Wednesday, January 1, 2020

2020 Vision?

Welcome to 2020. This is not just another year, and it will not be just another election.

Impeachment has been decided. Regardless of what the corrupt Republican Senate decides on the removal of the corrupt criminal in the Oval Office, American voters will face the ultimate choice.

Will the American voters embrace the neo-fascism and lawlessness of authoritarian white nationalism?

Or will American voters embrace more democracy and decency, with fair and equitable representation? Will the majority finally have a voice over the screaming far Right minority?

In our seriously flawed democratic republic only a supermajority of votes can counter the tyranny of a rabidly cruel, science-denying, dishonest, and treacherous regime. 

Only a supermajority of votes can curtail the party of avarice, bent on coddling their corporate elite owners, while punishing the poor and minorities. 

Only a supermajority of votes can defeat the Government Of Putin and
Greedy Old Plutocrats who have been waging war on our democracy while decimating and selling out our government of, by, and for the people.

Will we pass the final test of our Great Experiment, and reclaim the founders' ideal of consent of the governed? 

Or will we passively allow the nation to embrace the lies and anger of the cold and bitter dark side of the American soul? 

It CAN happen here, and it HAS happened here. But the forces of ignorance and rage will not wield as much power to inflict their destruction on democracy, if there are enough American voters that can still see reason, facts, and decency with 2020 vision.


U.P. Tim said...

Dave, keeping my fingers crossed that reason, facts and decency prevail and we pass this test. Cadet Bone Spurs perpetration of evil and campaign of hate and terror must end. I think it's going to be close however with foreign interference, possible voting machine irregularities (hacking) and voter suppression being in play. We'll need to beat Bone Spurs by at least 7-10 points to have any type of insurance policy against the above.

Dave Dubya said...

Americans need to wake up and see the Right's war on democracy.

The game is rigged for sure. Republican gerrymandering, voter registration restrictions, and limiting poll access cancels a lot of democracy.

Russia is still helping Trump, and he is still welcoming their interference. And how can we give the benefit of the doubt to the Republican businesses who make and maintain voting machines?

Subverting elections has been a Republican strategy for decades. FOX(R) has been brainwashing enough people to tilt the playing field.

This slow electoral coup has done permanent damage to our democratic republic, as it further empowers and enriches the corporate oligarchy.

We shall soon see how many Americans have opened their eyes the last few years.

Anonymous said...

This is why Trump will win in 2020, people voting in their best interest, like you always said they should...Confronting the false narrative that only drastic wealth redistribution can help low-income earners, the data continues to show that lower taxes and regulations boost the economy and disproportionately BENEFIT the lower and middle classes.

The truth is with conservatives on this

Dave Dubya said...

Your link to a Trump Administration tweet is not "data", and shows nothing but a ridiculous lie. Who needs facts when you have a cult leader to fill your head with garbage, hate and lies, amirite?

Texas Tim said...

In the 36 months that Trump has now been in office - the US economy has added 6.940.000 jobs.

His cult praises him as the new savior!

But in the last 36 months of the Obama administration - the US economy added 8,053,000 jobs.

Trump's tariffs resulted in farmers needing a larger bailout than the auto industry received.

And farmers are still going bankrupt.

Texas Tim said...

Did you see Hillary was exonerated by the Justice Department?

Did you see GOP investigations found NO illegal conduct by Hillary regarding Benghazi and her server?

Did you see Trump was NOT EXONERATED by Mueller?

Did you see Trump was impeached by the House investigators?

Lock HIM up!

U.P. Tim said...

Texas Tim well said, all great facts to bring up when debating the followers of Don the Con. I believe the auto industry paid back their bailouts also while not going bankrupt. Lock him up, lock him up, I agree.