Saturday, August 20, 2016

Obama The "Messiah"

Never mind the fact America's great new savior Trump has proclaimed that he alone can "fix the system" and make us great again. "Obama the Messiah" has been the slogan behind the far Right's hate and contempt for the man before he even took office.

History shows demagoguery has long been the path to power for authoritarians. Obama is guilty of his share of betrayals and sell outs, but never by being a demagogue. 

Those few of us paying attention in 2008 knew Obama had a corporatist nature. His Bush-appeasing approval of the Fourth Amendment-defying FISA amendment that exonerated telecoms for sharing our communications with the NSA was the first warning flag.

Obama swiftly appeased the Right again when he removed the public option from the conservative Heritage Foundation-inspired Obamacare.

Obama the "socialist messiah" even offered to cut Social Security for his "grand bargain".

Obama's support for the TPP is further proof of his record of corporatist appeaser.

His "looking forward" and ignoring the lies and treachery that led us to torture and the debacle in Iraq was another clear indicator this man is no progressive, let alone socialist.

ISIS was a direct product of Bush's destruction of Iraq and dismissal of the Iraqi army. Now many of the cult zombies buy into Trump's lie that Obama "founded ISIS".

Yet the far Right cult blames Obama for this. And then they whine about their obvious racism at worst, and stupidity at best, being called out for blaming the black guy for the damage their white Republican leader caused. The same hate cult blames Obama for the financial collapse and the Bush Recession.

Give me a f-ing break. If these closed minded, vile, false Christian assholes are looking for respect, they're not getting any from any sane and informed persons.

And if this is what many "good Christians" believe, they will be in for a shock. These false beliefs reflect only the willful hate and ignorance of sanctimonious hypocrites. I doubt their "heaven" is full of hypocritical willful haters, for they directly defy the commandments of their Savior. No wonder Ghandi said, "I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ."

Many of them clearly, and deliberately, do not want to be like Christ. Greed is their god. Hate is their creed. Ignorance is their strength.

Instead of understanding these facts, the far Right STILL parrots their "messiah" BS. They truly embrace ignorance and believe their own crap, or are basically evil. They promote their own concept of the "noble lie".

It may take a leap of faith to be Christian, but it takes a giant leap of ignorance and hate to be a far Right Christian. That giant leap of ignorance and hate is exactly what con-servative Republicans nurture, and need, to dupe the American people into approving their suppression of democracy, letting Big Oil dictate environmental policy, and allowing the Kochs to dictate and dismantle our Constitutional regulation of commerce and providing for the general welfare.


Paul said...

Many thought Obama was a political messiah back in 2008. I voted for Obama twice, but I was never an Obama-maniac. There is no such thing as a political messiah, that's just the fantasy of passionate supporters. Obama is one of the most conservative Democratic presidents ever. A natural extension of the Democratic party being pulled to the right for 40 years. Hillary's plans are the most liberal since LBJ, and with majority in the Senate, she might just get some of her plans passed.

Dave Dubya said...

Obama did indeed have many avid supporters. Those of us paying attention knew what to expect.

Hillary's promises are liberal. We know what they are worth. Even if she were intent on a progressive agenda, the "business as usual" owners of the House and Senate won't allow it.

Jefferson's Guardian said...

Already people are losing sight of the fact that Hillary Clinton's sudden swing to the left was a compromise to get B. Sanders on board and out of her hair. She's just like her husband, and the man sitting in the Oval Office right now. Bill Clinton referred to himself as a "centrist". That's code for "corporatist".

If you'll recall, Obama's "plans" were looked upon as liberal during his campaigning, also. It didn't take very long and we discovered otherwise.

Dave Dubya said...


And a corporatist is far Right of centrist.

We saw Hillary "triangulate" to the Left in the primaries, just as we will see her triangulate to the Right in order to "compromise" with the party that doesn't compromise.

I'm sure she will continue supporting certain social issues to appease progressives, but that will be at the cost of her neo-con and neo-liberal sellouts. The "New Equality" under neo-liberalism will keep the minorities, LBGTQ, as well as poor and middle class whites in their place. The elites will always be "more equal" than the rest of us.

We will watch her stay cozy with Wall Street, as she "gets tough" with Iran and the usual suspects. I expect her to promote the "new and improved TPP" and other corporate written trade agreements.

This doesn't take a psychic to envision, and it sure ain't rocket science.

Jefferson's Guardian said...

Dave, Clinton's making her pitch to woo Republican voters. She's already throwing out Bernie supporters with yesterday's garbage.

Had to know that was coming.

Dave Dubya said...

Yeah, we won't be hearing much about Bernie anymore from Democrats.

Isn't it nice to know Trump "welcomes" all of us Bernie supporters? ;-)

We're not even hearing that from Trump anymore.

Dave Dubya said...

...And now discredited neo-con war monger and liar Paul Wolfowitz is saying, “I wish there were somebody I could be comfortable voting for. I might have to vote for Hillary Clinton, even though I have big reservations about her."


Paul said...

Hillary has always been to conservative and corporate for me. That's why I tried Obama, but of course, he lied also. He was all for single payer while running for office, then he won and changed his mind. Gee, I wonder why? Bill Clinton compromised also. That was part of taking the Democrats to the right. Instead of holding up liberal principles he he went corporate, which helped him when he got out of office. When Bill and Hillary left the White House, they were broke. After bending to corporate interest, they are worth 100 million today. Sanders did get some of his liberal ideas in to the Democratic platform, none of which Hillary will fight for. We haven't seen a real liberal government since LBJ, almost 50 years. History shows us politics are cyclical and it's past due for a turn to the left, which Hillary does not help. These no new tax Republicans is why we are in a financial mess. Either we pay for our programs, or we don't pass new spending. An obvious explanation why the previous generation taxed themselves at twice the rate we do, but paid off most of their spending from WW II to social safety networks.Starve the beast has worked for the Republicans and we are broke.

ArchieBunkerNYC said...
September 3, 2016

"The documents provided a number of new details about Mrs. Clinton’s private server, including what appeared to be a frantic effort by a computer specialist to delete an archive of her emails even after a congressional committee had requested they be preserved.

In a 3½-hour interview with the Justice Department’s top counterintelligence officials on July 2, Mrs. Clinton defended her handling of the private email system by repeatedly saying she had deferred to the judgment of her aides, an F.B.I. summary of the interview showed."

You Clinton defenders got to admit that they are masters at covering their arses by lying, distorting the facts, and throwing people under the bus. Remember the attempted defense of "It depends upon what the meaning of the word 'is' is", amirite?

Its great to see, that despite heroic efforts by the media and State Department to cover Crooked Hillary, details about the Clinton Foundation's pay for play arrangement with the State Department is causing Hillarys poll numbers to tank.

This is the single most corrupt scandal since Teapot Dome.

Deleting emails with BleachBit reminds of when Hope Arkansas ran out of paper shredders when the Rose law firm was told to release records on White Water. The Clintons threw Susan McDougal under the bus on that one. She had to serve prison time for refusing to answer questions on Slick Willie's association with White Water. 15 individuals were convicted but the Clintons came out squeaky clean. Anybody wonder what Susan McDougal was told to keep her mouth shut?

Also, lets face it people, when it comes to handling top secret information Hillary is as sharp as a bowling ball.

More and more people are realizing that Hillary is a pathological liar and should not be president. "O, what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive!" should be on the headstones of both of the Clintons.

To those with selective memory who will deflect by saying we went into Iraq based on lies, check out the Iraq Liberation Act of 1998 where Bill Clinton stated Saddam Hussein should be removed from power and that Iraq has stockpiles of chemical and biological weapons.

Hillary's health also concerns me, I doubt she could open a pickle jar.

Dave Dubya said...


I always like learning new things.

This is the single most corrupt scandal since Teapot Dome.

Amazing. Are you sure the Clinton Foundation isn’t the most corrupt and worst possible thing to happen to the country?

We can’t have it any other way, old sport.

To those with selective memory who will deflect by saying we went into Iraq based on lies.

Ah, yes. So we went to war because of Bill Clinton’s lies. Got it. Nice deflection.

Where would we be without your grasp of facts and deep enlightenment?

ArchieBunkerNYC said...

"Are you sure the Clinton Foundation isn’t the most corrupt and worst possible thing to happen to the country?"

The worst thing in the last 8 years is Barry's signature program "ObamaCare" which was rammed down the throats of the American people by the lying Liberal Fascists.

The good news is that the chickens have come home to roost and ObamaCare is in a death spiral, amirite?:
Aetna Has Revealed Obamacare’s Many Broken Promises

"They’re dropping like flies.

The health-insurance giant Aetna has announced it will exit 11 of the 15 health-insurance exchanges where it sells Obamacare plans. Aetna’s announcement comes on the heels of news that UnitedHealthcare, Humana, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of New Mexico, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota, and Texas’ Scott and White Health Plan, and 70% of Obamacare’s failed Co-Ops, and other insurers will exit many or all of the exchanges for which they had previously shown such enthusiasm.

The ongoing and nationwide exodus of insurers is just the latest piece of evidence that Obamacare is a failed law built on false promises."

Jefferson's Guardian said...

ArchieBunkerNYC: "You Clinton defenders got to admit that they are masters at covering their arses by lying, distorting the facts, and throwing people under the bus."

Gee, Dave, I didn't realize you were such an ardent defender and supporter of Hillary Clinton. ;-)

Sounds like Mr. Bunker suffers from what psychologists would refer to as confirmation bias. He's been swimming in the East River too long, because as usual he's all wet.

Dave Dubya said...

Yes, calling out Obama's appeasement of neo-liberalism and Bush/Cheney war crimes, along with Trump's fascism, means I love Hillary, donchaknow?

Funny thing is, I didn't even mention her in the post. I guess that's how we "Clinton defenders" operate. ;-)

Apparently we're not fooling any keen eyed observer from the far Right.

Meanwhile we have learned:

The worst thing in the last 8 years is Barry's signature program "ObamaCare" which was rammed down the throats of the American people by the lying Liberal Fascists.

Yes, Arch, as everyone knows, Obamacare is the same thing as fascism, amirite? After all, it was invented by the conservative Heritage Foundation, not Bernie Sanders.

Now I’m getting confused. Obamacare is the worst thing now? What happened with Benghazi? We were told that Benghazi ™ was the worst thing to happen, or was it Hillary's email? The more you educate us, the more confusing it gets. Kinda like Trump’s “softening” on immigration.

And according to Trump, Obama founded ISIS. Now you’re telling us Obamacare is worse than ISIS?

It's a good thing we have Donald, the "Only One" who can fix America. Sorta like a gin-you-whine savior, isn't he?

I’m starting to think Republicans just say anything they feel like saying, no matter what the facts are. Say it ain’t so, Arch. Help us understand how “good Republicans” are more honest than Hillary.

Yes, Aetna got greedy and threatened to leave the exchange system because it didn’t get its way in a merger deal. Seems to me, with their 40% rate increases, insurance companies are the ones getting between patients and their doctors. Corporate compassion at its best, amirite?

So Arch, this is your big chance to educate us on why our healthcare should be dictated by insurance companies who prioritize maximum profit over actual care coverage for human beings.

Enlighten us further, please.