Sunday, July 21, 2013

Of Cheneys and "Friends"

“I thought we were friends,” said the blindsided Republican Senator Mike Enzi of Wyoming

He was speaking of Liz Cheney, who has decided her ambitions require her taking Enzi’s job.

When asked about Cheney’s aspirations to the Senate, Enzi stated, “Well, she said that if I ran she wasn’t going to run, but obviously that wasn’t correct.”

Chalk up another sap who learned the hard way what friendship with a Cheney entails. It could be worse. 

At least he wasn’t shot in the face like Harry Whittington. And he wasn't convicted of obstruction of justice, covering up Dick's "fair game" outing of a CIA operative, like Scooter Libby was. 

The price of a Cheney's “friendship” can be steep.

Ever the “compassionate conservative”, Liz explains, “I think Sen. Enzi may be confused.” Or perhaps, as she’s also suggested, he’s “too old”. 

Well maybe, Liz, since Reagan was the same age as Enzi when he was elected president.

I’m afraid the conclusions are narrowed to three possibilities:

1. Liz Cheney is a treacherous liar.
2. Senator Enzi is “confused”.
3. The Republicans are both liars and confused.

I’m guessing the blame falls on the poor Senator, because as we all know, Cheneys never lie.