Saturday, August 20, 2016

Obama The "Messiah"

Never mind the fact America's great new savior Trump has proclaimed that he alone can "fix the system" and make us great again. "Obama the Messiah" has been the slogan behind the far Right's hate and contempt for the man before he even took office.

History shows demagoguery has long been the path to power for authoritarians. Obama is guilty of his share of betrayals and sell outs, but never by being a demagogue. 

Those few of us paying attention in 2008 knew Obama had a corporatist nature. His Bush-appeasing approval of the Fourth Amendment-defying FISA amendment that exonerated telecoms for sharing our communications with the NSA was the first warning flag.

Obama swiftly appeased the Right again when he removed the public option from the conservative Heritage Foundation-inspired Obamacare.

Obama the "socialist messiah" even offered to cut Social Security for his "grand bargain".

Obama's support for the TPP is further proof of his record of corporatist appeaser.

His "looking forward" and ignoring the lies and treachery that led us to torture and the debacle in Iraq was another clear indicator this man is no progressive, let alone socialist.

ISIS was a direct product of Bush's destruction of Iraq and dismissal of the Iraqi army. Now many of the cult zombies buy into Trump's lie that Obama "founded ISIS".

Yet the far Right cult blames Obama for this. And then they whine about their obvious racism at worst, and stupidity at best, being called out for blaming the black guy for the damage their white Republican leader caused. The same hate cult blames Obama for the financial collapse and the Bush Recession.

Give me a f-ing break. If these closed minded, vile, false Christian assholes are looking for respect, they're not getting any from any sane and informed persons.

And if this is what many "good Christians" believe, they will be in for a shock. These false beliefs reflect only the willful hate and ignorance of sanctimonious hypocrites. I doubt their "heaven" is full of hypocritical willful haters, for they directly defy the commandments of their Savior. No wonder Ghandi said, "I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ."

Many of them clearly, and deliberately, do not want to be like Christ. Greed is their god. Hate is their creed. Ignorance is their strength.

Instead of understanding these facts, the far Right STILL parrots their "messiah" BS. They truly embrace ignorance and believe their own crap, or are basically evil. They promote their own concept of the "noble lie".

It may take a leap of faith to be Christian, but it takes a giant leap of ignorance and hate to be a far Right Christian. That giant leap of ignorance and hate is exactly what con-servative Republicans nurture, and need, to dupe the American people into approving their suppression of democracy, letting Big Oil dictate environmental policy, and allowing the Kochs to dictate and dismantle our Constitutional regulation of commerce and providing for the general welfare.