Sunday, December 31, 2017

Just Shut Up

This is how the Cult of Right-wing Authoritarian Personalities operates:

Right-wing Authoritarian Trumpist and former Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke abused his authority to harass and punish a fellow airline traveler.

Passenger Dan Black told Milwaukee investigators that he spotted Clarke after the men boarded the Milwaukee-bound plane in Dallas on Jan. 15. When he asked Clarke if he was, in fact, the sheriff, and Clarke confirmed it, Black said he shook his head. When Clarke asked him if he had a “problem” with that, Black said he didn’t respond because he didn’t want to get in trouble. Investigators found Black’s account credible, according to the affidavit.

Clarke texted one of his officers to detain Black upon arrival in Wisconsin, according to the affidavit. “Just a field interview, no arrest unless he becomes an asshole with your guys,” Clarke texted, according to a screenshot obtained of the texts. “Question for him is why he said anything to me. Why didn’t he just keep his mouth shut?”

Black was then met by six deputies and two police dogs, according to a complaint he filed against Clarke with the Milwaukee County Executive’s Office. Black was detained and questioned by deputies about “remarks” he had made to Clarke, which Black denied, and then was escorted to a friend’s car to leave the airport.

...Investigators for the Audit Services Division of the Milwaukee County controller’s office determined as part of its own investigation that Clarke had “used his official position as sheriff of Milwaukee County in excess of his lawful authority to direct his deputies to stop and question Black without legal justification.”

“Why didn’t he just keep his mouth shut?”

Unless you're looking to be punished, shut up, obey, and respect the C.R.A.P’s authority. I'm pretty sure that's what it says in the Constitution and Bill of Rights. 

Unless it’s a Democrat, then IOKIYAR to say whatever you want. After all, only the C.R.A.P is allowed to interpret the Constitution. 

Don’t those commie liberals know free speech is for con-servatives, the rich and corporations only? 

Poor wittow sensitive baby Clarke had to whine:

BREAKING NEWS! When LYING LIB MEDIA makes up FAKE NEWS to smear me, the ANTIDOTE is go right at them. Punch them in the nose & MAKE THEM TASTE THEIR OWN BLOOD. Nothing gets a bully like LYING LIB MEDIA’S attention better than to give them a taste of their own blood 

Nothing like getting under the skin of lefties like I did today. I fight to win. You come at me libs you better bring a hard hat, some aspirin and your veggie wrap because it’s going to be a long day and I’m going to smack you around until you crawl back to your mom’s basement.

Poor wittow tough guy. Better sound like Saddam or Kim Jong Don. That’ll scare those commie snowflakes.

Whatever happened to, “Why didn’t he just keep his mouth shut?” 

Something authoritarian assholes never learn. They really are nothing but common thugs and bullies.


Monday, December 25, 2017

The Con-servative Ghost of Christmas Past

It's time for a visit from the Con-servative Ghost of Christmas Past.

Gary Aldrich, a former FBI agent who worked on the security team for the Bush and Clinton White Houses, spewed his hatred and deranged imagination in the 1996 book entitled "Unlimited Access: An FBI Agent Inside the Clinton White House."

Knowing the radical Right will believe anything about those they hate, his book claimed that Hillary Clinton's Christmas decorating team decided to deck the tree with drug paraphernalia, condoms and cock rings.

This is American con-servatism folks.

Does bringing this up appear to be in bad taste? 

Then consider the source. This is how the radical Right operates. They lie, and I call them out. The truth shouldn’t take a holiday. The Right attacks and undermines the truth every day of the year.

Perhaps just quoting con-servatives is in bad taste, but my quoting them is not as foul and evil as those who produce it.

They never let go of their hate and lies. Not even when it comes to wrapping their lies in a big Christmas bow. 

THEY invented a “war on Christmas” to attack liberals and stir up hate. This has been happening since the Clinton Derangement Syndrome drove them into a frenzy of lies and blind hate. They have no qualms whatsoever about such matters, which happens to be the point I’m making here.

I will be here to remind them of Christmas past. I am the ghost to their Scrooge. I will haunt them as long as they lie and hate in the name of greed and the political power of wealth.

Merry Christmas.

Friday, December 8, 2017

Welcome To The Cult, America

Cults. Just the word evokes images of mindless death and tragedy. Jonestown, Waco, Heaven’s Gate. The grisly evidence of cult brainwashing is there for all to see, but sadly too late to save the victims.

The existence of cults is evidence that humans have an innate herd instinct that induces those with anger and hate, or simple fear, uncertainly, and anxiety to join groups of true believers. True believers blindly follow their leaders. 

Believing leaders frees them of the need for self-examination and intellectual curiosity to adapt to the world. Believing leaders frees them of doubt and moral ambiguity. Believing leaders endows them with the belief that they alone possess the truth and superior morality. Believing leaders means rejecting all facts and information their leaders want them to reject.

Let’s look at some examples.

If you believe an ancient alien warlord named Xenu dropped souls into volcanoes, you are in a cult.

If you believe Sun Myung Moon was Jesus returned, you are in a cult.

If you believe David Koresh was the new Messiah, you are in a cult.

If you believed Charles Manson’s “Helter Skelter” gibberish, you were in a cult.

If you believed a creepy castrated guy called “Do” telling you to put on your Nike shoes to prepare to go up to a spaceship, you WERE in a cult.

If you believed Jim Jones was a prophet and drank his koolade, you WERE in a cult.

I think we're clear, right? Cultists believe their leaders without question, and are indoctrinated to distrust all other sources of information. They will revere and serve their leaders to any degree, up to and including their deaths. They are true believers.

Now let’s look at the biggest cult the United States has ever seen. Millions of good Americans have willingly drunk their leaders’ koolade, and refuse all facts and information their leaders want them to reject.

How do we know they are a cult? And how do we know if YOU are in this cult?

Let’s look at some more examples of cult indoctrination.

If you believe corporate owned newspapers and corporate TV network news are “liberal media”, you are in a cult and drank the koolade.

If you believe FOX News is "fair and balanced", you are in a cult and drank the koolade.

If you believe Bannon, Breitbart and Limbaugh, you are in a cult and drank the koolade.

If you believe there is no such thing as climate change, you are in a cult and drank the koolade.

If you believe the scientific consensus on greenhouse gasses contributing to climate change is false, you are in a cult and drank the koolade.

If you believe paid shills of Big Oil telling you billions of tons of greenhouse gasses have no effect on climate, you are in a cult and drank the koolade.

If you believe the Republicans and the NRA saying Democrats and liberals want to take your guns, you are in a cult and drank the koolade.

If you believe there is a “war on Christmas”, you are in a cult and drank the koolade. 

If you believe white Christians are persecuted and stripped of their religious freedom, you are in a cult and drank the koolade.

If you believe Saddam was in cahoots with al-Qaeda, had “biological labs” and “nukular” aluminum tubes for a nuclear weapons program, you are in a cult and drank the koolade.

If you believe Black Lives Matter is a racist hate group, you are in a cult and drank the koolade.

If you believe liberals are to blame for everything wrong in our country, you are in a cult and drank the koolade.

If you believe unions are bad for Americans, you are in a cult and drank the koolade.

If you believe universal public healthcare is communism, you are in a cult and drank the koolade.

If you believe colleges are pushing a “liberal agenda”, you are in a cult and drank the koolade.

If you believe Hillary Clinton ran a pedophilia sex ring from a pizza parlor, you are in a cult and drank the koolade.

If you believe Hillary Clinton should be locked up without criminal charges, you are in a cult and drank the koolade.

If you believe Trump was sent by Jesus to make America great, you are in a cult and drank the koolade.

If you believe Trump calling over a dozen credible women he molested liars, you are in a cult and drank the koolade.

If you believe birther Trump when he said Obama was not born in the US, you are in a cult and drank the koolade.

If you believe Trump was correct when he said, “Very fine people” marched with Nazis in Charlottesville, you are in a cult and drank the koolade.

If you believe Trump blaming “fake news”, you are in a cult and drank the koolade.

If you believe Trump about anything, you are in a cult and drank the koolade.

If you believe birther pedophile Roy Moore calling credible accusers liars, and blaming the “liberal media”, you are in a cult and drank the koolade.

If you believe only conservatives have values, you are in a cult and drank the koolade. 

If you believe tax cuts for corporations and the rich benefit anyone but the rich, you are in a cult and drank the koolade.

If you believe any of this, you are in the cult of Con-servatism. Your fears, anxieties and resentments have been fueled to the point of paranoia. You are told who to blame, who to resent, who to attack, who to accuse, who to distrust... and above all, who to vote for. You are being told your cult leaders should have complete power to rule our nation. You are told only your leaders like Trump can save our country. This is the indoctrination. This is the power of the far Right Cult of Con-servatism.

And this is the authoritarianism that leads to totalitarianism.

The far Right Cult of Con-servatism is a clear and present danger to democracy, equality, justice, freedom, and to our republic itself.

Until this cult is exposed and stripped of its power, our nation will slide further into totalitarian suppression of voter rights, education, unions, journalism, and minority rights.

This cult is in complete service to their masters. Their masters are the far Right corporate elites and neo-aristocracy that has gained almost complete control of our government. They are not concerned for our Constitutional general welfare. They want to eliminate or control it. They are dismantling our Constitutional regulation of commerce. Their wealth is the only “free speech” that is heard by their puppets in Congress.

Their puppets will do everything in their power to assure trickle up wealth for their masters.

This cult can only deliver the people fouled air and water, corporate controlled education, far Right propaganda in corporate media, Orwellian squalor, and permanent war.

This is how they will make America great again... for them only. The cult of duped Americans will reap what their masters have sown.

Unfortunately the rest of us will also suffer the consequences. And the far Right Cult of Con-servatism will continue to blame us.

That is how all cults operate. We are now to the point where we cannot save the victims.

Welcome to the Cult, America. Drink the koolade and make yourself great again, or witness in horror the end of the Great Experiment in democracy.

Saturday, December 2, 2017

Tyranny Of The Takers

The Party of Trump is pressing on with their extremely unpopular “Tax Cuts For The Rich And Screw Everyone Else” legislation. Every time the corporate media call that rapacious violation of the public interest “tax reform” I want to throw a brick at the TV.

The Republican Kleptocracy is kicking in, while kicking the little guy in the gut. Is there any other way they operate? I was planning on having a nice relaxing day today, so I’m going to let a few other people’s tweets convey the reality based perspective on the Party of Trump’s fleecing of America:


Jared Bernstein: Media and everyone else: From here on in, the GOP can NEVER credibly say "we can't afford X because it will raise the deficit!" Their support for their deficit-financed tax plan once-and-for-all, permanently takes that (always BS) argument off the table.

David Roth: Say what you will about needlessly making the lives of millions of Americans harder and worse so that 135 rich sociopaths never have to pay taxes on their private airplanes, but it is A WIN.

Joshua Holland: They don't expect him to win a second term and don't know when they'll have unified control again. It's the politics of looting the place while you still can.

Steve Schmidt: The United States Senate has gone completely off the rails. Lobbyists are writing the bill in secret and duly elected Democratic US Senators have no idea what's in it. The corruption of what used to be the world’s greatest deliberative body is a tragedy.

Ben Wikler: Until now, your income that paid for public schools (via state & local taxes) wasn’t taxed by the federal government. GOP bill ends that. Instead, they’re now creating a tax break for *private* school tuition.

Kevin Kruse: A 479-page bill, with major ramifications, rushed through with no hearings and no testimony, with the text not even printed up and only released hours before the vote. I'm trying to think of a historical precedent for this, but I'm coming up completely blank.... So, no, this mad rush with the GOP tax cut is nothing like the ten-month process behind Obamacare. Anyone who suggests so is admitting they don't know the first thing about either of these events. ..The Affordable Care Act took ten months from start to finish, with endless debate, discussion, congressional hearings, town halls, public meetings, and even a full formal presidential address devoted to explaining the details.

Kurt Eichenwald: For the MAGA guys who don’t understand: the people handwriting the tax bill don’t give a damn about them or this country. They are $1,000 Gucci shoe-wearing lobbyists who get pols to sell us all out, again and again, because you LET THEM by falling for the GOP con.... When the MAGA voters find their retirement age up at 70 and Medicare crippled because of this tax bill of sociopathic greed, will they FINALLY understand they’ve been conned? Or will they just wait for Fox to figure out some way to blame democrats?

Andy Richter: So it’s been proven. There’s a 99% chance that the GOP doesn’t give a shit about you.


Thanks to all of the above. They saved me a lot of typing and seething.

I’ll let our Last American Prophet make the point, as only he could:

You have no choice. You have owners. They own you. They own everything. They own all the important land, they own and control the corporations, and they’ve long since bought and paid for the Senate, the Congress, the State Houses, and the City Halls. They’ve got the judges in their back pockets. And they own all the big media companies so they control just about all the news and information you get to hear.

They’ve got you by the balls.

They spend billions of dollars every year lobbying to get what they want. Well, we know what they want; they want more for themselves and less for everybody else. But I’ll tell you what they don’t want—they don’t want a population of citizens capable of critical thinking. They don’t want well informed, well educated people capable of critical thinking. 

They don’t want that, you know what they want?

They want obedient workers, obedient workers. People who are just smart enough to run the machines and do the paperwork and just dumb enough to passively accept all these increasingly shittier jobs with the lower pay, the longer hours, the reduced benefits, the end of overtime and the vanishing pension that disappears the minute you go to collect it. 

- George Carlin

Welcome to Con-servative America, folks.

Here's my humble take:

The far Right aristocratic plutocracy of economic elites has Taken our government. Now they are writing laws that increase THEIR Take, proving THEY are the Real Takers. And they are Taking FROM us, and Taking us down. Their wealth has spoken,Taking the right of "free speech" into the exclusive domain of the elites. Their efforts to Take control of voters and hinder voter registration and poll access also sends their message. Democracy has been Taken from the people. 

In case you missed the point, the greedy elites of the Right are the Real Takers, 

The economic elites have won their revolution. (You thought the revolution was that of the people rising against the powerful and corrupt? Sadly, no. It was the other way around all along.) Their revolution against our democratic representative republic has succeeded. Their corruption of our politicians, laws, and courts is more complete than ever. We are now under domination and rule by the tyranny of the Takers.

This should work out swell. If not, liberals will be blamed.