, but let's see if it's applicable to everything she says.

Here we go:

“AOC, the little communist from New York City. That’s right. Yeah, lock her up, too. That’s a good idea. She’s not an American. She really doesn’t embrace our American ways.” (Do I know how? No, I don’t know how.)

 “Now we’ve already seen war erupt in Eastern Europe. Joe Biden did that. It’s fully Joe Biden’s fault.” (Do I know how? No, I don’t know how.)

“ALL House Democrats are evil and will kill unborn babies all the way up to birth and then celebrate.” (Do I know how? No, I don’t know how.)

"The Democrats continue to push critical race theory onto our elementary children, our college students, and now onto our military." (Do I know how? No, I don’t know how.)

"Critical race theory is racist. It does nothing to bring us together." (Do I know how? No, I don’t know how.)

"CRT divides and spews hatred." (Do I know how? No, I don’t know how.)

"It’s racist to teach children to treat other children differently because of their skin color." (Do I know how? No, I don’t know how.)

"Our tax dollars should not be funding these racist ideologies." (Do I know how? No, I don’t know how.)

“The real truth is the communist revolution that the Democrats funded and waged every single day and every single night in American cities all across our country.” (Do I know how? No, I don’t know how.)

"The job of Congress is make laws, not enforce them. But the Communists in charge of the House are purposely abusing the Constitution and the institution of Congress." (Do I know how? No, I don’t know how.)

“There’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to take this global cabal of Satan-worshiping pedophiles out.” (Do I know how? No, I don’t know how.)

Better ask “Q”, amirite?

Thursday, February 24, 2022

Praise for Putin


Putin has invaded Ukraine. 

Watch how he and many Republicans will blame Biden. No matter. This blood is on Putin’s hands alone.

Putin's authoritarian cronies are threatening anyone who dares to show dissent.

Moscow’s Mayakovsky Theater has forbidden its actors from making “ANY comments AT ALL” about Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. The city’s Culture Dept. reportedly says any negative comments will be considered “treason.”

Russian TV is showing Trump's praise for Putin to justify his invasion.

Putin said his country strives to achieve the "demilitarization and de-nazification" of Ukraine. (President Zelensky is Jewish.)

Lucky for us Putin won't try this for the US because all of our neo-Nazis are Trump supporters.

President Biden has been correctly warning us that this was about to happen. He was mocked by the Right, of course.

The American radical Right simultaneously denounces President Biden for doing both “too much” and “too little” during this crisis.

 Of course they do.

Trump was “tough” for praising Putin, while Biden is “weak” for denouncing him.

What else can we expect from the party that sent members of the Senate and House to Russia for the Fourth of July in 2018?

For the record, the Red Square Republicans or “Moscow Mules” are:

Sens. Richard C. Shelby (Ala.), Steve Daines (Mont.), John Hoeven (N.D.), John Neely Kennedy (La.), Jerry Moran (Kan.), John Thune (S.D.) and Johnson, plus Rep. Kay Granger (Tex.).

It shouldn’t be a surprise to see how many Republicans praise Putin. After all, Trump was Putin’s favorite US president.

Let’s have a look at how many on the American radical Right revere their fellow authoritarian Putin.

Trump recently praised Putin's aggressive moves against Ukraine in a podcast interview with conservative podcaster Buck Sexton. 

"I went in yesterday and there was a television screen, and I said, 'This is genius.' Putin declares a big portion of the Ukraine — of Ukraine — Putin declares it as independent. Oh, that’s wonderful! 'How smart is that?' And he’s gonna go in and be a peacekeeper. That’s strongest peace force... We could use that on our southern border. That’s the strongest peace force I’ve ever seen. There were more army tanks than I’ve ever seen. They’re gonna keep peace all right. "Here’s a guy who’s very savvy... I know him very well. Very, very well."

"You gotta say that’s pretty savvy. And you know what the response was from Biden? There was no response. They didn’t have one for that. No, it’s very sad. Very sad. I knew Putin very well. I got along with him great. He liked me. I liked him. I mean, you know, he’s a tough cookie, got a lot of the great charm and a lot of pride.”

We've heard the latest evil lie from Mordor-A-Lago:

"It all happened because of a rigged election.”

And it’s not just Trump.

Here’s just a small sample of what the Putin fans in the Republican Party are saying:

Mike Pompeo: “Very shrewd & capable. Very talented statesman. Knows how to use power. Enormous respect for him" “He is a very talented statesman. He has lots of gifts. He was a KGB agent, for goodness sakes. He knows how to use power. We should respect that."

Mike Pence: “A stronger leader”

Rudy Giuliani: “Makes a decision & executes it. That’s what you call a leader”

Tucker Carlson: “Why is it disloyal to side with Russia...”

A Fox News Chyron under Tucker Carlson from Dec. 7, 2021: “Putin Just Wants to Keep His Western Border Secure”

Paul Gosar tweeted: “Putin puts Russia first as he should. Biden should put America first but instead he will let in terrorists and welfare seekers.”

Candace Owens tweeted this week: “I suggest every American who wants to know what’s *actually* going on in Russia and Ukraine, read this transcript of Putin’s address. As I’ve said for month — NATO (under direction from the United States) is violating previous agreements and expanding eastward. WE are at fault.”

Steve Bannon and Erik Prince are supporting Russia because Putin is anti-woke and has no tolerance for LGBTQ.

Trumpists have not been shy about it. We've see the t-shirts at Trump rallies proclaiming, "I'd rather be Russian than a Democrat". And so they would.

This should suffice as sufficient evidence of pervasive Republican loyalty to Putin. 

Liz Cheney, Mitt Romney, and Adam Kinzinger are some Republicans who are not among this pro-Putin faction. Obviously they are the ones who understand the threat Trump presents to our democracy.


On the other hand, there are brave and thoughtful Russians who refuse to support their version of Donald Trump: 

Thousands of Russian anti-war protesters are taking to the streets. 

Over 170 Russian journalists, including from Kremlin-run RT and TASS, have signed an open letter calling for an end to war with Ukraine.

Meanwhile, back in the US, we are facing our domestic Putinists.

Once again the US is about to see Putin’s Party on the ballot in our next election.

Thursday, February 17, 2022

A Tale of Two Critics

 If you would forgive my little narrative of a petty blog drama, I'd like to share some words from two of my harshest critics.

These two particular bloggers recently joined forces to attack me. Due to being banned at both of their blogs, I had no ability to respond, So I'll just submit my defense here.

What terms describe people who would dishonestly attack a person, while denying him the opportunity to defend himself?

If that dishonesty conveys an outright falsehood, then “liar” might seem quite appropriate.

Perhaps “coward” would also apply in that situation?

From “a person who lacks courage in facing danger, difficulty, opposition, pain, etc.; a timid or easily intimidated person.”

Last month one my “fans” named Jerry dedicated a post to demean me as a “wacko” for noting the similarities in the rise of German Nazis to the rise of radical Right Trumpism in the US. Readers may remember his profound annoyance with me in previous comment threads at: "Dare I Compare" and "Racist Projection".

Holocaust survivors agree with my comparison, and I posted a list of them saying so. Will Jerry call them the “wacko left”?

He simply refused to acknowledge them and fled from the discussion.

What is he afraid of?

Definitions of words might be high on the list.

I tried to explain to him:

“Nobody is EQUATING Trump to Hitler, or the Republican Party to Hitler's Nazi Party.

Compare: to estimate, measure, or note the similarity or dissimilarity between.

Equate: consider (one thing) to be the same as or equivalent to another.

Words have meanings.”

Jerry refused to acknowledge these distinctions and definitions.

This all goes back to when I requested facts to support his claim that I was wrong about Hitler's Brownshirts.

Jerry claimed: “Hitler and his brown shirts beat, imprisoned, and murdered top government officials and elected German representatives before and after he was given the leadership off Germany.”

Multiple times I asked him for evidence of his claim. “Recheck your history” was his response. He refused to cite evidence and doubled down, saying I was wrong and motivated by “hate”.

Of course he failed to name ONE of those “imprisoned, and murdered top government official”.

He had nothing. He became angry, and accused me of “many falsehoods”. So how many facts did he share to support his accusation? Zero.

Well, ol’ Jer still can’t get me out of his head.

Here is his diatribe from Monday, January 31, 2022:



 The wacko left loves to compare Trump to Hitler. So, I asked them where are the Trump concentration camps? Did Trump murder millions of Muslims? Did Trump bomb, or invade other countries and murder their citizens? Did Trump kill people in the millions? Did Trump murder his political opponents? Did he murder teachers, homosexuals, artists, news people, or others he felt were his enemies. The answer is obviously NO. But by my saying they were falsely accusing Trump of being a Hitler I was branded a pedophile and told by a supposed Buddhist I was full of shit. 

Well watch the news Hitler lovers. If you want to compare anyone to Hitler it is Putin. He is about to invade another country with real bullets and real innocent people are going to die. What will he do to those he considers enemies of his government? We know what he has done to Russia. We know he has killed reporters. We know he already has concentration camps. 

So save your Hitler comparisons for those who are real evil, or prove to me Trump did any of the evils I listed in my first paragraph.  


Did Jerry call me a “Hitler lover”? It seems so.

Wait a minute. If I’m a “Hitler lover”, wouldn’t that make me a Trump lover as well? Only Jerry knows for sure.

Our old buddy Darrell joined in, as they commiserated in their shared victimhood.

As for people such as our old friend that we both have "sanctioned" he continues to compare Trump to Hitler. The irony that his beloved leftists are the ones that are coercing behaviors, censoring unapproved speech, and seeking ways to disenfranchise those with whom they disagree is evidently lost on his Kool-aide addled mind.

By the way, it was our long-winded friend who called me a pedophile for denouncing his Trump is Hitler comparisons.

It appears Trump isn’t the only victim of my vicious libel. ( I never said, "Trump is Hitler".) Jerry’s delicate sensibilities somehow perceived I branded him a “pedophile”, in addition to “falsely accusing Trump of being a Hitler”.

As any decent person would do, you’re  probably wondering why I would brand poor Jerry a pedophile.

I didn’t.

I used that as a hypothetical example of accusations without evidence.

I told him by his standards of leveling accusations without evidence, I could say he is a pedophile and not show any facts to support the claim. He took it personally.

I tried to explain:

“I'll have to trust you are not a pedophile, because I have seen no evidence or indication of your pedophilia. Is this reasonable?”

Apparently it was not reasonable to him. He’s like a delicate snowflake that way.

Jerry demanded: " show me where the Republican party, or Trump emulated that behavior."

So I did:

“I already showed you, Jerry. Demonizing the opposition as communists, fueling bigotry and racism, embracing white nationalism, scapegoating minorities, the Big Lie, staging a Putsch, etc.

I suppose that’s just what a Hitler lover would say, amirite?

Now let’s review the wild accusations from Jerry’s partner Darrell.

He had these words to say about me:

 The left simply is about emphasizing hate, division, and destruction. They seemingly want nothing more than to destroy what they see as a racist, homophobic, sexist, xenophobic, and greedy nation.... The Left claims that they love America and are sometimes even comprised of “old fashioned Americans” and yet they find fatal flaws in our nation, its founding, and its governance.  America is a racist, homophobic, sexist, xenophobic nation since its inception according to the left, and yet they still love it supposedly. ...Our resident leftist who is no longer welcome at this site, jubilantly suggested that I "was caught in a lie" regarding the Churchill meme.  The hate-America Leftists these days evidently live constantly with their own lies all the time so that they assume everyone else does too. 

Dare I mention these are the same kind of demonizing attacks Nazis would use against Jews, socialists, educators and journalists? 

Maybe you've noted neither of these fellows would quote any of my words to justify their accusations. This turns out to be a feature, not a bug.

To Darrell’s credit, he did remove the quote he erroneously attributed to Churchill. Instead of thanking me for pointing out his mistake, he decided to smear me.

Goes to show how difficult life can be when you’re a “Hitler-loving, America-hating leftist who wants to destroy our nation”.

A discerning reader may wonder what rationale these fellows have for their fierce hatred for me.

Best I can tell is they deeply resent my requests for information that supports their accusations. 

Poor Darrell was shocked into silence when I asked for evidence that Trump beat Biden. And his circuits were fried when I questioned his support for a man who praised his seditionist thugs by saying, “You’re special. We love you.”

Yup. If that doesn’t tell you I hate America, what will?

They used to comment here, and both are still welcome to do so. Neither are particularly informed or brave enough to step up and face me on equal terms in evidence-based discussion.



My clear-eyed critics are still going on about me at Darrell's recent post. Typically, none  of them quoted any “lie” from me. Name calling seems to be an entirely acceptable privilege, but only if you are sufficiently radical Right. And Jerry is still playing his imaginary victim card.

Rex said...

Hey Darrell and Jerry, Dave Dubya is whining about you too on his latest propaganda post.

Just the Facts aka Anonymous ("Dave is a racist commie") Vern said: 

Dave has banned the posting of polls on his blog, lol. He is such an authoritarian.

Jerry said:

I did not read Dave's post, but anyone who calls people pedophiles should not be listened to. (See above.)

Darrell said:

I could care less what Mr. Dubya ("leftist who hates America") has to say about me. His falsehoods and name calling have long been an issue, hence his being banned here.