Sunday, July 31, 2016

"Make Russia Great Again"

There is no shame, no honesty and no decency left in the Republican Party. Failure to understand this fact is, and has been, America’s fatal flaw.

Here’s the latest Republican hypocrisy reported by NBC News:

Mike Pence chastised President Obama on Friday for indirectly referring to Donald Trump as a demagogue, saying — perhaps ironically — that "name calling" has no "place in public life.

…Pence's remarks backed up against his own running mate's use of derogative nicknames over the last year on the campaign, including: "Little Michael Bloomberg", "Crooked Hillary" [Clinton], "Corrupt [Tim] Kaine", "Liddle Marco [Rubio]", "Lyin' Ted" [Cruz], "Crazy Bernie" [Sanders], "Goofy" [Elizabeth Warren] and "Low Energy Jeb" [Bush].

Well whadayaknow? As proven again and again, name calling, IOKIYAR.

That was great hypocrisy, but con-servative theocrat Pence still takes a back seat to what Dear Leader Trump said.  (Trump is North Korea’s favorite after all. And according to Trump, Putin’s pick.)

To help him take power, Trump openly hoped Russia would hack into our country and his political opponent. Sounds like treason, or at least inciting espionage and criminal conduct.


Donald puts himself above the law and our country. He has the bigoted, arrogant and dishonest characteristics of an authoritarian dictator.

Benedict Donald actually said:

“Russia, if you're listening, I hope you're able to find the 30,000 e-mails that are missing. I think you will probably be rewarded mightily by our press.”

How's THAT for "presidential"? But wait, there's more.

"I've always felt fine about Putin. He's a strong leader. He's a powerful leader." High praise for a thuggish strongman from another. He also respected Saddam for the same reasons.

In the November 10 GOP debate, Trump said: “I got to know him very well because we were both on ‘60 Minutes,’ we were stablemates, and we did very well that night.”

And now:

“I never met Putin. I don’t know who Putin is,” Trump said at a Florida news conference.

Look no further for a perfect example of Orwellian "double-think", holding two contradictory statements as truth. "Ignorance is strength", comrades.

The  horror is so many low-information, ignorant, stupid, and pathetic American racists and rubes believe that man, no matter what he says.

Fellow billionaire Mike Bloomberg accurately noted, "I know a con when I see one".

Even the Koch brothers refuse to back this reckless ignoramus and sociopath.

We know Paul Manafort, NATO-defying Donald Trump’s top adviser, has close ties to pro-Russian politicians in Ukraine.

"It was a weird thing for the people in Ukraine, because they could not imagine how an American strategist agreed to cooperate with Putin’s friend. It was confusing. But Manafort played a decisive role in the victory of Yanukovych," said Ukrainian political expert Oleg Kravchenko.

The Guardian reports:

Discussing a possible Moscow hotel project with real estate website in 2013, Trump boasted: “The Russian market is attracted to me. I have a great relationship with many Russians, and almost all of the oligarchs were in the room”.

On another occasion he declared: “Moscow right now in the world is a very, very important place. We wanted Moscow all the way.”

In 2008, Trump’s son, Donald Trump Jr, told a New York Russian real estate investors conference that a “lot of money [is] pouring in from Russia”. “Russians make up a pretty disproportionate cross-section of a lot of our assets,” he added.

There you go folks. The choice is clear. Vote Republican.

Comrade Benedict Donald will “Make Russia Great Again”.

Thursday, July 21, 2016

RNC Day 3: Thank You, Ted

Things have been really heating up inside Mount Doom on the Cuyahoga.

We can thank "Lyin' Ted" Cruz for most of those BTUs.

Cruz is one the worst of the fundamentalist tea-bagging Republicans to come along. Despite being unlikable in every way, the guy has a Nixonian calculating sense of strategy and purpose. 

Too bad his purpose is to create a corporatist theocracy.

Lyin' Ted seized his moment, and drew boos and howls from agitated Trumpies at the convention, only after failing to endorse their anointed One Who Will “Make America Great Again” ™.

We all know how a rabid gang of authoritarian personalities react to those who fail to fall in line. It is ugly. He was even compared to Hillary! How’s THAT for pure hate?

One can almost sympathize and admire Teddy boy. For good reason, he resents Trump, not only as being one who is not a “true conservative”, but as a vile brute who smeared his wife and father.

Poor Ted. He’s been made an example of the new lows Republicans now embrace in their Jihad against decency, democracy, and government of, by and for the people.

Trump has been busy terrifying the world, brandishing his unstable personality while leading his legions of fanatic followers. As his VP Pence talked about commitments to friendly nations, Don the Con announced he wouldn’t be in any hurry to meet our NATO treaty obligations in case of conflict.  

Having it both ways is what he’s always been about.

But Pence is now to be the Trump appointed President of domestic and foreign policy, if we are to believe the Kasich people. Asked what Donald will be doing, his toady replied, “He will make America Great Again” ™.

How’s that for before-the-fact dereliction of duty? He’s not only Sarah Palin’s twin in being grossly uninformed, he’s also planning on being the next “Quitter in Chief”.

I guess the Trump Constitution allows all powers to be ceded to the VP, just like Cheney had assumed from a previous clueless neo-Aristocrat allowed into the White House.

Trump will appoint “Unbelievably good people” to make America great again. Trust him.

Gotta love America the Ignorant.

But what I find most savory is Ted’s words that rankled the rubes more than anything else. “Vote your conscience”.

“What conscience?” one may reasonably inquire. He’s talking to fanatic far Right Republicans, after all. Authoritarians value obedience and conformity, not conscience, and never dissent. That’s for sissy liberals, not Real Americans ™.

Once again Democrats have been handed the perfect weapon to use for their campaign. I doubt they will run with it though. They’re arrogant, and too smart by half, which isn’t too smart.

Democrats should appropriate “Vote your conscience” for Hillary’s campaign slogan. What could be more bi-partisan, and appeal to more people?

They could even thank Ted for the perfect gift. He’d just LOVE that.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Day One: Thank You, Melania

Mordor on Lake Erie, aka the Republican National Convention, is blossoming into the quadrennial tragi-comic  “Anger and Hatefest of Clowns” we’ve been expecting.

Professional haters Tom Cotton, Rudy the 9-11 Guy, and some authoritarian far Right military and cop types, have launched the spectacle into a proto-fascist orgy of blame and resentment.

There is no Right wing con-servatism without blame and resentment. It is their essence.

Ah, but there are more elements mixed into their frothing stew of arrogance and bigotry. We have dishonesty, incompetence and evasion of accountability in abundance. “Bush kept us safe” pretty much covers those slimy characteristics.

These dark elements of con-servatism are illuminated by the reaction to Melania Trump’s speech. It contained passages lifted directly from Michelle Obama’s convention speech eight years ago. 

Of course, the Trumpies howl in indignation at the very suggestion of plagiarism, no matter how obvious it is. Melania says she wrote her speech. Right. So that would make her the plagiarist. But true to Trump form, bragging and lies are their specialty.

The speech was no doubt  handed to her by an underling.

But a Trump NEVER admits to a mistake. If they did, they’d be busy coming clean for the rest of their snooty, privileged, neo-aristocratic lives.

True to form, the Trumpies have circled their wagons with bald-faced insistence there was no copy and paste and no plagiarism. The “liberal media” conspirators just need to know it was coincidence. Yeah, that’s it. Those were common words, right?

If you believe that, we have just the president for you.

Eager Democrats pounced in their own clumsy manner. “Aha!” they caught the Trump campaign in a lie. That’s a mistake. They lie all the time. Another lie will wash off their oily scales like the rest of their massive opus of falsehoods.

At the very least, Democrats could hammer the liars with something like, “If Donald hired a plagiarist for his wife’s big convention speech, who will he hire to “fix” our country?”

That just might move the Trumpies to back-track their incompetence. All they have to do is fire someone. We all know that sends a tingle up their legs.

If Democrats were smart, and that’s a big if, they would embrace Melania's speech and announce with unending delight and celebration the fact that Melania has the same values as Michelle Obama. 

Yes, all Dems need to do is say, "Thank you Melania, for agreeing with our First Lady Michelle."

After that, they could thank Donald for agreeing with all the con-servative white racists in the country.

Onward through the madness…