Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Good Luck, America


After four long years, the Great American Reality Show is over. “The tribe has spoken.”

The American people voted the reality show president out of the game, out of office, and out of the White House.

The sorest winner of a presidential election became the sorest loser of a presidential election. He refused to leave peacefully.

He gained the office through cheating, by illegally paying off a porn star. He would leave by committing a far more horrible crime. His lies about a stolen election incited a violent mob into storming the Capitol Building.

His reality show’s grand finale left a bloody insurrection that would wreak the worst destruction and political violence upon our republic and representative democracy since the Civil War. And nobody believes we’ve seen the last of it.

But this Great American Reality Show wasn’t just reality TV.

Every American was caught up in the debacle of the worst presidency ever. His rhetoric of lies and hate ripped apart an already divided country.

His incompetence and downplaying of a deadly virus opened an unprepared nation to a pandemic. He refused to wear a mask and refused to urge Americans to wear masks. His dishonesty and dereliction of duty are leaving millions of people sickened, and the deaths of 400,000 Americans in his wake.

His response was weak and selective to favored states. He overruled medical opinion on shutdowns.

He desecrated the office of the presidency and degraded the nation’s reputation. He ignored our Constitutional checks and balances. He obstructed justice to stop an investigation of Russian election interference. He abused the power of the office, and was impeached for attempting to bully the Ukrainian president into smearing his opponent and his family.

His “liberate Michigan” tweet, inspired an armed mob to swarm Michigan’s capitol, eerily portending the January 6th insurrection. His words were taken as a cue for domestic terrorists to plot the kidnapping and murder of Governor Whitmer.

Trump’s reality show is over, but reality remains for the rest of us.

Millions of his cult still believe his Big Lie of a stolen election. The continuing threat of terrorism by Trump’s radical right followers is frighteningly real.

The legacy of Trump’s ugly reality show will leave behind terrorism, sickness, death, and destruction for years to come.

The evil darkness of Trumpism will haunt us until reality and goodwill overtake the lies and hate.

Good luck, America.


Anonymous said...

Does that mean an end to everyday negative posts about Trump?

Dave Dubya said...


Maybe, if there are no more negative consequences because of Trump. How likely is that?

Here's a positive comment about Trump:

He's gone from our government forever. Woo hoo!

Now Am Found! said...

it's just too bad he wasn't arrested

Dave Dubya said...

Subpoenas and indictments will come.

Jerry said...

Click on my name and link to my blog.
You may have been to my blog years ago before I lost my eyesight.
You can tell me my thinking is full of shit, but you are not allowed to use such language to other commenters on my blog. Of course you can comment to other commenters on my blog, just be civil. I do not want the kind of comment section Tom has going.

Dave Dubya said...

Thank you for the invitation. I like your style, and I look forward to civil dialogue.