Thursday, February 26, 2015

The Great "Lie Off"

FOX(R) is picking a fight with Jon Stewart just before he leaves the Daily Show. 

The fools. All they have is their glaringly false "fair and balanced" take on what Stephen Colbert coined as "truthiness", that is, what you feel to be true, not what's supported by any kind of facts.

Stewart also has their number, though. Last night he had this to say about them:

“They purport to want to fix things, but conservatives are not looking to make education more rigorous and informative, or science more empirical or verifiable, or voting more representative, or the government more efficient or effective. They just want all those things to reinforce their partisan ideological conservative viewpoint. Because in their minds, the opposite of ‘bad’ isn’t ‘good.’ The opposite of ‘bad’ is ‘conservative.’ The opposite of ‘wrong’ isn’t ‘right’ — it’s ‘right-wing.’”  - Jon Stewart

Nailed it. Truer words have never been said of the Radical Right Bubble Cult. 

He showed clips of FOX(R) Republican hosts whining and accusing him of deceptively editing videos to make them look like liars. (Projection, anyone?)

So to settle the score, Stewart challenged FOX (R) to a “lie-off”. 

What fun! 

“To start off, here are 50 of yours in a six second Vine,” Stewart said 

 50 Fox News lies in 6 seconds.

“Plenty more where that came from. We only have a 22-minute show,” Stewart added

Once again we learn the fundamental truth famously proclaimed back in 2006 at a failed President's White House Correspondents Dinner . 

"Reality has a well-known liberal bias." -  Stephen Colbert


Michael Stivic said...


Are you OK?

I see all your posts under many names at Toms blog which practices free speech.

I thought I would post to get up your lame comment count.

Do you post from prison?

Jack Jodell said...

FOX is deliberate disinformation and billionaire propaganda. It is the polar opposite of truth and honesty. I refuse to watch it -ever. Life is too short and precious to waste time on pure bullshit.

Jefferson's Guardian said...

Michael Stivic (and a myriad of other aliases): "Are you OK?"

Dave Dubya's right on the money, actually. He very much understands the causes and reasons behind the collapse of the American empire, and the control and manipulation of the propaganda that allows it to happen.

Unfortunately, you haven't a clue. It could be ignorance, and if so would be understandable if there weren't so many sources available to seek and discover the truth. But, there are, so it must be willful ignorance. You choose to not know. You choose to be an aid for the elite and the powerful and the excessively rich. You choose to assist those who are committed to destroying the last vestiges of democratic ideals that our founders created.

You choose to be a tool. There's no other rational explanation. Unless, of course, you're just plain stupid.

Which is it?...are you ignorant or stupid?

free0352 said...

Oh I'm sure the Rush Limbaugh of the left will be back somewhere soon enough.

Jefferson's Guardian said...

Free0352: "...I'm sure the Rush Limbaugh of the left will be back somewhere soon enough."

Your comparison is so wildly contradictory that it's an oxymoron of the nth degree. In fact, it's fair to say it's an impossibility.

The wanton lies of Rush Limbaugh juxtaposes against the fact-based truth of the left.

free0352 said...

Whatever. Stewart is the Limbaugh of the left and if you can't recognize that, it just reflects your own extremism and inability to objectively analyze.

Dave Dubya said...

Ahhh. Stewart is the Limbaugh of the left

I was wondering who held that honor too.

So we're to assume comedian Limbaugh mocks both parties too?

free0352 said...

Anyone who takes Stewart's fake news show seriously, is as dumb as any ditto head if not dumber.

Dave Dubya said...

So Stewart is a partisan blowhard and comedian who mocks both parties?

Just like Rush.

I see.

Jefferson's Guardian said...

It's obvious to me that Free0352 can't differentiate between political sarcasm and the ranting of a madman.

Hence, he would have found the words of Will Rogers and Adolph Hitler either equally provocative or equally disturbing.

free0352 said...

Pretty funny you have to bring up hitler to cloud the reality that Stewart is the Rush Limbaugh of the left. And Maddow is its bill o'reilly and bill maher is its glen beck.

Dave Dubya said...

We can see the need for artificial equivalence in a black and white world view.

It is compartmentalized subjective opinion, rather than "reality" that Stewart is the Rush Limbaugh of the left. And Maddow is its bill o'reilly and bill maher is its glen beck.

The reality is Stewart is Stewart, and Limbaugh is Limbaugh, etc.

But I would love to see how the "lie off" scores would match up with them.

Stewart has challenged FOX. FOX is ahead by 50 lies as of the broadcast.

Speaking of reality. With atheist Maher and Morman Beck, among other viewpoints, I wonder which one Free thinks is more grounded in reality.

Not that this matters in a false equivalence.

free0352 said...

What I'm talking about, is a competitor offering a similar product.

Ford and GM have been at it for years, as have Fox and MSNBC now.

free0352 said...

Its obvious.

Limbaugh/Stewart is the funny one.

O'riely/maddow is the serious one

Beck/Maher is the crazy one.

Dave Dubya said...

I wonder how familiar these people are to Free.

Limbaugh is funny, like Stewart??

Has Limbaugh worked a comedy club circuit? Yeah, that would be false equivalence.

Stewart has Republicans on his show. Limbaugh NEVER allows Democrats on.

Yeah, that would be more false equivalence.

Limbaugh is invited to CPAC and a Republican White House.

Stewart attends no such partisan rallies, and as far as I know, has never been invited to the White House for PR and input.

Maher is as crazy as Beck?

Has Beck worked a comedy club circuit? Yeah, that would be false equivalence.

How about those magic Mormon gold tablets? One could say Maher's movie "Religulous" could be seen to compete with Beck's beliefs.

Yeah, as far as reality goes, that would be false equivalence.

Maher also has Republicans on his show and his opposite never did.

So, that would be false equivalence.

OK. Maybe O'Reilly and Maddow are both serious.

As with Stewart and Limbaugh, one is definitely louder, angrier and more self-aggrandizing with pompous lies.

And with O'Really, babbling about being in a "combat situation" and name calling and threatening those who call him out...

So, yeah, as far as reality goes, that would be false equivalence too.

The bottom line is Beck, Limbaugh, and O'Really are Republican propagandists posing as journalists or entertainers. They NEVER invite those with opposing viewpoints to the show.

Maddow may be a journalist who panders to Democrats, but she does invite Republicans to her show.

So one may claim equivalences, but they are pretty loose.

Jefferson's Guardian said...

I stand by my earlier statement. Free0352 cannot differentiate between political satire and political propaganda. He can't distinguish or separate the likes of irony, sarcasm, or ridicule -- in exposing or denouncing vice, corruption, or foolishness -- from the deliberate, systematic attempt to shape perceptions, and manipulate understanding or insight.

As I previously mentioned, Free0352 would have found both Adolf Hitler and Will Rogers either equally intriguing or equally annoying. In his limited universe, both would be seen exactly the same.

Dave Dubya said...

The American public is unaware that they are under constant military /corporate propaganda as it is.

Nuance is discouraged and perception management is always in play when corporate media are embedded in corporate government.

This is why money in elections and politics is only "free speech", a corporation is entitled to superior rights, and neither have anything to do with corruption and unequal representation.

The power of Empire requires a black and white world view. There are no shades of gray. You're either with us or against us.

free0352 said...

When you watch the pundits you are buying something (or its paid for by the sponsors) and that is frankly entertainment. The pundits entertain by selling confirmation bias. Its their shtick. I don't watch any of them because I don't require a person to tell me how to think. I can read it for myself, and I don't enjoy a confirmation bias circle jerk of a TV/radio program.

Jefferson's Guardian said...

Free0352: "The pundits entertain by selling confirmation bias. Its their shtick. I don't watch any of them because I don't require a person to tell me how to think."

You think the way you do because whatever you've read, or seen, or heard, resonated with you. You're no different than anybody else in that regard. You're not the "ground-zero" of original thought. You certainly didn't create all that tea party libertarian nonsense on your own.

You found it through your own "pundits".

Not only do you lack an ability to detect nuance; you lack a sense of reality.

Mozart1220 said...

I was going to ask Freeo352 could be so stupid. Then I saw he's from Kansas.

That explains it.

Dave Dubya said...

Didn't you say you were from Kansas?

While I'm not going to say Free is a genius, I will say some of his right wing beliefs are of an almost religious nature.

At any intelligence level, people tend to believe what they want to believe. Like Mitt Romney's mythical golden tablets about Jesus in America and Free's beliefs in the Koch agenda, beliefs run a wide spectrum.

And unproven beliefs always look stupid to those who don't hold them.

Unfortunately some beliefs, such as those above, have a lot of money behind them.

Rational foundations, not so much.

Mozart1220 said...

No Dave, I am NOT from Kansas. Iowa here. But my brother, who was no genius to begin with lived in Atchison for a while when he worked as a guard at the prison.

He now talks like he fought for the south in the Civil war. Go figure.

Jefferson's Guardian said...

Mozart1220: "Then I saw [Free0352's] from Kansas."

Free0352 isn't from Kansas. He was stationed there prior to getting out of the Army. If I'm not mistaken, he now lives in Michigan. (Unless I missed something and he's now back in Brownback country -- which wouldn't surprise me.)

Yet some would undoubtedly say he's from another planet.

free0352 said...

My location cannot be confirmed nor denied.

As to you lot, keep let Rachel Maddow and the Democrat Underground do your thinking for you.

Its working out for us election after election. Why would I want to stop you?

Jefferson's Guardian said...

Free0352: "My location cannot be confirmed nor denied."

Thank you, Colonel Flagg.

"As to you lot, keep let Rachel Maddow and the Democrat Underground do your thinking for you."

Don't watch her show.

You keep forgetting I'm not Republican nor Democrat -- for the reasons I've cited umpteen times. I'm anti-corporatist. There isn't any organized party, Libertarian included, that clearly rejects the anti-Constitutional legal fiction of corporate-personhood -- except for the Green Party, that is.

I guess this is the "Democrat Underground" you cited. I don't know, and I don't know why.

"Its working out for us election after election. Why would I want to stop you?"

We both know it isn't working. Since it's not, why do you want to grant even more leverage to the multinationals that clearly "own" a government that doesn't have your or my interests in mind?

Dave Dubya said...

Its working out for us election after election.

Congratulations on making it to the top 1%.

Too bad that's the only "us" the rigged system favors.