Thursday, October 5, 2017

Let's Test Our Limits

We have our First Amendment Right to free speech. But it is not an absolute right. We have the intended right to a free press, to peaceful assembly and to speak to power. We don’t have the right to shout “fire” in a theatre or to threaten, libel and slander.

Like the First Amendment, the Second Amendment is also not absolute.

Most of us support some gun control or limits on Second Amendment rights. At present it is an insignificant minority that wants a total ban, along with government confiscation. It is also an insignificant minority that wants no controls or restrictions whatsoever.

Let’s dispel the notion that the Second Amendment is for waging war against the government if our candidates lose, or we don’t like some laws or leaders. Only  dangerous idiots speak of “Second Amendment remedies” in that context.

The Second Amendment’s purpose was for the people to have a militia to mobilize for protection and defense against armed threats.  Militias are now antiquated and we have law enforcement and the National Guard for citizen protection. Since the Redcoats and Geronimo are no longer active threats, that leaves only the threat of violent criminals.

While we have the right of armed self-defense against violent criminals, we should understand the need for limits. 

Most Second Amendment defenders support background checks for purchases. Most Second Amendment defenders will also support prohibiting sales to minors, the mentally ill, domestic abusers and felons.

The fact is some level of gun control is desired by most of us.

Where we differ is in the degree of gun control and regulations.

Let’s test our limits.

Should untrained civilians have the right to bear without registration:

A Nuclear Submarine?
An Aircraft Carrier?
A B1 Bomber?
An F22 Fighter?
An Abrams Tank?
An Anti-tank Rocket Launcher?
A Mortar?
A Bazooka/Rocket Propelled Grenade?
A Belt-Fed  .50 Caliber Machine Gun?
An M-6O/M240 Machine Gun?
An Automatic M-16 or AK47 rifle?
A Semi Auto M16 style  or AK47 style, convertible to automatic, with 30+ round magazine?
A Semi-Auto Rifle with 10 Round Limit magazine?
A Semi-Auto Shotgun?
A Lever or Bolt Action Rifle?
A Pump Action Shotgun?
A Semi-Auto Handgun?
A 6 round Revolver?

Since there is no documented case of self-defense that required a 30 round magazine. That is where I draw my line. 

If there were no civilian sales of large volume magazines and military style weapons easily converted into machine guns, there would be many more survivors from the Las Vegas Massacre and other mass shootings. 

For all guns up to that threshold I would support mandatory background checks, registration, and safety certification for all future sales. There is no sane reason for weapons to be easier to obtain than a driver’s license. There is no sane reason for guns to be irresponsibly owned, stored or operated by the wrong people. 

I totally get the argument there is no sane reason for even having weapons in the home. States and homes with the highest per-capita gun ownership suffer proportionally higher deaths from guns. An armed society is not a polite society.

Practical sane steps are needed. Otherwise the Second Amendment is little more than a suicide pact and prescription for tragedy for the nation.

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

The Holy Church of the NRA

Its about freedom, they say.

Thousands of Americans have died, and thousands more Americans will die from the NRA symbol of freedom.

The Holy Church of the NRA preaches the answer to gun violence is simple. We just need good men with guns.

Good men with guns were at the Las Vegas concert. They and their guns were useless in countering the sniping mad man with militarized weapons.

Scores of human beings are dead, and hundreds wounded.

Nothing will be learned. No actions will be taken to mitigate the bloodbaths wrought by assault weapons. No actions will be taken to restrict the number of assault weapons. They are, and will be, easier to get than a drivers license.

This must be accepted as the way of life in our country. In reality it is the way of death.

Nothing will be done to interfere with the proliferation of military style weapons of mass destruction, for the Church of the NRA and the Militia Amendment shall never be challenged.

Human sacrifice must be offered in reverence to the almighty Gun God at the Alter of the Militia Amendment. The will of the Holy Church of the NRA shall be done.

It's the non-negotiable cost of "freedom" that must be the victims.

The only problem is the victims and the population terrorized by criminals and gun nuts are not so free, are they?