Saturday, October 31, 2020

Democracy’s Last Stand?

On this last weekend before the 2020 election, I have collected some of my more relevant comments, tweets, notions and commotions that apply to what may well be Democracy’s Last Stand.

First I want to discuss what is and isn’t on the ballot.

Yes, what’s left of democracy is on the ballot. We have the chance to diminish the party of corporate elites and polluters, and remove an authoritarian narcissistic sociopath from the White House. Being a tyrannical autocrat and sociopath makes him a very dangerous enemy to democracy and equality. In addition to these characteristics his racism and white nationalism don’t reveal much daylight between him and the fascists of the 20th Century.

We can vote out a totally corrupt party that has been actively waging war on democracy and equality. “Profit over people” is a warped priority that needs to be taken out of national, state, and local politics. The Republican Party’s suppression of voter rights is in itself a path to fascism.

What ISN’T on the ballot is Marxism, communism, or socialism, or even democratic socialism.

Anyone who screams “Marxism”, “socialism” and “communism” at Democrats or progressives has no idea what they are talking about, or they are a liar.

The historical background behind the warped perspective of American conservatism is not surprising. Their paranoid and delusional notions of “socialism” are traceable back to Southern white resentments after the Civil War, to conservative anger over FDR’s New Deal, and Social Security and Medicare. The word “socialism” was in use before Karl Marx developed his ideas for the “Communist Manifesto”.

“The term ‘socialism’ first appeared in November 1827 in the Co-Operative Magazine, an organ of the Association of London Co-operative Unions, and became generally used in the 1830s.”

Modern American democratic socialism is basically the same thing that was summed up in an old Republican notion. A government of, by, and for the people. It’s never been about Marxist government ownership of all land, property, industry, manufacturing, and agriculture. We just don’t want our national forests and public lands to be untaxed corporate assets for strip mining and clear cutting. Conservation and environmental stewardship for future generations are not communism. They are principles that value the natural world and human life and well being.

We don’t want unaccountable polluters and corporate and banking elites buying the government and writing the laws of our land. We want healthcare as a basic right, not a profit generating machine to fill the pockets of insurance company CEOs and shareholders.

Democratic socialism bears no resemblance to a one-party communist dictatorship. Only a cult brainwashed by fascists would believe such nonsense.

Democratic socialism is what we envision and propose for a government that works for the people, not the powerful. We cannot allow the radical Right to define democratic socialism. They will lie.

 “The wide range of interpretations and definitions of socialism across the political spectrum, and the lack of a common understanding of what socialism is or how it looks in practice reflects its complicated evolution.”

Democratic socialism is about we the people, not we the states, or we the corporations. It is about fair elections and proportional representation. It’s about a government that works for the public good, not for corporate profits. Only fair elections can rectify the imbalance of power held by economic elites over our governments and public policy.

We need to remember the Electoral College that undermines our democracy exists only because it was a compromise by the founders to bring the slave states into the new nation.

Southern white conservatism has always been a drag on the soul of the country.

Being a tyrannical autocrat, and sociopath makes Trump a very dangerous enemy to democracy and equality. In addition to these characteristics, his racism and white nationalism don’t reveal much daylight between him and the fascists of the 20th Century. The Republican Party’s war on voter rights is in itself a path to fascism.

If Trump is given a pass by voters, HE will become a far worse fascist. And the gate will still be wide open for the next one. Our Hitler must not be made chancellor/fuhrer.

The Dear Leader says if he loses, that means the election is rigged. What retaliation does he and his armed mob of thugs have in mind when he loses? The cult is either too blind to see, or just doesn't care. This is a blatant threat to our democracy.

America's worst president will soon be its sorest loser. If there's any justice he'll go to prison, like fellow traitor Jefferson Davis. Prison or not, his cult will be furious, and he will instigate more far Right terrorism. I hate American Nazis.

Trump and his cult are proof that truth and democracy have essentially expired as conservative American values. Now they are fascists. Yesterday a caravan of Trump-flagged vehicles swarmed a Biden campaign bus on I-35 outside Austin Texas.

One of them swerved into a Democrat's escort vehicle. This is terrorism inspired by Trump, and promoted by Trump. Along with gloating about it at a rally, he tweeted a video of his thugs' terrorism proclaiming, "I LOVE TEXAS".

Did I say I hate American Nazis?

Then there's the final Trump Conservative debate point: "I don’t have to listen to you. I know more about what you think than you do, and I know it is bad. I know all I need to know. I don’t care about your journalists, educators, scientists, doctors, logic, facts and evidence. And I don’t answer questions."

Just don’t call them stupid.

Woman Trump Supporter upset over Hunter Biden:

“That’s right. Nepotism needs to be looked into big time.”

Jordan Klepper: “Yes! What do you think of Ivanka?”

Woman Trump Supporter: “Oh, she’s so gracious!”

Republicans have been waging war on democracy since Reagan adviser Paul Weyrich said, “We don’t want everybody to vote. When everybody votes we lose.”

Christian Trump voters: How does Trump follow the teachings of Jesus? Are giving tax cuts to the rich, and cutting food stamps for the poor what Jesus wants? What did Jesus say about taxes and the rich? Why does Jesus want us to vote for a hateful liar and servant of mammon?

All Republicans are enemies of democracy and equality. Every Republican needs to be defeated for anything resembling democracy and equality to survive.

The US is between a rock and a hard place. As long as there are Republicans, they will wage war against democracy and equality. As long as Democrats are bound by corporate tethers, they will never suppress the Right's expanding fascism.

Without authoritarian personalities, racists, bigots, idiots and greedheads, Trump’s base would melt into insignificance.

Understand this reality: Conservative Republicans are convinced that they cannot win by fair elections, facts and reason. They will not abandon conservatism. They will reject fair elections, facts and reason. Conservatism requires none of these. Voter suppression IS American conservatism.

Authoritarian followers vote for authoritarian leaders. How can we know they are authoritarians? They vote for the leader who threatens to imprison opponents and says, “Knock the crap out of them. I will pay the legal fees.”




Elections, taxes, regulation of commerce, and provision for the general welfare are in the Constitution. If the Founders didn’t like socialism and democracy, why did they put them in the Constitution?


U.P. Tim said...

Good job, Dave. On TV today, a " Don the Con " supporter said " This country is in a mess. I'll be voting for Trump. He is the one who can straighten it out. " I wish the reporter had asked her who she felt the responsibility for the mess rested with. Jeez, she sure was a brainwashed cult member. Where has she been during the past 33/4 years?

It's been the second Saturday in a row that the deranged villagers have had their Trump road show rallies up here. No violence reported, thankfully. I remember when the UP was a blue stronghold.

Hoping for the best on Tuesday. I suppose we'll then have to wait for weeks for the Courts to rule on all of the voter suppression lawsuits to decide who we elected. Some judges sure have made some BS rulings lately, including Brett Kavanaugh. It appears to me that the winner will be chosen by the Court, not the voter. Hopefully not! I don't have too much faith in the Justice System any longer.

Dave Dubya said...


One thing we've learned is, "How did Germans allow Hitler to be dictator?"

We no longer have anything close to a democratic representative republic when the dominant party is at war with voter rights. We hope for the best, and expect the worst.

@HillOfKansas said...

Recent statements from our Glorious Leader suggest that he is quite willing to overturn any results that he doesn’t like. Unprecedented unpresidenting. I am nervous, but believe that the police and military will ultimately do their duty and drag him away in an orange jumpsuit. If I expect the worst and it comes to pass, our Freedom will indeed have been stolen. My crystal ball is always too damned cloudy. I suppose I’ll play it by ear, but I have no plans to stock up on ammo. Rum, maybe.

Dave Dubya said...

We hope that there are enough military and federal law enforcement officers left who will uphold their oath to the Constitution. Republicans have shown they cannot be trusted on that.

I hear rum gets us through times of no ammo better than ammo gets us through times of no rum.


U.P. Tim said...

Dave, John Heilemann says " Scotch and Xanax " might also do the trick to get us through rough times. It's getting close now, so just call Pennsylvania for Biden already. Sounds like the lawsuits that the Glorious Leader and his attorney's are filing are frivolous and pure BS. They're just trying to gum up the system and avoid the inevitable. I think I heard the Idiot-in-chief wanted to stop the vote count in a State he was losing. He's that stupid. We all know he's crazy. The White House is a super spreader outfit with Mark Meadows Chief of Staff the latest one along with 3-4 others in the WH contracting the Trump plague. How's that " Herd Mentality " BS, I mean immunity working for them?

Dave Dubya said...

After all the Trump Cartel's stupidity, incompetence, greed, arrogance, viral contagion and failures, 70 million Americans STILL voted for them. This magnitude of ignorance is a "triumph of the will" by the lies and propaganda efforts of Republicans, FOX(R), white nationalism and hate radio.

They built it all on Orwell's "Ignorance is strength" creed of the Party of Big Brother from 1984. Hitler's Big Lie was their favorite tool.

I prefer to drink in celebration over coping.

I have a bottle of Lagavulin waiting to be uncorked when the election is called. I'll save most of it for January 20th to celebrate the Big MAGAt's eviction from the White House. And since it is so expensive, I'll leave the last of it for his first conviction in a court of law. I don't drink as much as I used to, I just drink better.

Since I developed a taste for that single malt arthritis medicine from Scotland, light to moderate dosages are all I can afford. I wouldn't recommend mixing it with stuff like Xanax.

And "Herd Mentality" is exactly what it is with that cult.

U.P. Tim said...

Dave, holy shit! I checked out the Lagavulin $$ for sure. Do you have to order it or does the local store carry it? I hope we'll all be doing a lot of celebrating after 1/20. How would he look in an orange jumpsuit and cuffs? Great, I think.

Dave Dubya said...

Yes, Lagavulin is a special occasion sipping beverage, not a party drink. It's available at a few places around here. I never drink more than two shots of it because it is so richly satisfying.

I got a kick out of a tweet from Paige MacDonald:

“Trump is getting the full 2020 experience: he got COVID, he lost his job and now he’s soon to be evicted.”

UPDATED:”Dear Trump Supporters, Only 5 miles of NEW wall got built; Mexico didn't pay; Hillary's not locked up; Obamacare wasn't repealed; the deficit's skyrocketed; millions are unemployed; and instead of being 'great again,' America leads the global pandemic. Y'all got played."

U.P. Tim said...


That tweet is great! It's so true for millions of Americans.

Got played they did, but still won't believe it. Cultist

Team Marty said...

As Freewheelin' Franklin (of the Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers) sez "Dope will get you through times of no money better that money will get you through times of no dope."

They're gonna need to build a new wing at Gitmo to hold all the criminals.

Dave Dubya said...


Yes, that old phrase goes back a while.

If America could really "reclaim its soul", Gitmo would be the retirement community for the Trump Cartel. And let's not forget Dick Cheney. He deserves the cell with the same accommodations and "services" approved by him, Jay "Torture Judge" Bybee and John "Torture Memos" Yoo.

Law and order, right?