Saturday, October 20, 2018

Are We Bored Yet?

Let’s have a “Retro Party” with our favorite conservative, and former blogger, T. Paine.

Since the last post’s theme is based on a dialogue answering a Trump supporter’s question, I’ll take the liberty of showing this ongoing dialogue with our old friend Mr. Paine at Tom Degan’s blog. Tom’s been taking his time in moderating the comments so I thought I’d give an express version here.

We have the familiar accusations, commie cards, victim cards, unilateral definitions, and whataboutisms, of course.



This is not about a fair hearing for a supreme court nominee. This is about brazen leftist partisanship stoked by hate and fear in an attempt to derail a highly qualified jurist from being seated on the SCOTUS bench. Nothing more. The presumption of innocence is dead on the left. For that matter, a return to communist tactics of the mere suggestion of impropriety without substantiation is acceptable in order to achieve the desired end results. We have gone far beyond Alinsky tactics and reverted to Stalinist tactics now. You all should be very proud of your part to dismantle our republic. If the Left were to gain unfettered power, it would be less than a decade before the United States more closely resembled Venezuela.


“Communist tactics!” “Stalinist!” “Venezuela!”, shrieks the knee-jerk conservative hysteria response, as the LIE DETECTOR graph jumps at the bullshit filled hate.

If Ford's allegations had 1/10th as much evidence in support of them as Kavanaugh does for a leftist cabal against him, then I dare say even Republican senators would be removing there support for him.

Right, she passed a lie detector. We can just trust the Republican operative.

How about a lie detector for Mr. Sniffles and his drinking buddy? Not fair! amirite? 

And how about that “fair” FBI investigation that was supposed to go for a pitiful week, yet the LIARS cut it down to three days? A so-called “investigation” that refused to question the people present and witnesses of Sniffles Kavanaugh’s blind drunk behavior?

I would imagine Mr. Paine’s daughter would get more sympathy if she was assaulted, and trembled in fear of death threats, to tell her story. Mr Paine will believe any slimy Republican over any woman, even though she passed a lie detector! It is con-servatism. He’s not enraged about the death threats, though, because only liberals are evil.

No... I don't see any reason why Judge Kavanaugh wouldn't think that there was a grand leftist "resist" conspiracy against him.

“Not fair!” whines the outraged snowflake con-servative, while Merrick Garland was treated so respectfully by the “constitutional” Republicans, amirite? The evil drips from their hateful hypocrisy. 

The "Renate Alumnius" treats all women "with respect". Another LIE.

"But I did not drink beer to the point of blacking out… Passed out would be—no, but I've gone to sleep, but—but I've never blacked out." Self-righteous Mr. Sniffles whines.

The "blatant lying" and "lying under oath" inspired two of his Yale classmates to dispute his account in separate CNN interviews. Brookes described him as "stumbling drunk" and said, "I can almost guarantee that he doesn't remember that night." Swisher countered that "there's no problem with drinking beer in college; the problem is lying about it," and that "I don't think many of his answers were credible."

The FBI “investigation” didn’t want to hear from them. I wonder why? And why can’t we see the directive? Not our business, I suppose. Only evil liberals want transparency. 

Mr. Paine even repeated a LIE Angry Mr. Sniffles Kavanaugh uttered while under oath, declaring everyone at the party "refuted" Dr. Ford's allegation. HE LIED UNDER OATH!!! Where is that "constitutional"? The only ones refuting the claim were Kavanaugh and his toady lush drinking buddy. 

THEY are who we should trust, NOT the woman who was threatened and passed a lie detector test. Why? IOKIYAR. They are all sickening amoral authoritarian hypocrites and liars.


“Right, she passed a lie detector. We can just trust the Republican operative.” ~ Dubya

Yep, that is what she claimed. I even believed that she was likely assaulted at one time and may even sincerely believe that Kavanaugh was guilty of that crime; however, in her quest to bring forth the truth to the senate judiciary committee during the Kavanaugh hearings, she didn’t want to release the actual lie detector test or her therapist notes to the senators. That is when my benefit of the doubt regarding her story began to get stretched. And yes, her story was not corroborated and was also REFUTED by even her one friend whom she claimed was with her at the party. She said she was NEVER at any such party and did not even know Kavanaugh. I know that words mean different things to some leftists though. What does “refute” mean to you, Mr. Dubya?

Oh, and by the way, there were death threats made to Ford AND Kavanaugh, so you also can put away your newly found sense of morality, sir. Did you and J.G. get a buy-one-get-one free sense of morality? Like I said, I am glad that you all are on the right track. The fact that this is new to you gives you a little leeway in my book. You first need to have actual evidence before making such an allegation if you wish to hold on to your new-found morality though.

“Mr. Paine is outraged liberals spent money to keep angry Mr. Sniffles, the man of even temperament, off the Supreme Court.” ~ Dubya

Yep. The right wouldn’t have needed to spend millions in response if the left would simply have let the hearings proceed. Instead, Feinstein-supported harpies invaded and disrupted the proceedings with press passes that she and her “Democrat” allies signed for them. It is interesting that the Democrats time and again have to rely on paid protesters to do their dirty work. Cowards.

Next, I will give you the benefit of the doubt and assume that you forgot my stance on Judge Garland. I did not care for him, but I thought that McConnell was dead wrong in not allowing a hearing and vote to proceed on his nomination. Although he didn’t always follow the Constitution, Obama was well within his rights on this one and the Republicans were wrong in not following their constitutional duties.

Then, of course, Mr. Dubya follows the leftist playbook precisely after that. The Democrats couldn’t make an unsubstantiated allegation of sexual assault stick to Kavanaugh, so then they changed the tune to his temperament and his drinking. Good lord. Throw it all up against the wall and see if anything sticks in your desperation. As I said, I cared enough about your opinion way back to get pissed just with your allegations of racism towards me; I can definitely understand Kavanaugh’s temperament towards the game-playing Democrats of smearing him with such thin accusations of sexual assault. I think he showed remarkable restraint towards Feinstein, Durbin, and the rest of the romper room crowd there accordingly.


Mr. Paine now spews the hypocritical party line: “I even believed that she was likely assaulted at one time and may even sincerely believe that Kavanaugh was guilty” 

In other words, she is either a liar or a victim of false memory of assault. “100% certain” is how she put it. But conservatives are 200% certain only THEY know she’s wrong. 

Like a typical authoritarian Trump supporter, he trusts Trump and doesn’t believe a woman who passed a lie detector. The woman lied, but NOT TRUMP and Mr. Sniffles. Nosiree. But “Character matters”. Right. Like “Law and order” matters more than justice.

Mr. Paine hides behind ignorance, or an arrogantly assumed authority, to define words again.

Refute: prove (a statement or theory) to be wrong or false; disprove.
"these claims have not been convincingly refuted"

synonyms: disprove, prove wrong, prove false, debunk, discredit, invalidate; 


prove that (someone) is wrong. deny or contradict (a statement or accusation).

Mr. Paine, Mr. Sniffles, Trump, and their cult are the ones who refute Dr. Ford, as in “deny or contradict”. 

The woman said she BELIEVED Dr. Ford. Not remembering the specific gathering, uneventful from her experience, is NOT refuting. Only in the twisted cult mentality of the radical Right can that be called “refute”.

In fact they are LIARS! 

This is a LIE from a sex offender Mr. Paine regurgitates. I don’t see any liberals, let alone an entire party, out there repeating Clinton’s lies. IOKIYAR.

The difference being, she gets death threats after she PASSED a lie detector! Mr. Paine and his fellow authoritarians will dismiss, discredit, demean, and deny it. Ideology over truth. Power over justice. This is con-servatism. It is putrid.

As I noted all this far Right hate has been ramped up for decades by FOX(R) and Limbaugh. They embrace that hate so deeply they accuse liberals of being evil commies and call the press the enemy of the people. 

Damn that blind hate and closed minded cult. Loyalty to a cult is not a virtue. They are captives of evil and don’t know it. They act as if they believe a conservative ideology is virtue itself. 

They are enemies of truth and democracy, and consent of the governed, because those are liberal values. 

“the Democrats time and again have to rely on paid protesters to do their dirty work. Cowards.”  MORE Trumpism. Pure ignorance and hate. 

What a hypocrite. As if FOX(R) didn’t openly financially support the damn racist Tea Party protests against the Black President, AND shill for the racist Trump. 

Mr. Paine admits the Republicans were wrong about Garland. No outrage, mind you. Instead Trump mocked Dr. Ford’s painful testimony and Mr. Paine still takes Trump’s side. Dr. Ford is the “liar” who passed the lie detector, and the Democrats are the real enemy.

I think he showed remarkable restraint towards Feinstein, Durbin, and the rest of the romper room crowd there accordingly. 

Of course he’d think so. He gets to redefine words. Can he show us a Democratic appointee who behaved that way? No. Angry Mr. Sniffles is a privileged, elite, white brat, among an entire party of them.

This is why reasonable discussion and debate is impossible with this arrogant evil cult of self righteous greed, division, and hate.

And they insist they alone have “values”. Yeah, we know what those value$ are. We know just how Christian and honest they are. They think they can fool everybody.

Then they get mad when their hate and lies are called out.

This is con-servatism. 



Mr. Dubya, I do not know with 100% certainty that Kavanaugh is not lying any more than you know with 100% certainty that Ford is not lying. That said, "old fashioned Americans" like yourself should understand the concept of "presumption of innocence" until proven guilty. This USED to be the cornerstone of our justice system before the left's turn to automatic convictions of anyone ever accused of any infraction if they are right of center politically. (Anyone associated with Trump should be given life sentences or worse, I suppose, right? After all, we are all lumped in that same basket of deplorables in Idiot Nation.)

This presumption of innocence SHOULD hold true especially when there is no supporting evidence of the allegations. This includes Ford's inadmissible lie detector test you keep mentioning. There is a reason these tests are not admissible in court. They can be beaten and are not definitive proof of honesty. I dare say that someone trained in psychiatry might even know the mechanisms with which to defeat such tests. 

Of course we won't likely ever know this because Dr. Ford has refused to provide the actual transcript and results of those tests, along with her therapist notes to the senate in her quest to bring the "truth to light". THAT was my point that you obviously or perhaps intentionally missed. If she is only wanting to tell the truth, why does she refuse to share the results and transcripts of her lie detector test? Is she hiding something? THAT is when I started questioning the entire veracity of her story.

Like the Antifa fascist you have evidently become, you lump this all in with Trump. Anyone that disagrees with Dave Dubya is an authoritarian, right? You are as bad as these paid hipster protesters. In fact you are worse. They are often times ignorant of history, facts, and truth and don't know any better. You should know better and yet want to attach yourself to their "enlightened" form of hate in the snowflake brigades. 

Refute Synonyms: disprove, prove wrong, prove false, debunk, discredit, invalidate; More
prove that (someone) is wrong. deny or contradict (a statement or accusation).

Ford's friend, Ms. Keyser said through her attorney, "Ms. Keyser does not know Mr. Kavanaugh and she has no recollection of ever being at a party or gathering where he was present, with, or without, Dr. Ford." 

That seems to contradict, deny, and even discredit Ford's allegation, wouldn't you say? Go ahead and re-define the word again, sir. One would think that Keyser might remember a distraught Ford that was supposedly almost raped running out of the house in fear. It would seem reasonable that a friend would ask what had caused such a reaction in Ford. Instead Ford claims she never told anybody about the event until years later about this party where all named witnesses say that they have no memory of the party or events. 

Ford cannot say where, when, or whose house it even was. She doesn't know how she got there or how she got home. But she is "100% certain" that it was Kavanaugh that assaulted her and she has the lie detector test she refuses to share that "proves" this.

The bottom line is that Kavanaugh was successfully seated on the SCOTUS bench and this is what truly outrages Mr. Dubya and his ilk. They are mad because they think this further empowers Trump as he and the senate carried out their constitutional duties in seating Kavanaugh. What it is truly about is that they are mad that the constitution was followed and once again limited their hatred fascist power as they attempt to dismantle America and remake it in some leftist totalitarian utopia where they can properly "re-educate" or "take care" of us "hateful" right wingers that failed to drink the Marxist Kool aid. 

You are great at calling others hateful and liars and you do so with such vehemence, Mr. Dubya. Perhaps it is seeing these traits within yourself and loathing them so much that cause so much heat in your "debate" on these topics. I feel sorry for you, sir.


And here we go:

What it is truly about is that they are mad that the constitution was followed and once again limited their hatred fascist power as they attempt to dismantle America and remake it in some leftist totalitarian utopia where they can properly "re-educate" or "take care" of us "hateful" right wingers that failed to drink the Marxist Kool aid. 

Mr. Paine loves not only to spew his white conservative Victim Card and his all-occasion hateful Commie Card, but like a true far Right authoritarian, he needed to play his hypocritical  “Mr. Constitution Card”. Why wasn’t he so annoyed when the Republicans denied the Black President his Constitutional duty? (Hint: Nothing partisan or racial to see here.) Why isn’t our own Mr. Constitution concerned with Trump’s violations of the Emoluments Clause? (Hint: Nothing partisan here.)

Turns out “IOKIYAR” is in his personal constitution.

The bottom line is that Kavanaugh was successfully seated on the SCOTUS bench and this is what truly outrages Mr. Dubya and his ilk. They are mad because they think this further empowers Trump as he and the senate carried out their constitutional duties in seating Kavanaugh.

Mr. Constitution is very annoyed with liberals opposing a long time Republican OPERATIVE to the Supreme Court. The same man who has openly suggested the president is immune to the law. Then he decides the woman who passed a lie detector is the real liar, and the beer soaked privileged partisan white guy is telling the truth.

Figures. Does Mr. Constitution really believe that courtroom standards for criminal conviction are identical to a Senate confirmation process?

What is really revealing is the slime he wants to spread on Dr. Ford for not wanting her patient/ therapist  confidentiality violated. Issues and information that have nothing to do with the case at hand should not be forced from her. The same is true for the lie detector test. Mr. Constitution may be equally ignorant of that process as well. To establish a pattern, the person has to honestly answer many questions of a personal nature, that also having NOTHING to do with the case at hand.

But slime, he must. What else can we expect from the shrill paranoid lunacy of “Communist tactics!” “Stalinist!” “Venezuela!”?

Mr. Constitution seems very happy with the three day FBI “investigation” under Trump’s direction. “What investigation?”, we still ask. Say wasn’t it suppose to be a week?

Apparently ignoring all the witnesses to Mr. Sniffles’ drunken black outs is the path to the truth. Trump’s “truth”. Mr. Constitution’s “truth”.

That seems to contradict, deny, and even discredit Ford's allegation, wouldn't you say? (Dr. Ford's friend saying she believes her but cannot remember the party)

No. I wouldn't say so, because it does not, by definition, REFUTE Dr. Ford, which was my point.

And back we go to Mr. Paine's superpower of the far Right to unilaterally define terms.

That seems to contradict, deny, and even discredit Ford's allegation, wouldn't you say? "The woman said she BELIEVED Dr. Ford. Not remembering the specific gathering, uneventful from her experience, is NOT refuting."  Go ahead and re-define the word again, sir. 

I know he misinterprets a lot when he’s angry, but the FACT is I presented definitions, NOT a re-definition. This is an ongoing theme of our discussions, along with the false accusations needed to play the “white victim card”, "commie card", etc.

And how’s THIS for re-defining?

Like the Antifa fascist you have evidently become 

Another one, folks! "Antifa fascist". What’s next, I’m part of a “MOB?” I have a feeling Mr. Constitution is more sympathetic with Trump's “very fine people” than with me. After all, he seems to feel included with the deplorables.

Yes, Poor Mr. Paine still has no idea who the term was applied to. So he claims it. LOL!

Mr. Constitution is mystified why democrats are upset at having no power when 3 million more votes were for their candidate. Or when the House or Senate are held by a party that fewer American voters supported. He arrogantly accused them of “failure” at the ballot box.

Imagine his never-ending bile and anger if his party got more votes, as the other one takes power. We can imagine, for he cannot. Their empathy is up there with their wisdom, grasp of facts, and compassion.

All of this proves the Right is opposed to the Constitution when the Black Guy is in office, opposed to democracy, and opposed to the consent of the governed. THE “old fashioned American value”.

All they want is to maintain their conservative white privilege, and for the rich to have more wealth, along with dominant political power. They want the poor to have reduced public safety nets, less healthcare, and inadequate education. They might not admit it outright, but they enthusiastically support polices and politicians that accomplish just that.

And most of all the want others to LOSE, especially those they fear and loathe. Somebody other than the rich have got to pay. Let’s raise the debt, and gut Medicaid and food stamps, so the Kochs and Trump get a tax cut.

Con-servative “value$”.

Saturday, October 13, 2018

A Good Question

I have to thank a far Right Trump supporter for asking a simple question that needs to be answered, for the good of our country. The more Americans who ask this question, the sooner America can go back to making itself a greater democratic republic. 

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Q: What law has President Trump broken while in office? Waiting.

A: Yes, we are waiting for justice to take its course. In addition to violations of the Constitution's Emoluments Clause, multiple counts of obstruction of justice are the most obvious. 

From Brookings:

Presidential obstruction of justice: The case of Donald J. Trump

...We concluded that there was substantial evidence that the president may have obstructed justice. Evidence supporting the elements of that offense—an obstructive act undertaken with corrupt intent and having the requisite connection to a grand jury or congressional proceeding—was available in public reports and testimony. In our view, the president’s then-known conduct, including his demand of loyalty from then-FBI Director Comey, his request that Comey “see [his] way clear” to letting National Security Advisor Michael Flynn go, his termination of Comey, and his other statements was similar to conduct that has previously supported federal obstruction charges and convictions.

Ten months later, as we release the updated second edition of the report, it has become apparent that the president’s pattern of potentially obstructive conduct is much more extensive than we knew. To take only a few examples, it has since been reported that President Trump: attempted to block Attorney General Sessions’ recusing himself from the Russia investigation despite the AG’s clear legal duty to do so; asked Sessions to reverse his recusal decision; demanded and obtained the resignation of Sessions for his failure to contain the Russia investigation (before ultimately rejecting it); twice ordered the firing of Special Counsel Robert Mueller; dictated a false account for a key witness, his son Donald Trump Jr., of the June 9, 2016 Trump Tower meeting between campaign and Russian representatives; publicly attacked Special Counsel Mueller and key witnesses to the obstruction case; and has repeatedly disputed the underlying Russian attack and Vladimir Putin’s role in it despite possessing evidence to the contrary. 

But why ask about only the crimes committed while in office?

He is already a named co-conspirator in breaking a campaign finance law. 

Other past crimes may yet be uncovered, especially after tax and financial records are examined. 

In addition to breaking these laws, he has broken all norms of decency, honesty, and honor. 

He is breaking our independent judiciary and breaking the checks and balances of our republic. He has broken our founding ideal of consent of the governed. 

He is breaking our Constitutional free press, and undermining journalism of its vital role in oversight and investigation. He is breaking democracy itself. 

By praising autocrats and dictators, he is breaking our nation’s reputation, moral character, and standards in the world. He is breaking our standing in international cooperation, NATO, and agreements on climate change and the Iran deal.

And he has broken immigrant families apart.

None of this corruption and malevolence was wanted by a majority of American voters.

For a more comprehensive list of Trump’s crimes and possible crimes:

Has Trump broken any laws yet? 

Monday, October 1, 2018

A Tale Of Two Tweets

Relax, these are not my tweets this time. 

If you need this explained to you, you’re probably a Trump supporter.

Trump’s MAGAt stooge Kanye West tweeted: “this represents good and America becoming whole again.  We will no longer outsource to other countries. We build factories here in America and create jobs.  We will provide jobs for all who are free from prisons as we abolish the 13th amendment. Message sent with love"


All that sickening racist and fictional "Democrat Plantation" crap we hear from the angry white con-servatives seems to be projection from their black elephant in the room, on the "Republican Plantation" no less.

Chris “Captain America” Evans had a perfect response that addresses this kind of idiocy and ignorance that most Trump supporters share: “There’s nothing more maddening than debating someone who doesn’t know history, doesn’t read books, and frames their myopia as virtue. The level of unapologetic conjecture I’ve encountered lately isn’t just frustrating, it’s retrogressive, unprecedented and absolutely terrifying.”

“Deplorable” is also the apt term, Cap. 

And yes, Orwell also nailed it with "Ignorance is strength", as the dear, delicate, snowflake “victims” whine about the “Left” being intolerant of their views. 

That damn liberal intolerance is probably what keeps us America-hating Leftists from joining our Dear Leader in falling in love with Kim Jong Un.

I guess we'll never be as enlightened as Kanye and Dennis Rodman.


Thursday, September 20, 2018

Tweets In The Wind

I was never interested in shallow, ego-stroking, gossipy social media. I’m already too shallow and ego-stroking. I never had any interest in working for the Zuckerman data mine. If I wanted to hang with Russians and angry idiots, I'd go to Trump Tower or a rally. No, thank you.

I don’t know why I relented to the relentless prodding from friends and family to go on Twitter. I resent relenting. While I confess to learning tidbits of information, I resent wasting more of my time being tethered to screens. I look in mostly for distraction lately. 

I don’t even know if the account stays active after long neglect. I don’t care.

In the event I just abandon Twitter, or it abandons me, I’ll record most of my “Tweets In The Wind” here for posterity. Apologies for the shameless plugs, and for the mild annoyance in readers with a  longer attention span than a caffeinated child, which I resemble more and more lately.

Ironically, I'm compiling these tweets for the benefit of the few in my life who never stare at screens. It will be satisfying to hand them hard copies, guaranteed to survive the Eloctro-Magnetic Pulses that will end civilization as we know it. 

These remarks, in reverse chronology, skim over some of the strange and terrible events of just the past seven months.


How evil prevails: Republicans don’t HAVE to be sex offenders to gain high office. They just need to “strongly deny” the charges. That should settle it. Keep the "biased" FBI out of it. The conservative Republican men, the "real victims", have suffered enough.

John McCain is gone. He had a sense of honor and basic human decency that is no longer found in American Con-servatism. He condemned “half-baked, spurious nationalism cooked up by people who would rather find scapegoats than solve problems.”

#Orwell "Truth isn't truth". "1984" tells us how far we've descended as a nation. The downward trajectory is steeper than ever.

"What you’re seeing and what you’re reading is not what’s happening". This Orwellian line may as well be the motto of the Trump far Right agenda. It conforms perfectly to the mission of FOX(R), Breitbart, and Limbaugh.

Putin's Puppet: A Love Story The big meeting every sane person dreads is upon us. Putin's going have an entertaining, and very rewarding, day for sure. Secrets will be spilled. After all, "No Puppet" Don likes to make a good impression with Russians.

In case anyone missed this. The bottom line: By word, wink and nod, Trump got his loyalty oath, a promise of immunity, and the power to pardon himself from Kavanaugh. Wall Street and the Kochs now have the Supreme Court. The USA is now a failed state.

The emotional strain and trauma for CHILDREN needlessly taken from their parents arms and ruthlessly imprisoned is State Sponsored Child Abuse. The KINDERGULAG: State Sponsored Child Abuse

Who believes this con? Kirstjen Nielsen says, "We do not have a policy of separating families at the border. Period. Don’t believe the press.” How to create future sociopaths? Traumatize children by taking them from their parents and locking them in cages. Mission Accomplished.

Trump/Alt-Right/Authoritarian Dirty Dozen Rules of Discourse: Deceive Define Deflect Distract Demand Demean Demonize Despise Dictate Discredit Dismiss Distort

To protect the Cult leader, the alt-Right and FOX seek to discredit the Justice Department and shut down a productive investigation into Russian interference in our election. It amounts to treason, the deepest betrayal of our country. All in service to the Big Dotard.

The "Meeting of Two Dictators Summit" went as if Kim is in possession of a copy of Putin's video of the Dotard's hotel activities in Moscow... Predictions and Update: What To Expect From Singapore? More Winning...For Kim.

Not strange, Bernie. Sad. Very sad.(Bernie: I find it very strange that President Trump has such a hard time getting along with the leaders of the world's major democracies but feels very comfortable with despots and authoritarian leaders like Putin, Xi Jinping, Duterte and Mohammad Bin Salman.)

As horrifying as the first two sentences are, the greater tragedy is in the third. Cowardice is bad enough. The shredding of the Constitution and betrayal of our country is now the ruling party's agenda. (Steve Schmidt: TRUMP disgraced the Presidency and the United States at the G-7 summit. From his slovenly appearance to his unpreparedness, ignorance and arrogance, he beclowned himself. The Republican majority is filled with cowards who are servile supplicants to the most unfit POTUS ever)

FOX(R) v. Journalism: Exhibit A. Sean Hannity asked Ted Koppel, “You think I'm bad for America?” Koppel responded, “Yep. You have attracted people who are determined that ideology is more important than facts.” Ideology over facts. THERE's your "enemy of the people".

The Nazis of the 1930's used the term “Lügenpresse”, or lying press, in their campaign to destroy journalism.

We know the routine. When White American Conservatives feel their privileged social order is threatened they become angry.

The Right sees Constitutional taxes, regulations, and public health care as oppressive “tyranny". The Left sees unprovoked war, torture, corruption, accepting Russian interference, voter suppression, and brutal law enforcement as tyranny. Who are the "real Americans"?

Fascism And State Media: Manipulation of fear, anger, hate, racism and blame has been a primary tool of fascists and tyrants throughout history. Ours is no exception. The Party of Trump hates a free press and democracy.

Dana's (Loesch) Dear Leader whom she and the NRA helped elect says the press is the "enemy of the people". Now THAT's authoritarian...and outright fascist.

Like a lost runaway joining a cult, America surrendered its conscience, mind, and soul to an authoritarian regime. And Trump wasn't the first. In 2004 we re-elected a man who lied us into war.

The NRA and far Right are frightened. They have always been paranoid. Every time a Democrat is in the White House they howl, "They're coming for our guns! They're going to repeal the Second Amendment!" Fear And Loathing From The Axis Of Slaughter WaPo: Ted Nugent says Parkland students "have no soul," calls them "mushy-brained children"

The GOP/NRA say no assault rifle was used in mass shootings. Definition: Any of various intermediate-range, magazine-fed military rifles that can be set for automatic or semiautomatic fire; A rifle that resembles a military assault rifle designed to allow only semiautomatic fire"

The silence alone in Emma Gonzales' historic 6 minute, 20 second speech spoke more truth than the Republican/NRA/Trump Axis of Slaughter ever could.

Trump to Putin: Congratulations on winning the election. Putin to Trump: Thank you Komrad! I told you we could do it. And I also won the election in Russia!

Through their outright lies, the radical Right has waged war on our Constitution’s regulation of commerce and provision for the general welfare. They actively suppress voter rights, democracy, a free press, science, education, unions and minorities

“Collusion” is not a legal term. Conspiracy is, and that is EXACTLY WHAT HAPPENED when Trump’s people attempted to conspire with Russians to defeat Hillary. Obstruction of Justice is a legal term, and that is also EXACTLY WHAT HAPPENED.

Is anybody else wondering why FOX(R) isn't complaining about "state media" anymore? (Jake Tapper: If you’re a news organization and the folks in power are constantly praising you, you’re doing it wrong. By definition.)

This is kleptocracy in full swing. Trump's blatantly corrupt crony capitalism and nepotism are rewarding the worst people in the country. Guess who gets to pay the bill? Lock them up! (Citizens For Ethics: Billionaire investor and longtime Trump confidant Carl Icahn dumped $31.3 million of stock in a company heavily dependent on steel last week, just days before Trump announced plans to impose steep tariffs on steel imports.)

It would be interesting to know how many of us gun owners understand there is no need for AR 15s for self-defense. It is the body count that rises when military style weapons flood our civilian population.

Evidence? Must be some liberal media/journalist/educator/scientist/FBI conspiracy theory. (Neil deGrasse Tyson: Evidence collected over many years, obtained from many locations, indicates that the power of Prayer is insufficient to stop bullets from killing school children.)

Is this thing on? Since I've been dragged kicking and screaming onto Twitter, I may as well start out by annoying some MAGA fanatics, clueless jerks, and other gullible fools. "When MAGAts Attack".


Who needs to waste time on bumper stickers, anyway? 

Sunday, August 26, 2018

Any Bets?

John McCain is gone. Also gone is the last gasp of moderation and decency in conservatism and the Republican Party.

While he never met a war he didn't like, and cursed our nation with the ignorance of Sarah Palin, McCain had a sense of honor and basic human decency that is no longer found in American Con-servatism. 

He is now a relic of the past.

While campaigning in 2008, McCain did the decent thing, and told a fearful low-information voter that he didn’t have to be "scared" of Obama. The very next moment a frightened woman said, “I can’t trust Obama. I have read about him, and he’s not, um, he’s an Arab.” 

He did the decent thing again.

“No, ma’m,” he said. “He’s a decent family man [and] citizen that just I just happen to have disagreements with on fundamental issues, and that’s what the campaign’s all about. He’s not [an Arab].” 

Now those same frightened ill-informed people are listening to Trump. They are why Trump is in the White House, thanks to the Right's propaganda machinery.

In accepting the Freedom Medal at the National Constitutional Center in October, McCain condemned “half-baked, spurious nationalism cooked up by people who would rather find scapegoats than solve problems.”

This is what separated him from the Trump Crime Cartel. If only he could have realized that is almost the entire MO of con-servatism.

McCain made one last decent contribution to his country. He invited George W. Bush and Barack Obama to share the eulogy at his funeral. Not inviting the current president was his last gesture of decency, briefly uniting Americans of both major parties. The Party of Trump was not invited.

The hated “liberal media” and “enemy of the people” are all running thoughtful tributes to the veteran, former POW and senator. It is a reflection of basic human decency.

John Kerry and Al Gore also put their lives on the line in Vietnam. Will con-servatives and FOX (R) and Breitbart show equal decency and respect, or any admiration at all for them?

Any bets on their decency? 

Monday, August 20, 2018

Big Brother Don And "The Brotherhood"

Has anyone else noted the tendency of those wrapping themselves in "liberty", the flag, and Bible are always shilling for the Orwellian agenda of the far Right and economic elites?

I pulled out my old copy of "1984", just to see how far we've descended as a nation. The frightening realization was this. We are not at the bottom yet, but the downward trajectory is steeper than ever.

“Just remember, what you are seeing and what you are reading is not what's happening.” Big Brother Don.
Very Orwellian. Rudy "O'Brien" Giuliani, the Right-wing Authoritarian 9-11 guy sums up the Orwellian Trump era doublethink even more concisely than his client.
"Truth isn't truth". 

That nugget of doublethink takes a place among Eric Blair's, "Ignorance is strength. Freedom is slavery. War is peace." 

This is Republican/Trumpism now. 
The Party told you to reject the evidence of your eyes and ears. It was their final, most essential command.
The very concept of objective truth is fading out of the world. Lies will pass into history.
In a time of deceit telling the truth is a revolutionary act.

The rising white nationalism and far Right/Trumpist tribal beliefs and ideology are expressed with the same fervor as 1984’s “two-minutes hate”. It is also similar to cults and religious fundamentalism. As in, "Jesus sent Trump to save us!"

They are indoctrinated in the same authoritarian way, until they become fanatic crusaders for their Party and their tribe. (AKA the interests of corporate elites, white identity politics, and suppression of education, science, journalism and democracy.)

They are conditioned to despise and distrust all sources of information that questions their leaders and ideology. Corporate media rarely challenge Wall Street and capitalism in general, but since they call out the lies of the Right, they become the "enemy of the people".

Minorities, liberals, and the press have become the scapegoats of this new fascism.

It is very much an Orwellian cult, and they are programmed to hate liberalism and democratic socialism as the equivalent of "Goldstein's Brotherhood" or Stalinism. This is so ironic, while they embrace Putin over the majority of their fellow Americans.

Now their ignorance, resentment, fear, anger and hate are fueled to the point of dangerous extremism.

The white nationalists and Republican Party created this monster, There can be no good consequences of Orwellian rulers, austerity, and permanent conflict. It will be the norm until we see either Republicans put the country and the rule of law over their Party's power, or the opposition party finds a spine and conscience, as well as an overwhelming number of informed voters.

It will come down to either that unlikely scenario, or until some catastrophic upheaval eventually intervenes. 

The first option has an expiration date this November. After that, the inevitable awaits. 

Sunday, August 5, 2018

Katy Tur Speaks To Evil

Trump made his intentions, and his authoritarian tactics, clear: "I do it to discredit and demean you all, (News media) so when you write negative stories about me no one will believe you."

Journalists who report his lies and the truth he denies, are accused of being the "enemy of the people". This is the lowest depth any president has ever sunk to in the history of the nation. It is down at the very bottom, along with supporting Putin's disinformation campaign by siding with him against two bi-partisan Senate committees, the Director of National Intelligence, the FBI and the CIA. 

“What you’re seeing and what you’re reading is not what’s happening.”

This Orwellian "Ministry of Truth" tactic is at the heart of his war on facts, the press, and dissent. 

Now Trump's fascistic attacks on the press and First Amendment are agitating his thug followers into a growing menace.  

Angry mobs shout their anger, hatred and insults at newsmen covering his rallies, as he raves from the podium that they are "horrible, horrendous people." 

There is only one fitting word for all this hate, blame and false accusation from a would-be tyrant. That word is evil. 

Spreading hate is evil. He is an evil man. End of discussion.

MSNBC anchor Katy Tur recently spoke out for journalism and human decency.

Yeah, we get it, you don’t like us. Fine. But do you have to put our lives in danger?

The president continues to call the press the enemy of the people, even after four journalists and one sales assistant were shot dead in a Maryland newsroom by a man who was angry with what they factually reported about him.

Even after the publisher of The New York Times stressed to him in a private conversation that his words were putting journalists in mortal danger. Even after CNN white house reporter Jim Acosta was shouted down and taunted in a rally the other night in Florida.

Sadly, the harassment and threats are not stopping, What you do not see are the nasty letters or packages or emails, the threats of physical violence. ‘I hope you get raped and killed,’ one person wrote to me just this week.

“Raped and killed". Not just me, but a couple of my female colleagues, as well.

In case you want to argue this has nothing to do with the president, the most recent note I got ended with MAGA.

It is both surreal and ominous that this even needs to be said in this country. 

Our free press is not the enemy of the people. 

Trump and the Party of Trump are the enemy of the people, the enemy of democracy, and the enemy of truth.

God bless Katy. And God damn Trump, for his vile evil against her, and against her peers, and against human decency, against the truth, and against our country.