Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Sniping Crybabies

First point. Clint Eastwood has won the Academy Award, just not this year. He won an Oscar each for Unforgiven and Million Dollar Baby.

It wasn’t enough that “Hollywood liberals” nominated Eastwood’s film American Sniper for best film, and in several other categories as well. It even won an Oscar for sound editing.

But who cares? “Good American” con-servatives are pissed off. (Yeah, what else is new?)

They pouted and whined all over Twitter.

Here are some samples of their classy reactions:

@theacademy can suck a dick really it's rigged! Bradley Cooper deserved his Oscar for playing Chris Kyle & American Sniper gets pimped!

As an American, I feel snubbed by the snubbing of American Sniper for best picture #Oscars2015

American Sniper snubbed. Libtard hollywood cocksuckers. You should be in an ISIS cage. #Oscars2015

American Sniper should've been awarded every oscar it was nominated for because of the sacrifices Chris Kyle gave to our country

The Oscars are a sad joke, very much like our President. So many things are wrong! – Donald Trump

AMERICAN Sniper snubbed by liberal hwood Predictable. #CluelessOscars – Sean Hannity

A great movie American Sniper loses because camel fucking towel headed assholes will get upset the filthy things that they are – William

Yes “William”, along with Hannity and Trump, clearly shows us what kind of assholes really get upset over movies not awarded Best Picture. 


One Fly said...

Only the stoopids JC.

Jerry Critter said...

Don't you mean the stewpeds? And who gives a crap about them!?

Jefferson's Guardian said...

Dave Dubya: "'Good American' con-servatives are pissed off. (Yeah, what else is new?)"

Nothing, really. The slide toward fascism historically includes the glorification of militaristic actions ("murders") and the spewing hate and vileness not unlike the sort in the Tweets that you cited.

I believe Clint Eastwood's latest got a pass because of who he is, otherwise the film would not have even been mentioned -- much less nominated. The killing of native women and children, by invaders from across the ocean, should never be exalted.

Mozart1220 said...

I have yet to see the movie (We MIGHT watch when it comes to NETFLIX)But from what I'm told, Clint Eastwood is once again telling a story to "empty chairs".

Dave Dubya said...

I'm not sure if the entire point of the movie is only glorification of a military "hero" or not.

I'd have to see it to decide.

The bottom line is Kyle is just another dead human being among countless others that resulted from Bush and Cheney's war of choice for profit and political gain.

I don't expect the film to note, or care, about that fact.

War movies are changing to militaristic propaganda again.

Remember "anti-war" movies?