Thursday, October 19, 2017

Just Another Day

This is how they whip up false accusations, fake news, racist blame, lies, and hate. It’s what the Right does. All. The. Time.

Sarah “Quitter-In-Lipstick” Palin tweeted, “bet you not a single mainstream news organization is going to cover this story. Not PC or something.” 

From the Sacramento Bee:

Sonoma sheriff shoots down right-wing reports linking arson suspect to wine country fires

Breitbart News and InfoWars offered no evidence to link the man’s arrest to the fires and their accounts of the man’s arrest were disputed the same day by Sonoma County Sheriff Rob Giordano.

“There’s a story out there he’s the arsonist for these fires. That is not the case. There is no indication he is related to these fires at all,” Giordano said in a news conference also broadcast on the department’s Facebook page and area TV stations. “I just did want to kill that speculation right now so we didn’t have things running too far out of control.”

Right-wing websites including Breitbart and InfoWars Tuesday each published stories on the Sunday arrest of Jesus Fabian Gonzales, whom sheriff’s deputies arrested on a single count of arson.

“The U.S. Immigration & Customs Enforcement Agency (ICE) issued a detainer request on the Sonoma County Jail for Jesus Fabian Gonzalez (sic), who was arrested Sunday on suspicion of arson in Wine Country fires that have killed at least 40 residents,” says the lead paragraph of stories published on both InfoWars and Breitbart.

Despite a lack of evidence linking Gonzales to any other fires, Breitbart’s readers were quick to jump to conclusions.

“How many more innocent Californians must die on the alter of democrat immigration polices?” reads the top comment on the Breitbart story, which has been widely shared on social media. “Why do they continue to return the same anti American politicians to office at the risk of their very lives? If there is one democrat California voter who reads this post I’d love to get into your empty head and learn what makes you hate yourself.”

Yes, they are a cult, and willfully ignorant, and yes, they are deplorable. 


Michael Stivic said...

Right On!

Its just another day that the MSM won't cover the real Russia story where Bonnie and Clyde Clinton allowed the selling of 20% of the US uranium mining to Russia in exchange for mammon. amirite?

Dave Dubya said...

Out-of-Character Stivic,


Nope. There is no proof of any quid pro quo. And there was no proof of the Russian "pizza-gate" lie either. That is your fake news.

Do you believe Russians over our intelligence agencies, Komrad Stivic?

However, Dear Leader did say this, "I've always felt fine about Putin. He's a strong leader. He's a powerful leader."

Then Putin helped Trump win the election. Trump Jr. got a tingle up his leg when he went to meet with Russians for dirt on Hillary. (Collusion, cough, cough.)

His henchmen, including the head of the Justice Department, have been shown to have lied about contacts with Russians.

Why were ONLY Russians with Trump in the Oval Office of the American People? Remember that story? Trump bragged to the Russians about firing Comey to shut down the FBI investigation.

That was obstruction of justice. Lock him up!

The FBI, NSA and CIA say the real Russia story is they interfered in the election.

Do you believe Putin wants to make America great, Komrad Stivic?

How do you expect that story to go away? No wonder Trump and his "very fine" fascists are playing the Nazi "Lugenpresse" card.

Flying Junior said...

It is pretty sickening that they invented this story. I think it would be more likely that someone who hates California might start an October wildfire just to spite us. Maybe later this year...

From what I can see talking to differing stripes of people that I have met since this summer, the fake news/alternative facts engine is pretty much here to say. The adherents believe every gasp of information that they read or hear like it was handed down by Moses from Mount Sinai. The only requirement is that it vilify a democrat or a group of democrats. I recently met a troll who posted on this whole uranium deal. I had never even heard of it so he more or less called me out as a fool. Their arguments are bulletproof, they spend a lot of time on this shit. La-Di-Dah, et cetera.

The scariest thing to me was to see that this blind HRC and Obama hatred extends far beyond our borders. This is a worldwide propaganda machine. God help us all. Of course, Hillary and Barack are more or less retired, but the hatred defines the movement.

I don't think your reader, Michael Stivik will be back. It's a typical troll name. They think they are so cute.

Michael Stivic said...

Out of character?

I voted for Bernie even though he doesn't pay his fair share of taxes (only 13% on combined income of $200k in 2014).

Just like JG I refused to vote for the greedy mammon seeking Corporatist Hillary.

Dave Dubya said...


This: "Hatred defines the movement".

The Russian disinformation trolls, and their Republican allies, understand how gullible American con-servatives really are. They will believe, and repeat, any smear on Democrats and liberals. They are the new useful idiots and Putin's Puppets, degrading our democracy, and undermining the remaining integrity of the US. The entire Republican Party has joined in their war on democracy and voting rights.

Trolls do get a tingle up their leg when they believe they are fooling someone. But they're not that clever, are they?

Out-of-Character Stivic:

An Out-of-Character Stivic would bitch about Hillary instead of Trump.

An Out-of-Character Stivic would parrot Trump, FOX(R) and Breitbart. Whenever the phrase "the real Russia story" is invoked, it echoes back to Trump, FOX(R), and Breitbart.

An Out-of-Character Stivic would also gripe about Bernie's taxes and ignore the fact Trump paid no federal income taxes for years and refuses to disclose his returns.