Sunday, April 5, 2020

The Orange Plague

“Attacking governors and mayors and journalists for asking questions that might please your fans, it doesn’t save one life,” - Jake Tapper

Other nations are winning their wars against coronavirus—we aren't. It's time to accept that the difference between us and them is that our "leader" has consistently lied about and downplayed the virus, leading his fans to do the same—and endanger America.- Seth Abramson

Imagine these views being not only politically incorrect, but the speakers being attacked by an authoritarian leader as "enemies of the people". That would be a dictatorship. And it is not imaginary.

Now imagine a deadly pandemic raging across the land. Of course every rational person knows the pandemic is very real. But there are still countless Americans who see no deadly pandemic. This is absolutely a cult-level of delusion, and it is also frighteningly real.

There is zero threat or danger from these journalists’ remarks about the actions or inactions by our government, or more accurately, Republicans. The actual dangerous threat to the people is from the dishonest and corrupt authoritarian leader and his party that denies science and ignores advice from medical professionals.

We've heard the Orange Virus crow about "saving thousands of lives" by his so-called "travel ban" from China. It wasn't a travel ban. It only banned Chinese from coming to the US. Americans and others have been coming here from China all along

There were 1,300 direct flights to 17 cities before President Trump’s travel restrictions. Since then, nearly 40,000 Americans and other authorized travelers have made the trip, some this past week and many with spotty screening.

How about that? Whodathunk you didn't have to be Chinese to carry the virus?

Not every Republican is as criminally negligent and corrupt as the Trump Cartel, but they certainly enabled and empowered them. Mitt Romney is the only one who took a stand for conscience.

If a handful of Senate Republicans had found a conscience, maybe we wouldn’t have useless greedheads like Kushner gumming up the works to profit from the pandemic.

But here we are.

Americans are suffering this present terror to an increasingly horrible degree, exacerbated by real enemies of the people.

They are the opponents of public health care. These are the “covidiots” who refuse to promote social distancing, and even encourage people to flock to churches, increasing the danger of covid-19 to tens, or hundreds, of thousands of Americans.

And thousands will die because of these Republican enemies of the people.

Now imagine an emergency room doctor being fired for speaking the truth about the ongoing crisis he witnesses.

That happened to Doctor Ling Min in Bellingham Washington.

This doc wasn’t fired by the hospital, but by an outsourced Wall Street investment firm. Trump allies, needless to say.

Wall Street’s predatory capitalism has a powerful grip on our nation’s emergency rooms.  

About a third of hospital emergency rooms are staffed by doctors on the payrolls of two physician staffing companies—TeamHealth and Envision Health—owned by Wall Street investment firms. Envision Healthcare employs 69,000 healthcare workers nationwide while TeamHealth employs 20,000. Private equity firm Blackstone Group owns TeamHealth, Kravis Kohlberg Roberts (KKR) owns Envision.

Care of the sick is not the mission of these companies; their mission is to make outsized profits for the private equity firms and its investors.

Trumpism, anti-government conservatism, Republicans, “Trump Christians”, and predatory capitalism have been in alliance with the coronavirus. These partners of the coronavirus have been like a virus itself, infecting and spreading across the nation. This is ‘Republican America” folks. And there’s nothing “great” about these leaders betraying the American people in service to their greed and lust for power.

And there can no longer be any doubt that the Party of the Orange Virus will boost the death toll of the coronavirus.

They have enabled this Orange Plague, and Americans are dying.

On March 14th Karen Kolb Sehlke, a Trump-loving woman from Texas claimed the virus was “media driven”, like the “impeachment hoax”, by Democrats. It’s all a socialist conspiracy to “overthrow Trump”.

“Wake up!!! This is what the beginning of socialism looks like!”

On April 2nd she died from covid-19.

Yes, there are real enemies of the people, and they are not journalists. How many thousands more will die from this Orange Plague? 

Soon, more than just Bernie and progressives will be demanding better public healthcare.

If we can’t learn the hard way, we’ll never learn.


Just the Facts! said...

You know her Dave?

Dem State Rep Says Hydroxychloroquine, Trump Helped Save Her Life Amid COVID-19 Fight

Congratulations to State Representative Karen Whitsett of Michigan. So glad you are getting better!

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) April 6, 2020

Boom, paging media.

Via Detroit Free Press:

LANSING – A Democratic state representative from Detroit is crediting hydroxychloroquine — and Republican President Donald Trump who touted the drug — for saving her in her battle with the coronavirus.

State Rep. Karen Whitsett, who learned Monday she has tested positive for COVID-19, said she started taking hydroxychloroquine on March 31, prescribed by her doctor, after both she and her husband sought treatment for a range of symptoms on March 18.

“It was less than two hours” before she started to feel relief, said Whitsett, who had experienced shortness of breath, swollen lymph nodes, and what felt like a sinus infection. She is still experiencing headaches, she said.

Dave Dubya said...

That's great news. I'm happy for Karen. And you're happy for Trump.

Now let's try to be happy for millions of other Americans.

Let's hope there are more success stories like hers.

Heeding more medical opinions, Trump finally agreed to the public wearing masks or other face protection.

I was hoping that would become a guideline, and am happy he came around.

But he's been dithering too long. Kushner and his profiteering cronies and family also need to butt out.

Trump needs to push harder for testing, vaccine and antibody research, PPE production, and ventilators. And just as urgently, the middlemen and profiteers need to be out of the way of distributing life saving essentials to the public. This profiteering needs to end.

Trump has been negligent far too long in telling every governor that we need a united national effort to maintain social distancing. That failure is proving more fatal by the day.

And he needs to stop playing favorites to sycophants over more urgent needs elsewhere. This needs to change.

Do you agree government should provide such vital public healthcare as called for under our Constitution's general welfare clause?

We progressives want Americans to live. Are you with us?

If so, what suggestions do you have?

Dave Dubya said...

Yes, Cuomo was appreciative that Trump "delivered" the hospital ship and federal aid.

It's called "doing his job", and it's about time. We're aware of what is happening.

But that doesn't undo his past negligence and incompetence, nor does it atone for his lies.

If you'd like to share something other than "whataboutism", respond to my questions.

No deflections.

TB3 said...

In our President's fan club, just doing the minimum is apparently meant to be praised. This transactional mentality is very Christian.

Dave Dubya said...


They don't have much, now that America aint doin' so great again. They see corporate media put him on live TV a lot more now, so that's "leadership" to them.

It's like die-hard German Nazis praising Hitler for inspiring speeches, the autobahn, and VW bug.

Too bad our highways aren't that good.

At last we have that "American carnage" our Fuhrer was seeing all along.

TB3 said...

They don't need much, Dave. They have cognitive dissonance. That's all they ever needed. Our President's entire M.O. is to argue, deny, and deflect from reality as it suits him.

This is what our society gets from an entire generation of Right-wing personalities denograting intelligence, the educated, and experts in their fields whenever they get defensive over their own beliefs and stances.

Dave Dubya said...

What amuses me is their inflated sense of righteousness and wisdom they FEEL when their beliefs are elevated above facts.


I was challenged to "commit to taking hydroxyquinoline" if I contracted covid-19. I can imagine his sense of triumph. Of course, it would be foolish to make such a commitment, especially if the case was not severe, or a more effective medical option is available.

Why commit to something with a known side effect of Cardiomyopathy, which may result in cardiac failure and in some cases a fatal outcome?

I wonder if he's still going to church?

Dave Dubya said...


"Hospitals in Sweden have stopped using the malaria drug chloroquine on coronavirus patients after reports it was causing blinding headaches and vision loss.

Doctors in the Vastra Gotaland region, 200miles west of Stockholm, are no longer administering the medication, touted as a 'miracle drug' by Donald Trump.

A number of patients at hospitals in the county reported suffering cramps, peripheral vision loss and migraines within days of being prescribed the tablets.

For one in 100 people, chloroquine can also cause the heart to beat too fast or slow, which can lead to a fatal heart attack."

Anonymous said...

Another example of Dave altering my post, (not that he will ever admit it), my post asked him to "commit to NOT taking hydroxyquinoline". Looks like he already has, hope he stays healthy and does not have to refuse hydroxyquinoline if stricken with Corona virus.

Cause after all cramps could effect his being able to post here. LOL

TB3 said...

"Why commit to something with a known side effect of Cardiomyopathy, which may result in cardiac failure and in some cases a fatal outcome?" - Dave

What gets me about this whole Hydroxyquinoline thing is that the same people who will take drug advice from from the President who is not a doctor are probably many of the same people that flipped their wigs when President Obama suggested people sneeze and cough into the crook of their arm.

TB3 said...

"Cause after all cramps could effect his being able to post here. LOL" - JTF

LOL, serious and sometimes fatal side-effects are hilarious! OWNING THE LIBS.

Dave Dubya said...

Anonymous has taken claim to JTF's question.

Fine. Let him have it both ways, as always.

Why would anyone commit to not taking it, especially if it was prescribed by a doctor?

What happened to their common sense?

And he wonders why his insincere questions get ignored.

Any further deflections will be ignored until he responds to my questions:

Do you agree government should provide such vital public healthcare as called for under our Constitution's general welfare clause?

We progressives want Americans to live. Are you with us?

If so, what suggestions do you have?

TB3 said...

"And he wonders why his insincere questions get ignored" - Dave

I would hope they don't wonder that. They completely ignore questions and commentary directed at them. "Booo hooooo, Dave won't respond to or answer my inane point or the question I don't actually care to hear the answer for" - JTF's Troll Persona, probably.

Dave Dubya said...

In the space of 48 minutes, he dumped FIVE separate deflections. One of which demanded that you answer the same inane questions.

He might think he "owned me", but somehow I'm stuck inside HIS head.

Too bad he refuses to be civil. We'll never know what other deflections he will offer.

TB3 said...

What does JTF know about commitment?

Dave Dubya said...

Pence putting politics over public health:

New York (CNN Business)Vice President Mike Pence's office has declined to allow the nation's top health officials to appear on CNN in recent days and discuss the coronavirus pandemic killing thousands of Americans, in an attempt to pressure the network into carrying the White House's lengthy daily briefings in full.

The Republican Party is a plague in itself.

Dave Dubya said...

So where are those checks from our federal govt.?

Canadians got their first $2K a month for 3-4 months!

Isn't socialism terrible?