Thursday, May 18, 2017

Kremlin Don

We have a tyrant, an ignorant, corrupt, whiny, childish, victim-playing tyrant. 

Our electoral system failed us, but we are lucky to have a legal system that deters him from greater destruction. But will it?

After FIRING James Comey, the man running the investigation of his gang’s Russian contacts, Kremlin Don openly GAVE Russia highly top secret code word information. In the OVAL Office. With RUSSIAN media there. And he insultingly EXCLUDED American journalists. 

Adding further insult to injury, our Asshole in Chief bragged about shaking the investigation by purging "nut case" Comey.

America has fallen, and this is what it looks like.

This story used to be the stuff of Pravda fantasies and Putin’s dreams.

“No puppet! No puppet!”, Kremlin Don assured us.  

Now Putin laughs at the television as he pours drinks for his henchmen. “To our new asset,  Secret Agent Dim Bulb!”

Of course Hillary is still the real villain for having low level classified content on a private server, which wasn’t passed on to foreign governments. 

If Kremlin Don cannot be held legally accountable, then his party must hold him politically, if not morally, accountable. That won't happen soon will it? Not unless something drastic occurs.

It's unlikely by now that the Republicans can make a credible stand for decency, so nothing will happen on their initiative. Maybe when the country is rallying to defeat them at the polls they may finally remove Trump by means of the 25th Amendment.

Anyone who still thinks Secret Agent Dim Bulb is competent and qualified for office is a cultist and utter fool. None of them deserve to run our country or even be allowed to operate a motor vehicle.

We shall see how far they follow their Dear Leader into infamy. Remember, as nasty, infantile, and sociopathic as he is, Republicans and conservatives largely agree with his agenda. (That should tell them something, but it doesn't.)

Pence, a loyal Trumpist with theocratic leanings, cannot be trusted since he parrots many of Dear Leader's lies, and abets the behavior that desecrates our White House. It's not hard to imagine Pence would pardon Kremlin Don and his thugs if given the opportunity. He would be our second worst president at best.

But that's what we may as well expect. Democrats won’t save us. Republicans certainly won’t save, or even serve us. Consequences, rather than accountability, will ensue.

It's going to be a long, long future, kids. Reverberations from this Great American Tragedy may well outlast us all. 

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

The Purge Continues

Every Dictator loves it. Every authoritarian craves it. They want power, especially power to purge adversaries. Hitler and Stalin industrialized the purging of opposition and undesirables. 

Over here, and now, it has been more refined. 

Republican demonization of educators, liberals, union workers, and journalism, in effect, purges opposition. Their voter suppression is another example of this principle in action. Authoritarians chanting "Lock her up!" is what this desire to purge sounds like.

And here we are, living with Trump and the Republican Party running our government. 

There's nothing quite like the power to not only eliminate people who oppose you, but to remove anyone who may have an undesired inclination to tell or expose the truth.

In Nixon's dark image, Trump fired FBI Director James Comey. THAT should put an end to this pesky fake news about Russia, right? (Besides, it served him right for not imprisoning Hillary. This was always the burr in the butt of Trumpists and con-servatives.)

Trump's banana Republican act prompts us to remember and paraphrase the classic Doonesbury take on Nixon:

“It would be a disservice to Mr. Trump and his character to prejudge the man, but everything known to date could lead one to conclude he’s guilty.

That’s GUILTY! Guilty, guilty, guilty!"

Acting Attorney General Sally Yates was purged for doing her job, asking questions about Trump's Muslim ban being constitutional. She also had the gall to warn Trump about his crony Flynn being compromised by his dealings with Russia. 

The woman was doing her job. Obviously Yates was the one who had to go.

Now James Comey has been purged. This was to be expected, especially in light of Comey testifying before Congress. You know, doing his job. And worse yet, sworn to tell the truth.

Comey was fired because he wasn't working only for Dear Leader anymore. 

Never mind the fact that Comey gave Trump the best possible October Surprise. That last bit of nothing from an unrelated case tilted enough undecided voters, that even Putin was impressed. Ironically it was Comey's letter that would eventually get Comey purged.

Comey's final treason against Kim Jong Don was working for the American people. He had the nerve to request funding and staffing for the ongoing FBI investigation of Russia's influence on our election and the Trump campaign's collusion with Russians. (Hint: Start with, "Russia, if you're listening..".)

Merely doing one's duty is enough an offense to get one purged in Trumpistan. One pays a price for enraging an authoritarian leader, even for the man who handed him the keys to the White House. 

And what happens next? Trump welcomes Russians with their media into the Oval Office while excluding American journalists. 

Smelling the borscht yet, komrads?

I have to wonder, how soon before law enforcement and government employees are required to swear loyalty oaths?

Thursday, May 4, 2017

The Beast

Modern humankind has been put in the difficult position of managing the institutionalized beasts it has created. These beasts have their benefits and their problems. Government is one such beast, one conservatives wish to "drown in the bathtub". Other beasts are the "necessary evils" wielding power over citizens, like a military, or law enforcement. Democracy, with it's justice system, is the only check on their power.

Then there is the beast that is not of the government, and not accountable to the democratic representative process. That beast is capitalism. Or more specifically, the de-regulated, free speech and person-hood endowed, banking and global corporatist "Free Market" capitalism the economic Darwinists employ to gain limitless wealth and power over government.  

It is the essence of that capitalism to take the most while giving the least. That is its ethos. This is why it needs regulation. Capitalism needs regulation just like government, police and the military need the rule of law and a constitution.

Capitalism becomes an all-consuming god if allowed to go unregulated. And far too many Americans revere capitalism over democracy and even freedom itself.

Trump, the vile and vulgar spawn of corporate media and capitalism, is president for several reasons politically. Comey, Russia, Hillary's baggage, etc. 

Missing from every analysis is the American people's reverence for wealth and the wealthy. Mammon is our god, and the rich are our prophets. This is our subliminal and overt programming from corporate media and political indoctrination. Make no mistake. Look at all the millionaire TV preachers who prove this statement.  Look at the cult of celebrity behind famous people. Trump even told us "when you're a celebrity, they let you do that".  

And too many of we the people let him do it.

Capitalism, like the machinery of big business, is amoral. It may offer jobs, but it also has its price and political demands. It inherently serves the elites over all others. It is not democratic. It is not representative. 

The founders understood we need to tax and regulate commerce or it would regulate us. And that is what has happened. 

The founders wanted to discourage an aristocracy. The Party of Trump is eliminating the inheritance tax. They want to gut health care in order to cut taxes for the rich. They want aristocratic rule, and they have it. The vulgarian in the White House and his billionaire cabinet exemplify aristocratic rule.

The actions of Republicans have nothing to do with Christian values. Yes, they cleverly pander to Christians and their churches for votes, but everything else they do elevates the rich and steps on the poor. This is in direct opposition of not only Christian values, but our Constitutional regulation of commerce and provision for the general welfare. It is in opposition to basic human dignity and decency.

The Party of Mammon is devious enough to fuel and exploit resentment of others, to divide and dupe voters on wedge issues. If the serpent of Eden wore a hat it would have read, "Make Eden Great Again" to enhance the appeal of its fruit.

The Reptilian Party of Billionaires with the ethos of "You're on your own" is in power. And they make it clear they don’t want to be their brothers’ keeper. In fact, human beings will suffer the consequences of their kleptocracy and destruction of our constitutional general welfare.

Reptilian Republicans and their Corpo-Dem appeasers serve the Beast of unregulated capitalism. Their Beast has no conscience. Their Beast has no use for democratic institutions. Their Beast has no concern for justice. Their Beast has no objection to fascism and a police state. Their soulless Beast is concerned only for profit.

If the Reptilian Republicans and Corpo-Dems have their way, we shall all serve their unregulated Free Market Beast, instead of having the Constitutionally regulated market serving the people.

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Here We Are

Here we are at the precipice of a new American Dark Age. 

The Trumpist Republicans are openly and shamelessly suppressing science. They are freezing grants, shutting down NASA climate research, and muzzling the scientific voices of the EPA and other agencies. 

How is this making America great? 

While the economic giveaways flow ever upward to Wall Street and the wealthiest micro-minority, the flood of deception, dishonesty and disinformation from the far Right has reduced our nation to the sad and degrading circumstances that demand a “March for Science”. 

Ignorance is strength in Trumpistan, comrades. Ignorance is the tool of the enemies of democracy, equality and freedom. Ignorance is the ally of the greedy and the swindlers, the weapon of authoritarians in power, and the leverage of polluters. 

Informed and sane Americans must resist and persist against the dark forces of ignorance, avarice and suppression. 

And it is inspiring to see so many of those real Americans, and true patriots, marching and speaking out today. 

They are the kind of Americans who make America great.

“I dream of a world where the truth is what shapes people’s politics, rather than politics shaping what people think is true.” - Neil deGrasse Tyson

Friday, March 24, 2017

Obama 1- Trump 0

Obamacare remains law of the land. Don the Con is America's new biggest loser.

Not an insignificant victory from an out-of-power, foreign Muslim, wire-tapper of Trump Tower, and not to mention "founder of ISIS".

Time to cut taxes for the rich and cut benefits for the poor, de-regulate Wall Street banks to allow more fleecing of the public, and gut environmental regulations to let polluters pollute, because...freedom, ya know. There are some travesties where all Republicans find agreement. 

Monday, March 20, 2017

Make America Smart Again

Restoring sanity, truth, and decency in our country may be just a futile dream now that the Great American Tragedy of Donald Trump is unfolding. But when the dream dies so does our representative democratic republic. 

Ignorance, bigotry, scorn for truth, science, the arts, journalism and a free press are the ugly and cruel operating principles of the authoritarian white nationalists in control of the Executive Branch of our federal government.

Their popularity is sinking into the unprecedented sub-40% approval ratings. They don't care, of course. They have no mandate, and working for the interests of the American people has never been their goal. 

Far Right power has always followed one path, and that always leads to militarism, civil rights abuses, trickle up wealth and stripping our constitutional provision for the general welfare. As the military and law enforcement agencies get more money and power, with less accountability for the latter, public health, safety nets, public services, education, and scientific and medical research are put to the chopping block. 

Freedom and democracy are in a desperate struggle for survival against repressive authoritarian rule. The authoritarian nationalists lie, cheat and steal in order to rob from the poor and reward the rich.

The American people are losing in the one sided conflict between democracy and the authoritarianism of the economic elites. And the authoritarians will demonize anyone who speaks this truth. 

Why is Trump the president of the United States? Orwell knew. "Ignorance is strength".

After the election, astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson told Stephen Colbert, “I think we have a four-year mission now. I think what we need to do, let us together, make America smart again.”

There's no doubt on Sunday March 19th, Tyson was referring to Trump’s proposed cuts to science, the arts, health, education and more in this series of tweets:

The fastest way to Make a America Weak Again: Cut science funds to our agencies that support it.

The fastest way to Make America Sick Again: Cut funding to the National Institutes of Health

The fastest way to Make America Stupid: Cut funds to programs that support education.

The fastest way to thwart Earth's life-support systems for us all: Turn EPA into EDA — the Environmental Destruction Agency.

The fastest way to melt glaciers & flood the World's coastal cities: Ignore scientists and do nothing to stem the rise of CO2

We can all imagine a land that provides no support for Art. But is that a place you’d want to Live? To Visit? To Play?

The very best way to support and feed your delusions: Surround yourself with people whose world views match yours exactly.

We all want to Make America Great Again. But that won't happen until we first Make America Smart Again.

It boils down to this: If more Americans listened to and believed this man over the arrogant evil buffoon in the White House, we may have a slim chance for progress, fairness, equality and sanity.

But then again, since when have those been American values?

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

"Support The Troops", Or "Support Ignorance"?

Dear Leader says climate change is a Chinese hoax. It is a blatant lie, of course, but that means nothing to con-servatives.

The Orange Savior’s con-servative cult followers, and practically the entire Republican Party, join him in his denial of climate science.

Now we have science denier, and shill for Big Oil, Scott Pruitt in control of the EPA, the same agency he sued on behalf of oil companies. That should work out swell.

There’s an interesting quirk in the far-Right’s demented rejection of science. They revere the military to the point of worship, yet the Pentagon openly disagrees with their delusional anti-science ideology.

Obviously they revere and worship Big Oil PR even more than the military. And apparently they believe Dear Leader, and their cult indoctrination, over Secretary of Defense James Mattis.

In written answers to questions from Democratic members of the Senate Armed Services Committee, Mattis said, “Climate change is impacting stability in areas of the world where our troops are operating today. It is appropriate for the Combatant Commands to incorporate drivers of instability that impact the security environment in their areas into their planning.”

From Pro Publica:

Trump’s Defense Secretary Cites Climate Change as National Security Challenge 

Here are two of the climate questions from Sen. Jeanne Shaheen of New Hampshire, with Mattis’ replies:

Shaheen: “I understand that while you were commander of U.S. Joint Forces Command you signed off on a document called the Joint Operating Environment, which listed climate change as one of the security threats the military will face in the next quarter-century. Do you believe climate change is a security threat?”

Mattis: “Climate change can be a driver of instability and the Department of Defense must pay attention to potential adverse impacts generated by this phenomenon.”

Shaheen: “General Mattis, how should the military prepare to address this threat?”

Mattis: “As I noted above, climate change is a challenge that requires a broader, whole-of government response. If confirmed, I will ensure that the Department of Defense plays its appropriate role within such a response by addressing national security aspects.”

In a reply to another question, Mattis said:

“I agree that the effects of a changing climate — such as increased maritime access to the Arctic, rising sea levels, desertification, among others — impact our security situation. I will ensure that the department continues to be prepared to conduct operations today and in the future, and that we are prepared to address the effects of a changing climate on our threat assessments, resources, and readiness.”

Not only does the Cult of Conservatism reject science and the truth, but they reject the assessments of their precious military as well. 

If there was any doubt where their loyalty truly lies, it is dispelled now.

Capitalism is their god and corporations are their prophets.

The Cult of Con-servatism's open willful ignorance and disagreement with our own military tells us something deeper. So much for their “Support the Troops” BS. Most of their “Support the Troops” bleating means “support war”, just like liberals have asserted all along.

Cons clearly support ignorance more than they "support the troops". 

That should also work out swell.