Thursday, May 5, 2011

Fresh FOX(R) Fascism

For our latest Fox Fascism and Reich Wing hate fest let’s turn to the May 4th edition of FOX (R) “Business” channel’s “Follow The Money”.

Corporate media buffoons are falling all over themselves gloating about how torture helped us kill bin-Laden. They have no evidence of this, but with our corporate media, who cares?

But FOX(R) is always especially ridiculous....and vile.

Never mind they “forgot” Bush shut down the special CIA unit tracking bin-Laded in 2005 after he famously said bin-Laden no longer “concerns me” when asked about him.

The video clip is at Media Matters.

Here’s the transcript of our fearless fascist fantasist on torture:

Eric Bolling: I wanted to know who else at home who you thought should be waterboarded. So, Louise says, waterboard "Joy Behar." Patti says "Senate Dems... and then Obama... and then the kooks on The View, starting with Joy." Jerry says he wants to see Alan Colmes get waterboarded. "The secrets of the left wing cabal will come pouring out of that boy." This guy's a bit more sentimental, go ahead, waterboard "my ex-wife." Denise says Keith Olbermann and Rachael Maddow. And Mike says "Waterboard the Westboro Baptists Church." I agree with them.

In response to Media Matters showing the clip, Bolling falsely claimed that Media Matters smeared him and added, "Hey Media Matters... I'd love to waterboard you for the truth."

They just can’t help it. It is truly ingrained into their little authoritarian reptilian brains.


S.W. Anderson said...

In most modern countries the Fox hacks would be all but completely ignored. "American exceptionalism" is coming to mean dumber than average.

Kulkuri said...

Now there is an e-mail going around saying Obama didn't order the hit on OBL, that Panetta did and that Hillary was all for it while Obama was hesitating. Every time I think the Reich-WingNuts have reached a new low, they plummet even further!!

Tom Harper said...

Since there's an epidemic of Waterboard Fever going around, I'd love to waterboard some of the leading Republican politicians to get the truth out of them:

"OK OK OK, I don't give a flying f*ck about 'the American People,' that's just a soundbite they told us to use. I'm only trying to get rid of Obamacare and Wall Street reform because my pimps have ordered me to. You don't know what it's like to be a skanky prostitute with no dignity, no integrity. But the huge bribes, they're addicting. I can't stop! I'm trying to get the country to default on its debt so Obama will lose in 2012 and my pimps will take over and the transition to a medieval serfdom will be complete. I hate democracy, I hate lowly middle class people who have to work for a living and can't afford health insurance, I want them to die and get out of our way. I only care about rich people who pay me when I bend over and gyrate for them."

Dave Dubya said...

SW and Jack,
American Exceptionalism = Ignorance is strength.

Ya gotta hand it to the Reich Wingers. The fanatics are always, always busy doing their job.

For those of us paying attention, it's easy to see what the Right stands for by their actions. Unfortunately the less attentive take them at their words only.

Tim said...

I'm getting old and forgetful, didn't Hannity say he would be waterboarded for charity. I'd kick in a few bucks.
Ahh the Spanish Inquisition is alive and well at Fox.

Dave Dubya said...

It looks like Hannity bravely decided to not get waterboarded in support of his favorite charity...himself.

Weaseldog said...

Yup, Hannity bravely bragged he'd allow himself to water boarded, until some professional ex-military interrogators offered their services for free.

Daisy Deadhead said...

Didya see our demonstration!?

They loooove Fox News, and get really upset if you criticize it. In fact, its weird how heavily invested in it they are... can YOU imagine yelling at someone over a sign like "MSNBC sucks" or "CNN is shit"? Of course not. But the Fox News fans? They take it all TOO personally...

Dave Dubya said...

Hannity's no fool. He knows those "college fraternity hazings" can be torture.

Well done! I admire your courage to step into the swarm of Righties.

Anonymous said...

The GOP said Terror was a lie from our Bill. He just wanted more lieral power over Americans. Bills CIA unit tracking bin-Laded was being killed when 9-11 happened. If it had been up and running 9-11 may not have happened. d4d

Anonymous said...

"Iraq does not represent any threat to the United States at this time. Their weapons programs have been exaggerated by the Clinton Administration."
- Tom Delay, 1999

"We do not have any direct evidence that Iraq has used the period since Desert Fox to reconstitute its WMD programs"
-George Tenet, 2/07/2001

"We believe the sanctions have been effective, and Saddam Hussein's regime has no weapons of mass destruction."
-Condoleeza Rice, February 16th, 2001

"Containment has been achieved, and we now believe Iraq has no weapons of mass destruction or the capability of producing them."
- Colin Powell, February 23rd, 2001 WELL IT HAD. BUT LETS STILL GO TO WAR. d4d

Dave Dubya said...

We know from Richard Clarke the Bushies had low priority for terrorist threats.

And of course after 9-11 it became the reason to start a war with Iraq, a war they wanted before 9-11.

Unfortunately the corporate media and too many dems refused to ask any questions.