Sunday, January 24, 2021

Biden's First Three Days


"Sleepy Joe" wasn't so sleepy. In three days he did more for the country than Trump did in three months, or four years. Or does pardoning a war criminal and Blackwater thugs for murdering a teenage prisoner and 14 Iraqi civilians count?

30 executive orders and actions Biden signed in his first three days: (* = Reversal of Trump’s orders and actions)

Restores collective bargaining power and worker protections for federal workers, and lays the foundation for $15 minimum wage*

Calls for assistance to those who are struggling to buy food, missed out on stimulus checks or are unemployed. 

Accelerates manufacturing and delivery of supplies for vaccination, testing and Personal Protective Equipment

Directs FEMA to expand reimbursement to states to fully cover the cost for National Guard personnel and emergency supplies

Establishes the Pandemic Testing Board to expand US coronavirus testing capacity

Establishes a preclinical program to boost development of therapeutics in response to pandemic threats

Enhances the nation's collection, production, sharing and analysis of coronavirus data

Directs FEMA to create federally-supported community vaccination centers

Directs the Department of Education and HHS to provide guidance for safely reopening and operating schools, childcare providers and institutions of higher education

Calls on the Occupational Safety and Health Administration to release clear guidance on Covid-19, decide whether to establish emergency temporary standards, and directs OSHA to enforce worker health and safety requirements

Requires mask wearing in airports and on certain modes of transportation, including many trains, airplanes, maritime vessels and intercity buses. International travelers must provide proof of a negative Covid-19 test prior to coming to the US

Creates the Covid-19 Health Equity Task Force to help ensure an equitable pandemic response and recovery

A presidential directive to restore America's leadership, support the international pandemic response effort, promote resilience for future threats and advance global health security and the Global Health Security Agenda

Launches a "100 Days Masking Challenge" asking Americans to wear masks for 100 days. Requires masks and physical distancing in federal buildings, on federal lands and by government contractors, and urges states and local governments to do the same.

Stops the United States' withdrawal from the World Health Organization, with Dr. Anthony Fauci becoming the head of the delegation to the WHO*

Creates the position of Covid-19 Response Coordinator, reporting directly to Biden and managing efforts to produce and distribute vaccines and medical equipment

Extends the existing nationwide moratorium on evictions and foreclosures until at least March 3 

Extends the existing pause on student loan payments and interest for Americans with federal student loans until at least September 30

Rejoins the Paris climate accord, a process that will take 30 days*

Cancels the Keystone XL pipeline and directs agencies to review and reverse more than 100 Trump actions on the environment*

Rescinds the Trump administration's 1776 Commission, directs agencies to review their actions to ensure racial equity*

Prevents workplace discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity

Requires non-citizens to be included in the Census and apportionment of congressional representatives*

Fortifies DACA after Trump's efforts to undo protections for undocumented people brought into the country as children 

Reverses the Trump administration's restrictions on US entry for passport holders from seven Muslim-majority countries*

Undoes Trump's expansion of immigration enforcement within the United States*

Halts construction of the border wall by terminating the national emergency declaration used to fund it*

Extends deferrals of deportation and work authorizations for Liberians with a safe haven in the United States until June 30, 2022

Requires executive branch appointees to sign an ethics pledge barring them from acting in personal interest and requiring them to uphold the independence of the Department of Justice

Directs OMB director to develop recommendations to modernize regulatory review and undoes Trump's regulatory approval process*


Jerry said...

Quite impressive!
I say, don't slow him down.
Now we will see if Republicans are serious about the American people and their situation. First murmurs are, they are not.
If Republicans refuse to help pass needed legislation, I say kill the filibuster and go for all of it 50/50 and let Kamala decide.

Dave Dubya said...

If Democrats would exercise their power with as much unity as Republicans, they'd get it done.

The filibuster needs to go.

Darrell Michaels said...

Yep. Kill the filibuster. Make the Senate just the same as the House. Let REAL authoritarianism flourish. You damned fools don't even understand the consequences of what it is you are advocating. Or perhaps you do, which is even scarier.

Yep, good "old fashioned American" my ass. Maybe in the mold of Woodrow Wilson perhaps.

Darrell Michaels said...

The fact that you don't see the election as stolen and think that the Big Guy leader of the Biden crime family could basically campaign from his basement, have no turn out to the rallies he did attend, and then get more votes than Obama truly shows who is willing to believe the lie.

The myriad of election laws changed, ignored, and subverted by the left to perpetrate this overtaking of the will of the people should shame you and your ilk. Instead, your arrogance and "moral superiority" as you all usher in the very authoritarianism you claimed Trump was doing is absolutely stunning. Your lack of self awareness really does prove how leftism is indeed a mental disease.

Enemies of democracy indeed. Thy name is Democrat.

Darrell Michaels said...

Oh and by the way, it is interesting how that hypocritical traitor speaker of the house was for the insurrection that lasted weeks, day and night, at the Wisconsin capitol but was against the thugs that overran the U.S. capitol. I think we need to bring that insufferable piece of human debris up on impeachment charges. Trump is already out of office and yet she wants another political Schiff-show.

You socialist hate-America first types truly are going to be the death of this country. It is disgusting and heart-breaking.

Biden is well on his way to destroying our economy right now. Guess we will just keep printing money until the whole God damned thing collapses.

The ignorance and greed of the left is unparalleled. Talk about a cult.

Dave Dubya said...


It hurts to have your guy lose, doesn't it? We recall being told to "Fuck your feelings", but I won't go that low.

Rallies? Are you so ignorant that you don't accept science and how a virus spreads? Ask Herman Cain, when he bragged about not wearing a mask at Trump's Tulsa rally. Oh, you can't? Right. He's dead from covid. Such ignorance has got to be willful.

Does this "leftist" guy "believe the lie" too?

“The mob was fed lies. They were provoked by the president and other powerful people. And they tried to use fear and violence to stop a specific proceeding of the first branch of the federal government which they did not like.” - Sen. Mitch McConnell 1-19-21

Good God, you're so far gone. You have surrendered your mind to Trump. You are an authoritarian follower to the core.

I see you ignored my request to be shown how the founders wanted the filibuster.

I'm confident you will fail to show us evidence of widespread fraud or ballot switching.

You also seem to have drunk the koolade about Soros and Venezuela and Dominion.

Rudy is getting his ass sued by Dominion. Watch him change his tune. He refused to swear to his lies in court. What does that tell you?

You whine about your rights being taken, but you want to strip millions of votes away from people who voted against your Great Liar. This makes you an enemy of democracy, and my enemy. I oppose all enemies of the Constitution, foreign and domestic. I oppose all terrorists and their lies.

And their lies are YOUR lies. YOU trust Trump over the courts, the states and the American people. YOU want to dictate how all the states run their elections, or you reject them. That is authoritarianism, in case you still have no clue what the word means.

Due to the pandemic, public health concerns allowed for more mail-in ballots. This is what you call "changed, ignored, and subverted by the left". You don't seem to care at all that Republican run states did the same thing. How about that?

Instead you want to cancel millions of Americans' votes that didn't support Trump. Sounds fair, amirite? You and your Fuhrer want to overrule the courts, the states and the will of the American people. That is authoritarianism, but it is obvious you have no idea what the word means.

Dave Dubya said...

The Right is too spoiled. They've had minority rule for way too long. The Republican presidential candidate won more votes in just ONE of the last SEVEN elections. Thanks to slave states and the unrepresentative and antiquated Electoral college debacle.

I can show you real election fraud. It was Trump bullying the Georgia sec of state to "find" him 11,780 votes. “It is more illegal for you than it is for them because, you know, what they did and you’re not reporting it,” Trump said. “That’s a criminal, that’s a criminal offense.”

Projection from an authoritarian. Trump was the real criminal here, just like he is for illegally paying off a porn star. Your cult bubble won't tell you these facts, but I will. You're welcome. You are loyal to a criminal.

Now you embrace the lie of a traitor. You support the cause of terrorists. All because you trust the worst liar ever to desecrate the Oval Office.

It just FEELS right to you, doesn't it? To hell with facts. To hell with reason. To hell with voter rights and to hell with democracy. This is authoritarianism all the way.

Now man up. Show me your proof. I dare you. I'm still hoping you can admit you were lied to. If not, I will call you a coward AND a liar if you can't support your sick lie with evidence. I suppose sheer stupidity would also be a valid excuse, if you prefer.

I think you're afraid of the truth. Your deepest fear is that I am correct while you and Trump are not. This is why the closed minds of the radical Right will never be changed.

I've seen this for years now. I know it when I see it.

But I'm just a dumb liberal, so it shouldn't too difficult for your superior brain to put me in my place. So go ahead. Prove me wrong. Prove the courts were wrong to reject the bogus claims by Trump's stooges. Prove every swing state certification board was wrong. All the Trump states were pure as the driven snow, amirite? Even the ones with "Soros' and Hugo Chavez's Dominion machines".

Prove your case.

Here's the count. Fix it for us if you can.

Electoral Votes-306
Popular Voter: 81,264,673 (51.3%)

Electoral Votes- 232
Popular Voter: 74,210,838 (46.9%)

I'll wait.

Dave Dubya said...

So Biden will "destroy" the economy after Trump bled us dry by his dereliction on covid and tax cuts for the rich? Right. Remember how great the economy was when Obama took over?

Bet you forgot. Or you blame liberals.

And don't forget, Biden will be coming for your guns too, just like Obama did. Or didn't. But who cares about facts when you FEEL so angry?

"You socialist hate-America first types" This sounded more convincing from Hitler and his accusations that socialists were "hate-Deutschland-Erste" types. Nothing like white nationalism to stir up patriotism.

Did I miss a bloody insurrection in Wisconsin? Yeah, those libs in Wisconsin are much, much worse for protesting when Republicans stripped them of labor rights.

I do recall your cult's first run-through in Lansing, just after your Fuhrer tweeted, "Liberate Michigan". Soon after, a terrorist cell plotted to kidnap and kill the governor.

Good wholesome conservatives there, amirite?

You are radicalized, old buddy. Howl at the moon, if it helps. But you can't destroy our election and democracy, based on your resentment and delusions from Trump's Big Lie.

Dave Dubya said...

I forgot. Please tell us how Trump was blameless for his angry mob of terrorists attacking our Capitol.

Better not hold him accountable, amirite? That would be tyranny.

Dave Dubya said...

AI asked for evidence of the "stolen election" and all I got was this projection:

"The ignorance and greed of the left is unparalleled. Talk about a cult."

This is how the authoritarian personality reacts to any questioning of their beliefs.

I have to credit old Darrell for being consistent.

Dave Dubya said...

Poor Darrell had to attack me at his blog instead of giving us evidence to support his and Trump's claim that the election was stolen.

Instead he accused me of "excusing your terrorist thugs that spent an entire summer, fall, and winter destroying cities and running up a death toll..." Go figure.

Darrell wants us to believe state election certification boards can’t be trusted, secretaries of states can’t be trusted, voters can’t be trusted, poll workers can’t be trusted, voting machines can’t be trusted, Bill Barr can’t be trusted, Romney and McConnell can’t be trusted, Trump’s director of the Department of Homeland Security's Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency Christopher Krebs can’t be trusted, lower courts can’t be trusted, appellate courts can’t be trusted and the Supreme Court can’t be trusted.

But Donald Trump can be trusted.

No wonder he bolts from any discussion, and has no evidence to support his trust in Trump’s Big Lie that the election was stolen.

Will he ever come to his senses? Probably not. Authoritarian followers can never admit to being mistaken or misled. After all, they DO have ALL the answers.

Dave Dubya said...

Biden tweeted: "No one should be profiteering off of our criminal justice system. That’s why today, I ordered the Department of Justice to end the use of private prisons by the federal government."