Monday, June 22, 2015


Well, I'll be....

Thank you Gov. Nikki Haley.  

150 years after the war that began in Charleston, your announcement today to finally rid the state capitol grounds of the flag of the slave state rebellion may begin the closure we need as part of the long healing process. 

The feelings for the Confederate battle flag seemed as divisive as the war itself. The fact the flag has been embraced and flown by racist extremists has finally sunk in. 

Let the descendants of Confederate soldiers privately fly it in commemoration. That is fitting.

What is clearly NOT fitting is for a state to fly it over the descendants of slaves and over their appropriate objections. 

The removal of the flag is a small, but not insignificant, consolation for the recent church massacre.

I hope the terrorist thug can see this event from his cell, and know that his evil plan had backfired.

It's not justice, but it represents a people's united revulsion against the racist and his slaughter of innocents.

Let this be fair warning to the rest of the racist sociopaths around the country. We reject your hate, your racism, your ignorance, and your entire un-American cult of evil. 


Darrell Michaels said...

Well said, Dave!

free0352 said...

I think only the federal and state flag should fly at public buildings.

I guess what I object to is the assertion that's going around that EVERYONE who flies it is racist. I've known a lot of southerners (Some even black) who fly it and that isn't the case.

That said, I think this kind of token symbolism doesn't count for much, except maybe it makes a few people feel like they are "Doing something" when really they aren't doing anything.

Dave Dubya said...

Removing the flag is "doing something", and your first sentence seems to agree.

Who says "everyone" who flies that flag is a racist? The point is the flag has been appropriated by hate groups and racists.

Swastikas were cool before Hitler, but not after. Since it is banned in Germany, German neo-Nazis wave the Confederate flag.

One thing that puzzles me is, why is that flag the only emblem of "Southern pride"? If those four years are all they have for their sense of pride, it sucks to be Southern.

What needs to be done is for the Right to condemn the hate from their fringe. But that would be calling out their base. The problem is their base is killing more Americans than their Islamic counterparts.

As long as the radical Right freely brandishes their "Second Amendment remedies" against those who won fair elections, and the rule of law, radical Right terrorism is almost condoned.

Note the FOX cheerleading for Bundy and his militia nuts. THIS is the sickness that will only encourage hate from the fringe. And it has. Two of those nuts went on to two kill cops and another person.