Monday, June 15, 2015

What? A Republican Lie?

These days we are witnessing the real Obama, showing his true corporatist self. He has joined the rest of his Republican majority in pushing a secret corporate written trade agreement and the fast track authority to make it law of the land. 

As he submissively follows the will of Republicans and their "Golden Rulers", (those with the most wealth make the rules,) it should make me despise Republicans a bit less.

But Nooo. 

Obama's shilling for the elites isn't enough to stop Republicans from calling him a commie and telling lies about him. Vipers will be vipers. 

Scott Walker is playing the same old dishonest bald faced lying game the Republicans mastered, and cannot exist without employing.

This time the Ayn Rand zombie and Koch sucker is making up lies and attributing them to European leaders. 

“I heard that from David Cameron back in February earlier when we were over at 10 Downing. I heard it from other leaders around the world. They’re looking around realizing this lead from behind mentality just doesn’t work. It’s just not working.”

Yeah, the European leaders are using GOP propaganda terms like "leading from behind".

Right, as if the Chicken Hawks Bush and Cheney led the charge into Baghdad.

“The Prime Minister did not say that and does not think that,” a Downing Street spokesperson told TIME.

As noted in the famous Downing Street Memo that proclaimed Bush's war in Iraq was based on intelligence "fixed around policy", the Republicans just love to lead by lies.

And why not? Americans are stupid enough to have believed Saddam was in cahoots with al-Qaeda. They have proven, and will prove again, they will be led by lies.

George Carlin was right. This country is finished. 


Jerry Critter said...

Republicans have discovered that telling lies is not a political liability. Better yet, many people believe the lies, and it distracts from discussions of substance.

Dave Dubya said...



We gotta give Republicans credit for finding the way to gain and keep power. Mastering the behavior of manipulative sociopaths is effective with the dumbed-down FOX droolers and other legions of the uninformed. Their ends justify any means. That's all that matters because they are rewarded again and again.

They get away with it, and will continue to get away with it. Corporate media can't be trusted to expose lies from politicians, corporations and the government because they are all in the game too. They know know who butters their bread. They are profiteers from the same corrupt system. This bit from TIME is but a passing blip and will disappear from discussion.

Democrats mostly lack the conviction to counter them, as they are all-too-often fellow corporatists and won't rock the boat.

All of this is by design.

Corporate owned Republicans, corporate owned Democrats, and corporate media all work to make a corporatocracy of corruption rigged to operate in service to their bottom lines.