Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Spring Tweets

The Winter of our discontent has bloomed into a Spring of our discontent. A Corona Spring that has wrought suffering and death to the afflicted, and harsh austerity to the millions of unemployed and laid off Americans. 

That wasn't a tweet, but an introduction to my Spring Tweets as of April 20.


It has finally arrived. We are in a crisis at a time when the country is not in capable hands. We have a president who has openly refused to accept any responsibility and a Republican Party that loathes government intervention and public healthcare.

Remember the Democrats’ stimulus spending?
The Right howled. Now they want stimulus spending.
Remember when Socialists said, “We’re all in this together”?
The Right howled. Now they say, “We’re all in this together”.

Republican Party lies & corruption have not only assured more Americans will die sooner and in greater numbers, but have assured that our representative democracy dies as well.

The US is NOT a republic. That requires fair elections and representation with ultimate power in the people. We have an oligarchy, by "Divine Right of Wealth". Name ONE civil and prosperous nation under libertarian ideology.... Give up? Now go away.

The general public still benefits from taxing corporations. Taxes, regulation of commerce, and the general welfare are in the Constitution for good reasons. Hate the Constitution? Go find your "libertarian paradise".

Every damn Republican Senator,
Get off your knees and remove your heads from Trump's ass. Most Americans are represented by Senate Democrats. They speak for MOST Americans. Take your corporate coddling, mammon serving, minority rule and shove it.

Yes, it's time for all Wall Street elites, The Republican Party, and Trump's supporters to offer their lives to save the economy. Their Free Market God Mammon demands their sacrifice. Jesus will welcome them, and shower them all with heavenly cash, stocks, bonds, gold and jewels.

Siding with Putin:
“President Putin. He just said it’s not Russia. I will say this. I don’t see any reason why it would be”
Siding with COVID-19
“We cannot let the cure be worse than the problem itself.”
THE most anti-American president EVER!

I've been reminded by our con-servative friends that Trump's approval rating has gone up, (now that socialist remedies are required to combat COVID-19). Hmm. The Trump Change cash will soon be gone and his approval will return to cult levels or lower, as the cult sickens.

Republican style socialism has priorities. Some of us may be getting a bit of "Trump Change", but much more will go chosen winners, "corporate persons", and to those who need it less. The more money you have, the more you get. How could they be more fair than that?

We've had cold-blooded Reptilian presidents. This one is the worst sociopath of all. Like a gangster thug, he wants to punish "disrespectful" governors. His inaction, neglect, narcissism, and pure evil have condemned thousands of Americans to an agonizing death.  

The corporate media give his "press room rallies" hours of airtime. Enough inattentive people see that, without really paying attention, and assume he's doing a good job. Image is everything, and corpo-media is guilty of spreading the Orange Plague's misinformation and lies.

Human survival requires a revolution, of consciousness and conscience. The benefits and progress will follow.

MAGA hatred is a virus more widespread than the corona. Progressives don't want human sacrifice to Wall Street. We want public healthcare, even for those fanatics who hate US for wanting it for THEM. What does that say? It says compassion and conscience are not their values.

Many of the tragedies that will become all too obvious later will be directly attributed to the idiots who didn't, and still don’t, practice social distancing. They will kill a lot of people. And I blame You-know-who. 

There can no longer be any doubt that the Party of the Orange Virus will boost the death toll of the coronavirus. They have enabled this Orange Plague, and Americans are dying.

I was with Bernie in 2016 and 2020, and I will still be with Bernie when he votes to defeat Trump. If we're not with him, those systematic problems will metastasize into a Trumpist/Orwellian state that would be impervious to revolution. An ugly split will only help assure it.

2016: When fascism comes to America, it will be welcomed to make American great again.
2020: Americans choose fascism again and embrace it to keep America great.
The End.

While a protest vote feels quite self-righteous, it's Trump's second favorite vote. It is essentially a vote that prioritizes resentment for Democrats' neoliberalism over defeating Trump's fascism. He will win because of voters who refuse to stand against him. Elections matter.

Yes, this old house needs repairs, but there's smoke pouring out of it. What is your priority?
Voting Green with Trump in power is like calling a carpenter when your house is on fire.

For fun, picture their reaction to Obama if he had said this. “When somebody's president of the United States, the authority is total."

How authoritarian can an aspiring dictator be? A total authoritarian. The Tangerine Tyrant fits the definition of totalitarian.

Let Trump win and see how voter rights, the GND, M4A, and Supreme Court disappear forever. The Right keeps winning because too many won't vote against the greater evil. Evil prevails when not opposed.I stand against Trump with Bernie and Biden. You're with us or against us.

Reaganism was the name of the lethal virus that infected us. It mutated into Bush/Cheneyism and Trumpism. Neoliberalism fused with neoconservatism into neofascsim. Any power designed to serve the elites at the expense of citizens is inherently immoral and designed to fail.

The Green Pledge:
"I hereby swear to do nothing, absolutely nothing, to end Trump's war on justice, truth, decency, voter rights, elections, our air, our water, our healthcare, and our planet. My resentment for the DNC is the real priority. Four more years! THAT'll teach 'em."

"The protest — dubbed "Operation Gridlock" — was organized by the Michigan Conservative Coalition and the Michigan Freedom Fund, a DeVos family-linked conservative group." This is a Trump rally without Trump. In other words an armed mob of angry white nationalist illiterates, as opposed to an unarmed mob of angry white nationalist illiterates.

If you can protest about "losing your rights" while brandishing a weapon, as you defy medical opinion, ignore Trump's own guidelines, and do his dirty work against Democratic governors, you are an ignorant puppet and stooge. And nobody but inmates are under lockdown.

He called social distancing “bullshit” on March 15. He died from covid-19 on April 15. He will not be the only person to die for Trump. Let's honor this duped fool with an award to remind other dupes of the radical, science-denying, far Right. The "John W. McDaniel Darwin Award" will have countless thousands of co-winners soon enough.

Friday, April 10, 2020

A 2020 Parable

Three Choices

The ship is sinking.
There are only two lifeboats.
One has a person with a cold.
The other has a person with covid-19
Which lifeboat do you get in?
Or do you refuse both, and choose to go down with the ship?
Only to be pushed into the covid-19 boat.

OK, Maybe my clumsy parable isn't clear enough. It's about the election, not the pandemic.

While a third party protest vote feels quite self-righteous, it's Trump's second favorite vote. 

It is essentially a vote that prioritizes resentment for Democrats' neoliberalism, over defeating Trump's fascism. 

If he wins again, it will be because these voters refused to stand against him. 


Elections matter.

Fellow Bernie supporters may suggest I am betraying my progressive ideals by voting for Biden.

No. I am defending them from Trumpism. Many Bernie people will not, or might even defect to Trump.

I always stand opposed to the greater evil.

Voting for Biden is no more a betrayal of democracy than being allied with Stalin in WWII. It was the best way to defeat Hitler. That didn’t mean we supported him afterwards.

Trump will further poison our planet, government, courts, truth and democracy.

He has to go.


I stand with Bernie in this cause.

Sunday, April 5, 2020

The Orange Plague

“Attacking governors and mayors and journalists for asking questions that might please your fans, it doesn’t save one life,” - Jake Tapper

Other nations are winning their wars against coronavirus—we aren't. It's time to accept that the difference between us and them is that our "leader" has consistently lied about and downplayed the virus, leading his fans to do the same—and endanger America.- Seth Abramson

Imagine these views being not only politically incorrect, but the speakers being attacked by an authoritarian leader as "enemies of the people". That would be a dictatorship. And it is not imaginary.

Now imagine a deadly pandemic raging across the land. Of course every rational person knows the pandemic is very real. But there are still countless Americans who see no deadly pandemic. This is absolutely a cult-level of delusion, and it is also frighteningly real.

There is zero threat or danger from these journalists’ remarks about the actions or inactions by our government, or more accurately, Republicans. The actual dangerous threat to the people is from the dishonest and corrupt authoritarian leader and his party that denies science and ignores advice from medical professionals.

We've heard the Orange Virus crow about "saving thousands of lives" by his so-called "travel ban" from China. It wasn't a travel ban. It only banned Chinese from coming to the US. Americans and others have been coming here from China all along

There were 1,300 direct flights to 17 cities before President Trump’s travel restrictions. Since then, nearly 40,000 Americans and other authorized travelers have made the trip, some this past week and many with spotty screening.

How about that? Whodathunk you didn't have to be Chinese to carry the virus?

Not every Republican is as criminally negligent and corrupt as the Trump Cartel, but they certainly enabled and empowered them. Mitt Romney is the only one who took a stand for conscience.

If a handful of Senate Republicans had found a conscience, maybe we wouldn’t have useless greedheads like Kushner gumming up the works to profit from the pandemic.

But here we are.

Americans are suffering this present terror to an increasingly horrible degree, exacerbated by real enemies of the people.

They are the opponents of public health care. These are the “covidiots” who refuse to promote social distancing, and even encourage people to flock to churches, increasing the danger of covid-19 to tens, or hundreds, of thousands of Americans.

And thousands will die because of these Republican enemies of the people.

Now imagine an emergency room doctor being fired for speaking the truth about the ongoing crisis he witnesses.

That happened to Doctor Ling Min in Bellingham Washington.

This doc wasn’t fired by the hospital, but by an outsourced Wall Street investment firm. Trump allies, needless to say.

Wall Street’s predatory capitalism has a powerful grip on our nation’s emergency rooms.  

About a third of hospital emergency rooms are staffed by doctors on the payrolls of two physician staffing companies—TeamHealth and Envision Health—owned by Wall Street investment firms. Envision Healthcare employs 69,000 healthcare workers nationwide while TeamHealth employs 20,000. Private equity firm Blackstone Group owns TeamHealth, Kravis Kohlberg Roberts (KKR) owns Envision.

Care of the sick is not the mission of these companies; their mission is to make outsized profits for the private equity firms and its investors.

Trumpism, anti-government conservatism, Republicans, “Trump Christians”, and predatory capitalism have been in alliance with the coronavirus. These partners of the coronavirus have been like a virus itself, infecting and spreading across the nation. This is ‘Republican America” folks. And there’s nothing “great” about these leaders betraying the American people in service to their greed and lust for power.

And there can no longer be any doubt that the Party of the Orange Virus will boost the death toll of the coronavirus.

They have enabled this Orange Plague, and Americans are dying.

On March 14th Karen Kolb Sehlke, a Trump-loving woman from Texas claimed the virus was “media driven”, like the “impeachment hoax”, by Democrats. It’s all a socialist conspiracy to “overthrow Trump”.

“Wake up!!! This is what the beginning of socialism looks like!”

On April 2nd she died from covid-19.

Yes, there are real enemies of the people, and they are not journalists. How many thousands more will die from this Orange Plague? 

Soon, more than just Bernie and progressives will be demanding better public healthcare.

If we can’t learn the hard way, we’ll never learn.