Monday, February 26, 2024

Set Me Straight


Trump fans often leave comments that express their deeply emotional reactions to events and topics I discuss, or don’t discuss. That’s fine. It surely makes them FEEL better to vent. However, it would be more helpful towards civil and good faith discussion and debate if they could form their thoughts around information and reasoning. We can all learn from shared knowledge if we allow it to pass through our emotional filters.


I WELCOME any information that would indicate I am mistaken, misinformed or flawed in my reasoning. Please set me straight

Here are some handy and simple forms to make it easier for Trump’s true believers and supporters:

Dave, I have to say you are stating falsehoods by claiming (_____) and (_______). These verifiable facts and evidence (_____) and (____) suggest you are quite mistaken.

Also, this:

Trump really won the 2020 election and here is the proof of massive voter fraud that "senile" Joe Biden brilliantly orchestrated to steal it: ___________.

And this:

Trump WILL make America great again, like it used to be before 2016, from the years_____ to  ____.

Finally, this:

Trump is being persecuted by the "deep state', "racist" Black judges and prosecutors, and "communist" democrats by indicting him on "phony" charges. 

Here are the verifiable facts and evidence that exonerate him. 1. ____2. ____3. ____4. ___.

Thank you.


Shaw Kenawe said...

I hope you're not counting too much on getting rational replies.

Most of your commenters come from WYD, and they don't use logic or facts, but instead rely on "false facts" from far right sources and also from the voices they hear in their heads.

What can I say? They're Trumpers. And you know what Trump said about his followers:

"I love the poorly educated." -- Donald J. Trump

Anyway, I wish you good luck.

Dave Dubya said...

Thanks, Shaw.

I'm confident our fellow patriotic Trump-loving Americans would be only too happy to educate us and share the glorious light of the selfless love, compassion, patriotism, wisdom and benevolence of Donald Trump. Such a kind, thoughtful and good Christian DESERVES immunity for all time! He alone is above the law because he is ABOVE us all!

Not only would they gain more converts to their holy and sacred cause of serving the ONLY ONE sent by God and anointed by Jesus to save America, they would be fulfilling their patriotic duty to Russia, er, I mean America.

Oops! Dang it!

You see? THEY could FIX me from uttering such ungodly blasphemy. I'm BEGGING them, for the love of Roger Stone and Mike Flynn! I want to be another of Putin's USEFUL IDIOTS!

Oops! I did it again. I'm SO confused! And they KNOW IT! I need help, and they are my only hope.

Anonymous said...

dave, why don't you publish the responses you disagree with? How do we know if your questions have been answered if you won't publish them?
This will be good.

Dave Dubya said...

How do we know you don't molest children?
We know you can't fill in the blanks.
Why DON'T you? Yeah, we already know why.

Les Carpenter said...

Accepting truth can be very difficulties i imagine for those who are dishonest themselves. And i suspect there are many trump cultists who not only can't or won't fill out your form, the likely lie just like their Super Hero.

Dave Dubya said...

As I used to ask them, "Cult got your tongue?"

Seems it does. They self-censor what they fear to understand.

Dave Dubya said...

As expected, the only responses the Cult has are personal insults. Who could nazi that coming?