Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Are You Still A Believer?

Are you still a believer in Trump? Because at adulthood it's marginal, right?

Happy Christmas! 


Jefferson's Guardian said...

In Tom Degan's Christmas post, his message to his readership is to not curse the darkness, but instead to pray for Trump's enlightenment instead of his failure.

I responded, and though there's a good chance the federal government will be back from its shutdown before he publishes it, prayer doesn't work in that way.

True enlightenment is only achieved individually, and only through sincerity and conviction to truth. Without committing to peace and justice for all - not only a select few - will this nightmare government come to an end.

Obama has alluded to this, and writers such as Hedges pronounce upon it endlessless, Trump - and the resultant Trumpism it spawned - is a byproduct of the ignorant prejudiced bigotry and hate that has been building in this country, and around the world, for a very long time.

The cause of the disease is the malignant corporatacracy of the world's democracies. The symptoms of this are what we're living through today.

Until democracy is restored to its rightful place on the mantle, and the unlawful genie of corporate personhood is pushed back into its bottle, the symptoms will become more prevalent and the disease eventually terminal.

Only true "conversion" - enlightenment of the masses, one by one, and each on their own - will bring us back to reality and allow us to move forward toward those "inalienable truths" discussed by our founders.

But you already know this. :-)

Hope you enjoyed a meaningful holiday! Wishing you, your family and and friends, a happy and safe new year.

Dave Dubya said...

In contrast to Degen's prayer for Trump's enlightenment, we have TP's idea of prayer as something entirely different.

"It is ironically an Orwellian world they are creating while fearing that the Right is guilty of such a creation. Prayer may be our only effective remaining weapon. God help us and bless our nation."

One prayer is for the impossibility of enlightenment for a vile benighted authoritarian, and another for a "weapon" against a fear of imaginary dragons.

I dare say disappointment awaits both of them.

It will take more than prayer to revive Democracy, fair elections, compassion over greed, love over hate, and respect for truth. Reality says none of these will be granted by any god.

We are on our own against the forces of racism, bigotry, greed, white nationalism, abuse of power, and far Right/corporate political dominance.

But we already knew this, too. They may be winning economically and politically, but we shall not give them victory over our spirit. We have what they will never possess, a conscience and an open mind.

As we nurture contentment, peace, wisdom, and happiness within our personal lives, we can still take a public stand for decency and democracy.

As they live in fear, we can still live in hope. They can't take that away from us, either.

This is why we fight the good fight.

Jefferson's Guardian said...

"...and [T. Paine looks upon prayer as] a 'weapon' against a fear of imaginary dragons." ~~ Dave Dubya

That's a very interesting use of prayer, isn't it? T. Paine equates prayer as more than a tool for communicating with the higher-self or one's perceived higher-being, but actually as a tool for destruction upon another.

The weaponization of prayer. I do not recall Jesus advocating its use for this purpose.

Is this what Catholicism teaches in its institutions and schools now? It sure has changed.

"As we nurture contentment, peace, wisdom, and happiness within our personal lives, we can still take a public stand for decency and democracy." ~~ Dave Dubya

Absolutely. What else is there?

Dave Dubya said...

Like most of his fellow travelers Mr. Paine's faith is not only in his religion, but also in far Right ideology, aka today's American con-servatism.

The problem is the goals of each are often at odds. When conflict arises between their religion and political ideology, the con-servative abandons the message of their Savior and embraces tax cuts for the rich, cutting safety nets for the needy, wars of aggression, and fomenting anger, hate, and punishment for dissent from their ideology.

In their con-servative political religion, they abandon their Savior's command to help the unfortunate and love others, and make efforts to deny food stamps and shelter for the hungry and homeless. These "least of us" become "parasites" and "New Democrats", aka the "Orwellian enemy". To these white nationalists and "real Americans", Liberals become godless commies for wanting Constitutional regulation of commerce, taxes, and provision for the general welfare.

They become a cult, and mindlessly believe their leaders' lies that are intended for the gain of the few over the welfare of the many.

Despite the rabid Right's hateful mockery of "Obama the messiah", I don't recall anyone saying, "Jesus sent us Obama", do you?

But many of them deeply believe "Jesus sent us Trump". I rest my case.

Jefferson's Guardian said...

"I don't recall anyone saying, 'Jesus sent us Obama', do you? But many of them deeply believe 'Jesus sent us Trump'." ~~ Dave Dubya

No, I don't recall anybody from the progressive community alluding to Obama as a messianic being, in any form or fashion. I think it's only a right-wing meme, and I'd guess it started with Fox News - or at least gained traction from there.

I read an article, maybe a couple, that said the evangelical community as a whole supports Trump - despite his obvious transgressions and shortcomings - because they feel he's the one who will bring upon their fantasy Armageddon which will usher in their mythical second-coming of Christ as written in Revelations.

Pretty sick "reasoning", by any standard. Sounds like a massive suicidal pact, not unlike that of David Koresch's Jonestown.

They feel like that'll show us "commie libtards", huh? ;-)

Jefferson's Guardian said...

Sorry...I apologize for mixing-up the religious wack-a-doddles. It wasn't David "Koresch" (Koresh is the correct spelling), but rather Jim Jones who led the mass suicide in Jonestown.

Do you think Vern Trueblood is of this same maniacal persuasion?...or strictly a stupid bigot from Klansman upbringing?

Dave Dubya said...

The fundie Christian Armageddon fans are very much like the worst of cults. They delight in their salvation and the death and destruction of the rest of humanity. They also generally support torture more than the rest of us.

They are clueless that the true measure of their faith is love. They'd rather measure it in "beliefs" and negative emotions.

Of course they fear progressives and revere Trump. Rubes, dupes, and low-information bumpkins, along with racists, bigots, White Nationalists and Klansmen all claim to be good Christians. This is how the message of Jesus was corrupted and the Trump Cult formed his base. (Not the folks I'd care to spend eternity with.)

What they share is not love and compassion for fellow humans, but bigotry, victimization, and self-righteous resentment, hate and anger towards liberals and minorities. They are the FOX Flock of Sheeple.

Dave Dubya said...

I see no reason why Vern isn't both. I'd bet diamonds to donuts he has a confederate flag and white robe, if not in his closet, but in his family tradition.