Friday, September 5, 2008

Post Convention Notes

So McCain said “I liked to bend a few rules
and pick a few fights FOR THE FUN OF IT”!!!!
If this election is about character, my friends,
then we see Johnny McMaverick was a bully.

This bully likes to talk tough.
This bully wants to command his own army
and he wants to rule a militarized empire.
He wants to fulfill his ambition.

This bully is known for outbursts of temper.
This authoritarian bully has picked a successor.
She thinks our wars are God’s Task.
She would be putty in the Neocon’s hands.
And they are all waiting for their next chance.

But don’t be worried, my friends.
Johnny will be fine.
For a while.
But for now…
He’s ready to get America going.

And what does he repeatedly call on us to do?
In addition to fight, that is.
He wants us to serve.
Serve something that is greater than ourselves.
We can trust Johnny can come up with
somewhere or another for us to serve.
Even if he has to DRAFT a whole new jobs program.

So get in line and stand up straight.
Sound off, you maggots!

(If you put these lines to a military drill cadence,
you’ll get more of the feeling.)

John McCain has news for you.
He’ll tell you just what to do

Fight and Fight and Fight and Fight.
All day long and through the night.

I don’t know but I been told
John McCain is getting old.

What if Johnny’s heart is failin?
Then we got Church Lady Palin


Anonymous said...

Our only hope is to make sure McCain doesn't add 1600 Pennsylvania to his list of homes.

Unknown said...

Good one, Dave.

Anonymous said...

EEK! Did I have to see "My Friends" in here as well? *hitting head against keyboard*....Old Johnny is scary.

libhom said...

Well, isn't that special?

Anne said...

great words...he's the neighborhood bully, alright!

Mauigirl said...

Well done!

You're right, he was a bully. We don't need another bully in the White House. I'm sure W was one as well.

Anonymous said...

I found it to be the height of huberus for the Republicans to fail to pass the "bail out" because they were offended by Nancy Pelosi's comments, then they introduce a new bill with $100Billion in pork and a nifty little section that gives the IRS new police powers to investigate Americans and allows the agency to share tax payer information with other agencies for the first time ever, bunch of mavericks over in the Senate. AW.