Sunday, October 24, 2021

Prime Doctrines

I've recently been banned from a certain Trumpist's site, despite our having a long history of commenting at each other's blogs. (He and his loyal pals may still comment here.)

"Prager U" is one of his go-to sources of information and opinion. It is his gospel, of course. It is all believed 100% beyond question.

Ever since he drank the Big Lie koolade, he's been self-radicalizing to the extreme.  He finally had enough of my repeated requests for evidence showing the election was stolen. (Oh, me of little faith.)

After years of  lecturing me on how much I was being "Marxist, Leftist, Socialist”, etc, he's now all aboard the "Leftists Are Fascists" train. 

Well, that train derailed. Do they know fascists have always hated communists?

Do they know, or care, what those words even mean? Or is it just about the hate? 

Exhibit A: "Anyone that simply wishes to throw "Nazi" and "fascist" firebombs as a means of debate is not a useful source at all, other than as an example of how low the militant left has descended."

Of course, it was also acceptable discourse to be called "Commie racist Dave".

Their Leader recently declared, “Slobs and Radical Left maniacs at the View” are the “Communists” Meghan McCain should fight.

And at the radical Turning Point rally:

 “Like it or not, we are becoming a communist country. That’s what’s happening...The radical left democrat communist party".

That’s also when his standard Trumpian projection echoed Goebbels:

“That’s what they’re doing. You know what it’s called? Disinformation. They make up a lot of crap and they say it over and over and over…”

Like someone being a commie AND a fascist. 

Of course our Trumpist friend has been conditioned to reflexively ignore, dismiss, or deny all information from the “Liberal Media, Fake News, Enemies of the people”. He can believe only pro-Trump media. 

It was only a few years ago he agreed Trump wasn't morally fit to be president.

He grew weary of ignoring facts and dismissing appeals to reason, of course. It may even have made him uncomfortable. That made me a "hater". Well, that and being such a dirty, lying Socialist/Leftist/Commie/Fascist.

I think what really snapped his girdle was when I challenged him for still supporting Trump, knowing he praised the violent 1/6 terrorists AFTER their failed coup.

It did not compute.

He was utterly incapable of disagreeing, or even recognizing the statement.

So he had to ban me for my "hate".

I’m not so sad to leave as so happy to have been there.

Really. I’ve learned a bit. Those on the radical Right have strong FEELINGS, and beliefs beyond introspection. Beyond facts, logic and reason.

And I have gained a belief of my own, albeit open to as much question as my fascist tolerance allows.

I believe there are two important things to understand about cults like the American far Right.

The radical Right and Trump Cult have two Orwellian operating "principles".  

The Two Prime Doctrines of the American Radical Right:

1. The Doctrine of Flexible Morality and Ethics. “It's OK if you’re a Republican.”

“Anything and everything. Identical words and actions are evil if by a Democrat, but never if by a Republican.”

 (Right. My body. My choice. If not for double standards, they’d have none.)

2. The Doctrine of Flexible Reality.*

“Everything is as we say, contradictions included, and everyone else is lying.”

* (Corollaries) “There is no such thing as a Doctrine of Flexible Morality and Ethics. There is no such thing as a Doctrine of Flexible Reality. Unless we say there is.” 

(This doctrine was established and expanded upon by their propagandists over the decades, and employed every day across their cult. They were now ready for Trump, their Dear Leader of infallible words and deeds.)

I can’t think of anything these “principles” can’t cover in their deranged and delusional cult bubble.

Ignorance is strength. 

2+2=5, comrades.

Friday, October 15, 2021

Random Tweets


Well, maybe these tweets of mine are not quite so random samples, but they are important points on how our republic is failing, and falling into authoritarianism.

“The fundamental cause of the trouble is that in the modern world the stupid are cocksure while the intelligent are full of doubt.” - Bertrand Russell 

"Never underestimate the power of stupid people, especially in large groups." - George Carlin

"Just find me 11,780 votes." "Just say the election was corrupt, and leave the rest to me." They are criminals and enemies of democracy. Period.

They are seizing the power to invalidate every election they lose. Fair elections and fair representation are the antithesis of the radical Right and Trumpism. A system already rigged for minority rule isn't good enough for them.

The country was founded on anti-democratic roadblocks like the Electoral College , the Senate, and now the gerrymandered House 

The majority voted for the Democrat in 7 of the last 8 presidential elections. The Senate, gerrymandered House, and Electoral College are biased for the minority. Thus the majority of Americans, not conservatives, are marginalized.

Systemic denial of systemic racism is actually systemic racism. The radical Right sees the study of racism and its effects as a Marxist assault on our freedom, and is why they want to ban the 1619 Project and anything that looks like CRT.

The radical Right have more tolerance for Trump's gang of racist vandals, felons, thugs, white nationalists, Q-Anon believers, Proud Boys, Nazis, Oath Keepers, etc. than they do for those investigating them. It is the "Authoritarian Way".

Sociopaths can thrive in system that rewards their manipulative machinations. They will have the support of the 30% of humanity with authoritarian personalities. Apathy is the ally of authoritarians.

Magat brains are poisoned with not only the lies, but animosity for everyone who isn't in their cult. They are being indoctrinated to hate and fear us as America-hating Leftists, on the cusp of a communist takeover. They are that nuts. And evil.

It is a cult, with a leader revered beyond question, and all outside information is rejected. Journalism went from "liberal media", to "fake news" and finally to "enemy of the people". The Right has always depended on falsehoods, and a gullible base, so this was inevitable.

Facts still matter to honest and rational people. Unfortunately "alternative facts" matter more to dishonest and irrational people.

Mundus vult decipi, ergo decipiatur. "The world wants to be deceived, so let it be deceived."

“The truth is too complex and frightening; the taste for the truth is an acquired taste that few acquire…. ….The world winks at dishonesty.” ― Walter Kaufmann.

Voltaire: "Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities."  Absurdities like witch trials, inquisitions, the "final solution", war based on lies, torture as "enhanced interrogation" and a "Stop the steal" coup.

Their fear of democracy and equality drives the radical Right into fits of lies, false accusations, demonization, and denials of election results. To hold power, they STILL need to cheat, suppress voter rights and seize control of elections.

They can't seem to imagine how much they’d screech and howl, “Impeach”, “Traitor”, “Liar”, and “Commie!”, if President Obama or President Biden had done or said exactly what Trump did and said.

If his 1/6 coup didn't make it clear enough, what will it take for the corporate media to admit Trumpism IS fascism? He PRAISED the TERRORISTS! Why isn't this fact included in every report about that man?