Tuesday, April 19, 2022

No Room For Debate


The Republican National Committee has voted unanimously to leave the Commission on Presidential Debates, ending more than three decades of a bipartisan civic process.

We don’t even have to guess why they would do this. They’re cowards and liars, always hiding in their fake victimhood. Democracy is the only real threat to their authoritarian rule.

Their unofficial, but operational, new party motto says it all. “Not fair!”

"The Commission on Presidential Debates is biased and has refused to enact simple and commonsense reforms to help ensure fair debates including hosting debates before voting begins and selecting moderators who have never worked for candidates on the debate stage," Republican National Committee (RNC) Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel said in a statement.

It’s no surprise the Republicans are boycotting the 2024 presidential debates. This isn’t the first American political tradition they are ending. They demolished our historic tradition of peaceful transition of power on 1/6/21.

They will ALWAYS whine, “Not fair!”, whenever forced to stand on equal ground with the opposition. Nobody has a greater sense of entitlement than rich white men and their corrupt political party.

They have no respect for civil discussion or fair debate. They have no desire to answer questions. These are no longer considered "legitimate political discourse" by the radical Right.

Like all authoritarians, they prefer to intimidate, bully and lie their way to power.

We remember how Trump behaved in his debates with Hillary in 2016.

Maybe a no stalking rule would help restore some civility to debates? There's no "both sides" about that.

But Republicans will always howl about being the “victims”. They have no tolerance for a level playing field.

As I recall one of the two presidential debates in 2020 was moderated by FOX(R)'s Chris Wallace.

Even this is no longer acceptable for the spoiled crybabies. FOX(R) isn’t “Q” enough.

Working the refs is SOP on the Right. They attack journalism and journalists as a matter of ideology, inventing "alternative facts" to dupe the public.

There is no question they are enemies of democracy, and are working to eliminate fair elections and fair representation for Democratic voters.

Want to know the real reason lying Republican cowards are fleeing from debates?

They don't want to answer questions like, "Who won the 2020 presidential election?"

The don't want to be reminded of their 1/6 coup, or face questions about their support for overturning the election, or defending their other Big Lie, that it was "legitimate political discourse".

If these traitorous lying fascists are not defeated, the American experiment as a constitutional democratic republic is dead.

We know that even if a Democrat is in the White House, democracy will still be imperiled.

We’re stuck with the poison pills for democracy that are embedded in our Constitution. The Electoral College and anti-representative minority rule of the Senate will always be roadblocks suppressing consent of the governed.

It’s all hands of deck for every election, or this ship of state is sunk.


One Fly said...

The way it is! Beyond bizarre where this country is at. Not looking good at all for the future. The little hope I have is the Jan 6 hearings possibly can help but the media will continue its course and make it seem like both sides as usual.

Dave Dubya said...

One Fly,
Sad, but true. When faced with the choice, corporate media will serve their bottom line, instead of journalism or the facts.

They will "both sides" everything to keep the "horse race" ratings up.

The fact they don't call out insurrectionists every day, and urgently condemn the threats to truth and our elections, tells us all we need to know about how little interest they have in protecting democracy.

Anonymous said...

The debates have been a joke for decades. I'm fine with no debates. Maybe it will force voters to research their candidates more deeply than just a TV sound bite. People have no clue who they are voting for. Americans are so gullible.

Rex said...

"They have no respect for civil discussion or fair debate. They have no desire to answer questions. These are no longer considered "legitimate political discourse" by the radical Right. Like all authoritarians, they prefer to intimidate, bully and lie their way to power."

That is the very definition of the leftist Democrat party where moderates are no longer represented or welcomed. That is the very definition of YOU! Even fellow Democrats say something that you disagree with and you savage them. Who is the bully that relies on intimidation and name calling?

The left has CNN moderators telling Romney that he is wrong and Obama laughing saying that the 1980's want their foreign policy back regarding Russia. Look who was right all along. There are biased PBS and leftist moderators cutting off GOP candidates but let leftists monopolize time on the debate stage. It was lies like Hillary and the Left's "Russia collusion" hoax that was parroted by the leftist media, but you keep on talking about how pure your piece of shit leftists are.

Oh, and while you and the leftist Kool Aid drinkers are at it, maybe you can nuke the electoral college, without amending the Constitution. It ain't like the left cares about the rule of law anyway. If that were the case, Hillary and Biden would be in jail for corruption and fraud, along with Hunter. Instead they are the darlings of the left and the power brokers to beat. Your moral high ground has sunk in the swamp, but then that is where the left is most comfortable it would seem.

Dave Dubya said...

I agree the "debates" have devolved into shallow talking points and escalated to stalking and uncivil threats of locking up the opponent. I blame the moderators and their corporate bosses for the travesty.

I would point out to Rex, this is the bullying I'm talking about.

Why would he project that towards me?

It's what the radical Right does constantly. It is who they are.

Note how emotionally reactive he was to immediately make it personal?

Where would they be without all that rage and anger? Lost. It gives meaning to their lives to unite behind authoritarian leaders and the lies, resentments and anger they feed them.

Once again I have to point out how the Right refuses good faith discussion and will always resort to personal attacks and falsehoods.

Stay tuned.

Dave Dubya said...

Hi, Rex,

Thanks for reading, however much you managed to get through before you needed to blow off steam.

Thank you for your definition of the “Democrat Party”. It’s an emotional response that isn’t based in reality, even the name is wrong, but that standard never applies to the Right and their Lying Leader.

I have to wonder what “moderate” is to you, if you’d be so kind to share your definition.

I’d also appreciate it if you could quote any of my words where I “savaged” “fellow” Democrats. I must have given a clear reason if I did. Let me know, OK?

Who am I kidding? I’ve learned long ago that you and your buddy Darrell will NEVER cite my words that you claim I said. Not once. All you do is falsely blame and accuse.

I recall asking Darrell to quote what I said that made him conclude I “hate America”. He never did. He seems to think it’s fine for him to mention the problems the country faces, but if I do, then I “hate America”.

This is because it’s far easier to blame and attack someone without establishing evidence. Emotions again. You’re utterly incapable of even citing the alleged crimes of “Sleepy Joe” Biden and “Crooked” Hillary.

What was it you said about name-calling? Yeah, more projection.

Just regurgitate your Fuhrer, and howl, “Lock them up!” is good enough, isn’t it?

Same old, same old. No information, no surprise.

Just for fun, let’s look at the transcript where Candy Crowley corrected Mitt Romney, shall we? Someone told you to be angry about that, didn’t they? And you followed your authoritarian leader and got angry, just like that, without question or consideration of evidence. (It’s the way of the radical Right.)

Let’s check the record to see “who was right all along”, shall we?

ROMNEY: I want to make sure we get that for the record because it took the president 14 days before he called the attack in Benghazi an act of terror.

OBAMA: Get the transcript.

CROWLEY: It – it – it – he did in fact, sir. So let me – let me call it an act of terror…

OBAMA: Can you say that a little louder, Candy?
And here is the transcript from Obama’s Rose Garden remarks on September 12, the day after the attack:
“Our country is only as strong as the character of our people and the service of those both civilian and military who represent us around the globe,” he said. “No acts of terror will ever shake the resolve of this great nation, alter that character, or eclipse the light of the values that we stand for. Today we mourn four more Americans who represent the very best of the United States of America. We will not waver in our commitment to see that justice is done for this terrible act. And make no mistake, justice will be done.”

Obama repeated the “acts of terror” line during a campaign event in Las Vegas on September 13:
“No act of terror will dim the light of the values that we proudly shine on the rest of the world, and no act of violence will shake the resolve of the United States of America.”

See, Rex? This is how you show evidence to support your case.

But then, you radical Righties NEVER need to provide facts or show reasoning.

Just follow your rage, and blame, accuse, and spread disinformation.

It is the way of the radical Right.

Anonymous said...

Tom said...

Black leaders call out 'woke corporations' for supporting Black Lives Matter, news you will not find on CNN, CNN+ (LOL) or MSNBC.

Black leaders are calling on Papa John's, Coca-Cola, and other "woke corporations" to show support for police officers after they "blindly" supported Black Lives Matter and its affiliates.

Concerned Communities for America (CCA), a group of black leaders, on Wednesday held a press conference in Atlanta to ask Papa John's CEO Robert Lynch and Coca Cola CEO James Quincey to sign pledges in support of police officers.

I wonder who BLM blames for the increase the massive increase in Black Americans, murdered was increase the result of defund police movement, Trump, the GOP?

And Dave is pissed because the GOP doesn't want the debate under the past formats, this is from a man who censors posts he doesn't like.

Majormajor said...

If you’re a conservative, the media won’t treat you fairly. We all know this, and we’ve known it for a long time. Dave is just upset that the GOP doesn't want to play along anymore with the liberal bias debates.

Donald Trump’s recent interview with Piers Morgan is the perfect example.

So sad.

Dave Dubya said...


I’d like to see your definition of “monopolize” but I don’t expect it. It’s always about how you FEEL.

”There are biased PBS and leftist moderators cutting off GOP candidates but let leftists monopolize time on the debate stage.”

Would it help to show you the breakdown of time with FOX(R)’s Chris Wallace as moderator?

“This is how much time the candidates spent attacking each other at the first presidential debate”
We tracked the topics the candidates talked about during debate. Here’s what we found.

Looks like your weakness at definitions is showing again. But it’s your FEELINGS that matter, amirite?

I’d like to know how all the meetings between Trump’s campaign and Russians was a “hoax”. (Not a hoax. They lied to the FBI about them.)

Let’s show some more projection, ”It ain't like the left cares about the rule of law anyway.”

Trump pardoned his criminal cronies. No wonder you are all cowards when it comes to discussing the 1/6 coup. No wonder you all shrivel away from explaining how Biden “stole” the election.

You have proven my point, but are probably too irrational to see that. Trump proved my point by fleeing the interview with Piers Morgan. ‘You’re not real”, declared the “Only One”.

I’d like to know how Trump’s “Russians Only” meeting in the Oval Office, when he gave them top secrets, was a “hoax”. It happened.

I’d like to know how Trump’s endless praise for Putin and kissing his ass in Helsinki was a “hoax”. (It happened.)

I’d like to know how the Trump Tower meeting between Trump’s campaign and Russians to get dirt on Hillary was a “hoax”. (It happened.)

The June 3, 2016, email from Rob Goldstone to Don Jr. said. “The Crown prosecutor of Russia met with his father Aras this morning and in their meeting offered to provide the Trump campaign with some official documents and information that would incriminate Hillary and her dealings with Russia and would be very useful to your father,” Goldstone wrote. “This is obviously very high level and sensitive information but is part of Russia and its government’s support for Mr. Trump — helped along by Aras and Emin.”

Trump Jr. responded 17 minutes later, saying that “if it’s what you say I love it.”

No explanation expected from the Trump Cult. They say it was all a hoax, and their word is never, never to be questioned.

Rex, you whined, ”...you keep on talking about how pure your piece of shit leftists are.”

Gee, Rex, what was that you said about name-calling again? Hypocrisy and projection must be radical Right virtues.

Still waiting for the specific charges against Hillary and the Bidens.

Ya got none, but you FEEL it, amirite?

Dave Dubya said...

What are the chances “Tom” and “Major Major” are both Vern? I’d say about 100%

Vern’s playing the Radical Right Victim Card again, and is so full of shit he cites “Black Leaders”.

I see Concerned Communities for America has 10 subscribers on youtube.

And Piers Morgan is joining FOX(R)

Good God, that cult hates reality. Always the crybabies, like their toddler Fuhrer.

He lost, and stomped off in a tantrum.

Because he behaved exactly as I said, and was terrified of answering the questions I showed.

Trump walks out of explosive Piers Morgan interview after being pressed on 2020 election

Trump blasted Piers Morgan as “very dishonest” while walking out of an interview with the TV presenter and Post columnist after being pressed on his claims that he lost the 2020 presidential election due to voter fraud.

The 45th president became increasingly frustrated with Morgan’s questions, at one point calling him a “fool,” according to clips of the sit down.

“I think I’m a very honest man … much more honest than you, actually,” Trump said at one point.

“Really?” Morgan asked.

“Yeah,” Trump responded.

Elsewhere, Morgan told Trump the 2020 vote “was a free and fair election. You lost.”

“Only a fool would think that,” Trump shot back.

Trump has alleged almost since Election Night of 2020 that moves to expand mail-in voting due to the COVID-19 pandemic concealed election fraud by Democrats and their surrogates in key swing states like Arizona, Georgia and Pennsylvania.

“With respect, you haven’t produced the hard evidence,” Morgan said of Trump’s claims as the former president attempted to interject.

“I don’t think you’re real,” the former president said to Morgan, later turning to the production crew and calling his interviewer “very dishonest.”

The preview clip ended with Trump getting out of his seat and ordering production to “turn the camera off.”

“Very dishonest,” he added while walking away.

"What happened here today was an insurrection, incited by the president of the United States. No congressional audit is ever going to convince these voters, particularly when the president continues to say the election was stolen. The best way we can show respect for the voters who were upset is by telling them the truth." - Senator Mitt Romney 1-6-21

“The mob was fed lies. They were provoked by the president and other powerful people. And they tried to use fear and violence to stop a specific proceeding of the first branch of the federal government which they did not like.” - Sen. Mitch McConnell 1-19-21

I do want to thank you guys for all the corroborating evidence for my case.

If you want to continue, I suggest you try to prove me wrong by showing evidence that Biden stole the election, and that Trump's 1/6 coup was "legitimate political discourse".

Don't bother with any more personal attacks. They won't be published. Go be a hateful fascist elsewhere.

Anonymous said...

It's not the total fault of the right Dave. The left is to blame also and if you can't see that then you have drunk the Kool-Aid also.

Shaw Kenawe said...

"We remember how Trump behaved in his debates with Hillary in 2016."

And we remember how Trump came to the 2020 debates without having had a COVID test and later finding out he had COVID! We remember how he continuously interrupted Joe Biden and made a complete jackass of himself, bullying, braying, and being an all-around jerk.

One thing that could improve the debates is to eliminate the live audience and that would eliminate the circus atmosphere. A moderator would ask each candidate a question to which the candidate would have a limited time to respond. Mic shut off if the opposing candidate interrupts. And then a limited time for each candidate to respond to his/her opponents answers.

This, of course, will never happen because the GQP would run idiots like Trump, and he has nothing to contribute to any discussion except whining, bluster, and lies. That's why the GQP pulled out of this American tradition.

Today we have a chance to see one of the GQP's leading characters, MTG, give answers to serious questions. IMO, she's barely literate, and, again, this is why the GQP will never want any candidate to debate again in the future: they have no vision for America, and they're mostly grievance-driven clowns.

Dave Dubya said...


Thank you for your assertion. Of course, it would have been helpful if you had supported your position with some evidence. What "koolade", aka lies or disinformation, would I have swallowed? How will I know if you can't say?

If you want to "both sides" this, show us why, please. I'd like to learn why the Left is to blame for the Right's refusal to debate. Rex could only provide misinformation to make his case.

Can you do better?

And if I was incorrect or unreasonable in my post, why not quote it and offer a reasonable refutation? If you can't specify why the left is to blame for the Right's refusal to debate, I'll have to dismiss your remark as ill-considered.

Speaking of "both sides", I would also point out the fact that both you and our radical Right friends decided to somehow make this about me. You both make assertions without presenting facts or logic, and conclude I am wrong somehow.

Please enlighten us how the Left is to blame for the Right's behavior in the last two debates, their refusal to debate, their Big Lie about the election, and Trump's coup.

What has the Left done to even be compared to that? You must know something I don't.


We share the amazement at how terrible Trump was in the debates, and at how anyone could try to "both sides" the Republicans' behavior and refusal to debate.

No wonder they have such difficulty in making their case. Where would they be without "alternative facts"?

And I share your anticipation for MTG's testimony. Her delusions, dishonesty and hate will be on full display.

All so she can "save us from communism".

Where have we heard that line before?

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry you do not know the history of the debates enough to not have to be educated in the left's bad behavior and rather than get into some ridiculous argument with you about something you obviously know nothing about, I'll just leave you to your leftist absolutes about right and wrong.

Dave Dubya said...

OK, Anonymous,

Thank you for zero facts, nothing but another useless personal attack.

You refused my request for information, or to cite where you think I am wrong.

You've proved you're not here for good faith discussion.

You lack the integrity to even identify yourself, but you've done what you set out to do.

I know who and what you are.

Go back to the Rightie blog and continue to insult me there.

I'm sure that will make you feel better and even appreciated, among your allies who spewed their hate and lies above.

Dave Dubya said...

A not-so-bright, and totally dishonest, troll called Vern wanted me to know this:

“Kevin Downey Jr. said... “Spotify Cans Mr. and Mrs. Obama” Barack and Michelle Obama have been kicked to the curb by Spotify. This means that no one was listening to America’s first affirmative action president and his partner in crime as they tried to crank out podcasts.”

Who the hell is Kevin Downey Jr., anyway? And who else but racists would say “affirmative action president and his partner in crime”?

Their 3-year contract was up, and the Obamas wanted more platforms. The racist liar wants to claim “no one was listening”.

Since partnering, Spotify has produced five Higher Ground podcasts. “The Michelle Obama Podcast,” which debuted in July of 2020, was the ”fourth most popular podcast that year.”

Spotify wanted MORE personal appearances by the Obamas.

”The Obamas are searching for a new home for their podcasts after Spotify reportedly declined to offer the former first couple a new contract because they didn’t make enough personal appearances on the streaming service.

Barack and Michelle Obama are reportedly in talks with several companies, including Amazon’s Audible and iHeartMedia, on a deal that will likely be worth tens of millions of dollars, according to Bloomberg News.

The ex-president and the former first lady, who co-own the production company Higher Ground, will reportedly decide on their podcasting platform of choice sometime within the next few weeks.

Higher Ground is said to be seeking an arrangement that would allow it to release shows on several platforms simultaneously.

One of the sticking points in negotiations with Spotify was the Swedish company’s insistence on an exclusive licensing deal.

Streaming services want the Obamas to make more frequent appearances themselves in order to generate more buzz for their company’s content, but the former first couple is reportedly willing to commit to no more than an eight-episode program.”

If the troll had a shred of honesty or decency, he would thank me for providing the correct information.

But that’s out of the realm of reality, because we know what he is. He’s an extremist bigot in the radical Right Trump Cult.

And he’s always happy to prove it.

Dave Dubya said...

Vern’s hero is finally paying for his contempt for law and order. (No wonder he wants to distract us with his racist hate for the Obamas.)

A judge is holding former Trump in civil contempt for failing to comply with document subpoenas from New York's attorney general. He will now be charged $10,000 a day until he complies.

In other news, CNN has obtained 2,319 text messages that former President Donald Trump's White House chief of staff Mark Meadows sent and received between Election Day 2020 and President Joe Biden's January 20, 2021 inauguration.

Ruh, roh!

Better send your Fuhrer more money, Vern.

Anonymous said...

"A judge is holding former Trump in civil"? Who is the current Trump? Day drinking again Dave?

Trump will give hack AG, Letitia James three of his mobile devices and multiple document storage sites after they get the Hillary Clinton Bleachbit treatment. Hey, if it’s good enough for Hillary…

Dave Dubya said...

I'm surprised Vern didn't call the Black AG a "racist" like his Dear Leader does.

I'm sure they think exactly alike.

Let Durham have his "Benghazi/Email/Hoax" witchhunt. No Democrat incited a coup and spewed the Big Lie about the election, ending our proud history of peaceful transition of power.

Because they're fascists, nothing less.

Hillary didn't steal boxes of classified info, or invite Russians into the Oval Office to share secrets. Hmm. No wonder they want to deflect to their fantasy projection that Hillary broke the law. Where's the proof?

They got nothing.

Ever wonder why cult members like Vern NEVER show us evidence of the "stolen" election?

They got nothing.

They can only LIE.

There is no doubt the Republican Administrations are far more criminal and corrupt than Democratic Administrations.

Let'show some facts Vern can't face, and has to do his best to deflect from:

Many more criminal indictments under Trump, Reagan and Nixon than under Obama, Clinton and Carter

95(R) v 2(D)

Trump indictments:
Special Counsel Robert Mueller's investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 U.S. presidential election netted indictments against 34 people and three entities.

11 Trump associates charged with crimes

Steve Bannon
Tom Barrack
Elliott Broidy
Michael Cohen
Michael Flynn
Rick Gates
Paul Manafort
George Nader
George Papadopoulos
Roger Stone
Allen Weisselberg

Nixon: 28 key indictments
Reagan: 33 people indicted

Clinton: 2 officials indicted. Agriculture Secretary Mike Espy was charged (and acquitted) over allegations that he accepted improper gifts from businesses and lobbyists. Housing and Urban Development Secretary Henry Cisneros was convicted (and pardoned) of making false statements to law enforcement about hush money payments to his former mistress. (Trump also made hush money payments to his former mistress, while in office.)

Obama: None.

Carter: None.


95(R) v 2(D)

Dave Dubya said...

Gee, Vern hasn't thanked me for setting him straight about the Obamas. Can't imagine why...

Now he's excited about Rittenhouse suing Whoopie Goldberg for calling him a murderer.

More white racist "victimhood".

The "proud boy" punk pal admitted killing people while illegally being where he had no business being.

Calling him a murderer is an opinion. Calling him a convicted murderer would be false.

Sorry to deflate your racist little stiffy, Vern.

Anonymous said...

Tulsi Gabbard said...

Every dictatorship has a propaganda arm—a “Ministry of Truth.” The Biden Administration has now formally joined the ranks of such dictatorships with their creation of the so-called “Disinformation Governance Board.”

Dave Dubya said...

Putin's propagandist Tulsi has issues with checking disinformation? Of course she does.

Dictators like Trump and Putin spread lies that need checking.

Unlike Trump, Biden doesn't have several "ministries of truth", like FOX(R), Limbaugh, OAN, "Q-Anon", Alex Jones, etc. out there promoting his lies. Corporate media have been extra critical of Biden to show they are "fair and balanced", even to the degree of allowing Republican lies to go unchecked.

Before Tulsi gets her panties in a wad, maybe she should see what disinformation is addressed and what evidence is offered that confirms it.

Or just jump to to the most hysterical conclusion possible, for the attention, like she does all the time.

Dave Dubya said...

To the "Anonymous" who said, "But to Tyrant Dave anything that goes counter to his radical socialist views is FAR RIGHT and MUST NOT BE ALLOWED TO BE HEARD. DAVE WILL NOT PUBLISH THIS, CAUSE HE KNOWS IT'S THE TRUTH.":

I will publish and address the lies and insults of this comment just as soon as you identify yourself, VERN.

Not that hateful lying cowards deserve the courtesy of a response.

Poor Vern is so desperate for attention he anonymously submitted 7 comments in the last 20 hours.

We don’t expect Vern to come out of his closet, but I will debunk one of his lies.

Yes, Vern is a liar. He will ignore the truth, as usual.

“....Ignoring Biden’s new Ministry of Truth head excusing him for having Ukraine’s top prosecutor FIRED for investigating his son’s company”.

USA Today reported:

Fact check: Biden leveraged $1B in aid to Ukraine to oust corrupt prosecutor, not to help his son

It's true that Joe Biden leveraged $1 billion in aid to persuade Ukraine to oust its top prosecutor, Viktor Shokin, in March 2016. But it wasn't because Shokin was investigating Burisma. It was because Shokin wasn't pursuing corruption among the country's politicians.

As European and American diplomats pressed Ukraine to clean up its corruption, they focused on Shokin's leadership of the Prosecutor General's Office, which he took over in February 2015.

Prosecutor was not investigating Burisma at the time Joe Biden called for his removal.

Burisma Holdings was not under scrutiny at the time Joe Biden called for Shokin to be removed, per the National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine, an independent agency that has worked closely with the FBI.

In 2014, Shokin had investigated Burisma for money laundering and tax irregularities, per USA TODAY.

The probe focused on 2010-12, according to the National Anti-Corruption Bureau.

Hunter Biden — who joined the board in 2014 and served on it until early 2019 — was not the subject of the investigation.


I'll be happy to publish any documented evidence that shows this is not true, VERN. Even if you do so anonymously. Of course we will know it is you, VERN.

Say, how did your governor's choking off the supply chain that wasted tons of food work out for you?

No more illegal immigration in Texas, now, amirite?

Dave Dubya said...

Trump's "Ministry of Truth" at work:

Sean Hannity asked Trump's then-chief of staff Mark Meadows for instructions on Election Day 2020 and dutifully replied "Yes sir On it" after receiving them.

Dave Dubya said...

So what has corporate media done to inform, rather than, dump on Biden?


Why is the press rooting against Biden?

• “America’s Job Market Is On Fire. Here’s Why It Doesn’t Feel Like It” (CNN)
• “Booming Job Growth Is a Double-Edged Sword For Joe Biden” (CNN)
• “Why a Great Jobs Report Can’t Save Joe Biden” (CNN)
• “Unemployment Hits Pandemic Low in March, But Uncertainty Looms Ahead” (Washington Post)
• “Biden Gets a Strong Jobs Report, But a Sour Mood Still Prevails” (Washington Post)

Totally normal journalism, right? The president announces another blockbuster jobs report and the press presents it as borderline bad news.

Note that the above headlines about the sour mood prevailing despite the great jobs, and how uncertainty looms, came from the Post, the same outlet that slotted the March jobs report into 87th placed on its website on Friday.

That’s why, according to a recent poll, 37 percent of Americans think the economy lost jobs over the last year, when it’s gained 7 million. (Just 28 percent of people know jobs were up.)

Virtually all the Beltway coverage today agrees on this central point: When it comes to the economy, Biden’s approval rating is taking a hit because Americans are freaked out by inflation. But maybe it’s taking a hit because Americans are under the false impression that jobs are disappearing. Voters don’t know what they don’t know because the press isn’t interested in telling them about record job success and an economy that’s years ahead of where experts thought it would be coming out of a global pandemic.

Biden is facing not just one organized opposition in the form of the GOP, but another in the form of the Beltway press corps.

U.P. Tim said...


You nailed it, Dave. I am tired of the media dumping on Biden also. It's sickening how the media twists itself into pretzels turning a positive headline into one that is somewhat negative. The media keeps playing with their both sides BS too. I've pared down my television viewing to about 2-3 shows. I'm guessing the media is trying to set-up a horse race for 2024, just for revenue/profit reasons. I heard some media people talking about the 2024 election, days before the 2020 election even took place.

Pres. Biden could walk on water and the media would say he can't swim.

Dave Dubya said...

It's depressing when corporate media is too beholden to the bottom line to report the fact Republicans are totally corrupt and are destroying our democracy.

Instead of being objective reporters, they get more money playing the "both sides" game.

This remark says it all.

Leslie Moonves, the chief executive of CBS admitted, “It may not be good for America, but it’s damn good for CBS. I’ve never seen anything like this, and this is going to be a very good year for us. Sorry. It’s a terrible thing to say. But, bring it on, Donald. Keep going.”

Dave Dubya said...

They hate democracy.

Brian Kemp on the 2020 election: “I was as frustrated as anyone else with the results, especially at the federal level. And we did something about it with Senate Bill 202.”

He said the quiet part out loud.

They want one-party laws, one party rule, and control of elections, so they can overturn those they lose.

They are domestic enemies. Period.

Dave Dubya said...

Michigan's Governor Whitmer's directive sets a clear vision for state agencies in working to ensure every eligible voter is active and engaged in our democracy.

No wonder the radical Right fascists hate her...

Dave Dubya said...

Rumor has it Marjorie Taylor Greene is going to write a memoir called “I Don’t Recall”.

U.P. Tim said...


The memoir titled "I Don't Recall" is so fitting for many members of the last regime. Pisses me off that they (cabinet members etc.) all came out of the woodwork with their books eventually. Where was Bob Woodard when "Don the Con" was being interviewed about the COVID pandemic? He (Woodward) could have possibly saved thousands of lives by revealing exactly what the "Con" knew about COVID. John Bolton is another one who kept quiet, just to make a few extra bucks on his book. It just goes to show how addicted to power and money they were. Very shameful, but the only problem is that they had no shame.

Dave Dubya said...


I think most of us who've been poor or in the middle class have had this sense for a long time:

"As riches grow, empathy for others seems to decline"
How Wealth Reduces Compassion

"Who is more likely to lie, cheat, and steal—the poor person or the rich one? It’s tempting to think that the wealthier you are, the more likely you are to act fairly. After all, if you already have enough for yourself, it’s easier to think about what others may need. But research suggests the opposite is true: as people climb the social ladder, their compassionate feelings towards other people decline."

Wealthy progressives have always had more compassion than the rich conservatives. We know that the more conservative and wealthy one is, the less empathy they have for others. We see it every day in the Republican Party.

As George Carlin said in his HBO special, "Life is worth Losing":

You have no choice. You have owners. They own you. They own everything. They own all the important land, they own and control the corporations, and they’ve long since bought and paid for the Senate, the Congress, the State Houses, and the City Halls. They’ve got the judges in their back pockets. And they own all the big media companies so they control just about all the news and information you get to hear.

They’ve got you by the balls.

They spend billions of dollars every year lobbying to get what they want. Well, we know what they want; they want more for themselves and less for everybody else.

But I’ll tell you what they don’t want—they don’t want a population of citizens capable of critical thinking. They don’t want well informed, well educated people capable of critical thinking. They’re not interested in that. That doesn’t help them. That’s against their interest. You know something, they don’t want people that are smart enough to sit around their kitchen table and figure out how badly they’re getting fucked by a system that threw them overboard 30 fucking years ago.

They don’t want that, you know what they want? They want obedient workers, obedient workers. People who are just smart enough to run the machines and do the paperwork and just dumb enough to passively accept all these increasingly shittier jobs with the lower pay, the longer hours, the reduced benefits, the end of overtime and the vanishing pension that disappears the minute you go to collect it.

And now they’re coming for your social security money. They want your fucking retirement money; they want it back so they can give it to their criminal friends on Wall Street. And you know something? They’ll get it. They’ll get it all from you sooner or later because they own this fucking place. It’s a big club and you ain’t in it! You and I are not in the Big Club.

U.P. Tim said...

Nailed it, Dave!

I miss George too. He was very insightful and funny as hell at the same time.

I just got set up with Medicare and started to draw Social Security back in Feb. I put off taking it (SS) for about 51/2 years, as I could get by on my other retirement accounts. I sweat it, as Social Security and Medicare could be gone in a flash with the wrong mixture in DC. It amazes me how friends I grew up with can't see what the Republicons want to do. They still vote for those A-holes. One of them and his wife have been CONservative since forever. They are full on Trumpers and began Bible thumping 10-15 years ago, so that explains them. The poor guy is the same age as me and can't afford to retire. The dude drives 100 miles round trip per day for work. He and his wife blame their situation on the liberals. The other one was a Rush fan and felt Limbaugh promoted democracy. Boy, was he fooled. His Social Security is minimal too. He continues to bitch about inflation, price of gas etc. and blames Pres. Biden. They'll never change before it's too late. Apparently, they believe they're in the Big Club.

Now to move on to your next post.