Thursday, November 29, 2012

Cult Deprogramming

Trusting authoritarian personalities has been a disastrous flaw in human nature. Dictators rise and wars are started because people trust the assertiveness of authoritarians. FOX(R) features Right Wing authoritarians more than any other source of information, or misinformation in this case.

In the following video clip we see the emotional pain that comes from realizing that bond of trust is betrayed by the authoritarian person. The woman realizes something more Americans need to understand. FOX(R) is not there to inform, but to propagandize the agenda of the radical Right.

One awakening is a good thing. Let's see more of this.

From Youtube:

A Fox News/O'Reilly climate change denier has her mind changed by the movie 'Chasing Ice', currently in limited release. Visit for screenings around the country. PLAYING NOW. 

A NOTE from me - @justin_kanew - the guy who shot it:

People have been asking me if this video is set up. I promise it isn't. I was at the theater helping with the release of the movie all weekend, mostly managing the guest list. Many people came out of the movie emotional, but none as emotional as this lady. She started talking to me in a very real way, with tears in her eyes, essentially apologizing to me for her previous position on the subject and letting me know she was a Fox/O'Reilly watcher who just had her mind changed by the movie. It occurred to me that that was a pretty powerful moment, and one you don't see every day, so i asked her if she would mind telling me that on video. She said she wouldn't, so I pulled out my camera, and what you see here happened.

I'm a supporter of the project, and the subject, but I would not call myself a climate change activist... however I do know a powerful moment when I see one, and this was that. There's no editing here, and this woman is not an actress. I would swear to it on the Bible, the constitution, or anything else you put in front of me.


Jerry Critter said...

I think most people now admit that climate change is real. What they are not willing to acknowledge is the role that man is playing in it.

One Fly said...

One again it's even worse than thought.

Dave Dubya said...

Maybe most believe it is real. But there's so much Oil and Gas money used to sow doubt. I'm convinced nobody will actually take real measures until it is far too late...Like it may be already.

One Fly,
Now hold on there. Isn't that evil word "science" in your link? ;-)


free0352 said...

Of course the climate changes, its never been stable. Its very natural to have very wide, extreme swings. Historically this has been the case, long before the human race ever existed. So the idea that man can really affect the earths climate always gets quite the laugh from me. Its likw saying you can control sea levels with an eye dropper.

Jerry Critter said...

It is not about controlling the weather.

Dave Dubya said...

That's what we like about you. You're much more an expert than those stupid scientists. You and the energy corporations know the truth. Greenhouse gases are a myth.

Big Money is never wrong.

Volcano eruptions can alter climate, but not billions of tons of greenhouse gases.

Such a cozy Right Wing bubble it must be, at least in that regard. It reinforces the Rights war on education and science that may get in their way of amassing more money.

It's so handy that Rush Limbaugh can replace every scientist, diplomat, educator and economist in the Big Right Bubble.

He knows everything "real Americans" need to know. And if catastrophic conditions ensue, blame the liberals.

Dave Dubya said...

“Americans get the most information about climate models from Rush Limbaugh

Limbaugh: Climate Change Is "A Non-issue Anymore Because It's Fraudulent. The Whole Thing Has Been Proven To Be A Hoax"

Nan said...

Dave, I've never been able to figure out just what the downside of behaving as though global warming/climate change is real is. We use less oil, so that resource lasts longer? We end up with a cleaner planet? We have less pollution? We're less wasteful? Rush and his ilk rant as though those things would be negative outcomes. And, if free0352 is right and these swings are natural, shouldn't we still be preparing to cope with those extremes when they happen? For example, telling people that severe storms seem to be increasing in number so maybe, for example, it would be a good idea to invest in a storm shelter if you live in Tornado Alley. Instead, there's this massive denial and emphasis on being as wasteful and short-sighted as possible. Each extreme weather event -- drought, blizzard, whatever -- gets treated by the denialists as though it's unique and is never going to happen again. It's bizarre.

Jerry Critter said...

The downside is that the rich will have to put money into mitigation rather than pleasure.

Dave Dubya said...

"...This massive denial and emphasis on being as wasteful and short-sighted as possible," add up to more Big Energy profits.

It's the bottom line.

Randy Newman's "It's Money that Matters" is echoing in my head as I type.

okjimm said...

ya, what Nan said.... What is the downside? Logically, there really isn't one, especially weighed against consequences.

FREE!! say, did you register to vote yet...or was it that you really didn;t want to vote...anyways "gets quite the laugh from me" yessiree Bob....youse thinks everything is pretty funny if you do not believe in it. Of course, you're comment really does reinforce Dave's view. Ha, no denying that! Basically...just physics...burning fossil fuels is a chemical reaction for which there is a reaction. Speed up that process and you speed up the reaction.

S.W. Anderson said...

Good to see someone capable of accepting the truth after having been thoroughly propagandized. One down, millions to go
As we saw in the last election, time and events have a way of enforcing reality on deniers.

Dave Dubya said...

The radical Righties are the science-denying "flat earthers" of our age.