Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Edwards the Scoundrel

So John Edwards turned out to be another pretty boy slimeball, and possibly a criminal. Another slippery cheater, to say the least. Plenty of that ilk in DC.

That still doesn’t make him wrong on policy and I don’t regret supporting him over the rest in ’08.

All we had were his words back then, and those words happened to be to the left of Obama. He may have lied to his wife and others, but his opinions on the issues were far more on track with solutions to the Big Mess.

Bush and Cheney also lied and are criminals. Whose lies were fatal to hundreds of thousands?

They usually all get elected before the real treachery comes out, and that is usually far worse for all of us than a guy who didn't even get elected, right?

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Fresh FOX(R) Fascism

For our latest Fox Fascism and Reich Wing hate fest let’s turn to the May 4th edition of FOX (R) “Business” channel’s “Follow The Money”.

Corporate media buffoons are falling all over themselves gloating about how torture helped us kill bin-Laden. They have no evidence of this, but with our corporate media, who cares?

But FOX(R) is always especially ridiculous....and vile.

Never mind they “forgot” Bush shut down the special CIA unit tracking bin-Laded in 2005 after he famously said bin-Laden no longer “concerns me” when asked about him.

The video clip is at Media Matters.

Here’s the transcript of our fearless fascist fantasist on torture:

Eric Bolling: I wanted to know who else at home who you thought should be waterboarded. So, Louise says, waterboard "Joy Behar." Patti says "Senate Dems... and then Obama... and then the kooks on The View, starting with Joy." Jerry says he wants to see Alan Colmes get waterboarded. "The secrets of the left wing cabal will come pouring out of that boy." This guy's a bit more sentimental, go ahead, waterboard "my ex-wife." Denise says Keith Olbermann and Rachael Maddow. And Mike says "Waterboard the Westboro Baptists Church." I agree with them.

In response to Media Matters showing the clip, Bolling falsely claimed that Media Matters smeared him and added, "Hey Media Matters... I'd love to waterboard you for the truth."

They just can’t help it. It is truly ingrained into their little authoritarian reptilian brains.