Tuesday, April 19, 2022

No Room For Debate


The Republican National Committee has voted unanimously to leave the Commission on Presidential Debates, ending more than three decades of a bipartisan civic process.

We don’t even have to guess why they would do this. They’re cowards and liars, always hiding in their fake victimhood. Democracy is the only real threat to their authoritarian rule.

Their unofficial, but operational, new party motto says it all. “Not fair!”

"The Commission on Presidential Debates is biased and has refused to enact simple and commonsense reforms to help ensure fair debates including hosting debates before voting begins and selecting moderators who have never worked for candidates on the debate stage," Republican National Committee (RNC) Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel said in a statement.

It’s no surprise the Republicans are boycotting the 2024 presidential debates. This isn’t the first American political tradition they are ending. They demolished our historic tradition of peaceful transition of power on 1/6/21.

They will ALWAYS whine, “Not fair!”, whenever forced to stand on equal ground with the opposition. Nobody has a greater sense of entitlement than rich white men and their corrupt political party.

They have no respect for civil discussion or fair debate. They have no desire to answer questions. These are no longer considered "legitimate political discourse" by the radical Right.

Like all authoritarians, they prefer to intimidate, bully and lie their way to power.

We remember how Trump behaved in his debates with Hillary in 2016.

Maybe a no stalking rule would help restore some civility to debates? There's no "both sides" about that.

But Republicans will always howl about being the “victims”. They have no tolerance for a level playing field.

As I recall one of the two presidential debates in 2020 was moderated by FOX(R)'s Chris Wallace.

Even this is no longer acceptable for the spoiled crybabies. FOX(R) isn’t “Q” enough.

Working the refs is SOP on the Right. They attack journalism and journalists as a matter of ideology, inventing "alternative facts" to dupe the public.

There is no question they are enemies of democracy, and are working to eliminate fair elections and fair representation for Democratic voters.

Want to know the real reason lying Republican cowards are fleeing from debates?

They don't want to answer questions like, "Who won the 2020 presidential election?"

The don't want to be reminded of their 1/6 coup, or face questions about their support for overturning the election, or defending their other Big Lie, that it was "legitimate political discourse".

If these traitorous lying fascists are not defeated, the American experiment as a constitutional democratic republic is dead.

We know that even if a Democrat is in the White House, democracy will still be imperiled.

We’re stuck with the poison pills for democracy that are embedded in our Constitution. The Electoral College and anti-representative minority rule of the Senate will always be roadblocks suppressing consent of the governed.

It’s all hands of deck for every election, or this ship of state is sunk.

Sunday, April 10, 2022

American "Virtue"


Historian Dr. Gary Girod tweeted: “If there's an oil crisis & oil companies are making record profits, a healthcare crisis & healthcare companies are making record profits, a financial crisis & finance companies are making record profits, then the companies are the crisis.”

 Be careful, Gary. Blaming corporate greed for society’s ills will get you labeled a “leftist commie who hates America”.

“Good Americans” must not question corporations’ greed, and the power they buy with their wealth.

 They are special artificial “persons” who are above reproach. And clearly some “persons” matter more than others.

Corporations are endowed with legal personhood, while human beings are denied access to basic healthcare.

Corporations can write our laws and buy our judges and politicians, to the degree they have become the immortal demi-gods we all must serve.

This indicates the US is an oligarchy, the opposite of a democratic republic. It is a corporatocracy.

No wonder we hardly ever see this word in our corporate media.

Yes, avarice is endemic to the human species, but greed is the number one American "virtue", in its faithful obeisance to the infallible "Free Market God" under the Holy Order of Capitalism. 

Western Religions may call greed a sin, but our special American culture will revere and serve mammon over helping the sick and poor.

Nobody cares so much about this obvious cognitive dissonance when the almighty dollar is within grasp. Compassion recedes with growing wealth. The same is true for religious fundamentalism. 

Hypocrites ignore the more humane values of their faith. It's true for conservative Muslims and Jews, but even more so with conservative Christians.

The utter absence of "love your neighbor" is almost universally reflected in Trumpist Catholics and the evangelical radical Right. They'd rather donate their money to greedy TV preachers, mega-church millionaires, and even Donald Trump, than see the "unworthy and lazy", aka brown people, get food, shelter and healthcare. 

We can't allow all that "free stuff" go to the undeserving poor, can we? Capitalism and the Free Market God frown on that, just as they frown on democracy.

Indifference to human suffering, and even hate, are usually far stronger than love in their hearts. 

Obviously corporations have no conscience. This enables the confluence of right-wing evangelical and corporate interests to suppress equality, democracy and a representative republic. 

But they do love their money and the political power it buys, almost as much as they love themselves and their self-righteousness.

Bless their hearts.