Saturday, January 12, 2019

The Return Of Contrarious Con-servatism: The Inevitable Conclusion

Our final installment of the Return Of Contrarious Con-servatism continues from Rex’s politely worded question and my fact-based answer.

Well, that Polite Interlude went as expected. I suppose we shouldn’t be surprised by the response to our con-servative correspondent’s question.

After all, in his very first communication to me, he called me, "Little Davey",  a dick-head.  That touch of inter-personal charm alone tells us the chances of honest dialogue are nil.

Rex’s response, or retaliation, to the facts in answer to his question was, "Same old tired accusations and rhetoric".  This is the authoritarian tactic of projection, of course.

We recall this famous projection, “No puppet! No puppet! YOU”RE the puppet!”

Yeah, in their world facts are “rhetoric” and as demonstrated, their opinions are seen as facts.

Our studies of Con-servatism have shown Dismissal and Denial of fact and reason are common authoritarian tactics of discourse.

What we are doing here is proving the inevitable conclusion that there can be no good faith communication with these radical far Right ideologues.

As I have stated, we may as well be trying to tell a Moonie that their Republican cult leader is not Jesus. It’s the same as telling the Cult of Con-servatism that Republican Jesus didn’t really send Trump to save America.

As with all cults, emotion trumps reason, and beliefs trump facts. 


Dave, regarding your question about Rashida, here is some help: (Link to a far Right Federalist opinion.)

As for playing my playing the race card, I am glad you picked up on that, Dave. Too bad you missed the point. It is okay for you and Jeff Davis to do it but you get all but-hurt if anyone from the right does it. I already admitted that Trump is a racist punk, so what’s your point? Woodrow Wilson was horribly racist, but to many on the left he was a wonderful progressive president that did “great” things in warping our nation. Racism is evil regardless of who does it. Calling someone a racist for political points is also evil.

And yes Dave, many of you on the left don’t want a wall because it is “racist”. That is bullshit. If the Canadian government was as corrupt as Mexico’s and people were fleeing into the U.S. across the northern border and bringing drugs, human trafficking etc. with them, then we would want a wall to keep out the lily white Canadians too. Many leftists simply want to expand the welfare state and have a path to citizenship for the southern illegals so that they can expand their power base. It isn’t out of benevolence that they do this but out of cynical partisanship. They use the cry of “racism” to bludgeon anyone that dares speak about limiting the flow of ILLEGAL immigration from the south. They use PC tactics in other words.

“Providing for the general welfare” does not mean what you and the left thinks it means. The constitution as our wonderful former president Obama stated, is a charter of negative liberties, as far as the government is concerned. It is interesting how the left sees the restrictions on government as negative liberties instead of seeing that it does this to ensure positive liberties for us little people out here in America. The federal government was ONLY authorized to do those very few specific things outlined in the constitution. All other duties and responsibilities are left to the states and the people. Your general welfare clause has been perverted to mean that the feds can now do anything the left wants regardless of whether it exceeds the limitations placed on the government in the constitution. I don’t expect you to understand, let alone agree with me.

Yeah, I read your “conservative” article. Nice of you to tell me what I think, particularly (based on your fictional novella) you got nearly every single point wrong. Nice propaganda though. Maybe you could sell that fish wrapper to the Daily Kooks. My assumptions about what the left thinks is based on what they say and more importantly what they are doing. Some few idiots on the right fringes do stupid shit and you think that comprises the whole ideology. Must be the fear in your amygdala kicking in there, Skippy.

Also, try reading the New Testament instead of citing old Jewish law. Christ came along and became the fulfillment of the law in his teachings. Nice try though. Oh, and abusing religion in old Sam Clemmon’s quotes suggests that you think you are far more moral than those that believe and try to live by something greater than themselves… and no… I don’t mean your federal government. Might want to tell Kamala Harris and some of your Democrat reps that whole thing about the religious test being in the constitution, by the way. That idiot keeps wanting to deny seats on the bench to people just because they are Catholic.

It is a damned shame the Democrats insist on hurting people because they refuse to secure the border. Their hate of Trump far outweighs doing the right thing for the nation and their constituents.

Dave Dubya:


I appreciate your thoughtful offering of the link. I do. It helps me see who formed your opinion.

“Tlaib’s endorsement of a “one-state solution” to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and comments supporting the left-wing boycott, divestment, sanctions (BDS) movement.”

And this, according to the far Right Federalist, means she is “anti-Semitic”. He decided they are all anti-Semitic because he quotes a Palestinian-American’s opinion. 

That’s what you got? A Federalist opinion intended to fuel anger? How emotion-based can you get? Very con-servative. ( The Federalist published an opinion piece defending Roy Moore’s dating of teenagers while he was in his 30s and arguing that such behavior was “not without some merit if one wants to raise a large family.”)

This is a common tactic of the far Right. They love to accuse those who disagree with the Israeli Right and their treatment of Palestinians as being “anti-Semitic”. Never mind some of us are Jews and most of us have Jewish friends.

We get a lot of broad accusations unsupported by factual evidence. The word of a conservative is all it takes for them to absorb as absolute truth. Look at their Leader for God’s sake!

Never mind. What good will real examples do in the face of Right wing, ideologically based opinion?

And speaking of missing the point, there you go again with the IOKIAR bit.

"I already admitted that Trump is a racist punk, so what’s your point?"

My point was it’s OK for you to say that, but not for anti-Trumpists.

“Calling someone a racist for political points is also evil”

We get that a lot. WE”RE the evil racists for calling out Trump’s racist birtherism.

But I DO thank you for agreeing that Trump is an evil racist.

No wonder you have a deep emotional need for false equivalence and to project that unto liberals.

”...many of you on the left don’t want a wall because it is 'racist'.”

Thanks for telling us what we think again. And no. Most agree it is wasteful and unnecessary to build a wall across the entire border. We have walls already, so this is really a dispute over degree. What you prefer, of course, is to accuse liberals of wanting unsecure borders so we get more voters. Thanks, Rush and FOX(R) for telling us what we think.

Do you NOT understand that is Right wing propaganda? Obviously you do not. Is any conservative opinion a fact to you?

Another example:

"They use the cry of “racism” to bludgeon anyone that dares speak about limiting the flow of ILLEGAL immigration from the south.”

No evidence to support the accusation. Again, opinion is fact.

“ 'Providing for the general welfare' does not mean what you and the left thinks it means."

And thanks for being our new authority on, not only what we think, but the Constitution as well. You don’t disappoint.

Since Mr. Paine is no longer with us, you might be designated our new “Mr. Constitution”.

Thank you for your lecture. It is mostly your opinion, and again unsupported by evidence. You didn’t even quote the Constitution, as I did.

"The federal government was ONLY authorized to do those very few specific things outlined in the constitution.”

And that is my point. Taxes, regulation of commerce and the general welfare are all included. You don’t like that so you want to unilaterally re-define terms.

You accuse liberals, without evidence again, of having “perverted” views that concur with Supreme Court rulings. I would suggest what has been perverted is the definition of free speech and corporate person-hood.

But obviously you know what I think.

 "Yeah, I read your “conservative” article. Nice of you to tell me what I think,”

Do you mean this? “They believe they are defending liberty, religious freedom and capitalism, instead of repression, inequality, and corporatism.”

Your words have made my point.

 "Here’s a tip, Einstein; just because someone believes in capitalism, morality, and liberty (in other words conservatism) that doesn’t make him a racist.”

Complete with the far Right Victim Card tactic, no less.

Then I went on to cite the repression, inequality, and corporatism imposed by your corporate sponsors and their Party.

 "you got nearly every single point wrong.”

And yet you couldn’t offer one bit of evidence as proof? 

Maybe you need help with a format?

Try this:

“Dave, I have to say you are wrong in stating (_____) and claiming (_______). These facts (_____) and (____) suggest you are mistaken.”

What does it take with your side? It’s called communication. I suppose that is meaningless to an ideology that rejects compromise.

"That idiot keeps wanting to deny seats on the bench to people just because they are Catholic."

How many are Catholics now, again?  Victim card again.

But It’s OK If You’re A Republican to deny the Black President his Constitutional duty to appoint a Justice.

Very “not racist”, of course. Can’t be going there. No sireee.

"It is a damned shame the Democrats insist on hurting people because they refuse to secure the border. Their hate of Trump far outweighs doing the right thing for the nation and their constituents."

And one more wild-eyed, spiteful, anger inciting, evidence-free false accusation.

No. You do not disappoint.

This is con-servatism.

Wednesday, January 9, 2019

A Polite Interlude...

For respite from the mud pit, I'd like to share this polite exchange that shows the possibility of communication across the chasm. Contrast the tone of the recent question with that of the previous harsher, "Do you lefties care more about political correctness than protecting innocent Americans"? 

That tone was lifted directly from the Trump/RNC Party line, which isn't the best approach to constructive dialogue. 

The more recent question is more civil and less suggestive of the 'liberals don't want to protect innocent Americans" propaganda. 

Enjoy the truce while we have it.



Dave, can you please tell me why Democrats voted for better enforcement and wall construction in the past but refuse to do so now that Trump is president? What has changed, other than who sits in the oval office? If there is truly a relevant fact I am missing, please enlighten me. Otherwise, this smacks of nothing more than petty partisanship on behalf of Schumer, Pelosi, and the Democrats.


Dave Dubya:

I'm happy to answer your politely delivered question. Thank you.

The relevant facts that I see are these:

1. Both the House and Senate voted for a CR that included funding for border security.

2. Trump was about to sign it, then the voices of his far Right base called him a coward.

3. Trump proudly claims the shutdown as his own. Trump is the ONLY one who is refusing to compromise.

Your question was framed upon the correct premise that Dems voted for border security in the past. If "open borders" was their real goal, why would they care to fund security improvements?

As noted in Fact 1, there was border security funding in the bill Trump backed out of, like a coward, cowering to Ann Coulter and Limbaugh.

The fact remains the Dems are not refusing to approve border funding. They ARE refusing $50 billion for Trump's wall. It is an ill-defined and ever-changing demand. He is holding our government hostage to this demand. Real Americans are paying the consequences, not Mexico.

Most Americans agree on not giving Trump that money for his stupid campaign promise for his fantasy wall and BS about Mexico paying for it. Where's the pesos?

In fact, representatives of EVERY district bordering on Mexico don't want Trump to get his $50 billion wall.

One more fact to remember is Schumer offered $25 billion in border security, (Not his wall) in exchange for relenting on DACA. Remember when Trump said, "I love the Dreamers!"?

Trump REFUSED to compromise. Now he blames Democrats. This is that authoritarian personality thing I keep harping about.

I hope you find these facts helpful.

Facts. We liberals and moderates along with journalists, scientists and teachers use them all the time. ;-)

Those on the far Right generally choose their "alternative facts".

This is big problem reflected by the many futile attempts made to communicate and compromise with the Right.

I also believe communication is best accomplished through polite discourse by mutually accepted facts, evidence and definitions of terms.

I can dream, can't I?

Tuesday, January 8, 2019

The Return Of Contrarious Con-servatism: Part One

Here we go again, dear Readers. We students of Modern American Con-servatism have been rewarded with another round of enlightenment that only a con-servative can offer. Return with me to the glories of yester-year, (Or was it yester-week?) as we once again ride the rocky range of Con-servative ideology.

And once again credit is due to Mr. Paine’s blog, whether the representative of Con-servative ideology found a new voice (that just sounds a lot like our old friend,) or whatever the other possibility may be.

The reader must pardon our confusion that has resulted from Mr. Paine and the new voice both posting as “Unknown”. Our new emissary of the far Right “Rex” laughs at the suggestion of any mistaken identity. 

Other mysteries are examined. Who's really playing the "race card"? And what exactly IS the "race card". There seem to be multiple differences of interpretation at stake.

At any rate, someone deemed it important to bring Jefferson’s Guardian and yours truly to heel.

For mercy’s, and brevity’s, sake, I’ll just include my exchanges with “Rex”. Should one have nothing better to do, or have further interest in the commentary, the extended discussion spans into the comment threads of our two blogs.

Let’s see how that went, shall we?

 The Return Of Contrarious Con-servatism: Part One

Posted as “Unknown”:

Amazing how hard it is for some (most) leftists to simply stick to the facts. Trump’s ban was for people from certain mainly Muslim countries that could not be vetted that they were who they claimed. it was from most of the same nations that Obama also had on a watch list, not that facts matter to you people. Do you lefties care more about political correctness than protecting innocent Americans? Never mind. We already know the answer. I guess little Davey would say IOKIYA-flaming leftist.

As for Jefferson Davis’ Guardian, a Tesla model 3? That is a pretty expensive car. I don’t think the average person under your socialist utopia you seem to want would be able to buy one on these. Perhaps you expect to be one of the elite in the politburo and not be subjected to the same laws as the rest of us comrades? Think how many people you could help with the money saved if you bought a Ford Fiesta instead, after all, that is what you and Dave are all about, right? Helping the little guy with your benevolence? Oh, I forgot… That is government’s job, right?

Rashida is an ass and a raging anti-Semite. You leftists should be very proud! Her ignorance is only surpassed by Ocasio-Cortez. That stupid woman cannot even list the three branches of government. She should stick to cooking advice and dancing. These idiots are indictments of the failure of our education system and popular culture. After reading lots of Davey’s and Jeff Davis’ Guardian’s comments, they seem like they are probably old enough to know better though. I wouldn’t be surprised if they make up two of the hundred votes cast for McGovern.

The funny thing is that these leftist snowflakes think that they have captured the moral high ground. They insist on abortion on demand. Men pissing in public women’s restrooms. Legalized drugs for everyone. (as if their fried brains need any more drugs). Sanctuary cities for even criminal illegal aliens. And of course they call conservative greedy while wanting to tax us more to fund their socialism and entitlement plans. They have hate and disgust towards any truly biblical based morality and sexuality. These idiots insist that we stay out of their bedrooms but want us to pay for any consequences of what happens to them behind closed doors. And little Davey thinks conservatives are the hypocrites! HA!

You know, I voted for Trump and I do regret it. He has done some good things but he has also screwed too many other things up, like his trade war with China and pulling out of Syria. T. did warn me but I chose the lesser of evils. Trump’s rhetoric and truly stupid statements are simply not acceptable for a president. I want someone better than me in that office, not someone that has the demeanor of a leftist radical. It really doesn’t matter though, because even if Trump acted like a statesman and gentleman, you asshats on the left would still savage him. You are mad because he actually has done some good things to swing the country back to its conservative founding and reduced the size of your impotent gods found in the federal government. 

Jeff Davis applauds idiot-girl Cortez for wanting a 70% tax rate because it “will balance the budget”. Bullshit! You leftists won’t cut any spending. On the contrary, you will only spend more as the economy goes back into recession. The only thing you all want to cut is funding for the wall as that might actually keep out future Democrat voters. Tell me, if leftists don’t want any foreign influence in our elections, why do they think it is okay for illegal aliens to come here and vote?

Little Davey says conservatism is a religion as he further trashes real religion which the founders saw as vital to the founding and continuance of America, but fails to see his own hypocrisy as he builds idols to failed socialism and green polices. Who is truly they cult member here, little Davey?

Davey throws tantrums because we deduce what the left is thinking through their stupid actions and then tells us what we think and how we are authoritarians and supporting of evil. Funny. Perhaps him and Jeff Davis have shared a few too many bong hits. Some of their idiocy might be explainable if they truly are higher than the balls on a giraffe.

Hey, JTF, don’t bother with facts regarding Venezuela or anything else with these clowns. They ignore the fact that many leftwing pundits, including the New York Times, once pointed to the “success” of Venezuela’s socialism. Of course they then whine that no facts were presented. Must be the pot haze blocking their view.

Hey Richard Cranium (that’s dick-head for you) Davey! Quit with your race card. It might surprise you to know that there are millions of us conservatives that are people of color. Is that the only play you have left? I guess when you don’t have facts, this is what you resort to, right? Yeah Trump has said some stupid racist shit, but that doesn’t make conservatives racist. I won’t vote for him again, but I sure as hell won’t vote for the 1/1024 Indian princess either in 2020. Here’s a tip, Einstein; just because someone believes in capitalism, morality, and liberty (in other words conservatism) that doesn’t make him a racist. I’ll let you and Cheech get back to your fantasies now.


Dave Dubya:

Oh, my.... Looks like Rex got very agitated and angry at me.

“Little Davey”. How cute! Except for my large hands, of course.

"Jefferson Davis' Guardian"? Hookaay, that makes no sense. I really wouldn't consider him one of the "very fine people" with the tiki-torches, though.

"Do you lefties care more about political correctness than protecting innocent Americans? Never mind. We already know the answer."

Ah, how refreshing to hear from an “expert” on my thinking. (Not one of my points was quoted or disproven, but he did confirm they have all the answers.)

"Perhaps you expect to be one of the elite in the politburo and not be subjected to the same laws as the rest of us comrades?"

Hilarious projection on behalf of Putin’s Puppet!  Good one!

”Helping the little guy with your benevolence? Oh, I forgot… That is government’s job, right?” 

Right you are. “Providing for the general welfare” is in the Constitution. But that fact doesn’t count, amirite? Punishing and shaming the poor while denying them healthcare is the “Right’s way”.

Along with Nazis, the Klan and other white supremacists, he hates AOC and Rashida, of course. No facts to support his accusations. Very con-servative. Would he dare to read what I wrote on Con-servatism? Nah, that would take curiosity and interest in what’s outside his cult bubble. Just hate the libs and brown people. That’s enough for his ideology.

”I wouldn’t be surprised if they make up two of the hundred votes cast for McGovern.”

They DO love their crooked Republican liars, don’t they? Why would we have voted for the crooked Republican liar? McGovern was an honorable combat veteran.

Legalized drugs? Say, wouldn’t that be called “liberty”? Or is that just hypocrisy and moral relativism? Someone needs another drink and a cigar.

“..disgust towards any truly biblical based morality and sexuality...”

Does that include “do not leave alive anything that breathes”, owning slaves, and multiple wives? Yes it does.

We’d better listen to our moral superiors.

”Trump’s rhetoric and truly stupid statements are simply not acceptable for a president.” 

Agreed! Damn those nasty libs for not wanting a crude, stupid, cruel, and dishonest man for president. They have no values or sense at all!

But has he been doing “good things to swing the country back to its conservative founding”?

I guess that would make Trump a conservative then. Although rebelling against a monarchy and empire was never considered a “conservative founding”. The conservatives of the time were Royalists. Revolution to establish a democratic representative republic by consent of the governed was, and still is, radical. This is what progressives on the left want today. Real American values.

“...why do they think it is okay for illegal aliens to come here and vote?”

Who thinks that, and who SAYS they think that? Must be the same genius who says I “trash real religion and build idols”. As Saint Ronnie said, “There you go again”.

”...real religion which the founders saw as vital to the founding and continuance of America”

Except for that darn Constitution again, demanding NO religious test for office. But these facts don’t count, amirite?  Politicians, political parties, and a government deciding what constitutes “Real religion” is just what the founders DIDN'T want.

”we deduce what the left is thinking through their stupid actions”

Yeah. It’s a long list, isn’t it? Unions are stupid. Anti-pollution laws are stupid. Unemployment insurance is stupid. Public healthcare is stupid. Public education is stupid. Climate science is stupid. Voting rights are stupid. Consent of the governed is stupid. Stupid Declaration of Independence, amirite? Regulation of commerce is stupid. Taxes are stupid. Providing for the general welfare is stupid. Stupid Constitution, amirite?

Quick, look! Venezuela!! Libs want the US to be Venezuela, ‘cause cons say so!

”Quit with your race card.”

Yeah, how dare that nasty Dave suggest Trump is a racist and the Klan, Nazis, and other white supremacists all LOVE him, and hate liberals.

Shame on me.

“Trump has said some stupid racist shit, but that doesn’t make conservatives racist.” Agreed. But it makes Trump a stupid racist, doesn’t it? Or is that playing the “race card”? Many  conservatives are not racists, but they voted for one. Kudos to the other morally grounded conservatives who didn’t vote for Trump.

If Trump “has the demeanor of a leftist radical”, I would love an example for comparison. His hateful, dishonest, and angry demeanor is certainly that of an authoritarian right wing radical.

”just because someone believes in capitalism, morality, and liberty (in other words conservatism) that doesn’t make him a racist.”

Who said that? Gotta love the big Straw Man. Are we to believe because Trump says stupid racist shit, that doesn’t make him a racist? I guess the same would apply to all white supremacists who say stupid racist shit.

Obviously this person did not read my “Con-servatism 101” post. He probably won’t, because he already knows what I think. 

Saturday, January 5, 2019

Are We Great Again Yet?

Making America great again is taking a toll, but thank Republican Jesus, not on Trump, or his family and cronies not yet indicted, or even his party of appeasers and Russian agents.

It's not taking much of a toll on Russia either. 

Putin is delighted Trump wants to make Russia great again too. We recall his puppet spilled top secret info to Russians in the Oval Office. That's making America great too, right?

Trump has also been regurgitating Russian propaganda about "aggressive" Poland and Montenegro. Remember the man the Big MAGAt rudely pushed aside at the NATO conference? That was 
the Prime Minister of Montenegro. Putin had backed a coup against him, because he wanted to join NATO. 

Imagine that.  So someone had to send a message. Putin's Puppet was loyally following orders.

You don't think bending the knee to kiss Putin's ass in Helsinki was enough, do you?

Don the Con has taken good care of his soulmate Putin, but how about the non-rich, working class Americans? Well....

Hundreds of TSA airport screeners are calling in sick; sick of working without pay. Trump has compromised Americans’ safety and security. 


He is as cruel as he is stupid. We know he doesn’t care about the country, only his ego and his equally stupid and cruel cult. Period.

The worst president in American history held an enlightening so-called press conference yesterday. I was so happy to hear him tell us he was the best president ever, and how great he’s making our country.

Mexico still isn’t paying for Trump’s wall, so he’s following Secretary of Shutdowns Ann Coulter’s orders to hold our government and workers hostage until someone pays for it. 

But don’t worry about those employees and contractors losing their pay. The Big MAGAt says they LOVE not being paid, if it will just get that wall. 

And no worries about safety nets or compensation for them either. Landlords won’t ask for rent. That’s right. And better yet, he said the WALL would be their safety net! Just what all the unpaid families who are truly paying for his shutdown really want.

But there was more good news.

Has anyone seen one of those new steel mills Trump bragged about opening?

Still looking, huh? You fools! Has anyone called up the heads of US Steel? Bet you never thought about that, did you?

No need. The "Only One" fixed it. He told us at the press conference.

“Our steel industry has come roaring back, and that makes me very happy....all of the border things that we’ll be building will be done right here in the good, old USA by steel companies that were practically out of business when I came into office as President. And now they’re thriving. You call up the heads of U.S. Steel, and I could name 10 companies. If you look at what’s going on with the steel industry, it’s almost a miracle. It was a dead industry. We need steel for defense. We need steel for a lot of things. Steel and aluminum...But those industries were in deep trouble. The steel industry was almost dead, and now it’s a very vibrant, vibrant industry...I know you’re not into the construction business. You don’t understand something: We now have a great steel business that’s rebuilt in the United States.”

(US Steel's stock price is down 47% in the last year.) 

Meanwhile, CNN is featuring a running article of personal stories on “How the government shutdown is affecting Americans”.

Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Con-servatism 101

Let’s begin the new year with an understanding of the greatest threat to our democratic republic. No, it is not Russia. It is not Iran. It is not ISIS. And it is not even North Korea. And it's definitely not a group of migrants seeking asylum.

This enemy is within.

And no, it is not our free press or the fictional "fake news liberal media". It is corporatist Con-servatism. Con-servatism is the ideology of the shock troops of corporatism.

Our study of Con-servatism isn't complete without an essential outline of their ideology.

“Conservative” used to mean adhering to family and tradition, valuing personal responsibility, a work ethic, and basic human decency. Liberals share these values as well, but for the moment, let us allow them to hold their claim.

Where conservatives and liberals really diverged was in tolerance for Constitutional regulation of commerce, taxes, and the general welfare, but more critically, an aversion to change and suspicion of the new and unfamiliar.

That was the chink in their armor. Conservatism was about to be transformed into Con-servatism. All that was needed to recruit and exploit conservatives was someone to tell them who to fear and who to blame.

Anger and hate would follow.

Today’s Con-servatism is the result. It is a creation and tool of Corporatism. It demands radical changes beyond the Constitutional boundaries of a democratic republic. To their credit, smarter and more humane conservatives see through the cult of Trumpism and Con-servatism, albeit too late for our country’s sake.

In the simplest of terms, Con-servatism is the ideology of a social minority designed to facilitate the corporate elite’s dominance over the democratic representation of the majority. It is part and parcel of Corporatism’s goal of rule by their “divine right of wealth”. Con-servatism utilizes racial and social divisions, religious fundamentalism, and instilled resentments in common people to further the agenda and bottom lines of the wealthy elites.

Most of their loyal foot soldiers have no idea who and what they are serving. They believe they are defending liberty, religious freedom and capitalism, instead of repression, inequality, and corporatism.

Con-servatism’s masters believe corporations should control our government, instead of having their commerce regulated by Constitutional law.

“Government is the problem” they claimed, and the followers believed.

No, their problem wasn’t government, but with government by representative democracy, in service to the people, and founded on consent of the governed. They are diametrically opposed to the founders’ declared intent.

Government owned by Big Money was their solution. Con-servatism needed to declare war on democracy. Reagan began the modern final assault on democracy and the public good. Their ultimate overthrow of our local, state and federal governments is nearly complete.

Corporate lobbying and “free speech” cash have corrupted and bought our politicians. Through their agents, corporations are actively writing legislation and establishing their own regulatory rules.

Corporatism and its Republican Party needed the ideology of Con-servatism to defeat democracy. Now tentacles of corporate personhood have latched onto enough Democrats to gain unimaginable power.

Corporatism’s Con-servative ideology needs to be understood before it can be defeated, and before it brings about its inevitable harm and destruction to the planet, humanity and the economy.

Let’s now examine the tenets and methods of the beast within our borders.

What is Con-servatism?


Con-servatism Is Hypocrisy

Remember when Con-servatives chastised Obama for “not listening to the generals”?

Ask generals Kelly, Mattis and McChrystal about that now. “Cadet Bonespurs” not only declared he knows more than they do, he engages them in childish insults and smears them for disagreeing with his ignorance.

While sanctimonious religious fanatics love their pussy grabbin', hate-spewing, racist liar, their Con-servative leaders have been hypocrites for a long time. 

Newt “Mr. Rule of Law” Gingrich 1998:

“I think it is disgraceful that official representatives of the executive branch are undermining a legitimate, legal investigation of the Department of Justice.” March 1998

“There are two principles I am prepared to live and die on. The first is that the American people have the right to know about basic facts. And the second is that we are a nation under the rule of law and no person, including the president, is above the law.” April 1998

“We have the spectacle in Washington today of the president frankly as defendant-in-chief. It would have been inconceivable for Washington or Franklin or Jefferson or Hamilton to have the person sworn to uphold the Constitution as the chief law-enforcement officer using every defense item he can find from every defense lawyer in town.” May 1998

“For anybody to talk about doing anything before we finish the investigative process simply puts the cart before the horse.” September 1998

How noble.

Newt “IOKIYAR” Gingrich 2017

“Robert Mueller is superb choice to be special counsel. His reputation is impeccable for honesty and integrity. Media should now calm down.” May 17, 2017

Oh, oh. This was a mistake. Better retreat into hypocrisy.

“Republicans are delusional if they think the special counsel is going to be fair. Look who he is hiring.check fec reports. Time to rethink.” Jun 12, 2017

“Rethink” = “Waah! Not fair!! Big MAGAt is ABOVE the law!!”


Con-servatism Is Ignorance

Hypocrisy has a vital partner in ignorance within the halls of Con-servatism. For evidence see any Trump speech or tweet, all far Right media and organizations, and Trump-supporting dupes, rubes, bumpkins and bigots.

The latest notable example of how clueless they are is this exchange on Morning Joe with Con-servative Mick Mulvaney about the departure of Brett McGurk, the ISIS envoy.

HOST: "His title is the special presidential envoy to the global coalition to counter ISIS. How is it that the president doesn't know his -- the point person in the battle against ISIS?"

MULVANEY: "You know the answer to that, the administration is thousand -- the executive branch of government is millions of people. I have no idea who that person is."

HOST: "You don't know Brett McGurk."

MULVANEY: "Never heard of him until yesterday. There is an Obama appointee who saw an opportunity."

HOST: "He was a Rehnquist clerk, he served throughout the Bush administration, he was a lifelong Republican, he is not an Obama appointee."

MULVANEY: "Did he take that position under the Obama administration?"

HOST: "He was held over from the Bush administration. This is not a Democrat, sir."

MULVANEY: "I'm certain he is well known in the folks who follow this topic. The fact that the president of the United States doesn't know him I don't think should cause anybody any concern."

As with their Dear Leader, ignorance is strength. It is their tool and weapon. But relax; they don't think it should cause anybody any concern.

This is what we get when con-servative low information/duped voters elect low-information presidents and hacks.


Con-servatism Is Emotion Over Facts, Logic and Reason

Con-servatism is based on emotion and manipulation of emotion. Examples include birtherism, racism, victimhood, resentment, anger, and hate, along with false accusations and blame for everyone not in their cult.

One result Con-servatives' fervent nationalism is subsuming and replacing patriotism. 

They are wary and suspicious of different ethnic groups and cultures. They are uncomfortable with nuance and ambivalence, and they fear dissent and distrust those with more knowledge. 

Evidence includes dismissing, denying, demeaning, distorting and discrediting educators, scientists, and journalists along with the science, free press, and public and advanced education they represent.

For more examples, see most Republicans, and the MAGAt on Twitter and at his rallies. Also Breitbart, Limbaugh, and FOX(R), etc.


Con-servatism Is Greed, Dominance, Power, and Cruelty  as Virtues

Greed has always been a Con-servative virtue. Privilege and power are for the economic elites. Wall Street over Main Street, and profit over people are their priorities. Intended and unintended cruelty is the byproduct for the less fortunate and disenfranchised.

“We are all in it together” is replaced by their “every man for himself” ethos. Compassion is for bleeding heart libs.

Corporate person-hood, wealth, and profit are embraced over human health, happiness and well-being. Our planet’s air, water and resources are to be exploited, polluted and desecrated to the utmost in service to corporate interests.

Examples of dominance and power are the desire for corporate control of government and destruction of Constitutional taxes, regulation of commerce, and provision for the general welfare.

Their goal is continued opposition to, and overruling of, consent of the governed by an authoritarian tyranny of the minority.

For evidence of Greed, Dominance, Power, and Cruelty, see cutting taxes for corporations and the rich, along with wage suppression, slashing food stamps, health care, and voter rights for the poor and minorities. 


Con-servatism Is Dishonesty

It’s simple. The tactics of lying and cheating are not only acceptable; they are rewarded, if you are a Republican.

To win, they MUST lie. Republicans can’t come out and admit they want to poison our air and water, let banks write their own rules, and privatize your Social Security.  Bush Jr. floated that last item briefly and the opposition was overwhelming. Don’t be fooled. Privatizing public services, corporate control of government, and gutting safety nets are still high on their agenda.

This is why they wrap their putrid package in “liberty” and “free markets”, meaning the rich will have the liberty to buy the politicians, write the rules, deregulate commerce, and exacerbate the suffering of the less fortunate.

No wonder they have to lie. It is imperative to enforce their ideology.

Unless you’ve been in a coma, you couldn’t help but know the number of lies from unqualified criminal bigot in the White House number in the thousands.

But this unprecedented number of lies from The Lyin’ King is only following the long tradition of far Right presidential dishonesty. We can trace it back through “I am not a crook”, to “Government is the problem”, to “Saddam has a ‘nukular’ weapons program and ties to al-Qaeda”.


All of the above tenets of con-servatism, and their goals, ideals, values, and tactics require massive amounts of propaganda, scapegoating, false accusations, and fabricated “alternative facts” to dupe enough of the public into giving them power. The ends justify the means. It is authoritarianism all the way.

Unforeseen by the elites, the Corporatism they built created a monster in Con-servatism. Unchained monsters like con-servatism often eat their master. The Great Depression and Bush’s Great Recession proved con-servatism to be their double edged sword.

But they won’t let that get in the way of their short term bottom line.

The blowback will follow this time too. Con-servatism’s next calamity waits around the corner. And Democrats will have to clean up their mess again.

But this pattern cannot endure. It may not work again because the damage to our democracy, economy, and institutions may be beyond repair this time.

The Party of Trump has become the most divisive institution since slavery, and is the greatest threat to our democratic representation. Therefore they are the greatest threat to the United States of America.  

“Consent of the governed” and “United we stand” are fading into history.

“Divided we fall” is the inevitable consequence of unchecked Con-servatism.