Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Day One: Thank You, Melania

Mordor on Lake Erie, aka the Republican National Convention, is blossoming into the quadrennial tragi-comic  “Anger and Hatefest of Clowns” we’ve been expecting.

Professional haters Tom Cotton, Rudy the 9-11 Guy, and some authoritarian far Right military and cop types, have launched the spectacle into a proto-fascist orgy of blame and resentment.

There is no Right wing con-servatism without blame and resentment. It is their essence.

Ah, but there are more elements mixed into their frothing stew of arrogance and bigotry. We have dishonesty, incompetence and evasion of accountability in abundance. “Bush kept us safe” pretty much covers those slimy characteristics.

These dark elements of con-servatism are illuminated by the reaction to Melania Trump’s speech. It contained passages lifted directly from Michelle Obama’s convention speech eight years ago. 

Of course, the Trumpies howl in indignation at the very suggestion of plagiarism, no matter how obvious it is. Melania says she wrote her speech. Right. So that would make her the plagiarist. But true to Trump form, bragging and lies are their specialty.

The speech was no doubt  handed to her by an underling.

But a Trump NEVER admits to a mistake. If they did, they’d be busy coming clean for the rest of their snooty, privileged, neo-aristocratic lives.

True to form, the Trumpies have circled their wagons with bald-faced insistence there was no copy and paste and no plagiarism. The “liberal media” conspirators just need to know it was coincidence. Yeah, that’s it. Those were common words, right?

If you believe that, we have just the president for you.

Eager Democrats pounced in their own clumsy manner. “Aha!” they caught the Trump campaign in a lie. That’s a mistake. They lie all the time. Another lie will wash off their oily scales like the rest of their massive opus of falsehoods.

At the very least, Democrats could hammer the liars with something like, “If Donald hired a plagiarist for his wife’s big convention speech, who will he hire to “fix” our country?”

That just might move the Trumpies to back-track their incompetence. All they have to do is fire someone. We all know that sends a tingle up their legs.

If Democrats were smart, and that’s a big if, they would embrace Melania's speech and announce with unending delight and celebration the fact that Melania has the same values as Michelle Obama. 

Yes, all Dems need to do is say, "Thank you Melania, for agreeing with our First Lady Michelle."

After that, they could thank Donald for agreeing with all the con-servative white racists in the country.

Onward through the madness…


One Fly said...

The Dims have sooooo much ammunition but as you point out no clue in how to use it. Been that way for a long time.

By using your tactic the trumpers have no defense and can't even lie that they didn't do something.

Why you do that dummies that is open their door to say not me not me???

Paul said...

The fault belongs to the American voter (people).
They voted for Nixon in 1972, even though Watergate had been tied to the White House before the election.
They voted for Bush II in 2004, even though the lies about WMD were known before the election; making him guilty of invading an innocent country and killing scores of innocent Iraqi civilians, not to mention 5,000 American soldiers.
Alaskans voted for Sen. Stevens, even though he had been indited on multiple felonies. They voted for Strom Thurmond, even though he was a long time member of the KKK and that was publicly known for decades.
The American voter has no problem voting for criminals. There are MANY more examples.
Politicians are opportunists and take advantage of the unnecessary good will of the people.

Darrell Michaels said...

"Ah, but there are more elements mixed into their frothing stew of arrogance and bigotry. We have dishonesty, incompetence and evasion of accountability in abundance."

While I agree with you regarding Trump, your account from above perfectly illuminates the Obama administration and his amazingly corrupt and incompetent Secretary of State, Hillary. Indeed evasion of accountability seems to be a Clinton touchstone and mantra.

Oh, and Luke, I'll see your Strom Thurmond and raise you a Robert Byrd, whom the Democrats adored and praised, despite his leadership positions in the KKK. Even the Democrats beloved LBJ and his "great society" program was orchestrated for political opportunism, even though he racistly loathed the black people his programs and "war on poverty" were supposedly fashioned to help. I guess you can overlook the color of someones skin pigmentation IF they promise to vote for you.

Dave Dubya said...

We can never underestimated the stupidity and arrogance of the Democratic Party.

And even more fault belongs to the millions who are too apathetic to vote. That's the reason democracy has wilted and corporate cash has now dominated the human right to free speech.

I’m with you on Obama’s “amazingly corrupt and incompetent Secretary of State, Hillary. Indeed evasion of accountability seems to be a Clinton touchstone and mantra.”

When will you take the bold, free thinking step to finally realize the same was true of the previous Administration? It has been systemic since Reagan, the first Bush, and Clinton. They opened the henhouse to the foxes. And it has only gotten worse.

The anti-democratic and corrupt masters of global corporatism have a way of protecting their neo-liberal puppets in both major parties.

Oh, and were you aware Byrd apologized for his past and admitted he was wrong about civil rights and the Vietnam War? Johnson advocated for, and signed, the civil rights act. Thurmond was segregationist to the end.

Paul said...

I'm well aware of Byrd. Your mistake if you thought I was talking only about Republicans. Reread my last line.
Everyone knows LBJ was a racist. It speaks well of him that he would fight for those he thought were inferior. Just as the slave owing founding fathers said all men are created equal. And they meant all men, not women. Of course blacks were not considered men.