Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Rush Week

It’s time again to have a look at what the Reich Wing indoctrination program is feeding the flock of ditto head sheeple. This past week Republican Boss Limbaugh has poured forth a reeking batch of verbal manure to fertilize his followers’ growing hatred, anger, and fear. That’s all that’s left growing in their field of ideas. When your corrupt crop of fetid and failed ideology morally bankrupts the country’s values, leaves the nation in its worst economy in memory, and saddles us with two disastrous quagmires of military aggression, the strategy, or as Rush puts it, “strategery” is clear.

Attack Democrats and liberals with every possible lie and outrageous accusation in the hope they can still somehow demonize the opposition. If only they could repeat their glory days of the Clinton impeachment. Without presidential philandering or the power of a Ken Starr Chamber, it won’t be easy.

But that won’t deter the mighty mouth of the great Oxy-Moron. Rush is on his crusade to purify the “Republicant” Party and gather the most gullible, extreme, and radical right wingers into the shrinking party’s tent.

As we recall from those heady days of the Great Fox Tea Party outrage, Rush was alerting his minions to the big bad Department of Homeland Security bulletin warning of right wing extremists.

April 14: “So what you have here, you have a report from Janet Napolitano and Barack Obama Department of Homeland Security portraying standard, ordinary, everyday conservatives as posing a bigger threat to this country than Al Qaeda terrorists or genuine enemies of this country like Kim Jong-Il.”

April 15: “Does Obama know about the DHS report? Is Obama -- it is Obama's DHS report. The DHS report calling every mainstream conservative a right-wing extremist is who Barack Obama is.”

Rush loves nothing more than throwing gas on the burning rage inside the uninformed ignorant Reich Wing mind. Reasonable mainstream conservatives know these are nothing but flat out lies.
Let me share with you some samples from his shows last week.

On Tuesday Rush was explaining Obama’s visit to the FBI.

April 28: OBAMA: [audio clip]: "Living our values means that we must hold ourselves to higher standards than our enemies. We face a long struggle against a determined adversary. We know that Al Qaeda is not constrained by a constitution or by allegiance to anything other than a hateful ideology and a determination to kill as many innocents as possible.

But what makes the United States of America so special is precisely the fact that we are willing to uphold our values and our ideals, not just when it's easy, but when it's hard."

LIMBAUGH: So, what he's basically again saying, "Look, I kinda envy Al Qaeda. They're not constrained by a constitution like I am. But don't worry, I'm working on getting rid of that constitution or changing it, so that it's not such a burden on me."

I mean, guys like Obama look at the Constitution as a burden. He looks at Al Qaeda as sort of wistfully: "Gee, these guys aren't constrained by a constitution."

Wow. So Rush is basically saying Obama is the kind of president who disdains the Constitution so much he would start a war based on lies, launch a warrantless illegal surveillance program on American citizens, indefinitely detain people without charges or right to counsel, and eliminate Habeas Corpus from that very Constitution he swore to protect and defend.

Geez oh Pete! That would make Obama the worst president EVER!

Or that would be the worst case of psycho talk projection I’ve heard in a long time. One would be tempted to see this as Obama Derangement Syndrome at its peak, but it is more than that. Rush knows what he’s saying. This kind of “Big Lie” propaganda would have made Reichsfuhrer Himmler proud.

Moving on through the week we find Rush nurturing empathy in his listeners for the banksters.

May 1st: The third possibility to explain why the big banks rolled over is: They're just scared to death because the Obama administration Treasury Department has their future in its hands. So, of the three possibilities, from the goodness of their hearts, they got secret slush money under the table from TARP, or they're scared to death because the Treasury Department holds the future right in their hands.

I vote option three. I vote that the big banks rolled over 'cause they're scared to death, 'cause wherever I go, I don't care who I interact with. They're scared to death of this administration. There is genuine fear of the government from average Americans buying up guns and ammunition like they never have before, to people on Wall Street, the big businesses -- there is abject fear.

Notice how he ties in the poor victimized banks with the poor victimized average Americans. In one minute of air time Rush whines they’re “scared to death” four times, along with spewing “genuine fear” and “abject fear”.

May 4: There is no question that there is fear all over this country of this administration. There's fear in American business. There's fear in average citizens. There's fear in every aspect that does business one way or the other with the United States government now. I mean, the fear that the average American has always had for the IRS has now been transferred to everybody having fear of whatever branch of government they deal with -- in this case, Geithner and Treasury and President Obama.

This is pure, unadulterated, and calculated evil. What else can you call such manipulative, sociopathic and dishonest fear mongering?

It was laughable when Rush slammed Cleveland Plain Dealer columnist Connie Schultz for daring to accuse him on C-SPAN of stirring up anger and hatred.Rush called her "stupid," "blitheringly ignorant" and a "ditz", then proclaimed, "There's no hate on this program"

Yeah, and no lies either.

May 5: “People on the left, the Democrat Party and the media obviously, some people on our side, writing so many columns, so many editorials, so many op-eds, hell-bent on trying to diminish the influence of conservatism in the Republican Party. Why? If we're dead, as they say we are, why are they continuing to try to kill us? I mean of course in a political sense. It's 'cause we're not dead. It's because we still threaten them, and we threaten them precisely because they are a collection of lies and deceit and phony ideas and ours are ideas of substance that, properly articulated, connect with a majority of the American people. So they're going after anybody on the right who can articulate these things and setting out to try to destroy them. Me, Sarah Palin, you name it, whoever it is, they're trying to destroy the people who could and can articulate the beliefs and the principles that the left actually fears.

Imagine that. We are out to destroy Rush and Sarah for articulating principles. Yup, that’s what us librools like to do, all right. We want to destroy those who disagree with us, especially if they have principles...like Rush. And what could we possibly do to diminish Sarah’s brilliance, articulating her deep knowledge of science, Supreme Court rulings and “ideas of substance”?

Rush even included Joe the non-licensed plumber as one who articulates those conservative values and principles. Joe said he won’t let “those queers” near his kids.

Then Rush gave me my birthday gift today. He re-anointed Sarah as the leader of the Republican Party.

"Sarah Palin could build the party, and all these moderates and independents think that she's going to be a drag on building the party. Why? Because, true, she will not attract liberals. She won't attract moderates. Thank God! We don't want 'em in our party."

Yessiree. Sarah’s shining beacon of righteous enlightenment will illuminate the building of the Republican Party into the fringe cult of Bush loving wackos they deserve, and have always wanted, to be.

Please, Rush, do you promise?