Tuesday, August 19, 2008

What A Disgrace!

My in box was blessed yet again with another forwarded right wing outrage. This time it could very well be the defining issue of the election, perhaps even for the future of humanity!

At the very least it was an idiot’s guide to voting.

I’m particularly filled with pride by having the good fortune of seeing Ted Nugent was a previous recipient of this crucial message. Don’t you love it when your email address gets mindlessly forwarded along with the propaganda out to the seething masses?

The spam was kindly sent out by a “Good Republikaner” who took on the mission to alert Americans to the dastardly deed of one “despicable” Barack Obama.

What offending horror could Obama have committed this time?

Here’s what I learned. The wording is left as it was received.


Obama The Patriot - Removes American Flag From His PlaneBarack Obama recently finished a $500,000 total overhaul of his 757. And as part of the new design, he decided to remove the American flag from the tail...

What American running for President of the United States would remove the symbol of his country? And worse, he replaced the flag with it with a symbol of himself... Obama is such a despicable human being.

Please forward this if you're not ashamed of our country and our flag & if think this is a disgrace.”

Not wanting to be ashamed of our country, I did the patriotic thing. I replied to my fellow Americans with whom I was privileged to share this news.

Thank you for bringing this urgent and compelling matter to my attention. I was wondering who I should vote for.

This really makes me think hard... And it is clearly the biggest REAL ISSUE that finally made up my mind. It sure does make me mad!

Why does Obama HATE AMERICA??

The MONSTER! He had his plane repainted! Every other presidential candidate does this for the last part of the campaign, but Obama did it wrong.

Why would anyone even think about voting for Obama?

That would be disgraceful and un-American. Just like removing the stylized flag image of the North American Airlines corporate logo on a plane. It was not a REAL flag, of course, or even a “symbol of his country”. It was a CORPORATE LOGO. Why, come to think of it, desecrating a corporate logo should be a crime in itself! Never mind there’s still an accurate flag depiction next to the exterior registration numbers on the plane. Just like on McCain’s plane.

It would just be stupid to elect Obama. Especially if you think about the outstanding public service we’ve seen from Bush and McCain.

Republican leadership sure has done a “heck of a job” with our employment opportunities, our economy, and international respect. And for our own good, I’m sure; they devalued our dollar to an unbelievable low. The Canadian dollar is leaving ours in the dust. If you have to ask what the dollar value of the Euro is now, you can’t afford it.

CEO pay has gone up even faster than OUR purchasing power has declined. And who can’t love the sweetheart tax breaks and legislation for the pharmaceutical industry and Big Oil? Corporate lobbyists and big business SHOULD be allowed to continue writing our laws to maximize their profit. That’s what good government is for, right? The more we transfer our tax dollars into rich Republicans’ pockets, the greater America becomes.

Our kids will love us for the trillions of dollars of debt we’ll leave them. They will thank us for the lessons in responsibility and character. Just like making an example of those losers facing bankruptcy for medical expenses.

And above all, we can’t let the tax breaks for the richest Republican donors expire. They’ve already bought the government, why tax them, too?

And so, my friends, it is simple to see. What kind of fool would think change is needed?

God bless America! And may He continue to bless us with the greed that makes Him love US best.


I could have sent my response along to “Uncle Ted”, but I’m just a little too worried about straying within rifle range of him. He’s a better shot than his buddy Dick Cheney.


jmsjoin said...

I am so sick of lying to keep this friggen mess going as you so adroitly point out. The truth was He removed the chartered airline company's logo, which happened to include a stylized image of the American Flag.
He replaced the company logo with his own "brand" for use in the campaign. He retained the traditional depiction of the American Flag on the plane, located next to the plane's registration number.
What sucks is many will fall for this Reich wing crap!

Cirze said...

Thanks for this information, Dave!

We need to see this in the flesh so we can comprehend (how?) what we are up against in this madness of voter ignorance/apathy that inundates us in the increasingly poor old USA.



Unknown said...

I gotta laugh, Dave. I, too, used to get bombarded with those reich-wing BS e-mails.

About a year ago, I started writing long diatribes, discounting all the lies, and hitting 'reply all'. Sometimes there would be 25 or more names on the list. The idiots that send out that swill don't know how to use the BCC function on their e-mails.

As a result, I now only receive 2 or 3 a week, as compared to maybe 2 dozen before. No one wants to be made to look a fool to his friends.

Mauigirl said...

A friend of mine got this same e-mail from someone she knew. She looked it up on Snopes.com and sent the result back to the sender (naturally it refuted the story). She said she was tired of this kind of thing being spread around. As are we all. But it's scary how many people believe it.

Naj said...


Unknown said...

Only one of my retarded family members has the nads to forward that horseshit to me.

He is a bible-thumping former meth addict. I think the meth took it's toll, don't you? ;p

Thanks for stopping by my humble blog Dave! ;)

Dave Dubya said...


Yes, we've seen the proof. You won't go broke investing in American gullibility.


Yes, but the ignorance industry is thriving more than ever in good 'ol Marika.

Brother Tim,

It's really our way of telling them we love 'em.


It's something we need to do. Like sewage treatment.


So nice to see you brightening our day.


You're welcome and my pleasure. I'm trying to expand into the neighborhood now that I finally got a PC from this century.

Most every family I know has someone with a developmental or similar issues... And we try to love them.

Unknown said...

LOL...yes I do try to love him, but the GAWD thing really gets on my last friggin nerve Dave. ;p

Unknown said...

Surely it's time all candidates are required by law to have the US flag tattooed on their face, chest & genitals and then marry a flag (they are allowed to call it Glory or Gloria depending on the candidates sex, no same sex flag marriages though!) live on cspan before they are even allowed to run, it's the only sensible way to root out dangerous subversives.

Dave Dubya said...


And let's not forget to tatoo the anti-gay Old Testament verse as well.

And just for perspective, include the anti shellfish stuff, too.