Monday, December 24, 2018

Contrarious Con-servatism: Part Four

Part Four of our chronicle on Contrarious Con-servatism brings us to a "panel discussion" of the topic at hand. This conversation is the alternative viewpoint to contrarious con-servatism. One notable difference in tone emerges between the two sides. We find a lack of unfounded, fuming blame and accusations of the others being "America-hating fascist/socialist/communist thugs who are not real Americans."

Yes, whether we like it or not, and despite their destruction of the public good and our democratic ideals of consent of the governed through fair elections, con-servatives are our fellow Americans. Many are decent, loving people within their families and communities. However, their political and public pronouncements of resentment and anger often belie their more benign domestic dispositions. They do trust and believe Trump, Breitbart, Limbaugh, and FOX(R), after all.

In comparison, our "Liberal rage" is rather tempered. Instead of simple vitriol and scapegoating, we discuss the history and pseudo-religious  fundamentalist nature of con-servatism.

With fair warning of rational, historical, and liberal bias ahead, we now let our distinguished panel members share their views.


Jefferson's Guardian:
Dave, rereading Mr. Paine's lengthy monologues of opinioned meanderings - still accusing and labeling today's mass media as being a monolith of leftist propaganda, instead of the amoral corporate collective that it really is, not to mention his antiquated views of our schools and universities as cesspools of liberal thought and viewpoints -- I find it totally improbable I'll ever find any common ground with him.

These topics have been battered back and forth with him far too many times, and still he refuses to see and concede to reality of the corportisation and dominance of the media and our higher education system by the tremendous wealth and power exerted by Wall Street and the likes of Sinclair and the Koch brothers.

He's blind to the overhaul that's taken place since the Reagan years, or even as recently as when Bill Clinton ruled the roost.

The economy, and culture, has been totally transformed, yet he still throws around outdated terms like "liberal media".

It's hard to find common ground, more likely impossible, when there's not even a common language.

Mr. Paine should wind up his reunion tour and pull the plug. His songs are now irrelevant and nobody's listening to his outdated tunes anymore. He's ready for the oldies station on AM radio.
December 7, 2018

 Dave Dubya:

Mr. Paine believes he is right. He believes in conservatism.

Conservative beliefs are immutable because conservatism is a religion to them. It is faith based, but authoritarian to the degree they accept what their leaders say it is. Remember their outrage at deficits? Conservatives say deficits are an evil, but they quickly abandoned that stance if the rich and corporations get huge tax cuts, or they get their war fever agitated. The “law and order” party is now undermining our intelligence and law enforcement agencies to protect their Dear Leader.

Conservatism used to have a moral grounding. Family values, personal and fiscal responsibility, and basic decency used to be prevalent. Not so much anymore. Now In practical terms conservatism is entirely dedicated to the entrenched power of the economic elites and the upward redistribution of wealth to the ruling class.

That is their unspoken bottom line.

They often express outrage and victimhood feeling their religious freedom is threatened by having to provide service or do business with gays or Muslims. Yet many have expressed their opposition to Muslims or gays or atheists in government. As if they are not “We the people” too.

History has shown conservatives have never been comfortable with change or equality. They resisted independence, the abolition of slavery, women’s suffrage, and the Civil Rights Act. Not a very inspiring record. Now they have spawned a Trump Presidency.

Every system of belief has its own bubble, even progressivism, but the difference is one side is more grounded in fact, fairness, and science. 

They tend to think they know better of what we think than we do. They don’t want to see progressives also having family values, personal and fiscal responsibility, and decency.

Conservatism is about purity of dogma. None of it can be challenged, for it is as seen as absolute truth and incorruptible, as in Papal Infallibility.

This is why it melds tightly with the fundamentalism of the evangelicals. There is almost no fact, reason, or logic that can penetrate those who hold to political beliefs as absolute as their religion.

There is a reason a narcissistic ignorant brute like Trump can only get a cult following from conservatives. Conservatives are more authoritarian. This is simply a fact of human nature.

The most open minded, intelligent, less authoritarian, and decent Republicans have come out to denounce the cult of Trumpism. They understand it has become a cult and have left the Party of Trump.
Jerry Critter:
There is a reason that there is a strong relationship between conservatism and religion, particularly fundamentalists. Both are taught from a very early age to believe what they are told. Do not think. Do not question. BELIEVE! Believe what your leader/priest SAYS. What is said is the truth, not what your eyes see, ears hear, or mind tell you.

 Dave Dubya:
This is why I call modern American conservatism a cult. It is a belief system not to be questioned.

I have to laugh at the Right's continued fondness for their derogatory term for Obama, the "Messiah".

I don't recall ANYONE proclaiming, "Jesus sent us Obama to save America".

But for Trump, we see it all the time. IOKIYAR. We KNOW Jesus sent HIM to save America, amirite?

I'm also amused at their resentment for the dreaded NPR and PBS. I don't recall any Democratic president relying on them for talking points and propaganda, or being used as an employment agency like Trump does with FOX(R).

Look at the dimwit the Orange Fuhrer wants to make UN ambassador!

Once again, IOKIYAR. Hypocrisy and double standards are not in conservatism's vocabulary.
Dave Dubya:
I understand that, by being facts, this information will be deemed hateful.

Payroll growth scorecard:

Obama’s last 23 months vs Trump’s first 23 months

Total hired: 4,850,000 vs. 4,460,000

Average monthly gain: 211.000 vs.194,000

So far the Black Guy has made America greater than the LIAR who said the Black Guy was not American born.

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