Sunday, January 31, 2021

Real Unity


The pattern of history is clear. The monster has risen again and again. Evil has been piled upon evil.

Nixon failed to cover up his crimes, resigned, and was pardoned.

The Republican Party was somewhat unrepentant. 

Authoritarian Nixon loyalists stood by their guy, and one named Roger Stone would be rewarded for his loyalty to a future criminal president.

The Reagan Revolution handed the levers of power to Wall Street and the military industrial complex. The Reagan Administration was rife with crooks and corruption. The Iran/Contra criminals evaded justice and were pardoned. They got away with it. Ollie North became a media celebrity.

The Republican Party was unrepentant. 

And Bill Clinton chose unity, joined the Republicans in cutting safety nets and said, “The era of big government is over”.

Then the Party of Cheney started a war based on lies, detained people without charges and counsel, and tortured them. The Republican Party's march against democracy was goose-stepping towards their triumph of the will...and they got away with it.

The Republican Party was unrepentant. 

Obama chose unity and to “look forward”.

Then Trump said he would bring back torture, called for the imprisonment of his opponent, and invited Russia to help him attack Hillary. 

Trump’s racist birtherism and nationalism united racists, white nationalists, and uneducated gullible white people into the largest cult in our history. Trump’s corrupt and criminal cronies were pardoned and coddled.

He betrayed the country, submitted to Putin in Helsinki, desecrated the Oval Office by inviting Russians in and giving them state secrets, obstructed justice and congress, extorted the Ukrainian president to smear the Bidens, and was impeached... and he got away with it.

The Republican Party was unrepentant. 

Quite the opposite. They united as the Party of Trump. They refused to hold an impeachment trial with witnesses. One lone Republican senator with a conscience voted him guilty.

So the emboldened Trump pushed the Big Lie that he won the election, but it was stolen, This Big Lie incited an insurrectionist mob to storm the Capitol in an attempted coup to overturn the election.

After a few Republicans admitted Trump incited the terrorist mob, they quickly ran back to their Big Daddy.

The Republican Party not only remains unrepentant, it has chosen to remain the Party of Trump. They have embraced loyalty to Trump over their oaths to our Constitution. 

They refuse to admonish Marjorie Taylor Green and Lauren Boebert, the hateful terrorist sympathizers and abettors in the House of Representatives. They remain silent on the complicity of Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley in the Senate.

Now the Radical Right Party of Trump rallies behind him in his second impeachment trial, for inciting insurrection.Their not-guilty verdict would be tantamount to treason. It empower Trump and be certain to embolden more radical right terrorism and a growing death toll.

All of that blood will be on the hands of the Radical Right Party of Trump.

And they are doing everything they can to help him get away with it all. If Trump is allowed to go unaccountable for his crimes, it's over. Our rule of law and standard of equal justice would be irreparably crushed.

The Radical Right Party of Trump has become the dangerously powerful enemy within, and the greatest domestic threat to our republic since the Civil War.  

This is the last line in the sand. We either stand against this evil, or we lose our democratic republic. If Trump prevails over justice, it would be an open invitation to greater tyranny. This is why he needs to go down in complete humiliation and utter disgrace, or another, more capable Republican autocrat will rise in his wake.

Trump’s second impeachment trial will show history that our republic still breathes, if nothing else. Democrats are following the Constitution instead of the radical Right’s deceptive illusion of unity that amounts only to appeasement.

State and federal laws must be enforced. Subpoenas and indictments for crimes and fraud Trump committed before he took office await him. Charges of obstruction of justice and election tampering in Georgia should follow.

All of this won't happen in the coming few weeks, or maybe even in the next few months.

But justice is coming. Real unity is at hand.

But not with the extreme Radical Right Party of Trump.

Unity is to be extended to honest and reasonable Republicans, and all conservatives of conscience who believe no man is above the law.

Then unity of justice, decency and democracy will finally prevail.


Jerry said...

Your piece says it all. Republicans will not repent. No serious discipline will come of this impeachment. He will not be convicted. We must hope State charges against him will prevail and he will end up in jail. No matter what happens to him we still have insurrectionists in our government. Since the Republicans will do nothing to get rid of these crooks within their own party, we must rely on Americans to vote them out of office, but Americans were the ones who voted them in to office. Midterms could easily see Republicans regain majority. The only thing that can change that, is Biden's performance in the next two years.

Dave Dubya said...

I'm working on a review/outline of the book "Authoritarian Nightmare" by John Dean and Bob Altemeyer. Right Wing Authoritarians fill the Republican Party, and studies have shown that having a conscience is neither one of their values nor characteristics.

John Dean also discussed this a few years back in his book on the Bush/Cheney Administration, "Conservatives Without Conscience".

RWA's are generally sociopaths, or followers of sociopaths. And they are very dangerous, as we've seen so abundantly. The Radical Right Party of Trump has become a domestic terrorist organization.

Darrell Michaels said...

And who says Pravda is dead? It rises from the ashes in Dave's own blog.

"Our rule of law and standard of equal justice would be irreparably crushed...
This is the last line in the sand. We either stand against this evil, or we lose our democratic republic. If Trump prevails over justice, it would be an open invitation to greater tyranny."

When in the hell has the left ever been concerned with the rule of law, other than on the exceptionally rare occasions when it serves their Marxist purposes? Further, our republic is already lost. The left is working quickly to ensure that by making sure voting "irregularities" will be the norm in their favor for ever more. And Biden will pack SCOTUS to make sure it stands! (Not that we deserved to know that before the election according to the doddering old fool.)

Greater tyranny is already here. It is in the guise of the puppet masters behind the feeble and cognitively failing head of the Biden crime family.

Let me give you an example of your unconstitutional triumphalism. The whole point of constitutional impeachment is to remove a government official from office. Guess what? Trump is out of office. Impeachment therefore is not prescribed nor warranted accordingly. If the leftist horde thinks he has committed crimes, he should be charged accordingly in a federal court and tried there. Otherwise he is a private citizen and not able to be impeached. It would be like the House drafting articles of impeachment against private citizen Dave Dubya for incitement.

Glad to see the age of unity is being ushered back in under Biden. Unity must mean something else to the left though. Maybe it means enforced conformity. That seems to be far more accurate.

Dave Dubya said...


A "Pravda" reference coming from someone who believes Trump's Big Lie about a stolen election reeks of unwitting irony. Thank you for that.

"When in the hell has the left ever been concerned with the rule of law, other than on the exceptionally rare occasions when it serves their Marxist purposes?"

Still seeing Marxists under the beds, are we? If the rule of law serves "Marxist purposes", whatever the hell that means, then it would be good thing if justice were served.

"Leftist horde" LOL. Worse than Trump's insurrectionist mob, no doubt.

Of course someone who trusts only pro-Trump media is clueless of Trump's crimes.

And equally clueless that Trump was impeached by the House WHILE IN OFFICE. Just because Republicans refused to hold the trial doesn't mean he is immune to a later trial that bans him from future office. It has precedent.

And he WILL be charged with crimes. His incitement of a violent mob of terrorists will not be tolerated.

As McConnell noted, "Self-government, my colleagues, requires a shared commitment to the truth, and a shared respect for the ground rules of our system...We cannot keep drifting apart into two separate tribes with a separate set of facts and separate reality...The mob was fed lies. They were provoked by the president and other powerful people."

Unity with terrorist traitors and the Radical Right Party of Trump isn't what the nation needs, in case you missed my point.

While you're here, how about answering one simple question? A yes or no would suffice.

You want us to believe state election certification boards can’t be trusted, secretaries of states can’t be trusted, voters can’t be trusted, poll workers can’t be trusted, voting machines can’t be trusted, paper ballots can't be trusted, Bill Barr can’t be trusted, Romney and McConnell can’t be trusted, Trump’s director of the Department of Homeland Security's Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency Christopher Krebs can’t be trusted, lower courts can’t be trusted, appellate courts can’t be trusted and the Supreme Court can’t be trusted.

But Donald Trump can be trusted.

Did I explain your position accurately?

Darrell Michaels said...

No, you did not explain my position accurately. It would be a first if you ever did, sir.

Dave Dubya said...

Thank you, Darrell.

By your own claims of a stolen election I'd have to say I explained your position more accurately than you have.

Why don't you clarify for us? Why not show us how terribly mistaken and misled we are for believing Trump lost a fair election?

If your cause is truthful and reality based, I would think it would be the moral thing to do. Perhaps you truly believe Trump is an honest man of integrity.

So if you please, explain with evidence why you and the terrorists and Trump are telling the truth.

Or is that too difficult for you? Why keep it a a cult?

Darrell Michaels said...

Dave, I have already explained this to you multiple times. Like your fellow leftists, you simply refuse to listen.

After all, you and the new regime know what is right and best for us and this fallen republic. Cult indeed; not unlike the damned Bolsheviks.

Dave Dubya said...


Was your "explanation" too difficult to copy and paste for us?

I asked for evidence to support your belief in Trump's lie. This was a perfect opportunity for you to enlighten us.

As expected, you failed to deliver the politely requested evidence, and played your stale commie card instead.

When you want to cancel millions of Americans' votes, you should at least find the basic courtesy of showing evidence that supports such a radical attack on democracy. As a loyal Trumpist you’re now joining him in his lack of both courtesy and evidence. I can only expect you will now declare Trump had nothing to do with his mob's insurrection and treason. You are a true believer.

"Like your fellow leftists, you simply refuse to listen."

Ah, yes. Like my "fellow leftists" on state election certification boards, secretaries of states, the majority of voters, poll workers, voting machines, paper ballots, Bill Barr, Romney and McConnell, Trump’s director of the Department of Homeland Security's Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency Christopher Krebs, the lower courts, the appellate courts, and the Supreme Court.

We're all a cult of Bolsheviks who refuse to listen to Donald Trump's lies. Got it.

How does that make you feel? How frightened you must be at this vast commie conspiracy. Your head is so full of fear, delusions and Trump lies that paranoia must be setting in.

You're frightened that we'll take your guns, outlaw your religion, and toss you into a camp like the kids in ICE detention.

I feel as I'm trying to reason with a Moonie. I have to wonder how much more Qanon level madness you embrace.

So if you please, explain with evidence why you and the terrorists and Trump are telling the truth.

If you cannot, or refuse, then by default my above explanation of your position stands.

Maybe deep down you fear I am right, and you wish to avoid real discussion on why you agree with Trump and his terrorists.

I would also be delighted to hear your evidence and reasoning that I'm "not unlike the damned Bolsheviks". I can only presume this is because I voted against the liar who incited a terrorist mob to insurrection.

But sadly, I do know what to expect. You will deflect again, call me a commie, or just disappear.

You've given the classic authoritarian, "I told you so, and that's enough", kind of answer that your kind has learned to accept without question from Trump and other authoritarian leaders.

So, yes, I do appear to know your position more accurately than you do.

Only you can prove otherwise. Maybe you don't feel the way I do. My love for America and our democratic republic compels me to desire the truth to be known. I would be very forthcoming and share any truth I know. And, for the love of America, I am asking you for the truth. Only you can enlighten us.

Dave Dubya said...

While we wait for Darrell to show us how much he loves America and reveals to us the truth that has been buried by the most massive commie election fraud conspiracy in history, I am happy to report a true expert is on the case.

Crack political journalist and Pillow Guy Mike Lindell is releasing a 3-hour movie Friday.
He claims will prove the election was stolen. If his movie fails to catch on, Lindell predicts it will mean the end times out of the Book of Revelation — "We pray and we go to heaven, it's over."

Help save us Darrell. How can the Pillow Guy be wrong? Dang, if only Trump had listened to him and imposed martial law so we could have had a proper election for Trump supervised by the military. Like every other free country.

I'm fairly sure the world, nation and most living things don't want to die yet.

Or maybe that's the "tear it all down" mentality you share with authoritarians like Hitler and Trump.

If so, there is no need for you to respond. We got it.

Maybe The Pillow Guy will save America for you. It's our last hope.

Otherwise, it's been nice knowing you. You may comfort us by saying, "I told you so", on your way to Heaven.

TB3 said...

The absurdity of the last four years and the continuing, pervasive miasma would be hilarious if the more moronic of our fellow citizens didn't eat it up and regurgitate it.

I really wish people would simply take one freaking step back and just critically think about the whole narrative surrounding Donald Trump and many Republicans right now.

I swear to goodness, "conservatives" had a shit fit over Al Franken not really, not actually sexually assaulting someone and Democrats pressured him to bow out gracefully and disappear from our everyday political discourse.

On the flip side we've got an Insurrectionist in his "Office of the Former President" leading an Ourosboros campaign against his newest political enemies within the Republican Party all because a startling few members with the "spine" that "conservatives" want their people to have actually used them and called a Spade a Spade.

It's rather pathetic and with every response from Darrell, I get sadder and sadder at how far down the drain he's circled. I kind of want him to go back through his own blog and be reminded of the less absurd arguments he made and things he advocated for just 5 years ago.

There's an actual conspiracy perpetrated by many members of the Republican party to thwart the will of the people but a certain segment of the electorate that Darrell has thrown his hat in with whole hog would rather focus on Qanan-Let's-Throw-Darts-At-The-Board-To-Pick-Our-Latest-outrageous-ficticious-crackpot-idea-like-jewish-space-lasers-causing-forest-fires conspiracies from Marge, cause she, the Pillow Guy and Trump are the last bastions of "truth" in our world.

To quote a "great" President that Darrell doesn't like, "SAD"

I pray for a collective stepping back for our fellow citizen. Step back both from the edge of the abyss and to get a better perspective. We're worried about you and tired of being dismissed as "leftists/marxists/bolsheviks/communists/libtards/meanie heads" for simply insisting you act like fucking adults.

I'm sorry for the less than polite language. But it's no worse than what has been chanted at Trump rallies, printed on Trump flags/banners/shirts/hats/other grifting vehicles, and posted adnauseum to political forums by "conservatives" the past 4 years.

Dave Dubya said...

"Critical thinking" is an anathema to conservatism. This is why Darrell refuses to engage in discussion of his support for Trump's Big Lie. Damn those leftists and their critical thinking! They ruin everything.

We've both noticed how much Darrell has been radicalized by Trumpism. I'd like to hear his thoughts on what Ben Sasse said regarding his censure by Nebraska Republicans for not sufficiently supporting Trump.

"Let's be clear: The anger in this state party has never been about me violating principle or abandoning conservative policy -- I'm one of the most conservative voters in the Senate -- the anger's always been simply about me not bending the knee to one guy.

January 6th is going to leave a scar. For 220 years, one of the most beautiful things about America has been our peaceful transfer of power. But what Americans saw three weeks ago was ugly, shameful mob violence to disrupt a constitutionally mandated meeting of Congress to affirm that peaceful transfer of power.

You are welcome to censure me again, but let's be clear about why this is happening: It's because I still believe -- as you used to -- that politics isn't about the weird worship of one dude. The party could purge Trump skeptics, but I'd like to convince you that not only is this 'civic cancer' for the nation, it's also terrible for our party."

Instead of discussing this, Darrell would surely find it more satisfying to just call us "leftists/marxists/bolsheviks/communists/libtards/meanie heads".

It's all about his feelings. He is enraged by his delusional faith in Trump's Big Lie. If we refuse to believe in Trump, we must hate America (His latest diatribe). Trump IS America to his cult.

As I noted many times, a cult is not a cult to a cult.

Darrell would prefer not to examine this subject as well. I wonder why...

TB3 said...

I'm not going back to his blog to read actual content-free accusations and conspiracies. I didn't agree with much of what he said before, but he was reasonable about it and made reasonable, thoughtful arguments. I do not appreciate the new tone where he's just a more articulate version of JTF throwing around accusations and whataboutisms as if that's sufficient to handwave "conservative" terrorism and justify anti-Constitutionalism. Sure, Trump Supporters and "conservatives" stormed the Capitol because they rather resort to terrorism than deal with the reality of living in a wonderful Democracy, BUT IT'S THE COMMIES THAT ARE THE REAL THREAT.

I love my country. I love it like an adult. I was sickened and angry and horrified while I watched ALL DAY on January 6th what unfolded at the Capitol. I thought I was watching the fall of fucking Rome that day. How did "conservatives" act? Just look at Darrell's reprehensible response to the insurrection. It's a wonderful example of the "patriotism" they espouse. "Conservatives" say they love their country, unfortunately like everything else 'love' and 'their country' have fluid, situational and often childish definitions to them. I'm sorry if wanting to hold people accountable for abhorrent actions is disagreeable with Darrell, but it doesn't mean he can unilaterally project upon "leftists" the hate for this country and its citizens that he clearly feels.

Dave Dubya said...

Yes, it really amounts to, "...He can unilaterally project upon 'leftists' the hate for this country and its citizens that he clearly feels."

He's already got some flack, which was dismissed of course. It's all the leftists fault, apart from a "few" rioters at the Capitol.

He's truly gone into the Trump cult. No surprise. It's exactly how authoritarian followers behave.

I'm reading a great book about them. "Authoritarian Nightmare" by John Dean and Bob Altemeyer.

TB3 said...

And while you're reading that, "conservatives" are unironically quoting Orwell. The collective delusion and the cognitive dissonance it takes to ignore the Orwellian manner in which the last 4 years passed under a President that Darrell didn't like, but was still great, but at least he totes didn't like him, right guys? is almost tangible.

Dave Dubya said...

Yes, the old, "I don't like Hitler, but he DID make Germany great again," line.

It's funny that Darrell put up a quote falsely attributed to Orwell in defense of his diatribe.

(The dear fellow doesn't know Orwell was a socialist.)

TB3 said...

(The dear fellow doesn't know what a socialist is or why he's scared of them)

Dave Dubya said...

Darrell STILL doesn't want to give us his evidence that the election was stolen. Imagine that...

However he had plenty else to say that was equally bereft of evidence. He latest post reeks of the anger, lies and projection we've seen at a Trump rally. Yes, he's gone full MAGA.

Here's a summary of his white nationalist, far Right, MAGA rage:

In a nod to his environmental extremist base... sleepy Joe Biden has already done an enormous amount of harm to the well being of America and our essential liberties.. wanted to pacify the angry left-wing fringe groups that help make up way too much of his voter base ...the despicable Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer...Paris accords which hamstrings America... just one more example of Marxist policy.. .halts construction on the border wall, works on a path to citizenship for illegal immigrants, and looks to halt deportations... ignoring a majority of Americans’ thoughts on this issue... Far be it for Democrats to actually abide by the constitution though... Biden wants to do away with the falsely named “Muslim Ban”... Put America last again, Joe... Joe has agreed with the leftist rhetoric that it is xenophobic and hateful... Joe also intends to re-engage with the leading state-sponsored terrorist nation of Iran in the egregiously and perniciously flawed Iran nuclear deal... as we literally pay them billions of dollars under Obama to continue their nuclear weapons program is a fine idea... packing the Supreme Court of the United States so that no constitutionally conservative opinion will ever be rendered from SCOTUS ever again. So much for co-equal branches of government... he wants to rejoin the China-lackey World Health Organization that was an accessory to the spread of the China virus... He also wants to disband the vitally necessary DOD Space Force Department. He even is so threatened by the truth that he wants the 1776 commission disbanded...It was created as a necessary truth alternative to the fictional accounts of the 1619 project... Bye bye free speech!... we have gone from what was a rising America-first agenda... to a hate-America agenda where Gitmo terrorists are offered Covid19 vaccines ahead of citizens, our borders are opened to illegals, and our tax dollars are being offered up on the altar of global Marxism… errr… I meant environmentalism. Yep... But America will know its place once again, under Biden, and it won’t be number one.

What are the chance he won't allow my response to be seen? Do you think he'll go to the link at the American Historical Association and see that it "Condemns the Report of Advisory 1776 Commission" along with 46 other organizations?

Pffft. They know NOTHING about history compared Darrell and Trump.

TB3 said...

I am about sick and tired of the racist knee-jerk "conservatives" have had toward the 1619 project.

Feels before reals. That's the counter-arguement to the 1619 project. It makes them feel something, they don't like it, so we have to have a collective "conservative" head in sand argument. Just look at all the exposes and claims of lies by the authors? All partisan publications... but what else should be expected? "Conservatives" have spent decades and centuries white-splaining things. And history is a messy subject, that's why they all would rather believe myths than actual historical record.

TB3 said...

These folks have fallen for a boogeyman and an ideology that can't be defined. And if they have a definition, they can't articulate why they have such a visceral reaction or how the Dave Dubya's of the world can be classified as such.

I am incredibly interested in how a bunch of agreements meant to combat the literal rising tides of human progress falls into the Definition of marxism. Cause I honestly fail to get the connection between electric cars, windmills and solar panels with the writings of Karl Marx. I mean, seriously. I can't even devils advocate for it.

Dave Dubya said...

"I can't even devils advocate for it."

Sure you can. All ya gotta do is buh-lieve, and it makes it so.

While Darrell leaves us to wonder how Trump won the election, I can announce he's actively engaging at his blog's comment thread. Of course, he STILL won't tell us how Trump won the election. Can't imagine why.

TB3 said...

Well, no. I can't. Marxism has a meaning, a definition. Voluntary self imposed standards to help deal with the climate crisis doesn't really fall into the ownership of the means of production debate or definitions of class and social conflict. So, no. I can't be the devil's advocate for that viewpoint, because he's using "marxism" as some incorrect, catch all term for 'Something I was told I shouldn't like, even if I wasn't told what it actually is and why I don't like it'.

As far as what he puts on his own blog, that's his prerogative. He's got his own little bubble to retreat to when the questions get to hard for his true "conservative" sensibilities.

Dave Dubya said...

That's our problem. Words have meanings and definitions. We're "trapped" withing the confines of facts and reason. The Right is liberated from all that. They get to make up their own alternative facts and unilaterally define terms. Theirs is a doctrine of "flexible reality".

No wonder good faith discussion is impossible with them.