Wednesday, November 7, 2012

What Next?

Now it's time to sit back and enjoy the madness of the FOX(R) comedy channel as they wonder what happened to the "Center-Right America", and Rushbo the Clown's blubbering "explanation" of what went wrong.

Like most of the rest of you, I'm eagerly watching the mail for the new "Obama Socialist Giveaway Package" we were promised if we voted for him. I'm hoping for a new car and enough cash so I never have to work again like the chumps of the 53 percent. ;-)


Tom Harper said...

Yes! Bring on the free stuff! Let those 53-percenter chumps keep working; I'll just lie around all day reaping the fruits of their labor.

Pot has just been legalized in Washington, and I'm counting on Obama to donate it for free to those who want it.

Dave Dubya said...

Thanks to you, and Romney, for inspiring the "concession speech" post.

Dave Dubya said...

RE: "Legalize It"

Isn't it nice to see what we have left of our democracy at work?

Voters have expanded freedom and saved tax dollars in one sweep.

It's time for Washington DC to listen to the people instead of Tobacco Alcohol and Pharmaceutical lobbyists.

That may take years.

Jefferson's Guardian said...

Dave Dubya: "I'm eagerly watching the mail for the new 'Obama Socialist Giveaway Package' we were promised if we voted for him."

Me too! Can't wait! Those "socialists" sure know how to grant incentives, don't you think?

free0352 said...

Republicans lost key states by about 1%. Libertarians could have delivered that percentage needed. We didn't. On purpose.

I'd say thats a factor in what went wrong for them since in Ohio Ron Paul alone had about 4% of the vote minimum, and nearly all of them voted third party or stayed home.

Darrell Michaels said...

The difference is the "chumps of the 53%" actually worked for their money. The ungreedy left wants to redistribute it to the "poor" since the wealthy haven't paid their fair share.

Glad that you are revelling in the destruction of the American economy and our remaining liberties, though.

Shaw Kenawe said...

When democracy works and the voice of the people is heard, the extremists on the right call it the end of America!

I don't think they really understand this country.

okjimm said...

Free "Republicans lost key states by about 1%."

oh oh oh... Stats and authentication... please!!!

and your second sentence makes no sense... and is a total unsubstantiated fabrication.....AUTHENTICATE

Dave Dubya said...

Come to think of it, we're the dupes. We advocte public social policies yet we're too stupid to collect benefits. We've been suckered into gainful employment. Why bother working? We need to stop earning our own way. ;-)

Of course, it would be even more stupid for those already receiving benefits to vote for Republicans.

Liberals who blame Nader in 2000 for Bush Jr. know how it feels.

This is the problem with the two party system, or one and a half party, or one corporatist party with two wings.

Proportional representation would bring needed voices and checks on the abuses of the dominant party or parties.

You're whining that the Clinton era taxes were destroying America, you know. Taxes are so much lower under Obama and you cry louder. No wonder your views are seen as ungrounded and unfocused. But your sentiments that the poor should have less, and the rich should have more, is clear as a bell.

I don't think they really understand this country, either.

The don't understand us for sure.

They have created their own image of what we are, and what we say, that has litlle to do with what we are and what we say.

See Free's comment under the "Perspective" thread immediately after I first discuss this tendency of the Right.

I must credit our dear Mr. Myste for first pointing out a characteristic of Right Wing mentality. They construct an image of liberals and our thinking in their mind, embodying all the negative attributes they care to imagine. This image becomes real to them, more real than the person and his actual philosophy. As does their perception of what liberals say. Our words read differently to Righties than to open minded folks. They see and read what they want to see and read. And then they proceed to attack the fabricated attributes and words.

I get called all kinds of things, like amoral mob bully. That’s Ok. I’m used to it, and I welcome it. And for comic relief, there’s even some ad hominum projection in the midst of his accusations too.

free0352 said...

Jim, are you serious? Obama beat Romney 50% of the vote to 49% in Ohio. Florida last I checked was still too close to call. Virginia was by about 1%. My source is both campaigns and the entire fucking world.

As for you Dave, your moral relativism is bukkaked all over your blog, going way back. You respect redistribution, and you'll play the civil libertarian when it helps that and you'll strap on the jack boots when it doesn't.

So long as those "corporations" suffer. "Corporations" of course being code for anyone politically you don't like.

Dave Dubya said...

Free has gone back into his Right Wing bubble. He cannot authenticate his assertions. He doesn't need to. Assertions are the same as fact for the Right.

Jeep is moving jobs from Ohio to China, don’t you know. And the fools voted for Obama anyway after Mitt tried to warn them. Man they must want a lot of free stuff, or something. ;-)

Free is wrong of course. Obama got more votes in Ohio than Romney and every other candidate for president combined. And it was more like 50% to 48%. It was clearly an Obama victory to everyone but Karl Rove and his fellow authoritarian true believer fanatics, er, I mean our conservative friends.

As for me....Accusations from someone who’s so wrong about so much don’t bother me in the least. To these guys Obama is a Marxist and I’m....well they make up lots of things to call me.

okjimm said...

Got a few emails...yesterday..."the anti-Christ is coming... again...hide your children and wives" gees... Like Tunesia...but always had a nice feeling for Spain... just saying.

okjimm said...

Freep.... ''My source is both campaigns and the entire fucking world.//

gosh... that sure is citing information. sources more authentic than "I said so"

Dave Dubya said...

Gee, you'd think the anti-Christ would have done his thing before the election. How would he have known he'd be re-elected?

Nothing they say has to make sense.

Free is charmer. He reminds me of the Yeats poem "The Second Coming".

The blood-dimmed tide is loosed, and everywhere
The ceremony of innocence is drowned;
The best lack all conviction, while the worst
Are full of passionate intensity.

free0352 said...


Dude, you can google those maps anytime you want. I'm not holding your hand. Go hyperlink it yourself, it is the easiest thing on earth to find. You refusing to accept a very basic tenant of reality ... once again... just looks childish. Grow up and learn how to use your key board.

According to the NYT

Virginia- 50-47 Obama
Ohio- 50-48 Obama
Florida- 49.9-49.3 Obama

Considering all the republicans and libertarians who stayed home, with these margins, we could have delivered the often less than 2% needed. It would not have been hard. But no, we stayed home because we had the integrity to not support a bad candidate.

Now for you I have to ask- How was voting for more bail outs for billionaires, and indefinite detention without trial?

free0352 said...

And as for national average, it was 50% Obama, 48% Romney...

Oh lord, you can cry about me using data that was from election night that doesn't even equal a full percentage point. Or you can see the point.

We had 3, perhaps even 4 points we could have delivered and chose not to. In fact, fewer registered republicans voted in 2012 than in 2008.

I know you like to think these people just decided to up and become Democrats. They didn't. They didn't vote at all. in fact, I'm one of them... I didn't vote. On purpose, the first election in my life I could take part in that I didn't.

Dave Dubya said...

I'm proud of you standing on principle and not voting. Since state and local candidates and issues are of no concern to you, that was the right choice.

Unlike you, fellow "Libertarians", the Kochs, have no such principles. They gave Mitt millions of dollars to help him get elected. I would even guess they voted for Mitt. Perhaps you need to write them and chastise them for their lack of purity.

okjimm said...

//Republicans lost key states by about 1%//

Yo... Free..
Obama won
VA by 3
CO by 2 1/2
MI by 7
IA by 5 1/2
Ohio by 2
PA by 6
WI by 6

plus...our two most populace states
NY by 26
CA by 21

the goddam electoral vote was 332-206

yupperz... the Dems just SQUEEZED this one out.

"I didn't vote."well, gosh... see If you only had..why, gees, you could have tipped the whole thing!

I usually tell people who don't vote...that they have no right to complain. You don't either. Oh, I am sure you will. &&&& this is my election promise to you.... I will remind you.... constantly.

okjimm said...

oh oh.. there were others...the same...but you can google your you and I no longer hold hands....and didn't vote.

free0352 said...

I tell people who DO vote they are responsible for their candidate.

So way to be responsible for bank bail outs, rendition, indefinite detention without trial of American citizens, indiscriminate drone strikes, tax increases on the poor, and a robust domestic spying program.

If you were looking for moral high ground in that comment, you lost it with how you cast your vote. The Republicans took away my option of a third party, so I boycotted. And that gives me every right to complain.

TOM said...

To answer RUSH, yes. The party must change, or die.
Biden said it best, His religion tells him that life begins at conception, but unlike his opponent, he is not willing to force all Americans to live under that belief.
Liberty demands choice in all things when possible. The more choices, the more liberty. make something illegal, debate over, no choices.
As minorities become the majority, Republicans must change, or be irrelevant forever.
The American culture is changing. Deny that and be left behind.

Dave Dubya said...

You have it backwards. The vote is before the elected candidates actions occur. By re-electing them, we can better see your point, although we can only compare the consequences to stated intentions and hypothetical actions by the losing candidate.

In other words, Obama voters have taken responsibiltiy to keeping public safety nets out of insurance company pockets. They have taken responsibility in keeping the war-mongering Neocons out of the White House

But esssentially, responsibility lies with the politicians for the the public, not the other way around.

The Republican Party cannot and will not change. They are commited to serving the interests of wealth, not the public. Their idea of change is to use rich minority figureheads to attract minority support.