Thursday, August 28, 2008

A Sunny Day

Tonight there seems to be a divine message to those Bible thumpers at Focus on the Family.

You may have heard about the call for their flock to pray for rain on the Democrats in the stadium in Denver. It turned out to be a sunny day.

I guess God had other plans. That won't stop the Republicans, though.

It’s looking like they are going to have to steal another election.

They may have to show once again, their god doesn't approve of democracy.

Just like in 2000.


Anonymous said...

Great post, Dave. If you liked "Pray for Rain", you'll love the parody video at YouTube: Pray for Diarrhea

jmsjoin said...

God hates Republicans and they are going to steal this one too! Picking Palin?
Huge mistake for them! Great for us! The more I read about her the more this blows me away! Is he sabotaging himself? Throwing Obama to the dogs? Am I missing something here?
I do think this is going to backfire on McCain! I am sure there is more than just the Commissioner issue!
I hope Palin being so young and inexperienced next to a guy likely to keel any minute would turn off more voters than those gained because she is a woman! She does not have what it takes to be President no way!
I think she is ripe for the picking and even if it is only one debate Biden will eat her up. Bring on the debates!

Distributorcap said...

i so hope this backfires - i kind of think it will

i really dont think those hillaryites will actually vote for a gun toting prolife creation loving wingnut

and it was a lovely night last night