Thursday, November 29, 2012

Cult Deprogramming

Trusting authoritarian personalities has been a disastrous flaw in human nature. Dictators rise and wars are started because people trust the assertiveness of authoritarians. FOX(R) features Right Wing authoritarians more than any other source of information, or misinformation in this case.

In the following video clip we see the emotional pain that comes from realizing that bond of trust is betrayed by the authoritarian person. The woman realizes something more Americans need to understand. FOX(R) is not there to inform, but to propagandize the agenda of the radical Right.

One awakening is a good thing. Let's see more of this.

From Youtube:

A Fox News/O'Reilly climate change denier has her mind changed by the movie 'Chasing Ice', currently in limited release. Visit for screenings around the country. PLAYING NOW. 

A NOTE from me - @justin_kanew - the guy who shot it:

People have been asking me if this video is set up. I promise it isn't. I was at the theater helping with the release of the movie all weekend, mostly managing the guest list. Many people came out of the movie emotional, but none as emotional as this lady. She started talking to me in a very real way, with tears in her eyes, essentially apologizing to me for her previous position on the subject and letting me know she was a Fox/O'Reilly watcher who just had her mind changed by the movie. It occurred to me that that was a pretty powerful moment, and one you don't see every day, so i asked her if she would mind telling me that on video. She said she wouldn't, so I pulled out my camera, and what you see here happened.

I'm a supporter of the project, and the subject, but I would not call myself a climate change activist... however I do know a powerful moment when I see one, and this was that. There's no editing here, and this woman is not an actress. I would swear to it on the Bible, the constitution, or anything else you put in front of me.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Not Racist

“Another 4 years of this nigger. Maybe he will get assassinated this term.”

Oops. The lily-white California Girl’s sentiments, thought to be shared in private on a social network, were exposed by a former boyfriend.

Can’t a nice blonde girl express her feelings anymore? What’s all the fuss about? She couldn’t possibly be a racist, she's white AND conservative.

The local TV news reporter posed the simple question to the puzzled young woman.

“Are you a racist? It sounds like you’re a racist?”

“It does,” Aryann McBlondie* said, “but I am not. That’s what everyone’s been telling me, ‘You know, what you said sounded so racist,’ and it does, and you know, I take it back. If I could erase what I said, I would.”

Well then, like a shake of Romney's Etch-a-Sketch, she took it back. Nothing to see here folks. It’s all been fixed.
Now she's only hoping the president gets assassinated. No hate, or racism, there, right?

Besides, I’m sure she knows from FOX(R), Limbaugh, and Beck that only the President and his voters can be racists.

That is sadly the lesson from the radical Right.

Let’s hope this other reality based lesson is learned.

Racists never admit to being racists. Just ask one.

Or just ask Limbaugh, Beck and FOX(R).

* Name changed to protect the guilty.  


Perhaps we should consider this perspective from an article from the Atlantic:

"Fear of a Black President"

 "Racism is not merely a simplistic hatred. It is, more often, broad sympathy toward some and broader skepticism toward others." - Ta-Nehisi Coates

Thursday, November 8, 2012

It's Called Projection

"The president succeed by suppressing the vote, by saying to people, 'you may not like who I am and I know you can't bring yourself to vote for me, but I'm going to paint this other guy as simply a rich guy who only cares about himself' ... They effectively denigrated Mitt Romney's character, business acumen, experience."

- Karl Rove

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

What Next?

Now it's time to sit back and enjoy the madness of the FOX(R) comedy channel as they wonder what happened to the "Center-Right America", and Rushbo the Clown's blubbering "explanation" of what went wrong.

Like most of the rest of you, I'm eagerly watching the mail for the new "Obama Socialist Giveaway Package" we were promised if we voted for him. I'm hoping for a new car and enough cash so I never have to work again like the chumps of the 53 percent. ;-)

Romney's Concession Speech

My fellow Real Americans. This is not a concession speech. For I did not lose this election to that godless socialist they call Obama. This is not my fault. I am not to blame. The liberal media have stolen the election, and I have been betrayed by my Party.

Now we can’t take my country back, I mean our country back, from the Marxist liberals.

I am the one entitled to the presidency. It is MY turn.

The American people must be confused. I have money, gosh darn it. And Big Money was on MY side. Why didn’t the American people respect that, and vote for me?

Don’t they know how things are supposed to work in America? More money was spent on this election by my friends than by those democrat bums. The Koch brothers and old man Adelson spent more than Obama’s Hollywood Satanist elites.

Is money not sacred in our elections anymore? Not even after Citizens United? My blue blood thaws at the very notion!

This must surely be the apocalypse that I warned you about if I didn’t win.

I know what happened. I’m a victim of treachery and betrayal from the likes of that brown-nosed Christie, who thinks federal aid for people after a hurricane is more important than ME.

And those turncoat Tea Party idiots have also cost me the election. They were supposed to win this for me. They told me America hates Obama and loves them.

After all my pandering to the Tea Party, look at how the ingrates turned their backs on me. They screwed up, not me.

Their rising stars Akin and Mourdock explained how women won't get pregnant from real rape, and even if she gets pregnant, it's God's will. And they still went and lost to the socialists. Unbelievable! Who can I trust if not the Tea Party?

And what happened to my home state? Massachusetts stabbed me in the back. I never did like those liberal New Englanders anyway.

And my other home state Michigan betrayed me too, and that’s where my birth certificate is!

But the joke is on them. Their trees are not the right height! I just told them that to make them like me.

I’m not buying any more homes in those states again. That'll teach them.

Thanks a lot...for nothing! I’ve taken every possible position on every issue, but was that good enough for you?? Noooo!

None of you are good enough for me now.

You are all now as useless as the other 47% of Americans I don’t like.

No, I will not concede the election to Obama. He didn’t really win.

Americans are too conservative for that to happen.

I said, Americans are too conservative for that to happen...

...Well...where’s the applause after that line from my teleprompter?

Hello?? Are you listening to me??


Friday, November 2, 2012


I thought I’d share with you what some consider “fair and balanced”.

The other day Governor Christie and President Obama exchanged compliments while sharing a microphone from the storm damaged New Jersey shore. It was a rare and much needed view of bi-partisan cooperation.  People expect leadership in times like this and both men were doing their job.

After they concluded their comments, we decided to see the FOX(R)’s coverage of this unusual and comforting event.

After switching the channel to FOX(R), the host muttered something about a “rude interruption” and continued his chat with a New Jersey Republican congressman.

I wonder why FOX(R) didn’t seem to care much for that story. Could bi-partisan cooperation be the problem for them? Or was it the image of intelligent, articulate and comforting leadership shown by President Obama at the heart of where such leadership is needed?

This morning we saw President Obama making a campaign speech in Ohio, but only on CNN and MSNBC, and nothing of it on FOX(R). Hmm.

Next up was Romney speaking at his campaign rally in Wisconsin. Perhaps he was speaking about his all new FEMA flip-flop, or telling one of his lies about Jeep moving all production from Ohio to China. He was on both CNN and MSNBC. And wonder of wonders. The “fair and balanced” FOX(R) decided voters needed to see a candidate. Their candidate, and only their candidate.

How’s that for a little snapshot of what is probably most wrong with America?


One more election note:

As we’ve been observing for the past several elections, the Guardians Of Plutocracy are feverishly fighting their war on democracy.

At the local level they have put out flyers urging people to vote on November 9th, after the election.

They have been busy at the state level too, doing all they can to throw roadblocks across the road to the polls. Voter ID laws are only part of it. They have tightened rules and restrictions for registering voters whenever possible. They love to purge voter rolls in Democratic leaning areas.

Remember Katherine Harris (R) putting her thumb on the scale in Florida back in 2000? Remember Ken Blackwell doing the same for Ohio in 2004?

Well, it looks like democracy is threatened in Ohio again.

From the Atlantic:

Didn't like having nine justices decide the 2000 election? Meet Jon Husted.

On August 31st, one day after the Republican National Convention ended in Tampa, a federal judge in Ohio issued a ruling that stymied an effort by Republican officials there to limit early voting dates for hundreds of thousands of registered voters. Citing the United States Supreme Court's Bush v. Gore ruling, the 5-4 decision which ended the 2000 Florida recount, U.S. District Judge Peter Economus wrote that Ohio lawmakers and bureaucrats couldn't, by "arbitrary and disparate treatment, value one person's vote over that of another."

Upon receiving word of the federal court order, the man responsible for implementing Ohio's election laws at first decided not to enforce it. Secretary of State Jon Husted, the Republican who had fought for years against voting rights advocates in and out of the courts as a lawmaker and, later, member of the executive branch, initially disregarded Judge Economus' order. Not just that. He defied it. He specifically ordered his county election boards not to restore the early voting hours the judge had endorsed.

It was only when the judge ordered Husted to court to personally explain his disobedience, a sure sign of judicial anger, that Husted relented. Relented -- but did not give up....

The radical Right won’t give up. That would be letting the voters decide.

It could be a long election. Something tells me the corporate media is going to listen to Republicans and not call a winner next Tuesday. You may not need to bother waiting up on election night.