Monday, December 26, 2016

Silenced Majority v Extremist Minority

This past election the voice of the clear majority of Americans was politically silenced.

We were silenced by the results of the fatal flaw in our democratic representative republic. The Electoral College proved to be the poison pill in our Constitution that abetted a tyranny of the minority, the Extremist Minority.

Yes there were factors apart from the Electoral College that had some effect. Turnout is always an element. The partisan interference by a crooked FBI director was an unprecedented corruption of his office. An open invitation for Russian hacking from Trump revealed the warped and unpatriotic character of our next president.  Corporate media’s false equivalences and Clinton’s flaws provide many answers to how it happened.

The reasons don’t matter so much anymore. The damage has been done. Something else matters now. 

When the Extremist Minority seizes one-party rule, resistance is the only recourse for the majority. We the people, we the Silenced Majority, must resist.  We resist, or the authoritarian agenda forged by the hate-fueled Extremist Minority will prevail, until the inevitable destructions wrought by such tyranny ensue.

We must understand, even if we resist quickly, we may not be able to prevent or delay those destructions inevitably wrought by tyranny.

We the Silenced Majority must resist by wielding our power, our right of free speech. And we must resist emphatically, while we still have that right.
What is left of our free press will be further muzzled by the Extremist Minority. Far Right propaganda will be intensified. Dissent will be suppressed and viciously attacked.

This is certain.

But we have to remember how the Extremist Minority rose to power. 

Nobody whined louder than the racist and greedy Tea Party fringe when the dreaded Black Man won the White House. FOX(R) sponsored their events and gave them their megaphone. Ever the lapdogs, corporate media followed.

The Tea Party cult was never a majority, but they dominated the political discourse through constant attention from the corporate media. Trump would employ this tactic with a vengeance. His racist and demonizing birtherism fostered hate and ignorance in the most gullible and bigoted of our population. Throughout the election year, no voice was heard more than his in our corporate broadcast media.

Bullies are always the loudest.

We the majority must be louder.  

And we need to learn something else from the Tea Party. We must be more active. We must march. We must speak. We must write, and call our representatives and senators until they listen and respond.

We must attend any forum or town hall meeting that allows us to voice our concerns to House and Senate members.

They will be under great pressure to conform to the dictates of the Extremist Minority Administration and the Republican Party.

They must understand they will be hearing from us until the agenda of the Extremist Minority is defeated. They must know they will be voted out if they fail to defend our cause for freedom, equality and democracy.

We the people, we the Silenced Majority, must demand our rights. We must demand our Constitutional regulation of commerce, and our Constitutional provision for the general welfare. We must demand public ownership and benefit from public resources. We must demand public education and public health.

If we do not, the Extremist Minority will sell it all off, or outright give it to their friends.

We must demand an end to aggressive militarism. We must demand an end to brutal law enforcement and unjust laws. We must demand living wages, safer working conditions, and employee rights.

We must expose the corruptions, and demand accountability from the elites of the Extremist Minority.

The barbarians have crashed the gates and taken power. Civilization and humanity are imperiled by a narcissistic, authoritarian lunatic endorsing another nuclear arms race. He has a cabinet and advisors consisting of billionaires, racists, and paranoid, conspiracy mongering generals. This merging of authoritarian power is how fascism takes hold over democracy.

The struggle for freedom, justice, equality and democracy never ends.

If we do not resist with conviction and passion, we shall certainly surrender in final defeat to the tyranny of the Extremist Minority.