Friday, December 20, 2019

Pondering Poetry: A Critics’ Symposium

I have to say I'm pleased and excited that my amateurish poetry has drawn some early flattering reviews.

On “Slouching Towards Bethlehem”, KanaW opined, “I think that has to be my favourite poem ever. So evocative.”

I replied.

“KanaW ,
Thank you so much. I rarely write poems. When I do, they just spontaneously emerge from some inspiration or agitation. I think it reaches into how so many of us feel, and how we view these times of peril to truth, democracy and our Constitutional republic.

It is painful to witness corporate personhood unleashed, and the corruption and destruction the ravaging powers of wealth have inflicted on our laws, land, air, water, and people.

It is horrifying to see that corrupt power of wealth requires, and enlists, support from the worst crooked businessmen, racists, white nationalists, religious hypocrites, and every other person indoctrinated by the FOX/Trump cult.”

I also believe it evokes the thoughts, feelings and impressions of many good people in these dark times that try men’s souls.

Reader Mike T. offered his enlightened review as well.

“Well the good news is that Pelosi won't be speaker after 2020 so the lies and hate should abate somewhat. Good poem though. It captures the rage, anger, and lies of the left perfectly. :)”

Such a joker, that guy. I had to express my appreciation.


Thank you. You are indeed one of the few who “get it” when it comes to poetry.

Yes, you’re right about the anger, hate and lies from the Speaker. It was so vile of her to question the legitimacy and birthright of a black president. And then she blatantly threatened her opponent with jail in a debate. No wonder you couldn’t avoid seeing the hate and lies from that woman.

I'm sure you agree that time when Nancy told those women of color to go back to "where they came from" was utterly unacceptable from one of our nation's leaders. That raging hatred was expressed in every white racist's favorite attack on minorities. 

And how treacherous was it of her to cheat on our democracy by inviting and welcoming Russian help in 2016? She followed up by obstructing an investigation into over a hundred meetings between her campaign and Russians. And remember how she lied about having “nothing to do with Russia”, as she was secretly negotiating a deal for Pelosi Tower in Moscow? Horrible. 

She then went on to side with Putin against her own intelligence agencies in Helsinki. It was the least she could do, after giving Russians exclusive access to the Oval Office, dismissing their election interference, and bragging about firing the FBI director to end an investigation, while sharing highly classified secrets. Putin must indeed love his puppet Pelosi.

And recall when Speaker Pelosi broke an election campaign law by paying for a porn star’s silence. That must certainly offend your Christian values. It was just as offensive as the time she said there were “very fine people” marching with tiki torches in Charlottesville.

Soliciting foreign help in the 2016 election paid off so well, she decided to cheat again by breaking the law and violating the Constitution by putting the squeeze on the president of Ukraine. This time she openly bribed a foreign leader by withholding military aid, until the Ukrainian president announced a trumped up investigation into her political opponent.

That wasn't all. The Speaker went on TV to invite China to investigate her opponent too.

I’m sure that outraged you as well. But did it outrage you as much as when the Speaker defied our Constitution’s checks and balances by refusing to comply with lawful subpoenas and obstructing a duty clearly specified in said Constitution? I share your outrage, sir.

And no doubt you are furious that the Speaker taunted a recently widowed woman and mocked her late husband at her rally in Battle Creek. Is there nothing too low for her? No wonder good Christians despise her, and the devout Christian president said he would pray for her.

Only our Orange Savior can save America from this evil.

I'm so pleased you completely grasped every nuance of my poem.

I must say you remind me of an old blog buddy who regarded himself a purveyor of Common Sense. I remember he agreed that our dear president was morally unfit for office. That was just before he closed his blog with praise for the president “making America great again”.

By the looks of the anonymously submitted angry poem filled with the president’s insults for democrats and journalists, I see another similarity with the man who loves Common Sense. Just as he did once before, he imitated a post of mine. Last time he copied my entire piece, substituting a few selectively chosen names and terms. I thanked this person for the sincerest form of flattery, and do so again.

If he wants his latest deplorable poem published, I suggest he re-open his blog, but I doubt he would. I suspect he still can’t take the criticism that I welcome.

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