Friday, October 15, 2021

Random Tweets


Well, maybe these tweets of mine are not quite so random samples, but they are important points on how our republic is failing, and falling into authoritarianism.

“The fundamental cause of the trouble is that in the modern world the stupid are cocksure while the intelligent are full of doubt.” - Bertrand Russell 

"Never underestimate the power of stupid people, especially in large groups." - George Carlin

"Just find me 11,780 votes." "Just say the election was corrupt, and leave the rest to me." They are criminals and enemies of democracy. Period.

They are seizing the power to invalidate every election they lose. Fair elections and fair representation are the antithesis of the radical Right and Trumpism. A system already rigged for minority rule isn't good enough for them.

The country was founded on anti-democratic roadblocks like the Electoral College , the Senate, and now the gerrymandered House 

The majority voted for the Democrat in 7 of the last 8 presidential elections. The Senate, gerrymandered House, and Electoral College are biased for the minority. Thus the majority of Americans, not conservatives, are marginalized.

Systemic denial of systemic racism is actually systemic racism. The radical Right sees the study of racism and its effects as a Marxist assault on our freedom, and is why they want to ban the 1619 Project and anything that looks like CRT.

The radical Right have more tolerance for Trump's gang of racist vandals, felons, thugs, white nationalists, Q-Anon believers, Proud Boys, Nazis, Oath Keepers, etc. than they do for those investigating them. It is the "Authoritarian Way".

Sociopaths can thrive in system that rewards their manipulative machinations. They will have the support of the 30% of humanity with authoritarian personalities. Apathy is the ally of authoritarians.

Magat brains are poisoned with not only the lies, but animosity for everyone who isn't in their cult. They are being indoctrinated to hate and fear us as America-hating Leftists, on the cusp of a communist takeover. They are that nuts. And evil.

It is a cult, with a leader revered beyond question, and all outside information is rejected. Journalism went from "liberal media", to "fake news" and finally to "enemy of the people". The Right has always depended on falsehoods, and a gullible base, so this was inevitable.

Facts still matter to honest and rational people. Unfortunately "alternative facts" matter more to dishonest and irrational people.

Mundus vult decipi, ergo decipiatur. "The world wants to be deceived, so let it be deceived."

“The truth is too complex and frightening; the taste for the truth is an acquired taste that few acquire…. ….The world winks at dishonesty.” ― Walter Kaufmann.

Voltaire: "Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities."  Absurdities like witch trials, inquisitions, the "final solution", war based on lies, torture as "enhanced interrogation" and a "Stop the steal" coup.

Their fear of democracy and equality drives the radical Right into fits of lies, false accusations, demonization, and denials of election results. To hold power, they STILL need to cheat, suppress voter rights and seize control of elections.

They can't seem to imagine how much they’d screech and howl, “Impeach”, “Traitor”, “Liar”, and “Commie!”, if President Obama or President Biden had done or said exactly what Trump did and said.

If his 1/6 coup didn't make it clear enough, what will it take for the corporate media to admit Trumpism IS fascism? He PRAISED the TERRORISTS! Why isn't this fact included in every report about that man?


Franks World said...

Thanks ASSHOLE, for voting for a LUNATIC, and making us ALL. Suffer for your mistake

Shaw Kenawe said...

"Frank" is a sock puppet from "Who's Your Daddy" blogspot. He's a functioning illiterate Trumpanzee.

Your post is spot on. I'm going to link to it on my blog. I'll be away for a few days this week, so no blog posts for a while, so I hope people come here and read what you've written.

Trump and Trumpism is what the old-fashioned Republican Party used to be against. Trump leads a mob of discontented deplorables who tried to pull off a coup d'etat last January. They failed. And they'll try again.

Dave Dubya said...

Thanks. I hope you will be having a few good days away.

skudrunner said...

As the sky darkens and everything is all about trump we have some crisis that are facing America now. The biden crisis seem to just grow while the media ignore it because they are so focused on the trump trial that nothing else matters. Open borders, short gas supply, rising inflation affecting everyone, rising crime because we need to de-fund the police, the afgan debacle, china/NKO/Iran are flexing because they know the current regime is only interested in passing their cradle to grave spending program. Covid is gaining strength and the administration only focuses on blaming non-vaxers. Joeys handlers prohibit him from having an open press conference and does a run off after every speech he reads.

We cannot impeach joey because his replacement would be worse (when is she going to do anything). I know you are a progressive leftist but aren't you just one bit concerned because we have zero leadership or is it just all about an ex-president and to hell with the country.

Dave Dubya said...

Hi, Skuddy.

You don't pay much attention to regular corporate media, do you? All you need is your radical Right pro-Trump propaganda, just as the founders intended.

The borders are NOT open. Where did you get that idea? Oh, right. I already answered that.

If you payed any attention to say, CNN, you'd know Biden will be at a town hall Thursday.

Tune in, or remain ignorant and misinformed.

skudrunner said...


200,000 and growing have crossed the border illegally so if if it is not open it has a massive leak. I am sure the CNN town hall will be riveting with all of the questions submitted beforehand so the answers can be fed into the teleprompter. I wouldn't call a town hall on the DNC controlled CNN an open press conference but I wouldn't call 200,000++ crossings not open borders.

Dave Dubya said...


Can you show evidence that CNN is "controlled" by the DNC. Are you saying they are as controlled by them as FOX(R) was by Trump? Their sycophancy is beyond comparison. Trump has a more loyal propaganda network than any Democrat has ever had. This is why his Big Lie is still believed by millions of duped Americans. But feel free to show where I'm mistaken.

The border has ALWAYS had leaks. Even under and over walls. Didn't you know that?

I thought Trump’s wall that "Mexico paid for" would stop all of those people. What happened there? Did Trump fail? Illegal immigration began surging in 2020. Where was your accusation of "open borders" then?

We get it. We know the "Only Rule". "It's OK If You Are Republican".

Unlike the propaganda of the radical Right, Biden has not “invited’ any illegal immigration. Migrants are under the same false impression as you are, that Biden "opened the borders".

The fact is, President Biden and Vice President Harris have discouraged migrants from Central and South America.

Did you know that?

Other facts:

In July there were 212,672 apprehensions at the southern border. The figure, a 13% increase from June, marks a 21-year-high and a continuation of an increase in migration that began in spring 2020 under former President Donald Trump and has sharply accelerated this year.

President Joe Biden has kept in place a controversial Trump-era public health order known as Title 42 that allows border agents to immediately expel migrants at the border, depriving them of the right to seek asylum. That order has significantly increased the rate at which migrants cross the border multiple times because of the quick expulsions and the lack of consequences for border crossing. Mayorkas said Thursday that 45% of migrants apprehended last month were immediately expelled under Title 42.

Do you believe in the radical Right "replacement theory"? Do you believe the lies from Tucker Carlson that Democrats want to bring in hordes of brown people to "replace white people"?

That old fascist troop is gaining traction, thanks to liars on the Right.

TB3 said...

I've always wondered where the white people go that get replaced... hmmm.

Rex said...

Yeah... the border is Trump's fault!

What a crock. I suppose that Biden on the first week in office revoking the wait in Mexico policy has had nothing to do with the surge. The scary thing is you actually believe all of the BIG LIES fed to you by CNN, New York Times, and the rest of the "objective" media sources you leftists like because it reinforces the lies you already believe.

Even many of your fellow Democrats realize their is a huge problem with the border as Biden processes illegal aliens and then flies them out to wherever they want to go in the U.S. if they just promise to show up to their hearings. Damn, you make AOC look like Einstein if you really believe that shit.

Dave Dubya said...


Maybe Rex knows where the white people go that get replaced. I bet he keeps it a secret.


Well, howdy thar, Rex!

Ya say, "Yeah... the border is Trump's fault!" huh?

WHO said that crock, Rex?

Ya don't think I SAID that, right Rex? Durned if I kin recollect sayin' it. Caint see it above. Caint see it out in the "Random Tweets" out front neither.

Thar ya go agin, dag nabbit!

That thar's a-called a Strawman Fallacy by them folk who know all them smart words. (Not all the "best words", like Trump said he knows, mindya.)

Description: Substituting a person’s actual position or argument with a distorted, exaggerated, or misrepresented version of the position of the argument.

You're not exactly off to the races on that swayback mare, pardner.

Bein' so dang off target with that round, I'm gittin' the hunch you might not be hittin' much else downrange. I'll ignore your unsupported assertions for now.

You're right about Biden sending a signal to migrants. He aint thunk it through.

Nobody really has. It's been a mess for a long time, and it's getting worse. There are no easy answers, unfortunately.

Well, not unless you're cruel enough to just want to hurt and punish desperate people as much as possible. Then it's all easy answers.

And even then, under the Only One who could fix it, people got through. It happens.

I'm no AOC or Einstein, but I don't want violent criminals and terrorists coming to our country.

Did you know the Supreme Court mandated the Remain in Mexico policy be reinstated? Sorry, the Right is lying about "open borders". But then, they ARE getting away with the "stolen election" Big Lie. Very damn few on the Right dare to question their leaders.

Say what you want about media that isn't up Trump's ass, but the Washington Post has data from U.S. Customs and Border Protection that you may not have heard about.


U.S. authorities detained more than 1.7 million migrants along the Mexico border during the 2021 fiscal year that ended in September, and arrests by the Border Patrol soared to the highest levels ever recorded.

More than 1.3 million migrants have been taken into custody along the southern border in the nine months since Biden took office, including 192,000 last month, the latest CBP figures show.

In the fiscal years between 2012 and 2020, border arrests averaged about 540,000. The 2021 figure was more than three times that amount.


I've been generous enough to address your change of topic. Now it's up to you to return the favor and address the words I have written. If you tell me I am wrong, explain how. If my facts are in error, show the correct ones.

Fair enough?

TB3 said...

So much concern for these mythical illegal aliens that are suddenly and unsurprisingly an issue again when a Democrat takes over the reigns of power.

Where does this concern go when a Republican is in charge? Same place as our concern for the debt and deficit? The same place all those Caucasians are jetted off to in secret when they are replaced?

Boy, the whole situation and scenario in these conversations surrounding illegal immigrants sure do sound like works of fiction or overblown flights of fancy.

I feel sorry for all of these people who continually harp on these issues when Dems are in power. There are so many things to focus on that legitimately need to be dealt with and it's always the same fear mongering crap from Republicans/"Conservatives".

Dave Dubya said...

Yeah, poor Rex is so upset by immigration issues he wanted to hijack the thread.

He really thought he "owned" me there, didn't he?

To be expected from them. It was a good excuse to show him more information to reject.

And to demonstrate how much more tolerant I am than his ideological brother Darrell, who has banned me from what used to be called "Saving Common Sense". That ship has sailed.

They don't cotton to no dad-burned commie/fascist/leftists a stirrin' up trouble on the ranch. (I'd better not tell them about my Native American ancestry. They'd be a hankerin' for my scalp and wantin' to take my land.)

Historical note: Colonists learned to scalp enemies from the Indians. (The European custom was to cut off people's heads for proof/trophies, originally, but scalps are easier to transport and preserve, so the colonists quickly switched to the Indian method.) Once they picked up the technique, the English did a tremendous amount of scalping, both of natives and of rival Frenchmen.

Military and militia massacres of Tribes, forced removal, and land theft tells us who the real savages were. Oops. that sounds like "Marxist" Critical Race Theory when white folks get any blame. Funny how they're still the "real victims". Always have been, by Jiminy.

skudrunner said...

Dube, I did tune into joeys CNN promotion and was underwhelmed. This was just a non paid political promotion for his cradle to grave give-a-way. The pre scripted questions were asked by progressive liberals geared around what is the give away going to do for me. They gave him plenty of time to do what he does best and that is to tell stories about his childhood and never be questioned about his answers. The only time he told the truth was that he hasn't been to the border. His no cost trillion dollar giveaway was just accepted which shows the partisan crowd and the fact that they were not allowed to ask intelligent questions.

Very disappointing and I know you held hope he would shine. Must be disappointing. Maybe we can elect a competent president in the future because the last four have been horrible and seem to be getting worse. Next time lets make it a women, I have a couple in mind.

Dave Dubya said...

A woman president? How progressive of you! Or do you mean someone like Boebert, Greene or another Q-anon Queen?

Biden’s greatest achievement will be in his defeat of Trump. A corporate-owned Senate is putting a stop to practically everything else.

Of course it was a promotion of Biden’s agenda. That’s what he is supposed to do. Biden is a disappointment to many of us, not for his agenda, but for his lack of leadership. Obama had the same issues. Authoritarians take much better advantage of the bully pulpit.

So no, I never expect Biden to shine. He’s always been a company man as a Senator. Delaware is the home for the credit industry for a reason.

Funny thing about “give-aways”. They seem to be only invoked for public benefits for we the people. Can you explain why corporate subsidies, sweetheart deals, crony capitalism, and massive trillion dollar tax cuts are never “give-aways”? Have you noticed that military/industrial complex give-aways are rarely challenged by corporate media?

At least the programs progressives are advocating are Constitutional provision for the general welfare. Nobody in countries with single payer public healthcare would demand our capitalized system replace theirs.

Without universal healthcare, “cradle to grave” hardly describes it. But then again the radical Right insists we have “open borders” and a “stolen election” too.

I reject their unilateral definitions and outright lies.

It’s unfortunate corporate media like CNN spend way more time covering the cost and “horse race” support for those bills, instead of the contents. Most Americans have no idea what infrastructure projects are in there. Provisions can and should be debated, but no republic can function without some social spending.

Also no republic can function without democratic representation and voter rights. THAT should have been the priority from the beginning, and that failure, thanks to corpo-dems Joe “Coal” Manchin and Kyrsten “Pharma” Sinema will doom our republic to minority rule. At least the rich, corporations, global warming and high drug prices are well represented in the Senate.

Aint that America?

Anonymous said...

You are not an old fashioned Democrat, because you don't believe in the Constitution that old fashioned Democrats have been defending for 250 years.
If the country if falling apart it is doing so under its current president. Trump is no longer president and has no executive power to do anything.
You seem to want to outlaw the Republican party which is also not a traditional stand of Democrats. Democrats have always said the strength of the country is that we have a strong two party system.
You seem to be saying that because you disagree with the Republicans they have no right to exist. That's pretty dictatorial of you. And what about the 10's of millions of Americans who voted these Republicans in office? Have they no right to support who they want and expect their elected representatives to support the issues they voted for?
Your one sided views do not reflect the traditional Democratic thinking at all. Democrats signed and helped write the Constitution. A document you seem to despise.

TB3 said...

Apparently the Anon trolls got your number, Dave.

Why don't you love the Constitution that Democrats totally wrote down because Democrats totally were an entity back in the 1500s when the Constitution was written down in the original Google doc?

Dave Dubya said...


What can I say? My very own words condemn me. Which is to say, the words they “seem” to think I wrote. It doesn’t matter that I didn’t,

It just FEELS like I must have, being an “America-hating sworn enemy to the Constitution and all Trump stands for”. This is how his cult is being programmed to see everyone else.

So that’s what I “seemed” to have said.

Trumpists don’t need to actually quote my tirades against the "Constitution and the Founding Democrats".

They FEEL like I did it, and that’s all that matters.

These guys are just as ignorant as their Dear Leader, who proclaimed just the other day:

"The late, great Thomas Jefferson, one of our most important Founding Fathers, and a principal writer of the Constitution of the United States, is being 'evicted' from the magnificent New York City Council Chamber."

(He won't mind.)

Who’s gonna correct these idiots? We can't tell them Trump is wrong. He's their god and America's savior. If we say James Madison composed the first drafts of the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights and earned the nickname “Father of the Constitution”, they’d cry, “What do mean? Fake news! Liberal lie! Whoever heard of Democratic Republicans, anyway?”

We know Anonymous didn’t read, or understand, my little exchange with Rex. If he did, he would see Rex also made up something he wished I had said, but didn’t. Rex had a FEELING I did, and that’s all that mattered.

It’s hilarious how these indoctrinated idiots breeze past and dismiss the very definition of the Strawman Fallacy, only to invoke more of them.

I have claimed to be an old-fashioned American citizen, but never an old-fashioned Democrat. They owned slaves. They rejected the election of Lincoln and seceded from the Union. Anonymous is much more an old-fashioned Democrat than I could be.

Through this same fog of delusion, Anonymous declares I “don’t believe in the Constitution”, and I “seem to want to outlaw the Republican party”.

He can’t tell me where I ever said so, because he made it up. But he FEELS it. He’s lying, but too brainwashed to know it.

We can imagine he FEELS the same way about our Constitution as Trump’s violent mob who stormed the Capitol to overturn the election.

And he’s certainly not concerned about the 10’s of millions MORE Americans who voted for Democrats.

But, “what about” those Republicans??? THAT is the issue here, by gum. They’ve been deeply wronged. How dare the evil Dems steal the election?

I mean, just look at li’l ol “dictatorial” me, not actually saying, “Republicans have no right to exist”, but to Anonymous, it FEELS like I did.

Poor little man. He’s really the victim here. He's suffering from delusions, ignorance, cult indoctrination, and unrelenting resentment, anger, and hate.

And we'd darn well better understand HIS FEELINGS are what matter most in America.

Let’s FEEL sorry for him, shall we?

Dave Dubya said...

Anonymous is trying to return to repeat his accusations and stupidity.

We know he doesn’t read and comprehend well, because I made it clear out front:

“Only one comment and response will be allowed for anonymous trolls. Repeated, unidentified, and off-topic trolling will be deleted as spam.”

He chose to ignore that, or is an idiot, or both.

He either doesn’t pay attention or feels he’s special, or both.

Some fun examples:

“Trump is out of office, but he is not defeated.”

(By every real world definition, losing an election is being defeated.)

Democrats “claim Trump lost the election by 3 million votes”.

(News to me.)

“Of course you have the correct answer to every woe of government including writing your own version of the Constitution.”

(Could he send me a copy of that?)

“And yes, your own words condemn you.”

(None cited.)

“You DID attack the Constitution.”

(In his head.)

“It didn't seem like you were saying the Republicans didn't have a right to exist, you have called them traitors outright.”

(Insurrectionists ARE traitors, and enemies of democracy AND the Constitution. Not all Republicans are insurrectionist traitors. But the Party of Trump is the greatest threat to democracy and equality. Vast amounts of evidence are available and have been provided.)

Dave Dubya said...

I just have to report this gem.

For years we were "commies". Now we're "fascists". They have always been idiots.

This is what Darrell blurted out in the comment thread under his post about “The Militant Left’s Embrace of Fascism”.

"Anyone that simply wishes to throw “Nazi” and “fascist” fire bombs as a means of debate is not a useful source at all, other than as an example of how low the militant left has descended."

Priceless. No wonder he banned me. LOL!