Wednesday, September 10, 2008

A Non-Issue

Before this disappears down America’s short term memory hole, let’s have a look at something most of us didn’t notice last Tuesday. As we were settling back into our ordinary routine, fresh from the Labor Day weekend, Rick Davis, John McCain’s campaign manager, revealed a little secret.

"This election is not about issues," said Davis. "This election is about a composite view of what people take away from these candidates."

We can be certain their idea of a “composite view” will not be grounded in reality.

Yes, the public will be shown meticulously staged images of McCain and Palin. The media will be saturated with the commercially sculpted illusions of the Republicans’ competence, history, and above all, character. American voters will be lured into selecting their future leadership from their caricature more than from their character.


The war in Iraq is an issue.

The looting of our treasury is an issue.

The destruction of the Constitution and rule of law is an issue.

Energy independence is an issue.

Our jobs and healthcare are issues.

And the Republican's message is WHAT?

This election is NOT about issues?

Only in Amerika.


Mauigirl said...

For the GOP, it's never about the real issues. And for some reason it keeps working. It always amazes me how gullible half the American public is, to keep falling for this again and again.

billie said...

the whole (s)election process is about non issues. we get to have elections because the corporatocracy allows us to. all of the issues you mentioned are non issues to them. that's what most folks don't realize. these elections aren't going to restore our country. if obama wins, it might delay the inevitable for a bit but the end result is still that we, the people, have no power in our vote. we have power but it doesn't come from a ballot. we are sleeping too soundly to realize that.

jmsjoin said...

Again you are right on! I don't think much would change since whoever is elected will have to react to the numerous crises Bush has set in motion. To me the big difference is Obama will help us and our America not the wealthy and theirs!

Unknown said...

To the smoke and mirrors crowd, aka the lobbyists, this election ISN'T about issues Dave.

It's about selling John McSame and his little dog Palin...thats all it is.

And the bulk of Amerika will eat it up.

Unknown said...

There is not enough time to mass-educate the populace. America is doomed.

Alien Citizen said...

Thanks for reminding people of this. I posted about this Wed of last week and am still dumbfounded at how the mainstream media lets the McCain team say whatever they want without question.

Brother Tim is right that there really isn't any time to educate's practically a couple of days before the election. We need to scare people away from voting for the conservative spawn. They'll draft your children for their 100 years of war!

Anonymous said...

Where to begin? We all knew the Republicans would get around to slinging the lowest of shit. Fortunately someone in the media has called McCain on it, "The View" girls. Not that it'll change anything.

I'm still trying to figure out why so many American people view the fact that McCain was a prisoner of war for a number of years as a plus. I'm of the Viet Nam era. I don't know any guy who came back from Nam that wasn't affected. They all seemed to have come back with their dark side exposed. These are just regular GI's who weren't put in a hole for seven or however many years. Am I supposed to believe that John McCain came back and doesn't suffer from "issues?" He has a reputation for erupting over small slights, he acts like a manic depressive half the time. What's with that manic smile at inappropriate in the middle of a sentence? What meds is this guy taking and for what? If the "call at three in the morning" comes and McCain is president, which McCain will answer? The one with flashbacks? I think the guy is scarey and legitimately nuts.

Secondly, what does it say about a candidate who picks a running mate like Sarah Palin? It tells me that John McCain has NO respect for the American people. He's obviously convinced they are stupid. How many other qualified Republican women were available that would have added real value to the ticket, not just T&A? This guy wanted to make the campaign about experience? He sandwiches himself between two ex-beauty queens, aka Sarah and his wife, and I'm supposed to take him seriously? How about we change it from being about experience to making it about "maturity." Obviously this 70something f--ker has never grown up. It's pathetic. I am insulted by the Sarah Palin choice. If I wanted a trailer park queen as veep, I'd have thrown my own hat in the ring. People love her 'cause she's just plain (anogram) Palin, the girl next door. Hello! I don't want the girl or guy next door in the White House. I want a frickin genius in the White House! Anymore, just someone with a working brain would be a pleasant change. The McCain ticket doesn't qualify.

Thirdly, when do the American people wake up and realize that just about everything hinges on the national debt (somewhere in the neighborhood of 10 trillion) and the huge trade deficit. The pubs want us to believe that there is an islamic boogey man behind every corner and we need their protection, when our biggest threat is this debt. At what point do our debtors cut off our funds and demand to be paid? And when (not if) they do, then what? If you think we are in a depression now, folks, just wait. If someone doesn't balance the budget and pay down the deficit, we're going down. If anyone in the McCain camp is smart enough to even recognize this, they sure as hell are keeping it a secret. As much as I hate it, the only true patriotic thing for American's to do right now is pay their fair share of taxes with the stipulation that the war end and spending is cut so that they make a dent in the deficit. Get rid of the deficit and everything gets better in a hurry. It goes beyond being about the economy. It's the DEFICIT, stupid! End of Rant.

D.K. Raed said...

Issues, Schmissues, Obama wants to raise taxes on the poor. Wait, make that the rich. Oh, nevermind ... my "composite view" is most people leave their brains at home on election day anyway.

jmsjoin said...

Hey Dave
I haven't been to Sirens to see your music there but I want to congratulate you and wish you luck!