Saturday, April 4, 2015

Republican Jesus

Republican Jesus says anything Republicans want him to say.

Republican Jesus hates anyone Republicans want him to hate.

Republican Jesus says, "Verily, the GOP is the way, the truth, and the life".

Republican Jesus says, “Thou shalt not bake cake for gays”.

Republican Jesus says, “No more food stamps and ‘free stuff’ for the poor”. 

Republican Jesus says, "Thou shalt hate Liberals, for they are commies".

 Republican Jesus says, "Thou shalt further hate Liberals, for they hate America".

Republican Jesus says, "Thou shalt hate Obama, for he is a Marxist Kenyan."

Republican Jesus says, "Thou shalt further hate Obama, for he is the 'Anti-Me'". 

Republican Jesus says, "Blessed are the greedy, for they shall take all they desire".

Republican Jesus says, "Blessed are the Koch brothers, for they have inherited wealth".

Republican Jesus changed his mind about serving Mammon.

Republican Jesus changed his mind about the rich getting into Heaven.

Republican Jesus changed his mind about "rendering unto Caesar that which is Caesar’s”.

Republican Jesus desires more tax cuts for the Rich to fulfill Saint Ronnie's "Prophecy of the Sacred Trickle Down".

Now Republican Jesus wants war with Iran.

Nifty cult they have there.


Jefferson's Guardian said...

"Now Republican Jesus wants war with Iran."

And don't forget Russia. It should become apparent, very soon, that Republican Jesus would love to get into it with Putin and the Kremlin.

Jesus supposedly rose from the dead on this celebratory day. When those ICBMs start rising from their silos, his promise of everlasting life will certainly be put to the test.

Dave Dubya said...


Remember when our "Decider" told us he looked into Putin's eyes and saw his soul? How could Bush ever have been mistaken? He was so certain about everything.

ISIL must really appreciate the Bush Administration's destruction of Iraq and disbanding of its army to add legions to their ranks.


Thanks for checking in.

Christian fundamentalists are very much embedded with the American Right.

It's no secret the American Right is rejecting diplomacy and is openly hostile to Iran. Their loyalty is more with Netanyahu and the Israeli Right than with our president. Their actions and words indicate this.

Their hatred for Obama is as fanatic as anything I've seen in our history. Many see him as the anti-Christ. They are frightened into this insanity by the American far Right propaganda machine.

The "Second Amendment Remedy" crowd are terrorist wannabes. The draft dodging asshole Ted Nugent called Obama the enemy, for God's sake.

This hate differs little from intolerant Islamic extremist views.

ISIL is an enemy to everyone not in their cult. Iran and the US are both actively opposing them.

Don’t get me started on the US meddling in Middle East religious, ethnic and tribal conflicts.

Suffice it to note that Iran and the US are now both partners and antagonists in that mess.

While a Muslim theocracy, Iran’s Christians, traditionally ethnic Armenians and Assyrians, are able to practice their religion freely as long as they do not proselytize. Muslims converting to Christianity are quite another matter.

And we know Christians in Iraq were far better off under Saddam as well.

I hope you understand my point that Right wing political beliefs have been conflated and blended with religious beliefs.

This has never been a good formula.

free0352 said...

Being hostile to Iran is good policy. After all, its hostile to us.

I bet in the jail house, when an inmate swings at you, you swing back. Its basically the same thing.

Jefferson's Guardian said...

Free0352: "Being hostile to Iran is good policy."

Once again, you shoot from the hip and offer no legitimate reasoning for your sophomoric response.

If in fact Iran has shown hostility toward the United States, as you indicate, it's for good reasons. Dave Dubya's response was thorough and comprehensive as to why.

Dave Dubya: "Thank your fearless decider Bush for creating [ISIL] with his crusade in Iraq. ISIL is full of Sunni Iraqi military, fired by Bush's stooge."

Yes, thanks to all who stupidly and knowingly contributed to the power vacuum in what we once knew as Iraq.

Your actions will never be forgotten.

Dave Dubya said...

Some history of who really was hostile to Iran, before Iran could be hostile to anyone.


1. The founder of Reuters purchased Iran in 1872
2. The BBC lent a hand to the CIA’s 1953 overthrow of Iran’s Prime Minister Mohammad Mosaddegh
3. We had extensive plans to use nuclear weapons in Iran
4. We were cool with Saudi Arabia giving Saddam $5 billion to build nukes during the Iran-Iraq war
5. U.S. leaders have repeatedly threatened to outright destroy Iran
6. We shot down a civilian Iranian airliner — killing 290 people, including 66 children
7. We worry about Iranian nukes because they would deter our own military strikes