Thursday, July 12, 2018

New National Anthem

Usually, I don’t like national anthems.

Although “O, Canada” is sounding better than ever.

In general, they sound like marches and martial music.

Although I’ll always stand for, or sit and listen to, Jimi’ s version of the ”Star Spangled Banner” at Woodstock.

As I’ve been lately harping about the failed state of our nation, and even named it the Failed States of America, I feel it incumbent upon me to at least suggest a new national anthem.  On second thought, perhaps MAGAtLAND would be a more appropriate new name for the Failed States of America.

Let's face it. Both the old name and old anthem are as antiquated as the Constitution, democracy, the rule of law, and decency itself.

I offer this new anthem in the spirit of Putin, who ordered the new Russian national anthem to be a revised version of the anthem under Stalin. Very patriotic.

In the same spirit, I also offer all glory and credit for our new anthem to Putin's Puppet President.

This should suffice to represent our country, for at least the duration of the Big MAGAt’s incompetent, corrupt, and criminal rule.

With apologies to Joseph Hayden’s and Germany’s “Deutschlandlied”, I hear a striking similarity to the melody line heard in "Deutschland Deutschland Uber Alles".


"Russia if you're listening..

No puppet no puppet

You're the puppet

It's all a Hoax, Fake news

Enemy of the people

The single greatest Witch Hunt

In American history

Totally controlled by Russia

Putin is fine. He's fine

We're all fine

Da! Da! Da!

Putin is fine. He's fine

We're all fine"


Jefferson's Guardian said...

Not a fan of anthems, either, but will add yours to my playlist. ;-)

Gotta love how the Brits are readying for Trump. The Baby Trump blimp is priceless. Everyone should have one, eh? (Practising for my eventual Canadian immigrant status. Hope they're not similarly considering a wall on their southern border.)

U.P. Tim said...

I hear Finland is nice this time of year also. They have health care and their education system is one of the best in the world. They had lost their number one ranking in education and treated it as a national emergency. Here we have Betsy DeVos. Sounds like the Baby Trump blimp has gotten under Trump's skin already which is great.

Dave Dubya said...

I have Canadian heritage. I recently learned I have great great great First Nation grandparents from Ottawa.

Maybe they'll take me back?

If not, I might have some of Chief Pontiac's rebellious blood in my veins too. Until the American Revolution, his was the most successful uprising against the British.

Something to inspire my fight for our right to the consent of the governed.

Majormajor said...

"Maybe they'll take me back?"

I'm praying you get your wish.

Jefferson's Guardian said...

"I'm praying you get your wish." ~~ Majormajor (aka dishonest Chuck)

Chuck, I know you can't be honest with us, but please try to be honest with yourself. You haven't prayed a day in your life, and you know it.

If you truly believed in a maker, a spiritual guidance, a supreme power --
or whatever you choose to call it, you'd be the most compassionate and loving person on this planet.

But you're the opposite. The exact opposite.

You're a fake Christian. Ghandi was right.

Jefferson's Guardian said...

Dave, I'm afraid I don't have the aboriginal native beginnings that you do. There's some gypsy heritage in my bloodline, though, so I'm pretty adept at adapting to almost any situation or circumstance. My life's a testament to this.

It'll come in handy in the upcoming years -- while Majormajor begs you to take him with you. We know he's quite familiar with getting on his knees. Just ask Tom Degan. ;-)

Jefferson's Guardian said...

Ya' gotta love it!...twelve more indictments! Mueller's knocking on the door of the White House. Hello! Donald Trump, are you there?...

Jefferson's Guardian said...

18 USC 2381


Sec. 2381. Treason


Whoever, owing allegiance to the United States, levies war against them or adheres to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort within the United States or elsewhere, is guilty of treason and shall suffer death, or shall be imprisoned not less than five years and fined under this title but not less than $10,000; and shall be incapable of holding any office under the United States.

Source: Office of the Law Revision Counsel, US House of Representatives, "Search the United States Code," (accessed Sep. 6, 2012)

Just a reminder: Treason is a capital offense, still punishable by death. Don't forget this.

[Knock knock] Mr. President. Are you in? We'd like to talk to you.

Trump (while in Finland, sitting on Putin's lap): President Putin, may I immigrate into your country? I don't think I should go back to my mine.

Putin: Of course, of course, you're always welcome in Russia. You've been a good friend! You may room with Mr. Snowdon. He won't mind.

Dave Dubya said...


Yesterday while the Big MAGAt was insulting and demeaning our allies, the Junior MAGAts of the House were doing Putim's work discrediting the FBI, and sabotaging our country's counter-intelligence investigation. They are traitors, of course. It is an attack on our country by both Putin and his useful idiot puppets.

Now the Big MAGAt is going to meet with his hero in Helsinki, and probably give away more highly classified secrets.

This incompetent and corrupt authoritarian leadership is now clearly the worst government in our history.

In fact, the entire GOP is nothing more than a Government Of Putin.


Thank you for your prayers for my wish. I'm wishing I don't have to move to Canada. And I'm wishing for more Americans to open their eyes and minds to the lies, treachery, and betrayal of our country by Trump, as well as the lies, treachery, and betrayal of our country by the far Right Party of Trump.

"Russia, if you are listening..." Russia was indeed listening. Putin accepted the invitation, and acted. And he won.

Many are finally seeing the light, but tragically too late. And since Congress is structurally biased in favor of the Republicans, it will take a minor miracle to reverse the majorities in the House and Senate. Putin and his Party of Trump are still working on keeping his US government in power.

I pray you find a conscience and enough wisdom to open your mind. But that would take a majormiracle.

Jefferson's Guardian said...

"'Russia, if you are listening...' Russia was indeed listening. Putin accepted the invitation, and acted. And he won. ~~ Dave Dubya

Remember this date: July 27, 2016. It's significant. Also remember this: There are no coincidences.

Majormajor said...

"I'm wishing I don't have to move to Canada."

So now you've changed your wish?

I've really enjoyed reading the Dave, Bill and Jerry Show, a laugh a minute. So much crying, so much chest beating, so much bleating, so much blaming others, so much stupid pontificating, so much lack of intelligence on display. All on one blog with 3 maybe 4 regular posters.

"since Congress is structurally biased in favor of the Republicans, it will take a minor miracle to reverse the majorities in the House and Senate."

My suggestion Jefferson Davis Guardian is to start praying for a minor miracle like understanding how the Senators are elected. It's enough to make you cry I bet.

Majormajor said...

"Putin accepted the invitation, and acted."

To find the HRC's missing 30,000 emails?


Dave Dubya said...



Yes, really.

And no. I did not "change my wish". I never mentioned the word. YOU brought it up and lied about it. Once again you didn't respond to the post topic. It even had a lot of words from your Big MAGAt leader.

You are loyal little MAGAt for deriding, deflecting and distracting from his evil again.

Now you are done. You may go back to praying to Mammon and serving Putin.

Jefferson's Guardian said...

It has been an interesting news cycle since the demagogue in the White House went to Europe to wreak his usual havoc and discord.

John Schnatter's dough stopped rising this week, and Roger Stone looks like he's going to drop like a rock. And it's logical to assume all these indictments and plea bargains will ultimately find their way to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue -- whether a Government Of Putin-controlled Senate convicts or not. Events may bring out "country over party" sentiments by that time. The "consent of the governed" will certainly play into this.

Racism and treason have no place in American society -- yet both were leveraged heavily as important strategic manipulations in Donald Trump's securing of his devisive and corrupt presidency.

At every turn we must work to resist and overturn his underlying fascist agenda, and restore democracy and justice for everyone -- not just a select few.

Like the Brits, we must own the streets and continually show our displeasure with what is happening to our country.

Ex Con servative said...

Thanks Dave for the good laugh regarding the anthem...truly hilarious. It feels good to laugh in this dark time.

The grilling of the FBI agent was pathetic...truly sad, and reeked of McCarthyism.And guess which party was the cause of that? The same one as always, the cowards who always have to politicize everything, and always put party and power (and money) in front of country. The obstructionists, the racists, the protectors of the powerful and wealthy, and the antagonists of the weak and powerless. The same fools that accuse the other side of doing all the dirty crap they do on a regular basis.The ignorant and the mean spirited.

I recently heard a great statement regarding liberals and conservatives: "The liberal was the one responsible for the young black woman finally being able to attend the school she wanted,and the conservative was the woman in the crowd shouting "Go home Ni**er." What about this statement isn't true? Anybody with a brain and a heart that isn't one of the brainwashed cult knows the truth.And yes, Lincoln was a Republican, and no, that party has been the exact opposite of what he stood for going on at least 150 years.

A while back I watched a documentary regarding the kidnapping of Patty Hearst. Kidnapped by a group of "radical" leftists. What struck me was hearing that one of their demands was that Patricia's wealthy newspaper tycoon father donate a sum of money to a very large portion of individual poor people, a demand he couldn't meet. Patty was eventually saved after a shootout if I remember correctly.

My point being: Even when kidnapping someone, the liberal is trying to bring justice to society, while if it was a "radical right" group, they would have demanded and gotten a large sum of money, purely for the greed of it, then killed her and flown to some tropical island, lived like kings, and not felt guilty about it at all.And blamed it on her.

Makes you think, doesn't it?

Dave Dubya said...

FYI. Our dry-drunk Junior MAGAt is whining about being censored again, "as it wasn't hate or racist".


I've really enjoyed reading the Dave, Bill and Jerry Show, a laugh a minute. So much crying, so much chest beating, so much bleating, so much blaming others, so much stupid pontificating, so much lack of intelligence on display. All on one blog with 3 maybe 4 regular posters.

No hate here? The Authoritarian rules and tactics including deriding, demeaning, projection and accusation without explanation, are gestures of civility in his world? Right. It is who they are, after all.

If he had posed any facts or even a semi-rational argument to support his accusations, I would have welcomed his contributions. I would love a wiser mind than mine to enlighten me on how I was being stupid. Obviously no such mind exists in the far alt-Right mentality.

He was unable to even indicate and elaborate on what was "stupid pontificating". Instead it was just trolling.

We all understand his authoritarian personality is entirely incapable of engaging in good faith discussion. He rejects the very concept, and wants to level personal attacks. It is the MAGAt way. But that's how a troll rolls. It must bug him to no end that he doesn't have any authority here, like I do. LOL!

I welcome any unlikely effort on his part to offer facts and reason, but I reject hate and false accusations.

That is not censorship. It is flushing the toilet.

Dave Dubya said...


We know the basic truth behind it all. Liberals are the real Americans upholding the ideals of justice, equality, democracy, and consent of the governed. All are historically the direct opposite of con-servatism.

We also support representation as the majority, and the Constitutional duty of taxation and regulation of commerce from our government. Also the direct opposite of con-servatism.

We also reject brutal law enforcement and torture. Also the direct opposite of con-servatism.

We also reject corporations writing our laws. Also the direct opposite of con-servatism.

And worse than con-servatism is Trumpism. We all know damn well that was what inspired the recent beating of a 91 ear-old man, as he was told to "go back to Mexico"".

We all know damn well those thugs are big Trump fans.

Jefferson's Guardian said...

"FYI. Our dry-drunk Junior MAGAt is whining about being censored again," ~~ Dave Dubya

He always crying about "censorship". Dave, did he beg you to let him back -- like he did Tom Degan, when he booted him? ;-)

I wonder how much boot lickin' Trump's going to do with Putin on Monday? I heard they're going to have a closed session at some point, with nobody else in the room -- not even translators. Has anybody else heard this?

If true, is this when Trump gives away more state secrets?...or does he give Putin something else? his undivided loyalty? ;-) Equally important, in return what do you think Putin will promise Trump?

The possibilities are a closed room...alone together...alone.

Majormajor said...
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