Thursday, March 15, 2018

No Doubt

“Collusion” is not a legal term. Conspiracy is, and that is EXACTLY WHAT HAPPENED.

Obstruction of Justice is a legal term, and that is EXACTLY WHAT HAPPENED.

There is NO DOUBT that Trump gloated to Russians in the Oval Office about firing Comey to end the FBI investigation of Russian interference in our election.

There is NO DOUBT that Trump’s people attempted to conspire with Russians to defeat Hillary.

There is NO DOUBT that Trump was engaged in business with Russians while running for president.

There is NO DOUBT that Trump refuses to release his tax records.

There is NO DOUBT that Trump gushed with praise for Putin, as he refused to admit to Russian interference.

There is NO DOUBT that Trump refused to implement sanctions voted by a congressional majority. (The tougher woman British PM had to take the lead.)

There is NO DOUBT that the House Republicans are protecting their Authoritarian Leader from oversight.

There is NO DOUBT that the Republican Party has abandoned their Constitutional duty of oversight, and has chosen to protect their Leader instead of our country.

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

"Triumph Of The Will: Part Two"

Time will tell if this is a passing mood, or an accurate observation.

Once lowered, does the bar ever rise again?

I'd really be surprised if this country survives Trumpism. 

Remember MOST Americans were duped into believing Saddam was involved with 9-11 and al-Qaeda. Why wouldn't they be duped into thinking Trump is making America great?

Look at the remarks from con-servatives. They are true believers in their moral and intellectual superiority, all based on nothing but gullibility, arrogance, and confirmation bias.

As we watch the US circle the drain, this is clear.

The economic elites have overthrown what was intended to be a representative democratic republic. Justice, equality, and democracy are no longer ideals in our ruling class.

The revolution is over. The Great Experiment has failed. Greed has won.

Ignorance is strength. Freedom is slavery. War is peace. Trump is president.

We are under one party rule. The rule of law is openly attacked by the party in power. 

The opposition party is weak, and their feeble desperate attempt at "resistance" does nothing to remove Wall Street and corporate tentacles from our government. 

The darkness is not being lifted by the light of hope and reason.

Instead, "Triumph of the Will: Part Two" plays out before us at rallies where they chant, "USA! USA!" and "Lock her up!"