Thursday, March 15, 2018

No Doubt

“Collusion” is not a legal term. Conspiracy is, and that is EXACTLY WHAT HAPPENED.

Obstruction of Justice is a legal term, and that is EXACTLY WHAT HAPPENED.

There is NO DOUBT that Trump gloated to Russians in the Oval Office about firing Comey to end the FBI investigation of Russian interference in our election.

There is NO DOUBT that Trump’s people attempted to conspire with Russians to defeat Hillary.

There is NO DOUBT that Trump was engaged in business with Russians while running for president.

There is NO DOUBT that Trump refuses to release his tax records.

There is NO DOUBT that Trump gushed with praise for Putin, as he refused to admit to Russian interference.

There is NO DOUBT that Trump refused to implement sanctions voted by a congressional majority. (The tougher woman British PM had to take the lead.)

There is NO DOUBT that the House Republicans are protecting their Authoritarian Leader from oversight.

There is NO DOUBT that the Republican Party has abandoned their Constitutional duty of oversight, and has chosen to protect their Leader instead of our country.


Infidel753 said...

True, but good luck convincing the wingnuts. People who can remain in denial about evolution and global warming have Olympic-caliber abilities to ignore evidence.

Those British Prime Ministers can be pretty tough. Just ask Argentina. It looks like May is going to go after Putin pretty hard on the recent nerve-gas murder as well, with or without Trump.

Unknown said...

The viscious and hateful firing of Andrew McCabe seems to fall right in with your strange analysis of our beloved leader.. imagine my surprise.

Ex Con servative said...

The Rethuglicans turned their back on any constitutional or ethical responsibility a long time ago. Stick together and never waiver from the slimy message is their mantra. Never apologize, blame the other side, and never take the blame for anything......they are all the things that you teach your kids not to be.

They have become amazingly brazen and arrogant with their actions...maybe because their right wing media machine went unchecked for so long before many alternative sources were available to challenge their BS? Just a theory.I'm sure it also reflects the true nature of the "followers."

And yes, everything you said Dave is very true.

U.P. Tim said...

Seems like the CRAP has been rare lately. I bet you scared them away with facts and the truth.Keep up the struggle. I've had some good comments about my Trump Lying Asshole-in-Chief baseball cap lately from the 20 to 30 somethings. There might be hope if they get out and vote.

Dave Dubya said...

We can only speak the truth. We know the Cult of Right-wing Authoritarian Personalities will never absorb information from outside their CRAP. But they DO give us every reason to call them a brainwashed cult, don't they?

"Strange analysis"? Hey, I resemble that remark!

King MAGAt's time will come, but after how much destruction is left in his wake? Especially after declaring trade wars, and installing war monger Bolten as his national security adviser. (Shudder.)

Ex Con,
The Republicans' authoritarianism is finally showing how extreme it truly is. It's becoming impossible for any rational observer to NOT see the face of fascism in their blind devotion to their Dear Leader, institutionalized racism, and love of torture, along with their wars on education, journalism, science, unions, and voting rights.

U.P. Tim,
Glad to see you here! Yoopers have a special place in my heart. Especially the ones who dare to think for themselves. That's not so easy these days.

The Cons have been scarce here lately. The smarter one got tired of his ignorance being called out, shortly after he declared Trump is a "foolish" but "stable president". His hateful sidekick, who could never engage in fair discussion, is afraid to pop up without his buddy's support. This tells us a lot about them. They cower from the truth.

If Trumpism doesn't wake up and motivate our youth to activism, they will be doomed, I'm afraid. Lately I've become a bit more optimistic for them. It will be long difficult haul. We need to remover the Party of Trump from power, reform the Democratic Party, and get the corruption of corporate elites and wealth out of our elections and government.

I've learned one important reality as the years go by. The war on fascism never ends.

U.P. Tim said...

Dave just letting you know this is Chuck's buddy from L'Anse. I've been involved with the Democratic Party here locally for about 8 months now and it appears it is becoming more progressive. We have a lot of activities going on and some people will be going to the March for Our Lives to support the kids and their gun violence stance. in Houghton on the Portage Life bridge this Saturday. We also have good candidates for this November.

Dave Dubya said...

I had a feeling it was you. It's great that you taking up action! Thank you for your service to democracy, the country, and humanity. A lot more people need to wake up. There's nothing we can do with the Cult's true believers, but most of us don't drink their koolade.

It's time for Democrats to figure out who they want to work for and take a stand. If children need to lead the way for the cynical, unfocused, tired old party, then so be it.

Maybe you know fellow Yooper Ray from

He's over in your neck of the woods.

Jefferson's Guardian said...

Dave, I attended today's March For Our Lives demo in D.C. today. I was struck by the young people who spoke; how they articulated their thoughts, their feelings, and they drew their own line in the sand. They have given me a glimmer of hope.

While somewhere close to 800,000 of us supported and applauded their efforts, the demagogue-in-chief left town to hide and play golf in Mar-a-Lago. No surprise.

Possibly of interest because it certainly was to me, when I left the mass of humanity I decided to walk all the way down Pennsylvania Avenue to a less crowded Metro Station to start my trek home. It's been a couple of years since I've walked on the north side of the WH, so I was surprised by the wider perimeter of barricade separating us peons from the occupant. Now, it's impossible to even get close to the fence encircling the grounds. Also, extra security would be expected during such an event, but today was the first time I've seen secret service personnel, not only WH police, wearing armoured riot gear.

Of course years ago while part of a demo on the grounds of the Congress, I was taken aback by congressional police overlooking us with automatic weapons slung over their shoulders.

We've always been seen as the enemy. An informed, "We the People", is all that stands between totalitarianism and the continuity of a very damaged and scaled-back democratic republic.

I hope these brave young people can lead us back. I hope today is looked back upon as a watershed moment.

Dave Dubya said...

Thank you for marching for sanity. I'm always heartened to see a good "March on Mordor". My marching days are over, but I DID tweet:

"The silence alone in Emma Gonzales' historic 6 minute, 20 second speech spoke more truth than the Republican/NRA/Trump Axis of Slaughter ever could."

Jefferson's Guardian said...

Dave, I offered a comment on Mr. Paine's blog this morning, simply to ask whether he attended the concurrent March For Our Lives festivities in SLC. To this time he still hasn't published my entry.

I guess I wasn't "gentlemanly" enough. ;-)

Dave Dubya said...

How cruel of you, albeit gentlemanly, to broach the subject. He and the Republican/NRA/Trump Axis of Slaughter are very nervous this weekend. For once, victims of military style weapons have a louder voice than the shills for the industry.

This is their nightmare. How dare democracy threaten the dictates of the NRA!

Our delicate Militia Amendment fans were just beginning to feel they "dodged the bullet" of Obama coming for their guns.(Or so they are indoctrinated by the NRA, and so they believe.)

Now they see a new threat... from the victims. I'm sure their thoughts and prayers are with the NRA in these terrifying times. Trump cowered back into the fold of the NRA while Obama had the decency to offer a condolence call to the family of the slain teacher. See how sneaky and evil Obama still is? You can't fool the Republican/NRA/Trump Axis of Slaughter

Threats, threats, danger, danger, everywhere for these poor frightened souls. No number of rifles, handguns or other weapons will ever assuage their deeply indoctrinated fears.

We can offer them words of perspective, “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself”. This statement by FDR offers no comfort for them because they have been told not to trust evil commies and sinister liberals.

Wait until they learn they are the minority. Most Americans support an assault rifle ban, raising the age for purchases, and better background checks.

Their paranoia will be reaching a fever pitch very soon.

U.P. Tim said...

I thought I'd share my Trump acronym and yard sign that I came up with right after the election. Trump stands for Tyrannical, Racist, Un-American, Misogynist, Pervert. I had to do something to ventilate the anger and disbelief of that night. I shudder also with the thought of Bolton being the new National Security Adviser. I'll give us a year and we'll be in another undeclared war with North Korea or Iran. The lame ass Republicon congress most likely wouldn't even ask for a vote to authorize the use of force and declare war.

Dave Dubya said...

That's Don the Con all the way.

Jefferson's Guardian said...

"Trump stands for Tyrannical, Racist, Un-American, Misogynist, Pervert." ~~ U.P.Tim

Priceless! (Tim, I took the liberty to boldface the corresponding letters, just to add some panache.)

TomCat said...

Amen Dave! Long time no see. 😺

Dave Dubya said...

Thanks Tom. Nice to see you!

I still look in now and then.