Sunday, September 24, 2023

Why I Do It


Our friend Les made this remark that set me off on this rather rambling rant.


“It's comical for a while but spending too much time reading and responding to the sheer idiocy of these fascist loving tRump worshippers can be dangerous for one’s sanity.”


I understand how trying to reason with people trapped in a cult is almost always utterly futile. I engage with them out of curiosity and to express MY thoughts and reasoning. I do it to examine and refresh all the facts and evidence needed to support my thoughts and reasoning.


My sanity has survived far worse dangers than the mere words of the deluded or insane. I learned long ago my best tools for maintaining sanity are to have a moderately sick sense of humor, and to NEVER take personally anything anyone says.


Humans are often moody creatures operating on emotional reactions to unpleasant or unfamiliar events, or to other people's behavior or opinions, and to circumstances or information they don't want to accept.


All humans experience a degree of emotional response to the world around them. It's natural and good. And like everything natural and good, too much can be harmful.


The emotional fight/flight signals from the amygdala can be more dominant in conservatives and authoritarian personalities. MRI scans have confirmed the amygdala is more active and larger in people who identify themselves as conservative than in those who identify as liberal. They tend to be more distrustful of the unfamiliar. They are generally suspicious of something new rather than curious about it.


This fight/flight response was important for early humans to survive the dangers of the prehistoric tropical savannah. We all still have this survival mechanism to various degrees, and it can override our other mental faculties. Today it can be largely manifested in conservative people who feel threatened by change or by others they don’t understand. It is manifested in the police officers who are quick to shoot an unarmed person because they “felt threatened”. The overactive amygdala is found in bigots and racists, in hate groups, in cults, and all the way up to dictators who start wars.


Right-wing Political propaganda has always been about stirring resentment and anger wrapped in an appeal to patriotism. The subject's amygdala gets activated. FOX(R) and hate radio like Limbaugh have been working this gold mine of emotional reaction for decades.


We know our fellow Americans have long been conditioned by right-wing propaganda. And, yes, it IS a vast Right-Wing Conspiracy. It's a media empire, supported by the most ruthless and greedy ultra rich and angry white nationalists. See the wealthy "sponsors" of Clarence Thomas and the enraged people at a Trump rally for who they are. So, it's obvious Trump is a master at triggering the amygdalas in his cult. He's skilled in ramping up resentments, anger, fear, and hate. He wants them to fear and hate the people HE fears and hates. And they swarm to him because he fears and hates who THEY fear and hate.


He twists their sense of patriotism into blind loyalty for him. Their emotional response fuels his drive to power. ‘Twas ever thus with tyrants and autocrats. Such authoritarian leaders are sociopaths. We have to accept the fact there will always be irredeemable authoritarian sociopath followers behind those leaders. It truly is pointless and futile to try to appeal to their conscience because they never had one.


But most Trump followers are not sociopaths. They are simple people or conservatives who really don’t put much thought into public policy, politics, or the nature of politicians. They are easily duped and malleable once they fall under the charm and charisma that sociopaths can wield over them. Sociopaths and con artists can be very charming and are skilled at manipulating emotions in their targets and marks.


I dearly love my niece and nephew who have fallen into Trumpism. I will be as kind and loving to them as to my other nieces and nephews. I don’t want to hate anyone for their religion or political beliefs, but I strongly dislike the arrogant hypocrites and authoritarians who want to impose their beliefs on others.


Hate is both self-destructive and destructive to friends, family, community, and country. I choose not to hate. But that doesn’t stop me from getting quite pissed off at times.


When I see these sad souls raging and frothing their hearts out, I hope they have someone like me who can still love them. If they can emerge from under Trump’s spell, they'll need support from family and friends.


It can happen. A friend of mine finally saw Trump for what he is after voting for him both times. He's conservative but told me he hates religious hypocrites. The other ray of light came to him when Trump's pal Putin invaded Ukraine and started killing his relatives.


So why do I allow the Trump Cult to comment here?


I confess my sick sense of humor finds these exchanges entertaining. I can even learn something when I gather information to convey or support my points.


I also acknowledge my tolerance and patience for hate and willful ignorance has its limits. We all have defense mechanisms that eventually arise. I’m no saint and might resort to mockery and insult in retaliation. At that point it just becomes a sport of verbal jousting, and a sick sense of humor is my armor. And yes, it does come across as tilting against windmills.


Still, I believe discourse is better than discord and reason is better than fear. An open mind is better than a closed mind.  And appealing to the humanity in others is better than demonizing them.


I keep in mind that discourse, reason and appeals to humanity will not reach some people. Those authoritarian personalities do not want to learn what they don’t want to know. The best we can hope is an idea or fact might slip into a closed mind.


But I also do this out of love. I believe love grows and hate destroys.


I love learning, and I love seeking and sharing truth.


I love the fact we can all learn from people who are different from us.I love the world of nature and the bounty of life on Earth.


I love living on Earth, breathing clean air, and drinking clean water.


I love my country and homeland.


I love our founders’ ideal of consent of the governed.


I love the Constitution, despite its seriously antiquated flaws on militias, presidential elections, and the Senate.


I love the Constitution's clear language on separation of powers, taxes, regulation of commerce, and provision for the general welfare.


I love equal justice under law.


I love freedom OF and freedom FROM religion.


I love our remaining vestiges of democracy and representation.


I love a nation with a government of, by, and for the people.


I love freedom.


I love family and friends.


I love my teachers and elders for their knowledge and wisdom.


And I love children, and want a safer, kinder, and more peaceful society for their future.


Les Carpenter said...

Well Dave, an insightful spot on commentary as usual.

I do not fear the words of the rather few mindless cretins who love to put their lunancy on display here and elsewhere. For they alone are but frightened little minnows following the bark if their master. It is the collective force of the millions of tRump sheeple that is bad for the sanity, cohesiveness, compassion, and unity of the nation.

The hate, division, othering of those disagreeing with their views, and statements suggesting fine, honest, sincere people should be lined up and mowed down by gunfire simply for disagreeing and pointing out evidence and facts is unnerving. I say this not out of fear for myself. Rather i say it because in essence they are advocating mob violence of the sort every dictator in history seemed to favor.

If tRump the rapist insurrectionist and his many supporting minions also charged with criminal activity are not sternly and severly dealt with and held fully accountable for their treasonous behavior and actions we can then consider our nation having set foot on the road to an eventual 3rd world shithole existence. And tRump the rapist/insurrectionist will carry full responsibility for having been the sick putrid catalyst that started it all.

tRump's MAGA lie makes me almost sick to my stomach every time i hear the goddamned lie. I fear for my grown children and grand children if this shit is allowed to flourish. With the millions still believing his diarrhea stream of continual lying flourishing is not beyond the realm of possibility. It happened to the good people of Germany and it can happen here as well. If were not able to effectively counter the lying BS tRump and the gop spew daily.

Dave Dubya said...

Thanks, Les.

I agree. I'm truly terrified for the future of our country if this madness continues. We ARE in the same place as Germany in 1932. If the neo-Nazis seize power over all branches of government again, there will be nothing but a shell of a republic left.

And many more Americans will be killed by their deranged militia versions of the SA and SS.

The fact they have the Supreme Court will keep the nation in enough peril for decades to come.

idol Gossip said...

Lester is much more than ignorant, his post are actually Comical! I'm enjoying laughing at him! He IS DEFINITELY SHAW’S LAP DOG.

idol Gossip said...

Biden’s team says that they are already preparing for a second term,

The hilarious part is these fools keep on with the indictments, investigations, and all the lies, and hoaxes that thru can come up with, including the bad press and interviews to get Trump out if y race, and it only helps Trump. But the really hilarious part is that even when any of these things happens over and over and over again, they continue doing the same thing. You just have to bang these people in the head and say, "Hello! Is anyone in there?"

Dave Dubya said...

I'm happy Idol Gossip is entertained.

We can tell he has no interest in actually reading this blog. He needs to deflect instantly to personal attacks. JUST. LIKE. TRUMP.

Mr. Gossip,
I again invite you to read what I've written and discuss the content.

And I'll remind you that is why I wrote this: "I also welcome your comments, be they contradictory, corrective, or complimentary."

Notice that mindless name-calling isn't included. But we know that is far easier and requires no facts or reasoning.

How about it? CAN you actually read the post and discuss it?

What are your THOUGHTS? Can you support your opinions with any facts or reasoning at all?

idol Gossip said...


idol Gossip said...

Wont print my negative comments, then bye

Anonymous said...

TDS On a daily basis as the people in the USA have seen prices double. The Biden cult is just as blind and full of war mongers .

Dave Dubya said...

Mr. Gossip,

It's our loss that you don't want to show us your information that would expose the lies and point us to the truth.

Please reveal to us your evidence to justify Trump's Big Lie. Your propagandists have a lot of fabricated accusations and endless complaints, but no evidence of massive fraud. None. As far as voter fraud goes, it was rare, done by both sides, and not enough to change the results.

Everything in the film 2000 mules by the campaign finance law criminal who was PARDONED by Trump is nothing but assertions without evidence.

Ignore this, because it's telling the truth.

The lies about "Geotracking", meaningless surveillance video clips, and Ballot harvesting had no supporting evidence. Nothing but made up crap from Trump's pardoned stooge D’Souza.

Want to know another fact? Ballot harvesting is LEGAL in several states.

"The documentary “2000 Mules” does not provide any concrete, verifiable evidence of widespread voter fraud in the 2020 election. Technology and election integrity experts consulted by Reuters also did not find the geolocation, surveillance or any other information presented showed plausible evidence of fraud."

Gossip: "The hilarious part is these fools keep on with the indictments, investigations, and all the lies, and hoaxes..."

What indictments? Have you seen them? Are they even real in your world?
And if I have lied, PLEASE show me the facts. Set me straight. Think of how much you could humiliate me. ;-)

Dave Dubya said...

Thank you for your informed comment. It's very special to me since it will be your only one. I'm sure you'll understand that if there is another Anonymous comment, we'll have no way of knowing it is you or someone else.

This doesn't lend itself well to our conversational tone here.

Feel free to respond. All you have to do as add something like "Jim Bob" or "Angry White Guy" or "MAGA Maniac", or even a just a letter, like "Q", just so we can make the connection.

Identify for yourself a place in the conversation, and have some fun.

Anonymous: "TDS On a daily basis as the people in the USA have seen prices double. The Biden cult is just as blind and full of war mongers."

I agree too many Democrats have agreed to the Republican wars on terror and on drugs.

And I'm REALLY curious to know who the "Biden cult" is "just as blind as".

Les Carpenter said...

Don't let the door hit ya in the ass idol brain.

Dave Dubya said...

Just a note:

New York courts have now determined that Trump and/or his companies have committed:
-bank fraud
-insurance fraud
-tax fraud
-charities fraud
And Trump personally
-sexual assault

Trump and sons will find their business will "going through some things" in New York.


Les Carpenter said...

Accoutability finally catching up to the criminal mastermind and his crime family.

It's about goddamned time!>

Anonymous said...

Your blog has go to be AS STUPID AS THE PROGRESSIVE POS.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Since WYD blog has died and Bonderenka has stopped all contrary comments and the Geeez blog will not allow anyone who doesn't agree with her to post, the trolls have chosen you for their whinefest.

They come to my blog every day, hoping their illiterate blathering will be published.

If they engaged in thoughtful discussions, I'd publish them. But they're not capable of that. They can only throw attack bombs and call people names. IOW, they're exactly smaller versions of Trump himself -- he lacks the education and intelligence to carry on an informed discussion about real problems. People who are the opposite of Trump: informed, intelligent, mentally stable, understand Trump's narcissism -- it's based on his massive insecurity about who he really is.

And we're all suffering from his illnesses.

Dave Dubya said...

I welcome any disagreement or good faith discussion, but as we see in the Anonymous remark just previous to yours, "Your blog has go to be AS STUPID AS THE PROGRESSIVE POS."

They really are miniature Trumps, with even smaller hands. :-)

I told him he's welcome to comment if he would just some kind if identifier, but he chose to brush aside my request. I only added it because it supports exactly what you just said.

Do you want any more of your comments included? It's a very simple request I ask, but you will only be wasting your time with any more thoughtless attacks.

Thinking said...

BREAKING NEWS : That Slime ball, Creepy Adam Schiff has faunally been busted for steering Multi -Millions of dollars in taxpayer dollars to for-profit defense contractors, who were his donors! And It’s about time that this Weenie has been put in his place. And now that he’s been busted. He needs to resign. And just watch, the same people who’s been defending Pencil Neck Schiff will also be defending that Super Crook Joe Biden another CORRUPT Democrat Shocker

Dave Dubya said...


Thank you for brining this to our attention. Don't you see that same thing being done by Republicans?

How else are defense contracts paid other than by taxpayer dollars?

Ciceroni Excogitatoris said...

The United Auto Workers union will go on strike against all of Detroit’s big three automakers at the same time for the first time in the union’s history, after General Motors, Ford, and Stellantis failed to reach a labor agreement with the union before their contracts expired Thursday night.

“Tonight for the first time in our history we will strike all three of the big three at once,” UAW president Shawn Fain said on Thursday. They are prepared to strike at midnight, according to Fain.
They plan to strike at a General Motors assembly plant in Wentzville, Missouri; a Stellantis plant in Toledo, Ohio; and a Ford plant in Wayne, Michigan.

“If we need to go all out, we will,” Fain declared. “Everything is on the table.”
Roughly 150,000 American auto workers are represented by the UAW union. President Joe Biden’s green agenda is a major concern for autoworkers whose jobs are being eliminated by Biden’s rapid push for a transition to electric vehicles which require fewer workers to produce than gas-powered vehicles. As Breitbart’s Senior Editor-at-Large Rebecca Mansour reported, “While autoworkers are seeing their wages slashed due to the EV adoption, the Big Three executives have enjoyed a windfall thanks to the EV tax credits in Biden’s Inflation Reduction Act.
President Joe Biden’s green agenda is a major concern for autoworkers whose jobs are being eliminated by Biden’s rapid push for a transition to electric vehicles (EVs), which require Batteries that are being Made in CHINA!

I knew this was coming. Biden has completely wrecked the economy. Expect vehicle prices to skyrocket. This proves that we are officially in a recession... show Washington that we don't want this by voting for Donald Trump in 2024.

TheGreatSatan said...

Dave Dubya said..."Don't you see that same thing being done by Republicans?"

Are You Kidding? Or are you pulling our Legs?

You just Can't really mean what you just said!

TOM said...


Dave Dubya said...

I see you need a little help to understand the definition of "recession".

"A recession is a significant, widespread, and prolonged downturn in economic activity. A common rule of thumb is that two consecutive quarters of negative gross domestic product (GDP) growth mean recession, although more complex formulas are also used."

Avert your eyes, ye of the Trump cult, for the demons known as "facts" are about to appear.:

"US Real GDP is at a current level of 20.39T, up from 20.28T last quarter and up from 19.90T one year ago. This is a change of 0.51% from last quarter and 2.47% from one year ago."

Under Trump December 31st 2020: 18.92T.,2.47%25%20from%20one%20year%20ago.

I'd bet you are equally unaware of all CONCESSSIONS the union had to make and the BAILOUTS that were needed to keep the industry operation.

I can't believe you are so uninformed about how representatives and senators of both parties work to steer money into their states and districts for jobs.

I'd bet the ONLY "news" you consume is by pro-Trump Republican owned media.

It shows.

Yes, it happens. Unlike all the blame cast by Trump and his cult, blame against Trump is supported by documented and verifiable FACTS. He just calls everyone he hates or holds him accountable, "Thugs, Marxists, and commies". And you MUST believe every word uttered by your dear infallible leader, don't you?

If he didn't do something wrong, he wouldn't be blamed for it.

If he didn't commit the crimes, he wouldn't be charged. That's how it works in the real world. This is why Trump and his followers prefer to live in Trump's lies and fantasy world.

"Pay no attention to the MAGA man behind the curtains!"

Les Carpenter said...

MAGA... Millions of AirstreGone Anal

Their fear of a constantly ever changing world, the evolving growing consciousness of compassion, and the growing wisdom that it brings about is sweeping the majority of aware Americans.

Because of the intensity of their fear, the MAGA folks were, and continue to be, susceptible to the lies and conspiracy BS tRump and the new tRump gop spit out daily.

The nation's two biggest threats... Donald J. tRump and the gop. I say the gop because even the ones who know tRump is a useless lying POS refuse to stand up and be counted

The gop can go to hell.

Les Carpenter said...

MAGA... Millions of Airheads Gone Anal.

I dislike blogger, Google intensely. Since their auto spell correct and AI i've had more trouble than i ever did before. Probably just me :)

Mega, Maga Man said...

Dave Miller Says "There's no evidence of wrong doing by Joe Biden."

That's Hilarious, That's the funnest thing I've heard all year!

Bix Poindexter said...

Les Carpenter said...

Well, as many have said, perception is most people's reality. And it is true. The MAGA folks believe their perceptions (actual delusion) are actual reality. As it is their reified beliefs, even against volumes of evidence to the contrary, nothing is going to convince them otherwise. Unfortunately the entire country suffers as a result. But hey, each to their own.
Because of the intensity of their fear, the MAGA folks were, and continue to be, susceptible to the lies and conspiracy BS tRump and the new tRump gop spit out daily.
The nation's two biggest threats... Donald J. tRump and the gop. I say the gop because even the ones who know tRump is a useless lying POS refuse to stand up and be counted

The gop can go to hell.


Dave Miller said...

Dave... can you explain to me what "Thinking" is talking about with this statement?

"Creepy Adam Schiff has faunally been busted"

Is he saying Schiff is in some sort or animal cult? Or was he busted by Crime Dog McGruff or Scooby Doo?

Nice to see you providing a service to so many people who need to spew unrelated Lisa like "false facts" to prove their non existent points.

TOM said...

Biden must think he's THE KING the way he ignores the laws, and twists them to push his radical agenda.The man has lost all of his marbles. Is this the beginning of the end for him?

Thinking said...

San Francisco also known as The Land of Fruits, and Nuts will be starting to have a new requirement for the recipients of public assistance. The city once known for its embrace of counterculture drugs, a recipient will now be subjected to submit tests for substance use under a proposal announced yesterday by Mayor London Breed as she faces mounting pressure to address San Francisco’s fentanyl epidemic.

Breed, who is running for reelection in 2024, outlined the plan the same day that an heir to the Levi Strauss & Co. fortune launched his own mayoral bid, arguing that his incumbent opponent had let the drug and homelessness crises fester under her watch.

Her proposal — which progressive critics immediately compared to Republican-style welfare mandates — would require all recipients of locally-funded cash assistance participate in a substance abuse treatment program if screening showed drug use.

“No more handouts without accountability,” Breed said at a City Hall news conference. “People are not accepting help. Now, it’s time to make sure that we are cutting off resources that continue to allow this behavior.”

The proposal from the Democratic mayor of this ultra-liberal city reflects the depth of frustration with a fentanyl crisis that has led to record overdoses, turned parts of downtown into open-air drug markets and is correlated with an increase in car break-ins and other property crime.

It follows similar moves by leaders of other blue cities like New York and Portland, who are pushing forced treatment for mentally ill residents and sweeps of homelessness encampments that were once anathema to the Democratic Party. Breed, and her big city counterparts, are taking more drastic measures around the intertwined problems of drug use, homelessness and mental health to show voters they’re serious about public safety concerns.
Breed has increasingly leaned into tough-on-crime rhetoric in recent months

Independent Thinker said...

I too am sick and tired of reading the Horse Manure from that useless Lying POS aka Lester Carpenter the Anti-Semitic, Idiotic moron writer of that Horse Manure he thinks is cute. And his made-up CRAP or copied from the other Progressive blogster

Les Carpenter said...

Thank so very much for once again putting your hate and ignorance on display bix baby.

Les Carpenter said...

Bring some credible and verifiable proof of your ridiculous allegations.

I'll be waiting tommy ole boy.

Les Carpenter said...

Lets see some credible verifiable linked articles so a person has some meat to chew on. Cause it's foolish to believe anything a tRumper says without concrete proof.

Les Carpenter said...

Hey tommy boy (i know who you really are) Ya can fly your hate and horseshit lies all ya want. But ya got no proof cause none exists. And the little kerfuffle many years ago ove a poorly stated point about the Jewish people in Germany was put to bed and an appology issued.

So, blow it out your posterior and go worship your idol.

Dave Dubya said...

Anonymous has been counseled about posting without an identity.

"Your blog has go to be AS STUPID AS THE PROGRESSIVE POS."

He proceeded to regurgitate more hate and ignorance with his final opportunity.

I expect to be deleting several more from him because he isn't bright enough or courteous enough to act in minimal good faith.

I thought it would be interesting, if not entertaining, to give our fellow Americans the opportunity to rationally make their cases and show us evidence to support their reasoning. ;-)
Time will tell. It's a pity that you won't enlighten us on how Biden "ignores and twists the law".
Maga Maga Man,
Why not let us in on your joke that you find so hilarious? Where's the evidence against Joe Biden?

Republicans have certainly NOT shown any: “We should have some clear evidence of a high crime or misdemeanor, not just assuming there may be one,” Rep. Don Bacon (R-Neb.) told The Hill last week. “I think we need to have more concrete evidence to go down that path.”

So why dump YOURS here?

Good news. You DON'T have to sit here and read anything. It's a free country, at least if it keeps Trump out of the White House.
Independent Thinker,
See my response to Bix, please.
Thank you for your report, or is it copy-and-pasted? If so, please let us in on who your source is. It facilitates good faith discussion.

Yes it is similar to Republican welfare mandates. It's different in that it also provides treatment and not just punishment. Republicans, especially Trump Republicans, LOVE to punish people they hate.

Dave Dubya said...

I share the concerns shown here by our fellow Americans for Biden's mental acuity.

I wonder if they share my concern for Trump's mental acuity?

Two weeks in a row Trump gets horribly confused. Last week he said he beat Obama (twice in same speech). Recently he talked about beating a Bush who served in military and got US into Iraq war. He confused GW Bush with Jeb.



Les Carpenter said...

Confused seems to be the natural state of being amonst the MAGA crowd and their orange messiah.

Dave Dubya said...

Of course they're confused, but they don't know the are.

While we have reality, they have the CERTAINTY of delusion.

We've seen the pattern.

They are 100% certain that Trump is ALWAYS telling them the truth. HE WON and BIDEN CHEATED! He's their unjustly persecuted, but heroic Big Daddy champion! He alone is standing between the REAL PATRIOTS and the evil thugs, racists, communists, losers, and nasty "traders" who are holding HIM responsible for HIS crimes.

What is real to them is their absolute, unconditional, LOVE and TRUST in Trump. He is infallible in word and deed. A messiah sent by GOD to SAVE AMERICA. There's really no need to ask questions, just believe. Just BELIEVE Trump will always tell the truth, and BELIEVE that THEY are the "real Americans" who love America. They see the best of America personified by Trump. They WILL BELIEVE if you oppose Trump, you HATE AMERICA!

Trump tells them the people out to get HIM and all who follow him are the "evil thugs, racists, communists, losers, and nasty "traders" who WHO HATE AMERICA!


And there it is. Certainty in delusion. As we've observed for so long now, delusion is never delusion to the deluded, just as a cult isn't a cult to the cult.

But sometimes a person may find a conscience, or even ask a question, that tells them to break from Trump. I mentioned the case of an old friend for an example.

Another example is the heroic Cassidy Hutchison who made her break from Trump. A Trump lawyer coached her how to respond to the House Committee on Jan.6.

The lawyer advised her against being fully forthcoming with the panel, telling her it was acceptable to testify that she did not recall certain events when she actually did and that “the less you remember, the better".

Cassidy looked in the mirror and asked herself what she would see for the rest of her life.

Her conscience told her to break with Trump and honestly testify under oath.

Do I expect any Trump lover to think about what I'm saying? No. More than likely they don't do that. They haven't shown any interest in reading my original posts.

Not one of them has said something like, "Gee, Dave. You said _________ about ______.

Ya got it wrong about _____. Here's the REAL deal about _______. I learned all about it HERE: www.yaddayadda (source cited).

I'm not seeing too many of our fellow Americans willing to put forth that much thought.

I would really welcome that. Miracles CAN happen.

Or you never know, one of them might just convince me Trump will make America great again.

Dave Dubya said...

The out of shape and three years younger guy has been melting down.

Last week Trump said he beat Obama (twice in same speech).

This week he talked about beating a Bush who served in military and got US into Iraq war. He confused GW Bush with Jeb.

Today instead of saying "GOP candidates" he called them "JOB candidates" and then repeated "we’re competing with the JOB candidates."

Les Carpenter said...

Both the over weight slightly younger guy and President Biden should be required to submit to extensive cognitive testing. And, if either or both fail, they should be disqualified from running in 2024. But nada will happen and we'll likely get a repeat of 2020. Maybe even have a presnit running things from behind bars.

Comical. Were it not so sad.

We're not a bright nation anymore when it comes to politics and governing. We seem to be in the business of proving it almost daily anymore. With special emphasis on conservatives and republicons.

idol Gossip said...

It set as if this “So called Blog” has become an extension of that order POS known as the Progressive Shit-Hole, Therefore I’m out of here. I don’t want to be any part of this SHIT-SHOW, and I advise all my friends to do the same.

Suzanne said...

You Moronic Liberals, and ESPECIALLY you Progressives Nuts are so OBSESSED about Trump, all that you write about in your Idiotic blogs is Trump, Trump, Trump, Trump, Trump, Trump, Trump, Trump, Trump, Trump, Trump, and YES you are all OBSESSED by Trump, you seem to all have TDS...especially the Progressive Queen who has NOTHING ELSE TO DO.

Dave Dubya said...

Indeed. I have offered a simple template for them to refute what I say, but so far no takers.

Mr. Gossip,
Yes, as I previously noted, it's our loss that you don't want to show us your information that would expose the lies and point us to the truth.

I understand you just want a safe place to vent your pent up rage and attack those you've been indoctrinated to believe are the "woke commie libs who hate America".

We realize it's challenging to go beyond simple insults and random unsupported accusations that your dear leader sets as an example for you.

I hope you find your safe place where there are no people who might disagree with you or challenge your beliefs by requesting information.

Again it is our loss that you won't enlighten us with facts that could convince us that you and Trump have the clearest insight and understanding of what's best for our country and citizens.

It's also unfortunate that my so-called blog must continue without your so-called opinions that cannot be supported by so-called facts and so-called reasoning.

Les Carpenter said...

@idol gossip... Quite the common comment for a hate filled whiny whittle toddler.

Really, be sure not to let the door hit ya on the posterior or ya might fall and break your neck.

Dave Dubya said...

Thank you for your kind compliments and thoughtful insight. And here I was under the impression that I was discussing Trump supporters more than Trump in the original post.

Yes, I can certainly understand how someone who says Trump is a liar would stir your resentment and anger. In your world merely questioning Trump is "derangement".

On top of that, criticism of Trump is taken personally and enrages you. To attack Trump is to attack YOU. That's what Trump has told you so it MUST BE TRUE.

I get it. The messiah sent by God to save America could NEVER lie. He has always been a kind, honest and fair dealing man who is unjustly smeared by thugs, racists, commies, and Marxists just for telling YOU the TRUTH.

Anyone who can't see that is obviously deranged in your highly informed and non-biased opinion.

I confess I was utterly deranged to offer a format for those who disagree with me. After all who needs to bother with that when name-calling is enough, amirite?

If you have any suggestions for a better template to convey your disagreement, please feel free to utilize it. For now I invite you to fill in the blanks to better accommodate my deranged thinking.

"Gee, Dave. You said _________ about ______.

Ya got it wrong about _____. Here's the REAL deal about _______. I learned all about it HERE: www.yaddayadda (source cited)."

Shaw Kenawe said...

"Suzanne said...
You Moronic Liberals, and ESPECIALLY you Progressives Nuts are so OBSESSED about Trump, all that you write about in your Idiotic blogs is Trump, Trump, Trump, Trump, Trump, Trump, Trump, Trump, Trump, Trump, Trump, and YES you are all OBSESSED by Trump, you seem to all have TDS...especially the Progressive Queen who has NOTHING ELSE TO DO"

The above commenter is obsessed by Trump. "Suzanne" posted his name 13 TIMES! LOL!

Dave Dubya said...

Suzanne reminds me of the "Marsha, Marsha, Marsha" kind of whine that boomers have heard for decades. I'm a little jealous that I don't seem to be as "afflicted" as you are with "TDS".

If only we could find something ELSE TO DO! But then, what else does she EXPECT of "Moronic Liberals"? Shouldn't she have a little pity on us? I've been practically begging her and her fellow travelers for information that could direct us to their secret trove of Trump's truth.

No wonder she thinks we're deranged. We just can't seem to find the humble decency and honesty in her beloved and infallible Donald "law and order" Trump.

Bless her heart.

Dave Dubya said...

Alyssa Farah Griffin was the White House Director of Strategic Communications and Assistant to the President.

The woman KNOWS Trump first hand, but I'm sure our Trump fans think THEY know better.

Ms. Farah Griffin declared, “Trump is a fraud, and a charlatan, and con man. This puts it into the starkest terms. This is how crazy it is. He inflated the value of Mar-a-Lago by 2,300%. That would be like saying my two-bedroom apartment is a multi-floor penthouse. An average person would be in jail for doing it. Here's the thing, because I do know the man decently well. He thinks that being a loser or being poor or struggling financially are the absolute worst things. He never learned that playground lesson that winning isn't everything. I honestly think seeing the sign on Trump Tower taken off Fifth Avenue would be more deafening to him than sitting in a prison cell because it says unequivocally that he is a loser."

What could possibly have caused her to become so "deranged"?

Only Suzanne, Idol Gossip, TOM, Maga Maga Man, Bix, Thinking, and Independent Thinker would know for sure. But for some reason they're not telling us.

Bless their MAGA hearts.

Les Carpenter said...

If only they would be so compassionate as to offer us the secret hidden information on trump's benevolent and loving leadership so we could experience the bliss they all experience from trump. It would be a very kind gesture so maybe we might experience it as well.

Dave Dubya said...

I'm afraid the price of admission to their bubble world is for us to HATE OURSELVES.

Hate is price of admission.

The other qualification is to trust and believe every word of Donald Trump as the gospel truth.

Sounds reasonable, amirite?

Les Carpenter said...

Yeah, i'm sure your right Dave. I0 mean if they really loved America as they claim wouldn't you think they'd want all their fellow Americans to grasp how marvelously good trump is? Guess they are just selfish and want to have him all to themselves.

Go figure.

Dave Dubya said...

It seems our Trumpist fellow Americans are having difficulty in communicating to us all the impeachable offenses committed by Biden. Hmm, I wonder why...

Maybe their "evidence" is in storage with their "proof" that Biden stole the election?

Is it possible all their "evidence" is securely tucked into underground vaults that will never see the light of day?

I certainly feel comforted knowing all their secret evidence is in a safe place.

Meanwhile reality intrudes into the center ring of the House Circus of Buffoonery.

It is a documented fact that Giuliani’s partner Lev Parnas plainly stated: “I spent over a year and a half in Ukraine trying to get this information on behalf of Trump, and we could never get it because it was obviously not true.”

Comer’s Clown Caucus refused the Dem’s motion to bring him in to testify.

The witnesses they DID bring had no information on any criminal activity by Joe Biden.

What did THEIR witnesses have to say?

Republican partisan and law professor Jonathan Turley testified in favor of impeaching Bill Clinton in 1998 and against impeaching Donald Trump in 2019.

AOC: Mr. Turley, simple question for you. In your testimony today, are you presenting any first-hand witness account of crimes committed by the president of the United States?

Turley: No, I'm not.

Turley said in written remarks:

“While I believe that an impeachment inquiry is warranted, I do not believe that the evidence currently meets the standard of a high crime and misdemeanor needed for an article of impeachment.”

Bruce Dubinsky, a forensic accountant, told lawmakers that Republicans had amassed a great deal of evidence involving Hunter Biden and questions about the propriety of his overseas business dealings. “However, much more information is still needed in order to be able to answer these questions and make a final determination as to whether or not the Biden family and its associates’ businesses were involved in any improper or illicit activities, and whether those activities, if any, were connected to President Joe Biden or then-Vice President Biden.”

Dave Dubya said...

Gen. Milley warning about Trump, without using his name: "We don't take an oath to a king, or queen, or a tyrant or a dictator. And we don't take an oath to a wannabe dictator".

MAGATs want to kill him for "disloyalty" to Trump.

Hitler also demanded loyalty oaths.

Les Carpenter said...

So did Stalin, and every other authoritarian dictator.

tRump demonstrates all the characteristics of a wannabe authoritarian dictator.

And 30 - 35 percent of eligible voters are part of the cult of tRumpism.

Dean said...

Have fun talking to YOURSELF or to that order ASSHOLE LESTER

Dave Dubya said...

Thanks for your usual mindless hate.

It's not like talking to you is any different than talking to a spoiled adolescent.

I thought your were leaving?

We understand MAGAts ARE America's version of a Nazi party. The racism, white nationalism, the hate for anyone different, demonization of minorities, scapegoating the innocent, name-calling, false accusations...etc.

When you're a Nazi, everybody to your left looks like a Communist. And when you're a Nazi, everybody IS to your left.

Dave Dubya said...

Dean should like this news.

BREAKING: Bombshell news drops in the Fulton County criminal case against Donald Trump and key MAGA figures as it's revealed that prosecutors will be offering plea deals to lawyers Ken Chesebro and Sidney Powell.

This is a nightmare revelation for Trump.

"We have not, at this point, made an offer," Fulton County Special Prosecutor Nathan Wade told Judge Scott McAfee at a Friday court hearing.

"Is the state in a position to make one in the near future?" the judge asked.

"Judge, I believe that we can. We’ll sit down and kind of put some things together, and we’ll reach out to defense counsel individually to extend an offer," Wade responded, sending shivers through MAGA world.

Chesebro and Powel are set to head to trial next month. If they strike a plea deal, the cases will not go to trial which will allow prosecutors to save the surprise of their strategy until they unveil it in court against Trump and his other co-defendants.

Les Carpenter said...

Brilliant strategy.

And, you're probably right, Dean will most likely be knashing teeth tonight and through the weekend.
The Biden impeachment inquiry ain't going so well for the fascists either so Dean must be beside himself along with the rest of the MAGAt's over that as well.

Dave Dubya said...

MAGA "law and order"...

Rep. Greg Casar (D-TX) asked the House Oversight Committee if they would "please raise their hand if they believe both Hunter Biden and Trump should be held accountable for any of the indictments against them" if they are found guilty 'by a jury of their peers'.

Every single Democrat raised their hand, while not a single Republican did.

Les Carpenter said...

Why am i not ONE BIT suprised?

Democrats... Integrity
Republicons... Lies, Compiracy, Idiocy... Zero Integrity.

American integrity... As the republicons go.

Why... Because the minority is determined to destroy democracy and it will not relent until it succeeds.

History repeating itself in America along the lines of Germany circa early 1920's until end of WW II European theatre.

idol Gossip said...

Fuck You Lester
You are the cause of people leaving this place. That turned into a SHIT-SHOW when you came here!!!!!’

Thinking said...

Dave let me say that the reason why I for one do not post here any long is strictly because of the DEMENTED LESTER has made this his Home for insulting people who have different Views that Yo. And for now on, I was also stop posting here.

Dave Dubya said...

Idol and Thinking,

If your read my post you'd know I don't hate people for voting for Trump. I don't hate people for BELIEVING Trump. I have friends and family who do, but I know they can be kind and loving people.

How about a truce? I realize there's a history with you and Les that has degraded into essentially exchanging insults. I know I've fallen into some of that pattern as well. I'd prefer not to because it only promotes discord.

What I'm interested in is good faith discussion. No ad hominem or hateful bickering.

I'd appreciate on-topic references to my original posts. As I said I welcome reasonable questions, correction of any variation from facts, errors, disagreement or even agreement on certain points.

I'd like to hear from you what you think, what you believe, and WHY you think or believe what you're saying.

Pretend your grandmother is in the room, or minister, or anyone you respect for their kindness, intelligence and decency. Let's approach this as if there is an undecided or uninformed person is looking at both our perspectives to decide which one makes more sense and which is reasonable and informative.

I won't publish anymore personal attacks by Les, or anyone else, if you can accept these guidelines.

How does that sound?

Dave Dubya said...


Let's wipe the slate and give our conservative visitors the first opening statements in our attempt in polite discussion of the original post.

I invited them to come here for that purpose.

Les Carpenter said...

Well Dave, i'm fine with that. I truly would welcome an honest discussion with some of these extreme MAGA and trump supporters. State your posistion and provide credible links backing up your a sermtions

Les Carpenter said...

Since you published...

assertions, and based on credible evidence a open discussion can be had.

I will wait with fingers crossed that they respond as you've requested. But i won't hold my breath.

Dave Dubya said...

I think what really drives them away is:
"Good faith discussion. No ad hominem or hateful bickering."

IMHO said...

And now I realize why you and Lester the other PRICK are such good friends.. He's a Jew Hater also just like you are.

IMHO said...

Remember when Donald Trump was eating 2 scoops of ice cream and the poor POOR reporters only got one scoop? And the Progressive Jerk-Off wrote about it 24/7 as if it was "news" FOR 2 WEEKS!
Now I see why!

Dave Dubya said...

You seem rather agitated in your hateful screed and hysterical outrage.

If you want to make an argument or accusation against me or my words, I insist YOU QUOTE MY WORDS.

Your random resentments and mindless hate and name-calling won't be published.

We notice you have FAILED to cite any actual words from Les that indicate antisemitism.

Actually, I DON'T remember any 24/7 discussion of ice-cream. I wonder why you bring it up in a topic and thread that doesn't even mention it?

If want to spew random resentments and hateful name-calling, feel free to start your own blog. There's no reason for me to put up with guests who shit on my carpet, is there?