Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Authoritarian Minority


Historically there has emerged a serious and fatal flaw in human nature. It is the authoritarian personality. There are authoritarian leaders and authoritarian followers. We’ve seen them in neighborhood bullies and their toadies, in petty street gangsters, in Hitler and his loyal Nazis, in assorted tinpot dictators, and in Trump, with his cult of deluded, deranged, and enraged insurrectionist dupes and thugs. They form organized crime cartels, even within governments as Trump’s Russian patron and ally Putin has done to become perhaps the richest person in the world.

We’ve seen authoritarians deny and attempt to overturn elections, demonize minorities, start wars, torture prisoners, and kill innocents. We’ve seen authoritarian racists burn crosses, shoot Jews in their synagogue, kill Unitarians in their church, slaughter gays in a nightclub, and massacre Mexicans at shopping centers. We’ve seen authoritarian cops murder non-violent crime suspects.

They are more emboldened by Trumpism and don’t even bother to hide their true nature anymore. As Maya Angelou said, ““When someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time”.

They are showing us who they are again in their plan for purging the government of anyone not loyal to Trump. Project 2025 is their roadmap to autocracy.

Former Nixon White House counsel John Dean has written two books on authoritarians; “Conservatives Without Conscience”, a study of the Bush/Cheney Administration and “Authoritarian Nightmare: The Ongoing Threat of Trump’s Followers”, co-written by Bob Altemeyer.

They warn us that a quarter to a third of any population, including Americans, would reject the values of equality and democracy, and welcome autocracy and a dictator. (Supporting an authoritarian criminal who claims to be above the law with immunity from prosecution, and who admitted he will be a dictator on day one makes this clear.)

These authoritarian leaders and followers stand athwart democracy and freedom, of the evolution of human intelligence, conscience and compassion, and ultimately the survival of our species. 

Now we have a lone American Democratic Party facing the combined forces of a powerful and evil Axis of Authoritarians. Trump's base of greedy Republican billionaires, white Christian nationalists, and the usual nitwits, racists and bigots are politically allied with the corporate greed and corrupting influence of Wall Street, and now ominously Putin's Russia. Trump is Putin’s main man in America. Russia eagerly interfered in the 2016 election, even before Trump welcomed them with, “Russia, if you’re listening…”

Both Mueller’s report and a Republican-chaired bipartisan Senate Intelligence Committee confirmed Russian interference on behalf of Trump. And they still are interfering for Putin’s Puppet and Party. This is their key to destabilizing, dividing, and weakening America. Trump and his party are virtual Kremlin agents, spreading disinformation and hate.

Newsweek reports“Russian state media called out former President Donald Trump on Wednesday, saying that he is looked at as "the destroyer of America" amid discussions of the 2024 presidential election... In the footage shared by Julia Davis, founder of the Russian Media Monitor group, Sidorov declared: "I am for Trump, I always was for Trump." The GOP frontrunner is "the destroyer," he added, and the U.S. would "fall apart" if Trump is re-elected in 2024. If he gets elected, everything we said about civil war will be on their agenda, in reality. If one of the Democrats gets elected, this beat will go on," Sidorov said. "Trump can really get it to the point that our geopolitical adversary will fall apart—without any missiles."

Mike Turner, the Republican chairperson of the US House intelligence committee, told CNN’s State of the Union show some of his fellow Republicans, “It is absolutely true we see, directly coming from Russia, attempts to mask communications that are anti-Ukraine and pro-Russia messages, some of which we even hear being uttered on the House floor”.

Republican Michael McCaul, chairman of the House foreign affairs committee said, “Russian propaganda has made its way into the United States, unfortunately, and it’s infected a good chunk of my party’s base”.

According to sworn testimony by insurrectionist Rudy Giuliani's former friend Lev Parnas, the Republican authoritarians behind the Biden impeachment travesty are regurgitating Russian propaganda, "From shortly after my arrest on October 9, 2019, to now, I have been trying to share the irrefutable truth with you: The American people have been lied to by Trump, Giuliani, & various cohorts of individuals in government and media positions. They created falsehoods to serve their own interests… . The only information ever pushed on the Bidens in Ukraine has come from one source and one source only: Russia and Russian agents. The impeachment proceedings that bring us here now are predicated on false information spread by the Kremlin.  Congressman Pete Sessions, then Congressman Devin Nunes, Senator Ron Johnson and many others understood they were pushing a false narrative. The same goes for John Solomon, Sean Hannity and media personnel, particularly at Fox News. My original indictment linked me to an individual referred to as unindicted coconspirator . We know now this individual to be Congressman Pete Sessions who sits on this very committee.”

Putin is winning his psychological propaganda war on America. He is now totally allied with the Party of Trump.

And all we have to defend what remains of a democratic republic are the Democratic Party and a flawed anti-democratic Constitution that is rigged for minority rule.

The authoritarian minority can defeat the majority's will in an undemocratic Senate, an undemocratic gerrymandered House, an undemocratic Electoral College, and the Supreme Court stacked by a minority empowered president and Senate. Both Trump and Bush Jr. lost the popular vote and won the White House, and thanks to a Senate installed and controlled by a minority they built a six to three majority in the Supreme Court. This is not in any way the will of the people or by consent of the governed. The idealistic latter phrase is in the Declaration of Independence but is absent in our foundation of law in the Constitution.

As Ben Franklin said, we have a republic, “if we can keep it”. Maybe he saw the inherent flaws that could undermine a democratic republic, that the Constitution was originally set up to give an advantage to wealthy, land-owning white men over minorities, women, the poor and working class.

It was designed to be amended, but we likely won't see any more pro-democracy amendments. The authoritarian Right minority has it essentially locked up. And why not? The antiquated Constitution is truly rigged in their favor. If our democracy falls into a white nationalist autocracy, this will be the reason.

And they will have it, if the rest of us don't vote in every election as a clear and overwhelming majority to stop them. This is where we must unite and take our stand against the darkness of authoritarian minority rule.


Sunday, April 14, 2024

"Not Fooled"


As we’ve learned in this recent examination of the authoritarian mind of the Trumpist true believer, our old buddy Darrell isn’t happy with my answer to finding common ground. (Accepting the FACTS that Trump lost, lied, and tried to criminally steal the 2020 election.) He’s done with allowing me to respond to his questions, lies and accusations. But that didn’t stop him from issuing his latest, um, request, directed at yours truly.

 “Please,Tell Me What I am Thinking, Mr. Leftist”

Gotta hand it to Darrell.

Only an authoritarian true believer in Trump and his Big Lie would solicit an answer to a question, after BANNING the person from responding. Ah, ‘tis the way of the radical Right Trumpists. And why should he listen? He already has ALL the answers and doesn’t bother to understand, let alone consider, the response he already FEELS are commie lies and hate for America and all things good and decent. Demonization is the way of the fascist and Trumpist.

It is expected that a Trumpist true believer will block the answer to his question. They don't want to know what others think or the facts that guide their thinking. They choose to BELEIVE the holy infallible gospel of Donald Trump's election LIES. They "think" they have ALL the answers. I left this response at his blog, but do not expect him to publish it.

“Please, Tell Me What I am Thinking, Mr. Leftist”

Besides knowing YOU think, although BELEIVE is the correct term, that I’m a leftist, pro-Hamas commie who hates America, murders children, loves black criminals, welcomes Mexican killers and rapists, wants to exterminate Jews, and take away your guns and freedom? 

You "think" Trump is being HONEST with his ridiculous, baseless, debunked, and absurd election LIES.

THAT delusional belief is what defines you. It also happens to define neo-Nazis, white supremacists, white Christian nationalists, racist Proud Boys and the rest of Trump's THUGS (whom he PRAISES) who terrorized Congress and beat cops bloody to overturn the election that he LOST.

(He won’t like that answer, will he?)

Darrell "thinks" the "stollen" election was the result of a vast multi-state conspiracy when by ALL facts and evidence it is Trump's and HIS PROJECTION. The FACT is Trump tried to CANCEL the MAJORITY votes of 81 MILLION Americans in his attempt to STEAL the election. This is by definition hating America.

Darrell and Trump are just too clever to be "fooled" by the certified results.

By ALL counts, recounts, certifications, Trump’s DOJ, Trump’s Homeland Security, 60 courts, and multiple audits:



81,283,501 Popular votes

306 Electoral Votes



74,223,975 Popular votes

232 Electoral Votes

A bipartisan majority in both the House and Senate voted Trump GUILTY of insurrection in his second impeachment.

Here are the FACTS and EVIDENCE against your "honest Don the con" accurately presented by "RINO leftist" Liz Cheney (R WY):

"On the morning of January 6, President Donald Trump's intention was to remain president of the United States, despite the lawful outcome of the 2020 election and in violation of his Constitutional obligation to relinquish power. President Trump summoned the mob, assembled the mob and lit the flame of this attack."

“To my Republican colleagues I say there will come a day when Donald Trump is gone but your dishonor will remain.”

"President Trump oversaw a sophisticated seven-part plan to overturn the 2020 election and prevent the transition of presidential power.”

1. President Trump engaged in a massive effort to spread false and fraudulent information to the American public claiming the 2020 election was stolen from him.

2. President Trump corruptly planned to replace the Acting Attorney General, so that the Department of Justice would support his fake election claims.

3. President Trump corruptly pressured Vice President Pence to refuse to count certified electoral votes in violation of the US Constitution and the law.

4. President Trump corruptly pressured state election officials, and state legislators, to change election results.

5. President Trump's legal team and other Trump associates instructed Republicans in multiple states to create false electoral slates and transmit those slates to Congress and the National Archives.

6. President Trump summoned and assembled a violent mob in Washington and directed them to march on the US Capitol.

7. As the violence was underway, President Trump ignored multiple pleas for assistance and failed to take immediate action to stop the violence and instruct his supporters to leave the Capitol.

ALL of this is supported by verifiable FACTS, EVIDENCE, and SWORN testimony from TRUMP'S own people. 

But Darrell "thinks" he and Trump the pathological LIAR know better. So he embraces Trump's Big Lie, AND accuses me, without quoting my words or showing evidence, of wanting to "support the limitation of constitutional freedoms because he assumes that I and other like minded  conservatives are the one (sic) wanting to restrict the democratic process and destroy our nation, while his president has actually been doing this".

A Trumpist true believer cannot comprehend the REALITY that their hero is charged with provable ELECTION INTERFERENCE crimes. So naturally their complete denial of Trump's obvious intentions to DENY my right to have my vote counted and to overturn our election is saddled with PROJECTION that I personally want to "limit constitutional freedoms". 

He can't say which "freedoms" I want to limit, of course. Trumpist true believers emulate their hero's example by regurgitating the lies, false accusations, and blatant projection. Like a cult. They will unite in hatred of everyone who wants to hold their Malevolent Mendacious Messiah accountable under our rule of law.

Finally, Darrell only quoted ONE complete sentence of mine, ignoring the context, of course.

“Believing Trump's lies is what makes Americans neo-Nazis.” 

Damn straight. People have been violent and died for those lies. They stormed the capitol to overturn the election for those lies. Death threats fall like rain due to those lies.

Here Darrell quoted only the last phrase, out of context naturally.

"The media doesn't want to talk about WHY the Middle East is such a mess. They love to do their "both sider" schtick with American politics, but DREAD blaming both sides for Israeli land theft, apartheid, terrorism, the Palestinian Nakba and GAZA holocaust'."

He just wanted to accuse me of blaming ONLY Israelis and supporting their extermination.  

All of these are verifiable FACTS. To this day Israelis are forcing Palestinians from their homes.

Darrell cherry-picked my words from the previous comment thread at my blog, IGNORING these significant remarks for context:

"Until Palestinians are no longer being driven from their homes and terrorism abates, the hate that fuels the conflict will continue to burn. BOTH sides need to evolve past ancient religion/land feuds and learn how to live with each other in mutual respect for rights and justice."


"Netanyahu is doing his best to corrupt their justice system. He is their Trump and needs to go. The same for Hamas, ISIS, al-Qaeda, Trump, and Putin. And while we're at it, the same for the Proud Boys, Oath Keepers, the Klan, and the rest of MAGA America. ALL of them are threats to peace, stability, and democracy."

I'm calling Hamas evil here and saying they need to go, along with a few more evil actors.

For this Darrell accuses me of "championing modern day Nazis hoping to exterminate the Jews that Hitler couldn’t. 

This vile lie is EXACTLY what neo-fascist MAGA lies and hate look like.

If you want to know what I think, read and QUOTE my words instead of taking them out of context.

If you don't understand what I say, ASK for clarification before LYING about me.

But they don't answer questions or listen to answers, do they? Trumpists already "KNOW" everything.

Once again, the way to common ground is accepting the FACT that Trump lost, lied, and illegally tried to steal the election. Many Republicans know this. For that they are hated by Trump's true believers. The MAGA cult refuses to look at the facts, evidence, and indictments. 

Trump's election LIES are gospel to them.

Friday, March 29, 2024

Common Ground


I’m happy our old radicalized far Right, Trump-supporting friend Darrell is preaching again. I do value his perspective in order to better understand the radical Right Trumpist mentality.

In his post, “The Unbridgeable Divide Between Left and Right”, he reasonably asks, “How does one find common ground when many of the points of contention are diametrically opposed and argued so vehemently?”

I can think of one or two reasons he would not want to consider, so I’d like to address them here.

A good start to finding common ground would be to accept verifiable facts, and not dismiss any journalism as “fake” if it doesn’t conform to, and support, Trump’s “alternative facts”, lies and propaganda.

If one’s grasp of reality relies on the Holy Infallible Word of Donald Trump, common ground is automatically denied. THAT is the primary deal-breaker.

And it also answers these questions:

How is it possible to bridge the divide…

…Between those who BELIEVE every word from Trump as gospel, and those who KNOW he’s a narcissistic, compulsive, serial LIAR?

…Between those who compromise, and those who REFUSE to compromise?

…Between those who were willing to pass border protection that included over a thousand new officers and additional fentanyl detection devices, and those who killed it on orders from ONE man who WANTS a border crisis to base his campaign on so he can be above the law and stay out of prison?

…Between those who would vote for Trump even if he is a convicted criminal and those who support equal justice under law?

…Between those who support an authoritarian who calls his opposition “vermin” and “communists” and those who know the history of the same hate rhetoric from 1930’s Germany?

…Between those who support a man who sent an angry and violent mob to the Capitol, REFUSED to call them off,  and PRAISED his thugs (“hostages”) after watching them desecrate our Capitol, terrorized Congress, and beat cops bloody attempting to steal the election, and those who see this as gross negligence, a crime, and a betrayal of our republic that terminated our history of peaceful transfer of power?

…Between those who want to IMPOSE their religious beliefs against the will of MOST Americans, and those who understand our republic is NOT based on, or favors, any religion?

…Between those who accuse a Democrat of trying to “overthrow the elected prime minister of Israel” (by calling for an election, of all the “tyranny”,) and those who KNOW Israel is sick of their leader who is charged with corruption, having the support of only 19% of the Israeli people?

…Between the intolerant bigots who howl against drag queens and those who know drag is theatre, not indoctrination, and that Reagan and Giuliani have done it, and those who KNOW far more clergy abuse children than drag queens ever did?

…Between those who are intolerant of the LGBTQ community and won’t mind their own business, and people exercising their right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness?

…Between those who think the covid vaccination is more dangerous than covid, and those who KNOW it has SAVED far more lives?   

…Between those who give Trump more credit for lowering Black unemployment than the Black president actually did?

(Bureau of Labor Statistics numbers: Aug. 2011 the Bush Recession produced black unemployment rate 16.7% January 2017, the Black unemployment rate was at 7.8 percent. Under Obama the Black unemployment rate dropped 8.9%. Trump crowed about a record low 5.4% rate, a 2.4% drop from what Obama left him. Trump left Biden a Black unemployment rate of 6.9% rate in January 2021.)

…Between those like Darrell who ignore Trump's racist history and birtherism and say, “the black president did more to destroy race relations and divide the nation than any other politician in recent memory”, and those who KNOW racism has been deeply rooted in American white culture for CENTURIES? They can’t imagine the possibility that hostile reactions to the black president could reveal the racism, so they blame the black guy instead of the real racists.

In a June 2017 poll by the Pew Research Center, nearly 9 in 10 blacks — 88 percent — said the nation needed to continue making changes for blacks to have equal rights with whites. For whites, that number was substantially lower: 53 percent. About 51 percent of blacks said Obama had made progress toward improving race relations, compared with 28 percent of whites. The poll also found 32 percent of whites blamed Obama for making race relations worse, compared with 5 percent for blacks.

Those black voices fall on deaf ears among Trump supporters. Instead, they wrap themselves in a single MLK quote on judging by character, and FALSLEY accuse liberals of disagreeing with the man. What they DON'T want to hear is what happened to the black women election workers Giuliani and Trump LIED about, falsely accusing them of election fraud. Shaye Moss and Ruby Freeman were terrorized by DEATH THREATS from Trumpists who BELIEVED the racist LIES Trump and Republicans spread about them. 

…Between those who believe Trump is an honest man who lost (by massive fraud that he could NOT prove), and the majority who accept the VERIFIABLE FACT Biden won a fair election according to ALL counts, recounts, certifications, audits, Trump’s AG and DOJ, Trump’s White House Counsel, Trump’s Homeland Security, and 60 courts?



81,283,501 Popular votes

306 Electoral Votes



74,223,975 Popular votes

232 Electoral Votes

Finally, let’s examine one more foul absurdity that Darrell advances.

“Ironically the only thing that remains the same is that it was the Democratic Party that opposed freedom then,(The Civil War) and it is the Democratic Party that opposes freedom today.”

This is what happens when someone ignores the fact that today’s Klan, Neo-Nazis, Proud Boys, Oath Keepers, and every other racist white nationalist is a Trump supporter.

Since Trump took power, no one lost more freedom than women. Republicans wouldn’t allow a raped ten-year-old to abort a rapist’s fetus. They would FORCE a woman to DIE from an ectopic pregnancy. Republicans DENY women the FREEDOM to NOT FOLLOW REPUBLICANS’ RELIGION. 

Trump’s party is still gerrymandering Blacks out of fair representation, and STILL attempting to empower their legislators to OVERTURN the will of the voters. Arizona Republican state Sen. Anthony Kern was one of the fake electors in 2020. Kern recently proposed legislation that would give the state legislature the authority to override the popular vote.

Trump criminally tried to steal an election and CANCEL the votes of 81 MILLION Americans. The evidence is clearly shown in the indictments, that Trump’s true believers REFUSE to even read.

And ONLY white Trump supporters STILL wave the Confederate flag!

This brings us to the answer to Darrell’s question.

Common ground can only be found when enough Republicans and conservatives acknowledge the FACT that Trump is a grifter, con man, cheater, liar, sociopath, and criminal.

He won’t like it, or even consider it, but this answers Darrell’s question.

Thursday, March 14, 2024

Democracy Or Republic?


“The US isn’t a democracy. It’s a republic.”

How many times have we heard this from election-denying insurrectionist liars?

Of course, like ALL authoritarians, they claim the right to unilaterally define terms and their own delusional views of reality. 

Orwell noted that the destruction of language is a totalitarian propaganda tactic. In “1984”, the Party’s Thought Police inquisitor O’Brien explains to Winston Smith between torture sessions, “It’s a beautiful thing, the destruction of words...Don't you see that the whole aim of Newspeak is to narrow the range of thought? Orthodoxy means not thinking - not needing to think. Orthodoxy is unconsciousness."

“Fake news”, “enemy of the people” and “Arbeit macht Frei” (Work sets you free.)

“The Party told you to reject the evidence of your eyes and ears. It was their final, most essential command.” – The Party (1984)

“Just remember, what you are seeing and what you are reading is not what's happening.” – Trump

Historian and author of “Strongmen: Mussolini to the Present” Ruth Ben-Ghiat writes in “What Happens to Language When Authoritarianism Takes Hold: Resist the Perversion of Language and the Destruction of Meaning”,

So, authoritarians turn language into a weapon, as well as emptying key words in the political life of a nation such as patriotism, honor, and freedom of meaning. We are well on our way in America to what I call the "upside-down world of authoritarianism", where the rule of law gives way to rule by the lawless; where those who take our rights away and jail us pose as protectors of freedom; where the thugs who assaulted the Capitol on Jan. 6 are turned into patriots; and where "leadership means killing people," as Tucker Carlson put it recently, justifying Vladimir Putin's killing of Alexei Navalny.

This is why authoritarians like Trumpists, neo-Nazis, autocrats and tyrants HATE the very word “democracy”. That implies acceptance of election results, even when their Dear Leader loses.

Let’s go back to the “US isn’t a democracy. It’s a republic”, lie spewed by the Trump Cult. Why is it a lie? The definitions of those terms tell us it’s a lie.

American fascists need to REJECT established definitions and replace them with THEIR false meanings.

Any time a Trumpist tries to gaslight us we need to immediately call them out.

“Democracy” comes from Greek for “rule of the people”.  “Republic” comes from Latin for “rule of the people”. They are synonyms.

Here are the accepted Merriam-Webster definitions that fascists don’t want you to know:


1a: government by the people especially: rule of the majority

b: a government in which the supreme power is vested in the people and exercised by them directly or indirectly through a system of representation usually involving periodically held free elections

2: a political unit that has a democratic government

3 capitalized : the principles and policies of the Democratic party in the U.S. from emancipation Republicanism to New Deal Democracy— C. M. Roberts

4: the common people especially when constituting the source of political authority

5: the absence of hereditary or arbitrary class distinctions or privileges 


1a(1): a government having a chief of state who is not a monarch and who in modern times is usually a president

(2): a political unit (such as a nation) having such a form of government

b(1): a government in which supreme power resides in a body of citizens entitled to vote and is exercised by elected officers and representatives responsible to them and governing according to law

(2): a political unit (such as a nation) having such a form of government


While we’re at it, here are a few other handy definitions to counter the radical Right lies and gaslighting:

Merriam-Webster- Coup d'état: a sudden decisive exercise of force in politics, especially the violent overthrow or alteration of an existing government by a small group.

Merriam Webster- Terrorism: the unlawful use or threat of violence especially against the state or the public as a politically motivated means of attack or coercion

(FBI) Domestic terrorism: Violent, criminal acts committed by individuals and/or groups to further ideological goals stemming from domestic influences, such as those of a political, religious, social, racial, or environmental nature.

Definitions matter. The essential meanings of words are on the front line in our resistance to tyranny. Don't let them weaponize language by destroying it.

Saturday, March 9, 2024

Why No Answers?


My experiment in eliciting honest answers from the Trump Cult has shown us what we’ve known all along.

I fully understood no Trumpist would answer any questions or fill in my convenient forms to show their evidence that would “set me straight”. Hell, none of them could let me know when America was great before 2016!

This confirms they cannot answer questions...unless their cult tells them the answer. An anonymous Trumpist sent a link to the radical Right Federalist expressing their OPINION that Biden lied 30 times in his State of the Union Speech.

So, I checked it out. I’m never going to say Biden, or any politician, always tells the truth or gets his facts straight. But the propagandists at the Federalist go to absurd extremes, AKA their opinions and deceit, to falsely spin Biden as a liar.

One “lie” is Biden’s mispronunciation of a woman named Laken Riley as “Lincoln”. It wasn’t part of his speech, but a response to the disrespectful heckler Margie Greene. Biden offered his condolences to her family as any decent person would.

This is their “standard”.

And: Biden ludicrously contended that America has “never fully lived up to” the idea that “we are all created equal.

Tell that to Geoge Floyd’s family or any of the MILLIONS of drivers stopped by police for “driving while black”, and thousands of others beaten while in custody. Tell that to Black Americans who live in GOP gerrymandered districts that deprive them of a fair vote for representation. Tell that to Ruby Freeman and niece, bullied by Trump and Giuliani’s hateful racist LIES about them interfering in the election.

More examples:

1. Sending Money To Ukraine

Biden claimed that Republicans who oppose sending additional U.S. taxpayer dollars to Ukraine are doing so because they want America to “walk away from our leadership in the world.” That is false. Opponents of endlessly funding Ukraine’s war with Russia have regularly stated that American interests must come before those of other nations.

Only Trump and his MAGAts would think Putin and his war promotes American interests. Trump envies and reveres Putin. This is their ONLY reason for many Republicans to reverse their support for Ukraine.

2. Trump’s NATO Remarks

Biden claimed former President Trump told Vladimir Putin, “Do whatever the hell you want,” regarding Russia’s invasion of Eastern Europe. But that’s not accurate.

The former president’s remarks came during a recent South Carolina rally, during which Trump recounted a story from when he was president and speaking with a NATO member. Trump purportedly told this state that he would withhold U.S. support if they didn’t pay their minimum defense spending obligations.

“‘You didn’t pay? You’re delinquent?’” Trump recalled telling the unidentified NATO member. “‘No, I would not protect you. In fact, I would encourage them to do whatever the hell they want. You gotta pay. You gotta pay your bills.’”

In other words, Trump SAID IT. 

3. World Security And Ukraine

Biden claimed “the free world is at risk” if the U.S. doesn’t ship more American taxpayer dollars to Ukraine. There is literally no evidence to support this assertion.

Ukraine’s fledging democracy is at the front line of the free world. Putin is a war criminal and tyrant who has THREATENED to use nuclear weapons.

4. Jan. 6 Demonstrations

The president claimed that the Jan.6, 2021, demonstrations at the U.S. Capitol and concerns and lawsuits regarding the integrity of the 2020 election “posed the gravest threat to [American] democracy since the Civil War.”

How the hell is lying about winning and attempting to criminally STEAL the election by mob FORCE, in addition to orchestrating FRAUDULENT electors and bullying the DOJ and state officials to interfere on his behalf NOT a threat to democracy?

6. Kate Cox

Biden claimed the life of Kate Cox, a Texas woman who left the Lonestar State to obtain an abortion, was “at risk” during her pregnancy.

As Susan Bane wrote in these pages, Cox’s now-deceased unborn baby was diagnosed with Trisomy 18, “a condition associated with severe developmental delays.” These children “can sometimes thrive into their early twenties.” Cox was not at risk of dying from the diagnosis, however.

Bane is a “pro-life” activist who wants a young human to suffer a short life with terrible financial and emotional burdens on parents. She LIED about the child’s ability to “thrive into their early twenties”.

From the Cleveland Clinic:

What can I expect if I have a child with trisomy 18?

There’s no cure for Edwards syndrome (trisomy 18). Almost all pregnancies end in miscarriage or stillbirth. Of those pregnancies surviving into the third trimester, nearly 40% of babies diagnosed with Edwards syndrome (trisomy 18) don’t survive during labor, and nearly one-third of the surviving babies deliver preterm.

The survival rate varies for babies born with Edwards syndrome (trisomy 18):

Between 60% and 75% survive to their first week.

Between 20% and 40% survive to their first month.

No more than 10% survive past their first year.

Children born with Edwards syndrome (trisomy 18) will need specialized care to address their unique symptoms immediately after they are born. The survival rate is low, especially if your child has delayed organ development or a congenital heart condition. Out of the 10% who survive past their first birthday, children go on to live fulfilling lives with significant support from their family and caretakers, as most never learn to walk or talk.

7. Covid Shots And Cancer

Biden falsely claimed the Covid jabs are “now being used to help beat cancer.”

From the National Cancer Institute:

In fact, scientists at both Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna drew on their experience developing mRNA cancer vaccines to create their coronavirus vaccines. Now, some investigators believe the success of the mRNA COVID-19 vaccines could help accelerate clinical research on mRNA vaccines to treat cancer.

And on and on…

There are a number of more objective and far less partisan sources for fact-checking:

The point is what they are TOLD and BELIEVE matter far more than facts. The FACTS are Trump lost and lied in 2020. And when facts are too complicated or unwelcome, they are not accepted. Myths, fantasies, conspiracies and lies are what offer them BELIEFS, meaning, comfort, and security.

Our radical right Trumpist commenters and all their fellow authoritarian-following personalities will always believe their authoritarian leaders. Their authoritarian nature allows, and welcomes, their brain circuits to be re-routed by the constant barrage of lies their leaders feed them.

All that matters to their Leader and his sycophantic media and mouthpieces is to inculcate a willingness in their targeted dupes to BELIEVE only what THEY and their propagandists tell them.

They tell them who to blame and hate, because they have been threatened by or deeply wronged by those others. And it FEELS good be identified with a group that is like-minded in paranoid beliefs of "persecution" and "victimhood".

They are bound in identity and purpose, in a struggle against those who they BELIEVE are a threat or danger to their Leader, themselves, and the BELIEFS they embrace as absolute truth. Their BELIEFS do not require facts or examination.

It FEELS like truth because they emotionally FEEL it. If a lie from the Leader makes them FEEL angry, they will BELIEVE it. No facts or reasoning are required. Emotional reactions from their authoritarian, over-active, and enlarged amygdala are easily triggered, and a vast industry exists to trigger these FEELINGS to deeply implant BELIEFS their leaders use as leverage for power.

The BELEIFS reinforced by FEELINGS have taken hold. Every word from their Leader is gospel, never to be questioned. 

Trump becomes their quasi-religious leader in their sacred cause to eliminate the "evil that threatens them" (the political opposition and anyone with religious/social/racial/cultural differences) and their leader, who they actually see as ONE of them. For that they love and practically worship him. HE alone stands between them and the darkness and evil that surrounds them.

The authoritarian-following personalities who have had their brain circuits re-routed by the constant barrage of lies their leaders feed them will not be able to process what I'm saying.

ONLY Trump and Republicans tell the truth. They FEEL it. They BELIEVE it.

They will regularly regurgitate their BELIEFS, but NEVER show verifiable information to support them. So, all they can do is lie, accuse, demean, deflect and project. "YOU'RE the liars!"

They FEEL they don’t owe us any answers. And why should they be answerable to “communist Trump-hating vermin”?  It would be like the Inquisition being obliged to answer Galileo , or an SS Officer being obligated to answer a Jew.

Thursday, February 29, 2024

Supreme Obstruction And Interference


So, my prediction on February 6 didn’t come true. I admit it was unrealistically optimistic, which is why I called it a bold prediction.

I wrote:

A federal appeals court decided Trump’s immunity claims would reject "the most fundamental check on executive power."

The rationality, wisdom and common sense of this decision are as valid and sound as any judgement could be.

Therefore, I'm going to make a bold prediction that reflects this temporary surge of optimism.

The Supreme Court will NOT take up this inane case. It has been decided rationally, thoroughly, and UNANIMOUSLY by the Appeals Court

Even Chief Justice Roberts should have the sense that taking up this nonsense would be tantamount to open defiance of our rule of law and interference on behalf of Trump in the upcoming election.

The Court is already trying to shake off the stain of corruption and bribery. If he wants the Court to regain any semblance of integrity, Roberts will deny Trump's absurd assertion any further dignity in front of the Supreme Court. I think he would make this clear to Trump's appointed justices and the corrupt Clarence Thomas, whose wife may yet see criminal charges for HER ELECTION INTERFERENCE.

There may be a good chance even these partisan cronies would think twice about saying, "Wait a minute. I think Trump SHOULD be above the law for the rest of his life".

After all, if that deranged notion is sound, then President Biden is free to legally order Seal Team 6 to just take Trump out. And maybe a Justice or two as well.


And so, the stolen and stacked Trump Supreme Court of the United States wasted valuable time to finally take up the absurd question of “presidential immunity”.

As if it had planned it all along, the stolen and stacked Trump Supreme Court conveniently timed and scheduled this case for the benefit of the criminal defendant Donald Trump.

As if it had planned it all along, the stolen and stacked Trump Supreme Court imposed a delay on Trump’s criminal trials that would also delay any verdict until after the election.

As if it had planned it all along, the stolen and stacked Trump Supreme Court decided to delay, hold up, hold back, make late, slow down, set back, bog down, hinder, hamper, impede, and OBSTRUCT JUSTICE!

If the Roberts court had planned all along to aid and abet Trump’s election interference crimes and attempted coup it would do EXACTLY what it is doing now.

The Roberts court essentially gave Trump a “stay out of jail free” card until after the election, or if he wins, a “stay out of jail free” card for eternity. The latter scenario would be a virtual coronation of Trump as king, or proclamation of dictator for life, free to do whatever he wants to stay in power.

The stolen and stacked Trump Supreme Court could have decided the issue BEFORE they bumped the inane question of Trump’s immunity from criminal prosecution back to the Court of Appeals. This alone indicated the Robert’s Court’s willingness to aid and abet Trump’s gaming of the justice system by forcing continuous delays.

They didn’t need to accept this tactic from Trump’s sleazy lawyers. There was no rational justification to re-open Trump's can of worms that was INTENDED to delay justice and allow him a chance to elevate himself ABOVE THE LAW. 

But they did. And it’s pretty damn hard to not suspect that this is partisan political OBSTRUCTION of justice by delay, and therefore INTERFERENCE in the upcoming election.

The court is effectively DENYING the public’s RIGHT to hear and see the evidence of Trump’s crimes BEFORE the election. The court is effectively DENYING the public’s RIGHT to hear the verdicts of the juries BEFORE the election.

Justice delayed for the American people is justice denied to the American people.

Monday, February 26, 2024

Set Me Straight


Trump fans often leave comments that express their deeply emotional reactions to events and topics I discuss, or don’t discuss. That’s fine. It surely makes them FEEL better to vent. However, it would be more helpful towards civil and good faith discussion and debate if they could form their thoughts around information and reasoning. We can all learn from shared knowledge if we allow it to pass through our emotional filters.


I WELCOME any information that would indicate I am mistaken, misinformed or flawed in my reasoning. Please set me straight

Here are some handy and simple forms to make it easier for Trump’s true believers and supporters:

Dave, I have to say you are stating falsehoods by claiming (_____) and (_______). These verifiable facts and evidence (_____) and (____) suggest you are quite mistaken.

Also, this:

Trump really won the 2020 election and here is the proof of massive voter fraud that "senile" Joe Biden brilliantly orchestrated to steal it: ___________.

And this:

Trump WILL make America great again, like it used to be before 2016, from the years_____ to  ____.

Finally, this:

Trump is being persecuted by the "deep state', "racist" Black judges and prosecutors, and "communist" democrats by indicting him on "phony" charges. 

Here are the verifiable facts and evidence that exonerate him. 1. ____2. ____3. ____4. ___.

Thank you.

Tuesday, February 20, 2024

Kremlin Agents


Just in:

The former FBI informant charged with lying about the Bidens’ dealings in Ukraine told investigators after his arrest that Russian intelligence officials were involved in passing information to him about Hunter Biden, prosecutors said Tuesday in a new court filing, noting that the information was false.

Prosecutors also said Alexander Smirnov has been “actively peddling new lies that could impact US elections” after meeting with Russian spies late last year and that the fallout from his previous false bribery accusations about the Bidens “continue[s] to be felt to this day.”

Smirnov claims to have “extensive and extremely recent” contacts with foreign intelligence officials, prosecutors said in the filing.~ CNN

Imagine that.

As a follow up to my "Russian Threat" post I'll share this telling exchange I had after figuratively wading into a MAGA fever swamp blog.  Note how "Joe Conservative" reacted to the Cunningham tweet from that post. 


Joe Conservative:

Since Putin is FOR the de-NAZIFICATION of Ukraine. Does THAT mean that as an anti-Russia/ anti-Putinist that the you're for Ukraine's NAZIFICATION?

You're pro-Navalny, right? The guy who marches with the far-right and refers to Muslim's as cockroaches requiring extermination?


Dave Dubya:

Well, well, our Kremlin agent -FJ/Joe Con seems animated in his work today. 

Maybe he's inspired by Tucker Carlson's shameless humiliation in front of Putin. But that's OK. Tucker went out of his way to praise Russia a useful idiot.

Kremlin agent -FJ/Joe Con doesn’t have to bother pretending to be a journalist to serve Putin. He blurts it right out. If you’re against Putin, you’re pro-Nazi.

Who the hell is stupid enough to BUY that? (Present company excepted)

In the same slimy spirit of praising a tyrant who seeks to dominate Europe, Asia, and the Republican Party, Joe Con loyally promotes Putin's absurd "De-Nazification" cover for his war crimes 

"Since Putin is FOR the de-NAZIFICATION of Ukraine."

This is LITERALLY Putin’s war propaganda. 

And you wonder why I call him a Kremlin agent?


This dangerous "De-Nazification" bullshit IS PUTIN'S INFO WAR on Ukraine, the United States and Europe. It is very real and very pervasive.

Everyone who spreads this is wittingly or unwittingly a Kremlin agent.

Putin's tightening grip on Trump and the Republican Party is an immediate and lethal threat to our constitutional democratic republic. He is a threat to Europe and all democracies. 

We need to call out, challenge, and CONDEMN the propaganda and disinformation from Putin's Kremlin agents. All of them. Everywhere. In the House. In the Senate. In the media. In every community. In every family.  

We can do this without insulting them or calling them liars. We just let them know what they are saying is promoting Putin and his war.

Exhibit B:

While in Russia where he humiliated himself in a Putin interview, Kremlin agent Tucker Carlson gushed from a supermarket, “Seeing how much things cost and how people live will radicalize you against our leaders, that’s how I feel radicalized. We’re not making this up by the way, at all.”

According to Russia's state-run propaganda agency, over 60% of Russians spend half their salary on food. In the U.S., that number is roughly 11%, the highest it’s been since the 1980s but still much smaller than most poorer nations.

The average wage in Russia is the equivalent of $14,771.

Yeah, like he's only recently been radicalized. 


Note to my readers:

I WELCOME any information that would indicate I am mistaken, misinformed or flawed in my reasoning. Please set me straight. 

I understand this may be difficult for our fellow Americans and readers who believe and support Trump.

Here are some handy and simple forms to make it easier for them.

“Dave, I have to say you are stating falsehoods by claiming (_____) and (_______). These verifiable facts and evidence (_____) and (____) suggest you are quite mistaken.”

Also, this:

“Trump really won the 2020 election and here is the proof that Biden stole it: ___________.”

And this:

“Trump will make America great again like it was in the years between_____ and ____.”

Wednesday, February 14, 2024

Russian Threat


CNN’s Jim Sciutto tweeted:

House Intel Committee Chair Mike Turner has made intelligence around a “serious national security threat” available to all members of Congress to review. Two sources familiar and a US official tell CNN the threat is related to Russia. - Multiple sources familiar with the intelligence characterized the intelligence as “very sensitive.”

Earlier Wednesday, Turner sent his Congressional colleagues a letter saying the urgent matter is “with regard to a destabilizing foreign military capability.”

Speaker Johnson appears to be urging some calm: “We are going to work together to address this matter, as we do all sensitive matters that are classified.…. But we just want to assure everyone steady hands are at the wheel. We're working on it — and there's no need for alarm.”


Um, no matter what Putin’s puppet’s House Puppet says, I would suspect the opposite to be true. 

I suspect the current threat is about Russian missile/submarine capabilities, or perhaps it’s cyber-security or other espionage. (Update: It's an anti-satellite weapon.)

But there is a far more immediate cause for alarm. 

The ongoing threat by Trump and his minions in his Party of Putin is still a clear and present danger to the republic and to global peace and democracy.

Trump and Republican Party of Putin ARE the greatest domestic threat within the United States.

This tweet by Bryan Cunningham, Executive Director of the Cybersecurity Policy & Research Institute makes it chillingly clear.


MEGA MAGA DON'T BE GASLIT! (Bear With Me to the end). As a career, non-partisan, intelligence professional, I actually don't know whether Trump, Speaker Johnson, and some of the MAGA bootlicking Senators are ACTUALLY recruited assets of Putin's Intelligence Services, but what I know FOR CERTAIN is that they could no more be doing Putin's bidding if they WERE directly under Russian intelligence control. Ask ANY serious intelligence professional what KGB Putin would want of high-ranking USG spies and they would say...

1. Get the US out of NATO.

2. Invite Russia to invade Western Europe.

3. Stoke and amplify all divisions in America, along racial, ethnic, & religious fissures (i.e., make us hate each other).

4. Undermine Americans' trust in all of our institutions: FBI, CIA, DOJ, the Courts and our heroic Military.


Are you starting to get it yet New Putin Simps? The "Art of the Deal"-maker and his bootlickers are GIVING EVERYTHING TO PUTIN FOR FREE. Great deal, eh? We ARE being invaded-not by immigrants but by Putin's propaganda, fueled by MAGA. And REMEMBER: As bad as illegal immigration is, they don't have nukes. Putin does.



Thank you, Brian. I couldn't have said it better.

Tuesday, February 6, 2024

Imaginary Immunity

A federal appeals court decided Trump’s immunity claims would reject "the most fundamental check on executive power."

"We cannot accept former President Trump’s claim that a President has unbounded authority to commit crimes that would neutralize the most fundamental check on executive power — the recognition and implementation of election results. Nor can we sanction his apparent contention that the Executive has carte blanche to violate the rights of individual citizens to vote and to have their votes count."

In addition, they said that Trump's stance "would collapse our system of separated powers by placing the President beyond the reach of all three Branches."

"Presidential immunity against federal indictment would mean that, as to the President, the Congress could not legislate, the Executive could not prosecute and the Judiciary could not review.”

“Former President Trump’s alleged efforts to remain in power despite losing the 2020 election were, if proven, an unprecedented assault on the structure of our government. He allegedly injected himself into a process in which the President has no role — the counting and certifying of the Electoral College votes — thereby undermining constitutionally established procedures and the will of the Congress.”

The rationality, wisdom and common sense of this decision are as valid and sound as any judgement could be.

Therefore, I'm going to make a bold prediction that reflects this temporary surge of optimism.

The Supreme Court will NOT take up this inane case. It has been decided rationally, thoroughly, and UNANIMOUSLY by the Appeals Court 

Even Chief Justice Roberts should have the sense that taking up this nonsense would be tantamount to open defiance of our rule of law and interference on behalf of Trump in the upcoming election.

The Court is already trying to shake off the stain of corruption and bribery. If he wants the Court to regain any semblance of integrity, Roberts will deny Trump's absurd assertion any further dignity in front of the Supreme Court. I think he would make this clear to Trump's appointed justices and the corrupt Clarence Thomas, whose wife may yet see criminal charges for HER ELECTION INTERFERENCE.

There may be a good chance even these partisan cronies would think twice about saying, "Wait a minute. I think Trump SHOULD be above the law for the rest of his life".

After all, if that deranged notion is sound, then President Biden is free to legally order Seal Team 6 to just take Trump out. And maybe a Justice or two as well.