Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Radical Right Terrorists and Their Party


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Georgia's Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (Q-anon/Republican) endorsed the execution of Democrats in Facebook posts.

In a January 2019 post, Greene “liked” a comment advocating “a bullet to the head” of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi...April 2018, a commenter asked, “Now do we get to hang them ??” referring to former president Barack Obama and former Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, KFile reported. In response, Greene did not denounce the suggestion of execution and instead wrote, “Stage is being set. Players are being put in place. We must be patient. This must be done perfectly or liberal judges would let them off.”

She made quite clear her radicalized ignorance and hate for the Speaker of the House, "It's a crime punishable by death, is what treason is. Nancy Pelosi is guilty of treason!" 

 This dear deranged Q cult lady also believed the Sandy Hook school shooting was a staged “false flag” operation by the evil gun-grabbing deep state.

And then there’s the other deranged sweetheart of the radical Right from Rifle, Colorado.

Rep.  Lauren Boebert (R) tweeted, “Today is 1776” on the morning of the insurrection. Just before the storming of the Capitol she declared “Madame Speaker, I have constituents outside this building right now ...”

How did she know that? Trump’s rally wasn’t outside the Capitol. But she knew where they were and what they were planning. She helped them with a personal guided tour of the Capitol Building while it was under a covid lockdown. They were not tourists. They were terrorists on a reconnaissance mission aided by an insider co-conspirator doing her part to “stop the steal”.

These conspiracy-addled nutjobs are only the two latest to infect our federal government. They have scores of like-minded radicalized fellow representatives in the House chamber.

And they have 45 Republican Senators who see no reason to hold Trump accountable for inciting a mob of terrorists with his Big Lie about the election being stolen from him.

The enemy is within. 

Enemies of democracy are under the spell, or more accurately blackmailed, by their cult leader who refuses to concede the election. In their craven need for votes from Trump’s vile racist base, most of the Republican Party are more loyal to a would-be dictator, than to their oaths to our Constitution.

As a result white nationalism and radical Right terrorism are on the rise.

The crisis of our democracy will not recede until Trump is held accountable and his Big Lie totally repudiated. Sadly we are depending on the Right to hold accountable and to repudiate the radical Right.

We know the odds of that happening. They are as slim as the odds of a racist white nationalist apologizing for being a bigot and being mistaken or misled. The Republican Party is still choosing fealty to their MAGAt Mob Boss in Florida.

All the coming bloodshed will be on their hands. The blood will not be just on the hands of the “Y’all Qaeda” terrorists of the “Coup Klux Klan”. The hands of the Republican Party will be as bloody as the terrorists they coddle, encourage and abet. Remember when the Bush Administration declared those who aided and and abetted terrorists would be held just as responsible?

A California man was recently arrested for five pipe bombs, along with dozens of firearms seized at his home and business. He is one of Trump’s terrorists with a radical Right “three per-center” sticker on his vehicle.

How many more innocent Americans will be victims of radical Right terrorism? How many more will be killed and injured?

We’ll be finding out soon enough.

Just don't compare these Republican terrorists to Nazis, though.

It’s time for unity, amirite?


Jerry said...

In order to get his power sharing agreement Schumer promised McConnell Democrats would not kill the filibuster. Great, just hand your power away. Democrats can get some things done through reconciliation, but otherwise we are at the mercy of the Republicans to get legislation passed. Republicans have already stated that they will not pass Biden's corvid relief package. They don't care how many Americans are suffering.
There is one way to defend against those who are threatening to kill you, and that's to arm and defend yourself. Oh yes, this is going to get bloody, especially if Congress won't take discipline action against its own members.

Dave Dubya said...

Yes, the Republicans have enough corporate-dependent Democrats to obstruct real progress. They will always have disproportionate power by their minority of voters. Senate Democrats represent 40 million more Americans than the Republicans do. This,and the electoral college are the fatal flaws in our experiment in representative democracy.The Right has mastered deception and propaganda to divide the country on typical wedge issues on guns and religion, and now has capitulated on Trump's Big Lie, and that will drive an even deeper division in our population.

The winners will be the wealthy and their corporate cronies, as usual. We will always have an oligarchy with weak pretensions of a democratic republic. And therefore, we will always be on the brink of fascism.

One party is all in for it, abetting a tyrant and his terrorist cult. The other is too weak and compromised to do anything about it.

We're witnessing the death of a republic. Authoritarian power and greed have done their damage. I see no way around it, and the price for going through it will be terrible and bloody.

HillOfKansas said...

I prefer optimism. I just don’ have much. I live in an area rated at <30% Democrat and the rest confused, angry and unhappy. With DT out of the way as a GOP martyr, all the critters are crawling out of the dark. Cruz is on vacation. Haley, Romney are preparing again. Pence is in hiding giving me more faith in him than ever before. The Authoritarians policing everything including the virtual lynching of Pence. I really prefer optimism.

Borbert, Greene and such are the new wave for Collegiate Young Republicans, I guess. The old guard will back them too, but they, being old, are nervous about it.

We got our shots. Injections often aren’t considered a Political statement. The Virus doesn’t care about anything but replication. If we can agree that we shouldn’t side with the Virus, vaccinations are our best technological answer. I preferred the sugar cube that replaced early injections. There was a lot of fear in the injection line. I remember USN boot camp injections. And nobody complained about “mah freedom!”. As I get older I’m inclined to tell injection line stories and such. Nostalgia for the good old days. People are much more informed now. 🤷🏼

Dave Dubya said...

Perhaps I was a wee bit pessimistic on the "death of a republic". We can always look forward to its rebirth. ;-) There's light at the end of the tunnel. We can't see it yet, but it's just around the bend, yes it is.

People ARE much more informed now. Despite my dislike for needles, I'm going to take the shots.