Monday, October 28, 2019

A Sports Metaphor

First we saw smiles and hand clapping. Then we saw an orange face turn red. And we saw another smiling face, wilting at the realization of  an imminent tantrum.

Something tells me America has one less baseball fan.

Maybe he was expecting his “Mussolini balcony” moment at a World Series game.

Maybe he was expecting a hero’s welcome, (after betraying Kudish allies). He certainly didn’t credit them for their help in the war on ISIS and the mission to kill their leader.

Maybe he didn’t understand there was a good proportion of immigrants down on that field.

What the Big MAGAt didn’t expect was the most spectacular strikeout in baseball history.

First there was the banner that read, “Impeach Trump”.

Strike one!

Then the chorus of thousands booing him.

Strike two!

Finally the chants, “Lock him up! Lock him up!”

Strike three! Yer out!

What he heard was the voice of the people instead of his cult.

There’s nothing like an unscripted, spontaneous, and very audible, poll. The Big MAGAt had to have felt that in his “perfect gut”.

"Lock him up!"

This is what we should be chanting in the streets until he's gone.

I've never been a big fan of baseball. However I just became a big fan of baseball fans.

God bless America's baseball fans!

Thursday, October 17, 2019

Tainted History

When I was young I was always reading books on the Civil War, WWI and WWII. I even wanted to be a Marine aviator. My early militarism and authoritarian tendencies met reality when my older brother served in Vietnam. 

War wasn’t so cool anymore. I learned to ask questions.

I learned my father watched for U-boats while crossing the Atlantic. I learned my father-in-law served with Patton’s Third Army in the Ardennes, earning a Purple Heart and Bronze Star.

I still love reading military history. It started after I read “All Quiet On the Western Front”, the great German anti-war novel of the First World War. It was duly burned by the Nazis.

I recently read an article in World War II History magazine about euthanasia and eugenics. As we know, Hitler implement the worst of racial purity measures. Sadly it wasn’t just Hitler who wanted to breed out, sterilize, or euthanize the unfortunates and marginalized of humanity. Thankfully we have largely evolved beyond this cruelty.

When reading the article by Charles Sasser I couldn’t help noticing certain biased elements that had nothing to do with euthanasia or eugenics. I smelled a MAGAt.

After going to his website, my suspicion was confirmed. He flew his true colors.

“...I concede that our nation was fortunate to have elected Donald Trump to the White House; I strongly support him and his policies of Make America Great Again, and now Keep America Great. 

Doctor Carson would not have made a good president; he is simply too decent, too humble, too nice for politics—especially if you compare him to the gaggle of foolish Democrats now shrieking from podiums in their efforts to foster socialism upon the nation."

He's a military guy. I wonder if he can explain how a "stable genius" betraying our Kurdish allies on Putin's birthday, to the delight of liberated ISIS enemies, makes America so great. 

I doubt my comment will be published, so I thought I’d share it here.


I just read your article on eugenics in WWII History magazine. You bring to light important information. Thank you for that.

However, you also added clearly partisan and biased digs against Democrats, who served honorably in the war against fascism.

History is important, and is best written without political bias polluting the narrative. History is often easily perverted when used as a propaganda tool, whether by the Left or Right.

I thought I'd learn more about you. Just as I thought, you are at Trump loyalist.

You were making political points that had nothing to do with eugenics.

For some reason you needed to cite Hitler claiming the New Deal was “American fascism”. Why? Was it really? No. That had nothing to do with eugenics.

You also suggested JFK was a fan of Hitler. He was not. What the 20 year old admired was how Hitler “made Germany great again” in 1937. At that time he had no experience of the evils of German white nationalist racism. Remember his capitalist father, like fellow capitalist Henry Ford, had the affinity for Hitler.

And JFK had nothing to do with eugenics. See the pattern here?

Your deflections seem motivated by your politics, sir. In fact JFK’s idol was Churchill. Did you ignore this intentionally?

Kennedy predicted "Hitler will emerge from the hatred that surrounds him now as one of the most significant figures who ever lived".

Let's face facts. American Nazis, white nationalists and racists are all in for Trump. He claimed there were "very fine people" carrying those tiki torches. David Duke got the message.

Let’s also not ignore the tyrannical leaders our president openly admires most. Putin. Kim. Dutarte. Erdogan. MBS.

It would be amusing to note your mention of a "too decent" Republican in Trump's circle, if not for the utter blindness to the gross indecency, corruption, and dishonesty of Trump.

The howls about "socialism" from an authoritarian ideology that deems the political opposition and the free press as the "enemies of the people" adds the ironic icing to the cake.

A common trait among those with the loudest voices against “socialism” is their inability to see their own inclinations towards National Socialism. And it ain’t about public healthcare.

I pray for your party's reform before they allow the destruction of our American values and our democratic republic.


Will my remarks be published, or go down the “memory hole”? History is a fragile thing.

Thursday, October 10, 2019

They Die For Trump Towers Istanbul

The Big MAGAt had this to say in a 2015 interview with Steve Bannon, then chairman of Breitbart News.

“I have a little conflict of interest because I have a major, major building in Istanbul. It’s a tremendously successful job. It’s called Trump Towers — two towers, instead of one, not the usual one, it’s two.”

As the blood spills from more innocents in Syria, the Tangerine Tyrant deflects from his greedy conflict of interest and “rationalizes” with this garbage.

“The Kurds are fighting for their land, just so you understand, and somebody wrote a very, very powerful article today. They didn't help us in the Second World War, they didn't help us with Normandy as an example, they mentioned names of different battles. But they're there to help us with their land and that's a different thing. In addition to that we—we have spent tremendous amounts of money on helping the Kurds in terms of ammunition, in terms of weapons, in terms of money, in terms of pay, with all of that being said, we like the Kurds.”

He got that lie about Kurds from another Breitbart white nationalist. Kurds really did serve with the British in the Second World War. Nobody in the Trump family “helped us with Normandy”, of course. Nor did any of them serve the US in any war, or in any other way. 

Let's also remember Russian Communists took the most casualties in WWII, and by doing so helped spare the lives of countless thousands of Americans.

The Breitbart white nationalist tells us in his “very, very powerful article”
all Kurds should be punished because some are communists. They also helped in the war on ISIS.

“Moreover, all Kurds are not equal. The PKK – the Kurdistan Workers' Party – are a bunch of commie terrorists who have been fighting the Turks for a long time.”

Yes, they have, because they want independence. You know like the American Founders.

These con-servative white nationalists really love dictators so much they would have sided with Hitler. Hitler was a white nationalist racist who hated socialists and commies, opposed abortion, and made Germany great again, so he was their kind of guy all the way.

Now let’s hear from our troops on the ground. I want you to see what Jennifer Griffin the National Security Correspondent for Fox News tweeted:
I just spoke to a distraught US Special Forces soldier who is among the 1000 or so US troops in Syria tonight who is serving alongside the SDF Kurdish forces. It was one of the hardest phone calls I have ever taken. "I am ashamed for the first time in my career."

This veteran US Special forces soldier has trained indigenous forces on multiple continents. He is on the frontlines tonight and said they are witnessing Turkish atrocities. "Turkey is not doing what it agreed to. It's horrible," this military source on the ground told me.

“We met every single security agreement. The Kurds met every single agreement. There was NO threat to the Turks - NONE - from this side of the border." "This is insanity," the concerned US service member told me. ""I don't know what they call atrocities but they are happening."

This American soldier told me the Kurds have not left their positions guarding the ISIS prisoners. In fact "they prevented a prison break last night without us." "They are not abandoning our side (yet)." The Kurds are "pleading for our support." We are doing "nothing."

Troops on the ground in Syria and their commanders were "surprised" by the decision Sunday night. Of the President's decision: "He doesn't understand the problem. He doesn't understand the repercussions of this. Erdogan is an Islamist, not a level headed actor."

According to this US soldier on the ground tonight in Syria: "The Kurds are as close to Western thinking in the Middle East as anyone. "It's a shame. It's horrible." "This is not helping the ISIS fight." Re: ISIS prisoners: "Many of them will be free in the coming days and weeks." 

The Tangerine Tyrant seems to take delight in threatening to flood Europe with more ISIS nuts.

Whose side is our president really on?

And even Mitt Romney is growing a spine and sense of decency.

“Reports indicate Turkey is predictably attacking the Kurdish allies we abandoned. It’s a tragic loss of life among friends shamefully betrayed. We can only hope the President’s decision does not lead to even greater loss of life and a resurgence of ISIS.”

What’s next?

A recent Fox News Poll shows:

51% want Trump impeached & removed from office
4% want him impeached but not removed
40% oppose impeachment altogether

Do you think the Trump administration is more corrupt, less corrupt, or about as corrupt as previous administrations?

More corrupt: 51%
Less corrupt: 27%
About as corrupt: 18%

“Ruh, roh!”

Please note, apart from a cartoon dog, I’m only quoting FOX News, Republicans, and the military in this post. How about that?